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The Boys

Marco’s eyes are fixed on the documents he has to review before signing it. With many projects in progress, he needs to keep track of major changes happening. After all, it is his job and responsibility to do so.

One of the biggest projects they have is the transition to use Solar Energy provided by FTI. After the initial meeting the other day, they’ve scheduled another meeting in order to make a smooth transition.

Moby Dick Building has 70 floors, and these are just office spaces. This does not count the manufacturing sites they had, and Pops is eager to also include them in the transition. This is not the only project Marco is handling at the moment. He has a lot lined up in the next few months.

Whitebeard Group of Companies are involved in a lot of businesses. Manufacturing, investments, real estate and hotel business. Suffice to say, Marco is a very busy man. Pops is old – he should be retiring, but he chose not to because he loves the company. This is his family, his legacy.

Even though Whitebeard has not retired yet, Marco is already taking half of his responsibility, doubling the amount of work Marco has to do – but he is not complaining. He loves his job more than anything else.

What he is thankful for now is the fact that he has a lot of adoptive brothers and sisters helping out in the company. They may not be legally adopted by Whitebeard, but he never treated them any less than he treats Marco.

Marco is the only blood relative Whitebeard has – the son of his late sister. Marco’s mother was a drug addict. When she found out that she was pregnant – without knowing who the father was – she wanted to abort it, but Whitebeard convinced her otherwise. He convinced her that he will pay her just so she won’t abort the child she is carrying.

The child is innocent. Whitebeard pities the child for having an irresponsible mother. Regardless of what she had become, she is still his sister and the child she is carrying is Whitebeard’s nephew.

As soon as she gave birth to Marco, Whitebeard prepared all the documents necessary. She signed a contract to give up her rights as Marco’s parent and guardian. After that time, Marco grew up as Whitebeard’s son.

Marco did not mind growing up without a mother. He was content and happy with his father and his adoptive brothers and sisters. He is happy. Until she came back to their lives. His mother.

Marco was just 16 at that time when his mother appeared in Whitebeard’s house. Seeing her sitting there, he feels empty. He doesn’t know if he should be happy or sad or mad. What he feels at that moment is nothing.

She has blond hair and slightly droopy eyes. Needless to say, Marco looks like her.

“Marco…” Whitebeard called out, signaling him to come to his side. When Marco was old enough, Whitebeard told him everything about his mother, telling him everything he knows. And he is thankful that his father did. It would have been shitty if he found out a bit later.

“He has grown so much. You’ve raised a good heir.” Marco feels irritated at her tone.

“What do you want? If it’s about your legal rights to Marco, you should have known that you’ve given them up years ago.” Whitebeard firmly said.

“I don’t care about that.” That feels like a slap to Marco’s face. For the first time in his life, he feels unwanted. “I am here to ask for your help. I’ve been on a debt and I need to pay them back, otherwise, they will put me to jail!” She sounds frantic, desperate and above all else, pitiful. Marco pities her.

“I sent you money last month! Where did you spend that money again? I told you that money will be the last one I will ever give to you!”

“I did not know abortion these days costs so much so I spent all that money you gave me. I swear, Edward, this will be the last time I will ask for a favor.”

Marco slowly felt the rise of anger in his mind upon hearing the woman’s words. She talked as if it was natural of her to abort an innocent child. A child that should have been Marco’s sibling.

After hearing such words, Whitebeard threw the woman out of their house. It was a good riddance. She may have been his mother, but Marco feels nothing but pity and anger at her. He is not angry because she abandoned him. He was angry because of the sibling he never got to meet.

Years after that incident, the next news they received from that woman was her madness. She was addicted to drugs which drove her mad and declined her health. Despite everything, Whitebeard still tried to help her, but it was too late. Her body’s health is declining so much that there’s nothing they could do. She died because organ malfunction. Marco may not feel any affection towards her, but he still feels sad. Regardless, life must go on.

Around that time, he was already helping Pops in managing his businesses. Slowly, he worked his way up to his position now. Even though he is busy as COO of WGC, he still finds time to do other things such as car racing.

Ever since he was a teenager, he’s been fond of car racing. He started participating in races, winning a few titles himself. Not only is he a well-respected businessman, he is also admired for his talent in car racing. This is one of the reasons he was named as one of the most eligible bachelors in town.

Looks. Money. Fame. He looks like he has everything and women around are after it. While he is flattered by the attention of many women, he can’t find it in himself to be happy that what they are after are the things he can offer. Many tried to get his attention, to get into his pants – some even tried to trap him into marriage by lying that he got her pregnant.

