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Meet Sab

“Good morning, Doc!” Sab smiled at the greeting from the nurse she passed by when she walked from the entrance of the Revolutionary Grand Hospital.

Many employees passing by greeted her when they saw her and she nodded and smiled back at them. Even the patients walking by greeted her.

This is a normal occurrence in everyday. Everyone knows who she is, after all, she is the Director of this hospital that has been built 2 years ago.

The hospital is fairly new compared to other hospitals in Grandline City, however, since its foundation, Revolutionary Hospital has been able to provide one of the best medical services to the community.

Many still cannot believe how Sab managed to build this hospital at such a young age. Indeed, she is young. At 23, she was able to get her PsychD or Doctor of Psychology degree as well as Masters in Public Health. While studying to earn these degrees, she started to look for a way on how she can establish her own hospital.

There is a reason why she wants to do this. She had seen so many hospital systems that are not helpful to the people who are in need of medical care. So many hospitals refused to accept a patient if they think they cannot pay for the bills after medication. She hated it. She had seen this happened when she was an intern and it makes her despise the ones who are managing these hospitals.

When establishing her own hospital, the reality is that she needs a lot of money to establish her own hospital. She can ask her parents for money, but she ruled out that option. She does not want to rely on her parents as much as she can. She and her sisters have developed a mindset not to ask their parents for money especially in circumstances like these.

She was thankful that she was able to get the money from Luffia. When Luffia started her business when she was 17, she also needs money and at that time, Ann and Sab have their own savings from working part-time jobs as well as the money that their parents sent to their bank accounts for their education.

The thing is, their parents provided them money for their education and living expenses, however, the twin sisters were able to get scholarships that offer allowances, so they were able to save money.

They invested that money into Luffia’s venture, so technically, they are the first investors of Luffia’s business. When the business grew, so as their profits. Two years passed since Luffia established her own business, she handed over a document to the twins.

“What is this?” Sab asked to Luffia. She was busy typing on her laptop so she did not look at the folder I front of her.

“Your contract and the money. I don’t know all the details since Nami was the one who made that, but that’s money.” She casually said.

Sab looked at Luffia before opening the document and scanned through. It has the Investment contract as well as well as the calculation of how much money she has since she handed the money to Luffia as a sort of investment.

“So, you are saying the money we lent you is an investment money?”

“Yeah. Nami brought it up when I said I have to pay you guys the money you lent to me and she said those are technically investments. It is natural that there should be profits for you two. Although she said that if you decide to get the money, we may not be able to provide it with one check, so we have to give it back after three months or so.”

Sab understands. In the two years since the establishment of Luffia’s business, it grew so much that the money that was initially invested quadrupled. Still, this is a lot of money and Sab has no need for it in the meantime.

“Tell Nami to keep the investment moneys for now. I may need it in 2 or 3 years when I decide to establish my own hospital.”

True to her words, Sab withdrew at least 75% of the money she has invested to Straw Hats Inc. in order for her to build her own hospital. At the same time, Luffia and Zoro decided to invest some of their personal money to the hospital.

Ann decided to do the same as well. Although, their shares of the investment cannot be compared to Sab’s as she has 60%, Luffia and Zoro has 15% and the remaining 10% is owned by Ann.

With Luffia’s help, Sab managed to acquire a land where she the hospital will be built. It took a year before it was partially opened to the public. At that time, Sab was in her final month before earning her degrees.

Once she is finished with her studies, she was able to focus on the management of the hospital. And it only took another 6 months before the hospital is fully functional and can cater medical needs of the people.

At first, it was hard for Sab as they have been criticized for the medicines they used. Often, they used Chopper’s medicines which are cheaper and made from medicinal plants and herbs. Sab remained steadfast regarding the way they treat patients. They are not opposed to using chemically made medicines when needed, but they primarily want to use the plant-based medicines which are tested and proven. This also brings their billing costs lower than other big hospitals out there.

Aside from the cheaper costs, they also offer programs for those who cannot afford to pay the hospital bill the moment they are discharged. They offer to have these people pay in instalments.

