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Meet Luffia

A normal day for Luffia consists of eating food that will normally feed at least 10 people, going to her office – Thousand Sunny Building, talk with her sisters and of course eat food. Yep, too normal. Except she is never normal.

Define normal…

Normal does not seem to fit her at all. Her appearance might fool you, with that owlish dark eyes that seems to stare at the deepest part of soul of everyone, her childish grin, spooky and sunny attitude plus her overly gorgeous cute face. She is like a living miniature of a Barbie doll except she is not blond.

Other not normal things include hiding from the paparazzi. Why? Because she and her sisters do not want to have that crazy life where the paparazzi will stalk you wherever you go and give the entire world details about your clothes, who you go with and all that crazy shit. It is enough that people are looking at her differently because of her big appetite and despite that, she is rather skinny.

Well, it is not her fault that she is skinny! And she loves eating!

That is one of many reasons. Besides, if anyone finds out that she is the youngest daughter of the richest man in the world, she knows, despite being a bit dumb, she still knows that people will look at her differently. Especially in the kind of business she is involved.

And no, not the kind of shady business anyone thinks about.

After she and her sisters start to live on their own at the tender ages of 15 and 13, she became interested in ships, but she has no skills to do so. She is interested in so many ideas, but she has no talent in doing it.

When she reached the age of 17, she met people she *cough* convinced *cough* them to join her and established the Straw Hats Inc. At first, it was just her and a certain drunkard, then soon, she was able to gain more friends to be part of the Straw Hats Inc. Almost all the Straw Hats members are just part timers. Each of them has their own professions but still, they choose to be with her once in a while.

She gained so many amazing friends, they are like her second family and she loves them all!

“Hmm, where should I go? Hmm, I think I should go Baratie and eat there!” She decides and goes out of the house. It is Saturday and she has no work at the Thousand Sunny Building. The meeting will only be on Monday. Sab is not home because she is with her best friend, Koala. Ann is not home as well because she is with her new friends, which left Luffy at home.

As she strolls in the neighborhood, she sees buildings with many advertisements on it. There are advertisements for the Whitebeards, Kaidou’s , Doflamingo’s (that bastard!) And there are also some of her father’s company.

As she looks up to the poster where her dad is hugging her mom, she smiles. They are so sweet even though they are already old, well not that old. Sometimes, she finds it disturbing whenever her dad gets lovey-dovey and kisses her mom on the lips. Yuck! Does any daughter in the world want to see their parents kissing, gets lovey-dovey? She does not think so.

She means, who will want to see that? And it is so cheesy! They are like teenagers and it just weirds her out.

She keeps on her stroll and follows her nose where the most delicious food is being cooked.

And alas! She is at Baratie! The most famous restaurant in Grand Line! She smiles to herself and goes inside the restaurant, practically drooling over the thought of consuming great food. She just hopes that Sanji is inside and making lunch.

“Good afternoon, lovely customer. How many are with you?” The receptionist asks and Luffia looks at the guy. Maybe he is new since she can’t remember the guy at all.

But aside from that, did he just ask her how many? Like how many foods she can eat? Or how many tables she needs? But it is only her and she will not be sharing her food to anyone else!

“It’s just me, but I want many foods on my table, now!” She flashes him her trademark grin. The receptionist seems to be contemplating what to do with her.

But of course, the receptionist is contemplating! Normally, you will order once you sit on your table and the menu will be presented. That is the most normal protocol at all, but this girl, she seems to be a little different.

“Um, Ma’am, I will guide you to your seat and I will give you the menu so that you may order.” He politely said. It is in their protocol to be polite after all but Luffia just shrugs.

As they walk to the seat, the receptionist keeps on glancing at her, like he is measuring if she can pay or something. Of course she can pay! She has enough money, plus Sanji will give discount to her so she can order more or if she does not have her wallet, she can just call her sisters to bail her out. It is not like this will be the first time this happens anyway.

Luffia looks at the other customers inside. They are all the same and the usual ones. Socialites with designer bags and clothes. Yep, the very same. All of them are looking at her and sizing her up, wondering who she is. She is used to that looks, looks that criticizes her. However, she finds herself not caring for trivial matters.

Their stares are questioning the way she is dressed. Blue pants that just cut to her knee level. Sandals, and a white sleeveless shirt that is covered by her red cardigan. Yep, no style at all. While the other ladies are all wearing dresses and high heels, here she is, dressed as if she is inside her house to hang out.

“Here’s the menu ma’am.” The waiter says. Everything is delicious, and she wants to order them all.