Getting into a relationship with the right person is hard. And if what he will get are lies from women, then, he’d rather be single. These women went as far as use tabloids just to trap Marco. Some even used his name just so they can be famous.

It was tiring. So, he decided to dedicate his attention to work, family and friends. He rarely gets interested in women at all. Until he saw her.

He can still vividly remember their first meeting. Marco had never experienced getting such feeling with any women before. Not even with those he previously dated.

He had seen so many beautiful women. His sister, Izou, is a beautiful woman. He knows a lot of celebrities who are like goddesses to many, but never had he felt like that at all. Not with any of them.

Ann is different. Far different. His instincts are telling him how she is special. He feels like he is being pulled to her, and she is not even doing anything at all! Her beauty is just out of this world. Her smile is addicting and not to mention her passion for her career. She is very impressive.

Since meeting her, often he finds himself looking forward to their next meeting and probably get to know her. He just hopes he is not dating anyone right now – which is unlikely given how beautiful and smart she is… All he can do now is hope.


Kidd Eustass is one hell of a man. He started his own Steel and metal manufacturing company even before finishing college. He owns several bars and restaurants. Aside from that, he is also an in-demand Metallurgical Engineer as well as a famous Motor bike racer champion.

He achieved it before reaching 30. Many may think that he achieved everything he has, easily, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Kidd has been through a lot before he reached where he is now.

When he was a child, he suffered so much at the hands of his abusive father. Kidd is pretty sure that he is the very definition of what a shitty father is. If anyone searches what a shitty father means, his name must have appeared in the definition.

He grew up without a mother. She died due to childbirth. Must be why his father hated Kidd so much. The only thing that kept him going is the fact that his brother is still there for him.

Unlike Kidd, their father favors his older brother. He is acting as if he has one son and Kidd hates him for that. Once, he thought of hating his brother, but he is so kind, understanding and would stand up to their father just so Kidd won’t get in trouble.

One time, their father lost a lot of money in a casino, he was so dead drunk that he started to beat the shit out of Kidd when he saw him. He blamed everything to Kidd, as if his existence is a sin. Kidd was just 12 years old at that time – a child, and someone who can’t fight back. He was losing consciousness, so he did not notice how the madman took a broken beer bottle and was about to hit Kidd with it. What he saw before losing consciousness, is his father on the ground.

When Kidd opened his eyes, he was in a very unfamiliar room. He frantically searched for anyone around, but he found no one. Until the door opened, revealing an old woman.

“You are awake. Are you feeling nauseous? Does it hurt anywhere?” She kindly asks.

“Who are you? And, where am I?”

“You are in an orphanage, dear.”

“Wait, what?! Why am I here? Who brought me here?” The old woman did not answer, but Kidd has a vague idea of who. He is not wanted at all. His father did not want him.

But what nagged in his mind is the question of why his brother allowed their brother to bring him to an orphanage. Why?

He was just a child back then and have nowhere to go. Even if he tried to escape, he would be brought to the Police and worst, be sent to another facility. Even though it is not his choice to be here, he started to like it, especially since he met someone he can get along with. That was Killer.

One day, when they were asked to run errands for the orphanage, he was 16 at that time – he saw his brother driving a very expensive car, parking it in an expensive looking restaurant.

For years, Kidd always wonders why his brother never visited him. Not once. Not even during his birthday.

Leaving the errands, he ran to where his brother is and was kind of surprised seeing three lined scars on his eye.

His older brother, Shanks, also looks surprised to see him. At first, there was silence between them, until that was broken by a tall, muscular man standing beside Shanks.

“Huh, who’s this poor brat, Shanks?” Kidd looked at the man. He looks like someone of wealthy status given how many expensive accessories he has. It surprised Kidd why Shanks knows someone like that.

“No one. Just someone asking for money.” That felt like a stab to his heart. Kidd could not believe why his brother would say that. He can’t believe this is the same brother he idolized since he was a child – someone he aspired to be like.

“Tch! Ignore him. Let’s go!” That was an eye opener for Kidd. Apparently, it is not just his father that wants to get rid of him. His brother doesn’t want him too.

After that incident, Kidd changed. He became angrier, but at the same time motivated to get his life moving. To achieve something he can be proud of. To let his shitty family know that he can get on his feet without them.

The orphanage was kind enough to send him to college, which is rare as most orphanage won’t send children to college. They will be free from the organization as soon as they reached 18. Kidd and Killer were sent for education, and that was more than enough.

The old woman at the orphanage legally adopted Kidd, changing his name from Kidd Leroux to Kidd Eustass.