Being affordable, the hospital gained a lot of positive reputation from people who cannot afford costly medical expenses. Right now, as the people tend to choose RGH instead of other hospitals, Sab needs to plan how she can expand the hospital as soon as possible.

As soon as she arrives at her office, the first thing she checks is her email. So many meetings lined up today regarding the expansion of the hospital grounds. Recently, they bought the land right beside the hospital. All they need to do is to agree on the floor plans. The hospital has 10 floors, which proved to be not enough at all. They plan to have a building of at least 20 floors that are connected to the main hospital building.

After checking the meetings lined up, she has the urge to get a coffee and breakfast as she left the house pretty early this morning. Sab usually cooks breakfast for her and her sisters as the three lived together, but not today. She needs to be in the office early due to pending work she needs to finish.

With that in mind, she took her wallet and her cell phone from her bag before walking to her favorite coffee shop. As usual, there are a lot of regular customers lined up to get their coffee and she stood in line to get hers as well.

It is not a surprise since this coffee shop serves great coffee and most of the time, her parents get their coffee here too. Oro Jackson Building – the main headquarters of the Jolly Roger Group of Companies is just 10-minute walk from the coffee shop and the hospital.

No doubt, some of the regulars here must be paparazzi, hoping to get a glimpse or a picture of Roger and Rouge.

Sab just shook her head and just ordered her favorite hot coffee latte and bagels to go along with her coffee. After claiming her orders, she realized what an idiot she is. She is wearing a dress with no pockets and she did not bring her bag. Which leaves her to carry her cell phone and wallet plus her coffee and takeout.

A sigh left her mouth before juggling on how she can fit her cell phone, wallet and the takeout in one hand while she carefully carries the hot drink on the other.

Just when she was about to leave, her cell phone rang. The caller is her best friend, Koala. Another sigh left her mouth. She placed the cell phone sandwiched between her shoulder blades and ear while walking. She can’t continue to stand there as she may be in the way for other customers.

“Where are you? I dropped by in your office and you are not there.” Koala greeted.

“I just bought some coffee. I will be back now.”

“You bought coffee? Please tell me you at least bought me my favorite drink as well.”

Sab rolled her eyes.

“No. My hands are full and – aaah!” She shouted in surprise when she felt a sturdy body coming in contact with the hot drink in her hands. She feared that she spilled the hot drink in someone’s shirt - and yes, she did.

“Ouch, what the actual fuck!” Sab heard the person in front of her curse.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry.” Sab straightened to look up at the person who she spilled her coffee too, resulting in the phone – which was barely hanging between her shoulder blades and ears – dropping to the floor and she faintly heard the sound of the screen cracking. Oh fuck. She internally cursed.

“What the heck! Don’t you know how to look at the road when walking?” He shouted. Sab looked up and saw a tall red-haired gorgeous man. She almost gaped at how attractive the man looks, but was brought back to reality when she heard him curse again. “Are you stupid or what? Look what you did to my suit! This is not fucking funny! I have meetings to attend to and now I look like shit for getting coffee stains!”

“Look, I’m sorry. I did not mean to spill coffee on your suit.”

“It’s not like your sorry will do anything at this point.” He muttered.

“I can get you a replacement suit - ”

“Nah, keep that offer to yourself. Can you make sure that you will properly look at where you are walking next time stupid blondie.”

His words irked Sab. Here she is, making a sincere offer and this barbarian called her stupid blondie. The nerve of this man. It may be her fault, but it does not mean she can just accept her stupid comments against her.

She angrily shoved the coffee cup to his chest and he proceeds to hold it while being confused, which she does not care at this point.

“Here’s the money for your suit. I am sorry for being a stupid blondie and spilling coffee on you, you stupid red-haired barbarian!” Sab angrily shoved several bills to his chest while she picked up her phone from the floor and walked away.

“What the – I hope I will never see you again!”

“Likewise here!” Sab shouted back while stomping. Her day started worse and she just hopes she will never see him ever again!

Or so she thought…

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