ASL Sisters


Getting out of Luffia’s office is fairly easy. Along the way, employees asked where they are off to this time, which Luffia answered ‘Somewhere’ – a pretty vague answer. Regardless, the employees are used to such answers. This is not the first time that the Founders of SHI ran off to who knows where.

“Nami is going to kill you. I did not go to your office to ask you to come with me. I simply wanted to ask if you’d like me to buy something along my way when I come back.” Zoro said when they arrived at the parking lot to get his Big bike.

“But the paper work! They are boring! I don’t want to do them!” She whined, like a child that she is. She might as well be a child – a child in an adult’s body.

“Which will be your reason of death at Nami’s hands.” He said.

“I refused to be left in this building while you will be going out to have fun!”

This prompts Zoro to toll his eyes at his best friend.

“I am not going out to have fun. I am going to the farm to check the delivery of the products, which is still about work.” Despite arguing with her, Zoro still gave Luffia the helmet.

It was at this moment that she stood there, silent while staring in shock at Zoro. That confused him.

“What?” He asks.

“Who are you? What have you done to Zoro? Zoro never wants to do work!”

“You make it sound like I am irresponsible like you!” He slightly shouts, irritated at Luffia. This did not bother her at all, as she laughs at him before donning the helmet.

They’ve been together for five years, supporting each other and making sure that the other is still in line with their goals.

Luffia can still clearly remember how they met 5 years ago…


Luffia is watching TV while her sisters are in a hurry to go to University. Sab was busy with getting her Doctorate degree while Ann was studying Double Major in Engineering.

The youngest of the three can never relate how her sisters can cope with school and all the work they must do in order to get their degrees. It was a hassle.

At that time, Luffia was struggling with her college degree. Unlike her sisters, she does not know what she wanted to do. Aside from her dream of being involved in Ships, she really does not have goals at the moment.

Since she does not have the technical skills to be involved in building ships, she decided to take Business Management. It is stressful – she is failing in most of her subjects, she does not like how her professors are explaining how the economy works, she hates accounting, she hates business law, she hates everything she has to study just to get this Bachelor’s degree!

She spoke to her sisters about dropping out, and even though they do not want to see her drop out of college, they reluctantly agreed when they saw how much she hates being in the University. Their parents spoke to Luffia to take her time in deciding what she really wants to do in her life. Luffia was thankful that her family supported her decision to drop out of college.

Left with nothing to do, all she does every day is stay at home or go out for a walk. As soon as her sisters left the house, she also decided to do the same. While walking around, she saw a small advertisement about the stock market. She hesitates if she should read it or not, but curiosity won, so she remained standing there, reading the advertisement.

While reading the advertisement, not too far away from where she is, Luffia notices a group of thugs, standing there, threatening someone.

Again, curiosity won in her mind. She ripped off the advertisement from the wall, crumpled it into a ball of paper, then shoved it into her pocket before walking to where the thugs are.

It seems that they did not notice her presence as they continue to threat the green-haired man in the center.

“Punk, apologize and pay for the damages!” One burly looking guy demanded at the green-haired man while pointing to the broken sunglasses on the floor. Luffia almost burst out laughing at the dumbness of the situation.

“Sorry about the glasses, but it is not my fault you bumped into me while walking.” The green-haired man answered, not bothered by how the burly looking guy is shouting.

“Are you looking to get smashed in the face, you punk? Don’t you know who this man is?!” Another guy said, pointing to the burly looking man. He must be the leader, Luffia thought. And the second one who spoke must be an underling.

“No, I don’t know him. Is he a celebrity? If he is, he sure looks ugly to be qualified as one.”

“You fucker - ”

“HAHAHAHAHA!” Luffia couldn’t take it anymore. She burst into laughter at the green-haired man’s answer. Her laughter caused the men around to pause and look at whoever it was that laughed at their boss.

“What the – who are you, brat? Are you with this punk?” One thug asked.

“You’re all calling him a punk, but you sure look like punks compared to him.” She answered.

The green-haired man stared at the teenager in front of them. How can she not be scared of the men who are far bigger than her?

“This bitch - ”

“Yuck. Your breath stinks! Don’t you ever brush your teeth?” One thug was about to hit Luffia and shouted, opening his mouth near her. It surely stinks, making Luffia cover her nose in disgust.

It was the green-haired man’s turn to laugh. He does not know this teenager, but she sure has guts to say whatever she wants in this situation. Or she may just be stupid.

“Why you -” The embarrassed man swung his bat at Luffia’s head which she easily dodged. It may not be obvious to anyone, but she is well trained in Karate and taekwondo. Their grandfather made sure that the three sisters are equipped with martial arts in case they need to defend themselves.

After dodging, Luffia punched the man in his stomach, followed by a kick on his groin. Seeing how their mate was taken down by a teenager, the thugs went ballistic and attacked Luffia and the green haired man. Apparently, he has wooden swords that were used to smack and slash the opponents.

