ASL Sisters

Where it All Started

“You have to tell me what happened in that meeting.” Sab insisted for who knows how many times now that. Repeating the same sentence too many times is getting into Ann’s nerves, but this is her sister. They are born to be annoying.

“It’s embarrassing, okay?”

“What does that have to do with you not telling me about the details? Please, I’ve been with you all our lives. I’ve seen you fangirling over Marco for years since that race. I don’t think adding another embarrassing scenario in the list will change anything.”

Ann absolutely hates it when Sab gets reasonable. No one can win over her in terms of arguments. This is the reason Sab is the brains behind the three sisters’ pranks and antics for a long time now. She can get them out of the situation, no problem, just by using her intellect and no-nonsense arguments. It feels like no one can refute her words at all.

“You will laugh at me.” Ann said, blushing while remembering what happened. This prompts Sab to roll her eyes out as if her twin sister said the most annoying thing ever existed.

“As if I never laughed at you. Come on. I need the damn tea.”

Ann sighed and told her what happened, and she is right. She burst out laughing like a madwoman. Thank goodness they are alone in Sab’s office.

“Are you done now?” Ann pouted, glaring at Sab for laughing.

“But – oh my god, Ann! I can’t believe it!”

“Neither can I! I looked like a fool in front of him.”

“But he offered to give you a ride when he could just accept your apology and leave you be.” Sab reasons out. She is a master of reading people’s body language. Sab will bet a few million berri that Marco is at least interested in Ann.

“He’s being a gentleman. Besides, he has somewhere he needs to be, so this is just being considered as him giving me a lift and dropping me by. That’s it.”

“Believe what you want, but I know for sure, you at least gained his interest. I could have swore he finds you interesting.”

"Interesting… Yeah, interesting in the sense of breaking the side mirror of his expensive car is not interesting enough.” Ann sarcastically said. “And you have to add that useless comment that I will treat him to a coffee or a meal as thanks! That’s lowkey asking for a date!”

“Please, I did you a favor in saying that. I know it will take months before you can ask him out.” Sab thinks Ann is being dramatic with her reactions. A woman asking a guy out is common nowadays. There is nothing wrong with that.

“Asking him out right after breaking the side mirror of his car is not a good idea, Sab.”

The blond doctor shrugged at her sister.

“Meh, you will be working closely with them in the next months. You will get your chance to ask him out. If you won’t do it, then I will do it for you.” Ann gasped at Sab’s threat.

“You wouldn’t! Besides, he could be seeing anyone.”

“That’s easy. Kick the woman out of his life.” Sab said casually making Ann gaped in shock at how evil her sister is.

“Please tell me you are joking…”

“Of course, I am…” Ann was relieved. “Partially, that is.” Or not.


(AN: Sort of continuation of Ann and Marco’s meeting)

Marco arrived at the Moby Dick building just in time for the meeting. He has about 20 minutes to spare before the meeting starts.

He already has an idea of what the meeting will be, granted that Pops brought up the idea months ago. Apparently, he was interested in using Solar Energy as to cut the consumption of natural resources around.

The idea was first brought to Marco’s table who, in turn, has to study what impact it will have in their company given the disadvantages it will bring. As COO, he has to ensure that major changes such as these will be beneficial to the company. After all, if their productivity and day to day function gets affected, then they must reconsider the implementation.

Marco asked the opinions of his brothers, who also work for the company, regarding this possible change.

“She’s a genius, no doubt about it.” Vista, who is also a mechanical engineer, commented.

“And I heard that she’s a looker too!” Thatch added, making Marco and Vista roll their eyes at him. “What, it’s the truth! Don’t tell me you did not search the internet of what she looked like?”

“Thatch, need I remind you that we are researching about this company due to the services and benefits it can provide to our company, not the owner’s looks, yoi.”

“You are so uptight. No wonder you are still single.” Thatch mumbled earning a smack from Vista.

Marco ignored his idiot brother and continued to work on this project.

After organizing their interests, they contacted FTI to ask for a presentation and express their interests. Apparently, many big companies are already lining up to get a presentation from the owner herself.

Many establishments have transitioned to using FTI’s Solar Panel electrical system. Straw Hats Incorporated and Revolutionary Grandline Hospital are amongst the firsts.

And there were rumors that Akagami Corporation is also considering the transition.

After scheduling the meeting, business continued as usual without any changes, until the day of the meeting arrived.