“Hmm, I want Chef Sanji’s Luffy special.” She gives the menu back.

The waiter seems to be confused because there is no Chef Sanji’s Luffy Special on the menu.

“Um, ma’am, there is no such thing as Luffy Special in the menu.” Luffia immediately frown at what the man said.

“Huh? But Sanji said he will make me the Luffy Special!” She argues at the waiter who is now more confused.

Good thing, that weird smiling guy, what was his name, Patty? Like the Burger patty – now Luffy is getting hungrier and this waiter is not helping at all!

“Waiter boy, just tell that bastard Sanji about the meal. He already knows about it.” Patty the Burger patty said and Luffia smiles at him, but such smile is not appreciated by Patty the burger patty for he is aware of who exactly this customer is.

“Do you have a money to pay? We don’t serve for free, you know.” Patty the Burger Patty told Luffia. As usual, Luffia just grins at him like an innocent child.

“Of course! Heheh.” Patty eyes the woman warily. In most cases, this troublemaker just eats and runs, then the idiot son of the restaurant owner just lets her go which ends with him paying up for her meals. Sometimes, the restaurant will call one of her twin sisters to pay for the meal if she is short on money or if she has none at all. They wonder if she even has credit cards on her or if she brings her wallet.

“I suppose, I can let you eat in peace.” And he goes back to the kitchen where he sees the idiot son of the owner who is very happy that Luffy ordered Chef Sanji’s Luffy special.

“Ah~~ my heart is pounding great. My dear Luffia, has asked for my service! I shall make it the bestest food special ever!” And he continues cooking like an idiot that he is.

The food is ready in no time and Sanji is the pushing the huge cart of food for the very lovely and gorgeous Luffy.

“Ah~~, my dear Luffy, here is your special meal from your very own, Chef Sanji!” He gives a bow to the woman after setting the table.

“Thanks, Sanji!” And she begins devouring the food that could normally feed 5 people. Sanji on the other hand is beaming hearts in his eyes because of that smile directed to him.

“Enjoy your meal and call for me if you need anything.”

“Mfmm – uh huh.” That is the only thing that she can mutter as she is busy eating the food in front of her. She wants to order more, but she can’t because she must go and see her dad in the Raftel Palace. So, this is just a snack , plus her mom will be making her favorite pie and she can’t wait to taste it.

Just imagining it makes her hungry all over again.

So, she does the most reasonable thing and digs into the food. Her manners are just alright. It’s not like she is spilling the food or anything because according to her parents, she should not waste food no matter what. People are just shocked at how she can eat.

Meh… They are just envious because she can eat like this and they can’t because most women fear that they will gain weight and their body figure will not be the same. That’s not the case for her. She didn’t really care at all.

After she devoured the food, she calls the waiter and asks for her bill. She used to be scolded by her sisters because she just eats and forgets to pay.

The bill is only 40 000. She paid for it and went out of the restaurant. Her stomach is demanding for more food which tempts her in staying for another hour, but she can’t do that. Her mother is expecting her to be at their house for their dinner.

Luffia went back to the house she and her sisters live to get dressed and to get her car. She ditches her casual clothes with trousers and a blouse. She doesn’t like wearing dress that much. Well, she can wear a dress, but she likes casual clothes better.

She immediately goes out of the house and carefully locked it. She drives to the high way where there will be no one to notice her going to the Raftel Palace.

Raftel Palace is located at the East part of the Grand Line. It is not a Palace, err, it is just a mansion, but it gains its reputation as a palace because it might as well be considering how huge it is. The East side of the city consists of many mansions near the Palace. Well, as near as they could be.

The whole place is about 80 acres. The palace consumes 80, 000 sq ft floor space. It is a three-storey building that has a distinct reddish wall combined with Beige colors in designs. The gate is about 500 meters away from the palace itself. This is to avoid anyone snooping. The gates are high as well, so that no one can intrude easily.

She and her sisters drive the secret passageway to the palace. This is to avoid them getting caught, and Luffy will avoid that no matter what. She doesn’t like paparazzi, but she likes pepperoni pizza (what’s the connection?). They keep taking pictures.

As she parks her car, she can already smell the pie that her mom promised her. She is sure that Sab and Ann will be envious because she gets to eat more!

“Daddy, Mommy, I’m home!” She shouted and run directly to the kitchen where she finds her mom preparing dinner.

“I swear, you just come home because I cook your favorites. Anyway, your dad is in the pool area. I will serve the pie there.”

“Okay!” And off she goes to where her dad is. Usually, he is busy with work, but he is lazy, so he just stays at home from time to time. Can you guess where she got her easygoing attitude?