During college, Shanks tried to talk to him, but Kidd was so consumed by his hatred that he told him to get the fuck out of his life.

“Where were you when I need you the most? Apparently driving expensive cars and partying, I presume?”

“Kidd, that’s not - ”

“I don’t need you in my life and you don’t need me either.”

“If you would just let me explain - ”

“There is nothing to explain! And I don’t need your damn explanation! I don’t want to have to do anything with you! You are no longer my brother.”

Saying those words hurt Kidd as well, but his hatred is so deep. He has been hurt too many times. Even though his brother tried to talk to him a few more times, Kidd refused to listen. There’s nothing to listen to anyway. He even personally invited Kidd to his wedding, which he bluntly refused. Kidd sometimes wishes they would never cross paths again, but the world is small.

There are times that they would cross paths, but Kidd is making sure not to look his way. He would never do so. Regardless of what he’d been through, he was able to achieve what he wants in his life.

Although some reporters asked him about his love life, he’s never been the type to settle with someone for too long. For the entire 28 years of his existence, he has never dated anyone at all, and he is ok with it anyway. No one will boss him around and tell him what to do. Most of his partners are just sex friends or one-night stands. He never likes how they want to own him, or the fact that some of them just want him for his body and money.

Usually, they would try to get into his pants. What can he do? He’s irresistible. The women he met can’t resist him after all. Except for a certain someone that is.

Well, technically, he was not trying to seduce that woman, but still, her next actions irritated Kidd.

Never had he met someone so stubborn and so irritating. Every time he is reminded of their last two encounters, he gets pissed off. Something in him is like burning, and his inner self is telling him to piss her off to. As if there’s an unspoken challenge and war between them.

“That’s a surprise indeed.” Killer said. “You never paid this much attention to anyone.”

“Because no one managed to piss me off to this degree.” He answered.

“Not even Luffia?” Killer is talking about their friend, Luffia, who was in the same group of friends. Basically, it was just Zoro who they are friends with, but once, when he brought Luffia to a gathering, she just inserted herself in that circle. Before they knew it, she had become friends with their group.

“No, she’s different. She’s annoying, but it’s like looking at your annoying sibling.” He reasoned out. “This one is different. This is an enemy annoying the hell out of me. I swear, I will get back at her one of these days! First, the spilled coffee, now he made me pay for that bag of chips and left me looking like a fool! Her debts are stacking up one by one.” Just thinking of getting back at her made Kidd excited.

“Try not to fall.” Killer mumbled.

“What was that?”

“I said, good luck.”

Good luck? He doesn’t need it. He will make sure that woman will know not to mess with him.


Zoro just sits there, reading a magazine while taking a break from work. He usually stays on the SHI farm and help out in the production. Unlike most of the Vice Presidents in the business world, he prefers to do manual labor than be a slave of paper work. Nami lets him off the hook as long as he submits the necessary documents.

With nothing to do at the moment, he starts reading a business magazine, which coincidentally features him and Luffia on the cover with the title: Youngest Billionaires of the Generation. It’s not like that matters to Zoro. He doesn’t care about trivial stuff like that.

He grew up in a remote island, away from the city. A town with about 1500 people in population. He was an orphan who grew up in a Kendo Dojo. The master of the Dojo was kind enough to let him live in his house.

Apparently, he was found at the beach with wounds all over his body when he was around 9. With no known relatives and no clear memories, he stayed in the Dojo and learned Kendo along with the Master’s daughter, Kuina. Unfortunately, she died unexpectedly, which made him sad. She was his rival and they dreamed of being the best swordsman in the world.

A few months after her death, a man named Dracule Mihawk came to the Dojo. He was looking for Zoro. Apparently, the day he was found at the beach was also the day that the accident happened.

The ship he and his parents were sank. It was a miracle that he lived. Mihawk was his parent’s trusted friend and he had promised to find the son of his friends.

After that, he took custody of Zoro and brought him to Grandline. During his stay with Mihawk, he found out that he holds the title of Best swordsman in the world, making Zoro motivated to take that title from him.

“My title as a swordsman shouldn’t be the only goal you must aim. You must aim to take over the business as well. After all, these are your parents’ legacy.” Mihawk said.

Zoro found out that the company Mihawk took over is also partially owned by his parents. They are business partners. He should be interested, but he’s not. He never liked dealing with business anyway.

He dedicated himself into practicing Kendo almost every day, much to his adoptive brother’s annoyance. However, Mihawk cannot do anything but leave Zoro be. As long as he finishes his business degree to take over the business someday, then he is okay with anything Zoro wants to do.