“They must have reinforcements. We have to run.” The green-haired man said. Luffia nodded before they ran away, laughing while the thugs were groaning on the ground.

“Shishishi! That was fun!” She exclaimed, as soon as they were out of the thugs’ territories.

“You sure placed yourself in a dangerous situation. What an idiot.”

“Hey! That’s rude! Besides, I can defend myself just fine!” She talked back, pouting at the man.

“Still, it is stupid of you to get involved in someone’s business.”

“But I was curious why all of you were gathered there. I thought there was a party.” He gaped at this woman’s answer.

“Why would we even have a party in such a ridiculous place?!”

“I dunno. Weird people do that.” She answered back. “Shishishi! My name’s Luffia. What’s your name?”

“Zoro. Roronoa Zoro.”

“Nice to meet you, Zoro! Let’s be friends!” She said, eyes shining so bright that it almost blinded Zoro. She is just so enthusiastic that he can’t help but feel getting swayed.

At first, Zoro doesn’t have any intention of being friends with her, but she was so damn insistent. Following him around, trying to convince him to join her in building a company from scratch. It was so damn annoying, but he got fairly used to her presence.

Her persistence won him over and he decided to join her in the investment. He took all of his savings and gave it to her to invest. Anyone may think it is stupid of him, but in a span of weeks that he’s been with Luffia, he feels like he can trust her with everything.

And she feels the same as well. She even invited him to her house to hang out – which almost gave Ann and Sab a heart attack.

“Who is he, Luffia?” Ann is rudely pointing at Zoro who looks calm and unbothered at all.

“This is Zoro, my best friend! Zoro, these are my sisters, Ann and Sab! They are twins.”

“Roronoa Zoro.” He answered, offering his hand. Ann stared at him, glaring as if he committed a terrible crime. “What?”

“Luffia never brought a friend at home!” She exclaimed, making Zoro confused even more.


“She never did! Especially a male friend!” Ann added. Her explanation doesn’t resolve Zoro’s confusion.

“Does it matter?” He innocently asks. Sab remained silent while looking at Zoro, studying his facial expression, finding anything she can use against him, but she found none. She can see the confusion written on his face.

“Ann, let’s just leave them alone.” Sab said, dragging a whining Ann away from the two, but they were never far away. They are in a hearing distance in case Luffia will shout for help. No one gets away by hurting their baby sister.

Zoro and Luffia are discussing about investments – briefly – before the topic went from one thing to another.

“But I don’t want to be a hero! I love heroes, but I don’t want to be one! You know heroes like to share their food to all! I don’t wanna share mine!” The twins nearby sweat-dropped at her comment. Leave it to Luffia to define a hero like that.

They expected the man named Zoro to at least correct her about how heroes should be defined, but they were surprised at his next comment.

“That is true. They will share their Sake. Who wants to share their Sake? I wouldn’t!” The twins almost dropped to the ground. No wonder this is Luffia’s best friend. They share the same brain cells after all.

After knowing that, the twins fully supported Luffia and Zoro’s venture, lending them their savings account as well.

Their parents provided them money for their education, but since they applied for scholarships, the twins rarely spend the money allocated for their education.

Zoro’s decision to drop out of college earned a disapproval from his adoptive brother, Hawkeye Mihawk – who is Shanks’ friend and drinking buddy. He was hoping for Zoro to succeed his Wine manufacturing and real estate businesses.

Zoro still pursued his decision. While still establishing their investments, he and Luffia worked part time for a few establishments. It was kind of hard for them at that time since they are short on fund and they can’t rely on their guardians for money.

Zoro was aware of Luffia’s background early on. She told him. She trusted him enough to let him know who she really is – not like Zoro cares. He still continued to treat her the way he used to. Who her parents are, will not change the way Zoro looks at her.

As months pass by, they have slowly gained stability and started off quite well. And five years later, here they are, competing with the biggest companies in the world…




Arriving at the farm, they were greeted with a few employees stationed in the area. Some of them even exchanged a few words to Zoro, especially

“Everything’s going well with my family. We enjoy being away from the city. You should bring your girlfriend sometime…” An old man who works for the Alcohol Manufacturing commented.

Luffia winces inwardly, but fought hard to maintain her composure and keep the emotion to herself. She always does, especially when this topic is being brought up.

“She is busy as well, but I will ask her one of these days.”

“We’re looking forward to meeting her!”

She wishes she can forget the fact that Zoro belongs to another woman. She wishes she can forget the feelings that she kept for years.

She wishes that her feelings for this man she had known for 5 years did not change. But it did. Because her feelings for Zoro far exceeds that of being a best friend.


Ann was supposed to be doing groceries today, but due to her sprained wrist, Sab volunteered to do it in her place.