“Daddy!” she beams in greeting and Roger has three seconds to brace himself before being tackled to the ground by her overly energetic youngest daughter.

“Ugh - ” Good thing that he is strong enough for the impact because a fully-grown woman tackling an old man like himself is not good. “Hello, there, my little Devil. You’re early.”

Fortunate for Roger, Luffy got up and untangles herself from her dad to see him eye to eye.

“Shishishi. Mom’s serving the pie here. And it’s for me!” She shouts in excitement to her dad.

“Ah! No fair! I want some too!”

“Bleh! Mommy said it’s for me. Hahaha.” And Roger pouted. “But I can give you some, Daddy. Only a little.”

“Hahaha. You’re such a Devil!” Both father and daughter laugh. Their family friends often say that their personality and traits are too much alike. Sometimes they call Luffia as Roger jr because she is like her daddy. She doesn’t mind though.

Her sister Ann looks like their mom, except for the eyes and the hair. While her other sister, Sab looks like their dad with some facial features from their mom, especiallu her blond hair. She got it from their mom. Luffia is a lot like Roger but some qualities came from her mom, Rouge.

Father and Daughter tandem just sit there and enjoy the smooth breeze of the wind. They don’t often get the chance to do this since they are all busy. That is why they cherish every time they get a chance to spend their free time together. Plus, they can’t just go and visit their dad at his office without being subtle. They can visit him through the VIP passage in the Oro Jackson building, but meh – that is too much trouble.

When Rouge serves the pie, they immediately devour it. Good thing, that there are more left because after a minute or so, the twins arrived.

“Ah! Damnit, Luffia! Don’t hog all the pie to yourself! You too daddy!” Ann scolds them as she quickly gives her dad a kiss on the cheek then proceeds to eat a sliced pie. Sab followed suit. Kissing her daddy on the cheek then proceeds to steal the pie that Luffia’s been eyeing for some time now.

“Hahaha. It’s your fault you got late!” Roger comments after eating another slice.

“But we went somewhere while she just stayed at home!” Sab argued and ate another slice of pie. Huffing and pouting at the same time but the small smile is visible in her lips,

“That’s right! She cheated into getting here first!” Ann pouted, as she took a bite of her pie.

“Shishishi! Silly Ann and Silly Sab! It’s just that you guys are so slow that is why I got to eat many pies than you did! There is no cheating in that, right Mom?”

Rouge sighs at the mess that her family created. Honestly, her daughters plus the slightly immature Roger is sometimes too much for her to handle. But she will not be replacing it for any treasure in the world.

“Whatever. Just finish this and please, clean yourselves up before dinner.”

That all being said, it seems that the Daddy and daughters tandem are not listening at all and kept on talking about food. Yep, the normal day for the Gol D. Family.

Not too long after their banter, they start exchanging happenings in their everyday life.

“How’s everything going on in the hospital, Sab?” Roger asked.

“It’s as usual. Demand for medical services are running high and we are thinking of expanding to accommodate them. It may take several months before we can have the new building.”

“Is that so? I’ve recently acquired services of a freelance engineer to work with the renovation of Jolly Roger Amusement Park. I can refer him to you, if you’d like.”

“I think that’s a good idea, but maybe next month when I’ve finalized everything.” Sab answered. “Which area are you going to renovate though?”

“Good thing you’ve asked. I was thinking of adding a water sliding park. It will be a great hit during summer time!”

“Oh, oh, oh! I want to try that! How long is it?” Luffia’s eyes shined upon hearing the idea of a water sliding park.

“Not sure, but I will definitely give you three free tickets!”

“I am surprised Uncle Rayleigh agreed to this idea, given it is your idea we are talking about here.” Ann smirked teasingly at their father who pouted at the notion.

“Hey! Firstly, rude of you! My ideas are great, I’ll have you know that.”

“Dad, we lost count how many of your ideas Uncle Ray denied.” Sab added.

They continued to tease their father who is trying to defend himself against his daughters. The teasing was interrupted when Luffia’s cell phone rang.

“Ah, it’s Zoro. Let me answer this.” She said, smiling while walking a little farther away to answer the call.

Roger frowns a little but said nothing.

“She likes him.” Ann muttered making Roger frown even more.

“Yep, she does. I wonder if she even realized it?” Sab asked. When she looked at their father who was trying to maintain his cool appearance, she sighed. “Take that frown away, dad. She’s an adult and be thankful she liked someone decent.”

“Hmp!” Roger answered while looking away, still frowning. Meanwhile, Luffia is busy laughing while talking to her best friend.

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