It is indeed true. Even though Zoro is not interested in business, he still enrolled in a business degree, satisfying his brother’s wishes. He was in his second year in college when he met Luffia. She is rambunctious, annoying, too loud and persistent. The exact opposite of Zoro.

After declaring that they should be friends, she did everything just to get to know Zoro – or more like drag him into her pace and annoy the hell out of him. Despite being annoying Zoro, he got used to her presence.

She often tells Zoro about what she wants to do and told him he will be part of it. He was adamant on what she wants to happen, but eventually, he was convinced to follow her lead.

Even though he does not like being a businessman, he chose to follow Luffia. She made everything enjoyable and fun. Zoro was never the one to lead anyway, like what business leaders do. He is more of a silent worker, and that works for both of them. Luffia leads while he supports her from behind.

It was a struggle at first, especially when he told his brother that he will drop out of college. He was so against it and threatened to disown Zoro, but still, he chose to be firm in his decision. He chose to join her in her journey.

And what a journey it is. It is one hell of a ride. Zoro almost can’t keep up with what is happening. Next thing he knew, they have been competing with the biggest companies in the world. And he finds it fun. Being with his best friend is fun.

With how opposite they are in terms of personality, it was a miracle that everything worked. Dropping out of college was a risk, but they took it together and brought them where they are now. Luffia was an enigma in Zoro’s life. He may not say this out loud, but he is thankful to be able to meet her.

He can still vividly remember the first time Mihawk met Luffia. That was when they have established their shipping line and ship manufacturing business. Mihawk decided to pay Zoro a visit after months of not talking to each other. Luffia just turned 18 at that time and Zoro was 20.

They were hanging out in Zoro’s apartment, playing Mario Kart when Mihawk visited. He was perplexed upon seeing her, his eyes sizing her up, questioning her existence. Zoro knew his brother – he might be doubting why Zoro dropped out of college and risked being disowned just so he can join her in her venture.

“Oh, you must be Zoro’s brother! Nice to meet’cha! Name’s Luffia.” She smiles, not intimidated by Mihawk’s icy cold eyes.

“Pleasure to meet you, young lady. My name is Dracule Mihawk.” He took her extended hand. Luffia remained standing there, staring at him, not saying anything at all. It made Mihawk a bit uncomfortable while staring at her dark innocent eyes.

Zoro almost laughed out loud upon seeing the discomfort in his brother’s usual cool and undisturbed facial expression. This is the first time he had seen Mihawk uncomfortable.

“Hawky. From now on, I will call you brother Hawky!” She giggles, like a child while Mihawk gaped in shock.

He might have acknowledged Luffia’s exotic type of leadership, but since that day, Mihawk tried his best not to see Luffia again, but faith is not on side, it seems.

His drinking buddy, Shanks, is a family friend of Luffia’s family. Basically, this made Mihawk aware of Luffia’s background – however, this doesn’t change the fact that he hates being called brother Hawky. It’s not like he can do anything about it. He tried everything he can just so she would stop calling him that, but she never listens.

Not like Zoro will tell her to stop calling Mihawk like that. He could, but he chose not to. After all, it is a great sight, seeing his brother get annoyed at least once in a while.

“So, when do you plan to settle down?” Zoro almost spit the wine he is drinking due to his brother’s unexpected question.

“What?” He asks. Zoro decided to visit his brother for a dinner. Mihawk specifically told him not to bring Luffia this time. Something about him not having enough energy to deal with her. Even though he finds her annoying, he never kicked her out when Zoro brought her to their weekend dinners several times.

“It is a valid question. How old are you this year? 23? You are in the right age to settle down with Luffia.”

“I am not dating her. I am dating someone else.” This surprised Mihawk. His eyebrows arched, his eyes stare at Zoro as if questioning the seriousness of his answer. “It is true. I am not dating Luffia.”

“Then, who are you dating?”

“Her name’s Tashigi.” Zoro explained her background. She is Kuina’s sister.

They met around 5 months ago due to a traffic incident. She was the cop patrolling the area that time.

“Alright. That is your life and your decision. You are quite right. It is too early for you to settle down. Many things may happen in the future.” Mihawk coldly stated, which made Zoro wonder if it was just him, or did his brother’s voice changed a bit?

“You were just asking me when I will be settling down.”

“My question refers to when you will be settling down with Luffia. I thought that all those times you both have been together, the two of you will eventually start dating.”

Zoro did not answer that. Because he can’t find the right words to answer his brother. It is as if that comment opened something in his mind that he can’t explain… For now that is…

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