After parking his car safely to his usual spot, he gathered his stuff before going out. Before opening the door, he always checks the side mirror in case someone is passing by, and there is one indeed.

A fairly tall brunette is walking, passing by the cars that were parked. Marco does not recognize her, but there is an assumption in his head about the identity of this woman.

Regardless, he sits still, waiting for the woman to walk past his car before opening the door. He assumes she will pass by without a hitch when that accident happened. Her heels must have caught onto something and she lost her balance, resulting in her right wrist slamming to Marco’s side mirrors.

He winced at the impact. It must be strong for the mirror to get cracked like that. Worried about the woman, he decided to open his door and check on her.

She stood there, bowing in apology and offering to pay for the damages, which Marco appreciates.

He asked about her hand and the moment she looked up, Marco was kind of shocked, but he calmly asks about her hand again.

The next thing she did is promptly apologize again and ran away from him. He was left there, shocked, but she’s long gone now.

After regaining his composure, he decided to just enter the building and be on his way to the meeting room.

While on the elevator alone, his mind wanders to the woman who broke his side mirror. It may just be a brief moment, but he had a clear look on her face.

Gray eyes that look like it can melt the deepest part of your soul, prominent nose and her kissable lips.

Marco feels a bit ashamed of himself crushing on someone he doesn’t know, but the other part of his brain counters that shame with reality that any man in his position will find her attractive, one way or another.

He took his mind off that memory in favor of an important meeting. He was successful, until her arrival.

His earlier guess has been proven correct, because the woman he encountered in the parking lot is the owner of FTI. Who would have thought?

When everyone is introducing themselves and shook her hand, Marco noticed how she winces at the contact. Her wrist must be throbbing in pain.

When it was Marco’s turn to introduce himself, he shook her hand, not applying force while glancing at her wrist. When their eyes met, she must have understood why he was looking at her wrist.

Despite that, the meeting continued for an hour. There is nothing but compliments in Marco’s mind about how she handles everything. The ideas presented were brilliant. And this is not him being biased at all.

When everyone left, Marco took the initiative to drop her by to the hospital since she is pretty adamant in not going to their company clinic.

He lied when he said he has somewhere to go near the hospital and this is just dropping her by. Lying is something he does not like, however, this is an exception. He is just worried about her. Such a shame that the drive is not that long.

And then he met her twin sister, who apparently is a fraternal twin. Good genes must have run in their family because Ann’s sister is also gorgeous.

“I saw you.” Marco was startled when Izou came to his office right after he got back from dropping Ann off to hospital.

“What do you mean, yoi?” He innocently asks.

“You must be pretty interested in her for you to offer a ride.”

Damn. Marco inwardly curses. He thought he was careful not to be seen by anyone in his family, but granted, this is Izou they are talking about. She knows everything there is to know.

“Her wrist is sprained. I just offered to drop her off at the hospital.”

“Sprained? How?”

“I just noticed her wincing when all of you were shaking her hand earlier, yoi.” Another lie.

Marco does not want to tell Izou about that encounter as it may embarrass Ann.

“Huh. And you noticed. It just proves my point that you interested in her. She seems to be your type.”

“Since when did I ever establish my type? I do not remember ever doing that, yoi.” Marco doesn’t really have a type, per se. He’s more of if he likes the person, he likes her. Doesn’t matter if she is a brunette or blond.

“True, but you are not denying that you are interested in her.” A sigh left his lips and refused to say anything back. “You could ask her out. And please don’t give me the reason that you are too old for her. She’s like what, 25? 26? 7 or 8 years of age difference don’t matter.”

“She could be dating anyone for all we know.”

“I can ask her next time.” And the only answer Izou got was a glare because, if Marco is being honest, knowing if she is single is good news for him.


Luffia sat in her office – the top floor of the Thousand Sunny Building. At first look, the building looks like a building for entertainment, because of the unusual colors mixed into it compared to the other business buildings around Grandline.

The building has 10 floors, pretty small compared to other big corporations.

The first floor is like a lobby, or relaxation area for guests who waits for the employees. The second floor is the cafeteria, which looks like a restaurant of some sort. This is where the employees eat everyday.

The other floors, from 3 – 7 are all office spaces for their employees. SHI currently has 5, 000 employees who worked across the companies they own.

The Thousand Sunny Building is located near the ocean where their main business is located and that is building ships. Around them are buildings for manufacturing and areas for their other line of business.