As the three live together, the chores are mostly divided between the twins, especially the grocery shopping. God knows how they can never trust Luffia doing grocery shopping!

Last time she volunteered, she ended up buying two shopping carts full of meat. No vegetables, no spices, nothing but meat! Never again will they trust her to do grocery shopping.

Walking around, she always checks the list she prepared beforehand. Everything is in her cart except for her favorite bag of chips. When grocery shopping, she would never forget to buy that favorite snack of hers.

While walking towards the chips and snacks section of the grocery store, she received a text message from Nami – Luffia’s accountant. As soon as she saw the notification, Sab inwardly sighs as can vaguely imagine what Nami will text her.

And she was right. Nami was complaining again – for how many times this month – that Luffia ran off again with Zoro.

Sab pities Nami. The orange-haired woman has to deal with not one, but two troublemakers in their company, worse, those two are the highest and second highest ranking official.

But Sab is not worried at Luffia’s whereabouts as long as she is with Zoro. In 5 years that Sab had known Zoro, if there is one thing she is sure of, is that Zoro will never put Luffia in danger. Ever. And he always tries to put her in her place.

Luffia almost doesn’t listen to anyone aside from Zoro. She still listens to her family and friends, but not as much as she listens to him.

With a giggle, Sab replied to Nami, promising her that she will scold Luffia at home. After returning her phone to her bag, she spotted the chips she had been looking for. The number of stocks of this brand of chips is usually smaller in a monthly basis, so getting four or five when she does grocery shopping is quite a feat.

Now, there’s only one remaining. Sab grabbed the bag of chips, and coincidentally, another hand grabbed it at the same time. Surprised, Sab immediately looked at the owner of the hand… And the man did the same thing…

Looking at the two of them, it looks picture-perfect. As if that encounter is destined. As if that encounter came straight out of a romantic novel – about the faithful meeting of the man and the woman destined to be together…

Dark gray eyes stared the reddish-brown ones. Both remained silent, as if the whole world stopped and what matters is just them… Staring contentedly at each other, soaking in the glorious moment of meeting someone they never thought they would… Feasting at the sight in front of them… As if there is a magnetic pull – pulling them towards each other… And they can feel the spark…

Or not…

In a situation like this, if this was in a novel, they would offer to give way. And maybe start with introducing themselves… And the two did neither.

Instead, they tightly grabbed the opposite sides of the poor bag of chips while glaring at each other. Their eyes look ready to murder each other the moment the recognized who the other person is.

“I found it first.” The red-haired barbarian said, smiling menacingly while pulling the bag of chips away from her, gaining an advantage, but the woman still held on, not letting him have his way.

“In your dreams. I found it first.” Sab applied enough force to pull the bag of chips on her side, gaining her advantage.

“I still couldn’t forgive you for that spilled coffee on my suit!” And he pulled the poor chips again.

“As if I care for your forgiveness. I paid more than enough, you barbarian.” And she took back her advantage, pulling the bag of chips again.

“What stupidity! It was your fault and you say you don’t want my forgiveness?” He pulled it again.

“I apologized several times, but you were too barbaric and hard headed to listen. What makes you think I will continue apologizing when you don’t want it?” She yanked it with a bit of force, challenging the man in front of her.

“If you had been looking where you were going as you should be, that wouldn’t have happened.” He also yanked the bag of chips with force, just like Sab did.

“Isn’t that why I apologized in the first place? Now give it to me!”

“Like hell I will!”

“This is mine!” She said, glaring at the man. Neither of them looked away from each other’s eyes. There is a spark, alright. Spark of war between them.

“As if I’d let you have it!”

Both applied too much force in pulling the bag of chips that it ended up being ripped apart when they pulled the opposite sides at the same time. With so much force, the chips went flying in the air, making it look like someone tossed it in the air – right at the top of their heads.

So, the two of them end up sprinkled with chips, cheese powder stuck in each other’s hair and clothes. The grocery shoppers stopped to look at the two of them. Some giggled at what their current state is. Suffice to say, they looked like idiots.

“Look at what you’ve done!” Sab shouted at him, grabbing a handful of chips on her hair and threw it at him.

“What the hell?! You were the one insisting that you found the chips first!”

“Because I did, you bastard! Why do I always end up in a bad mood every time I see you?”

“You know what? I should be the one asking that! First the coffee, now, this!” He said, pointing at his current state. He was wearing a white long-sleeved muscle shirt. The mess that happened will definitely leave a stain on his shirt.

“Serves you right!” Sab started walking to the counter to pay for her grocery.

“And who the fuck do you think will pay for this mess?!”

“You said you found it first, right? Then pay for it!” And she stormed off, leaving the man alone. Their voices were loud enough for the people around to notice.

The curious eyes staring at him made the red-haired man irritated.

“What the fuck are you looking at?!” He shouted at no one, but people started to disperse, avoiding him.

There is a spark indeed… Spark between enemies…

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