The company started with Luffia and Zoro as founders and initial investors. Luffia was 17 at that time when she met Zoro and convinced him to join her in her journey. Or more like annoyed him to death that he ended up agreeing.

At first, they do not know where to start. Luffia’s vague explanation that she wants to build a shipping line is not reasonable given their circumstances at that time. She was still in college and so as Zoro.

So, with the money they have, they started investing in the stock market, gaining money and acquiring shares of other companies. This is when they met Nami, who at first was adamant in joining them. Nami is a rising model and apparently, a one hell of an accountant. She is great in calculating profits, which made Zoro slightly uncomfortable.

After meeting Nami, who was a big help in expanding their investments, they met Usopp. He dropped out of college due to failing grades, but apparently, he is great in inventing unconventional things, such as using tabasco as main ingredient for a fire-based machinery. Brilliant inventor. And he is a great archer too!

Next was Sanji. He does not really want to join in as he is interning at his adoptive father’s restaurant as a chef, but Luffia convinced him otherwise. This is where the idea of producing spices and canned goods came into place as a branch company.

Chopper was a genius doctor in training. At a very young age of 15, he is already on his 4th year in college. Pretty impressive. Then, there’s Robin, a known Archaeologist. Franky’s arrival made Luffia’s main goal achievable as Franky is an expert in building ships.

Brook was an odd addition to their group. He was a declining musician who lost his touch and passion for music. Meeting Luffia made him find his passion once more, which results in venturing to entertainment industry business.

Lastly, it was Jinbei. He is not as old as Brook, but he is the second eldest in their group. He used to be a part of mafia group, but left to join Luffia in the business world.

Right now, SHI’s branch companies consist of Shipping line and Ship builders. Building ships is being supervised by Franky with Usopp helping as well. The Shipping line is mostly luxurious cruise ships that they offer to the public. SHI is quite famous with their cruise ships fully booked all the time.

They ventured into Food production business, led by Sanji. They produce spices, canned foods as well as meat supplies to restaurants. 40-minute drive away from the building is where their farm is located.

Medicine production is also part of their main business. Chopper is the lead researcher and supervisor of this branch. Just beside their farm is where Chopper has his plantation of medicinal herbs and plants needed for the production of medicine. This may have gained criticism, but they pursued this path. Many pharmaceutical companies have targeted them because what they are offering are cheaper options than chemically produced medicine, still, they continued and had been successful.

Not long after venturing in the medical market, they started to put a good use of Robin’s vast knowledge in Archaeology. They built educational museums for everyone and opened a publishing company specializing in history, archaeology and anything educational. This is obviously being supervised by Robin.

Brook’s addition opened a new path for them. Entertainment industry. As soon as he joined in, he composed a new single which was a huge hit. This prompted Luffia the idea of opening a recording studio for Brook as well as a concert hall to her liking. Right now, Eight floor of the building serves as the recording studio as well as Brook’s office space when mentoring new musicians.

Jinbei on the other hand handles most of the legal paper work for all branches. Years of being in a mafia group, he developed a way of how to find holes in the law.

Zoro on the other hand continued to be the Vice President/Co-founder while supervising the alcohol production branch. When he is not doing either, he teaches swordsmanship to a local Dojo.

In 5 years since meeting Zoro, the company grew so much that it is not recognizable at all. Never did Luffia imagine she will come this far, and even after achieving so much, new ideas come to her. The company is still growing.

“What are you doing spaced out like an idiot?” The voice of a woman woke Luffia from her musings.

“Nami! Since when did you get here?”

“A long time ago. Don’t tell me you are dozing off and avoiding your paperwork?!” Nami shouted while looking at her desk full of folders that were left untouched.

“But Nami! I am bored! Doing paperwork is boring!”

Anyone can see Nami’s patience slowly disappearing. She was about to shout at Luffia when the door opened, revealing Zoro’s figure.

“Zoro!” Luffia jumped from her seat and ran to where her best friend is.

“I was about to go to the farm. I thought of asking you - ”

“I’m coming with you! Let’s go!” Luffia did not let him finish his sentence. She dragged her innocent best friend away from her office.

Nami was left there, alone, gaping at Luffia who ran away so fast…

“Damnit Luffia!” All she can do, is shout in anger while the President and Vice President of the company ran off somewhere, leaving their paperworks behind.

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