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Rumors (A haikyuu fanfiction)

The calm before the storm

Yamaguchi POV

I walk into practice, hearing the slight chimes of volleyballs hitting the ground and shoes squeaking against the floor.
Hinata and Kageyama are at it, once again, being all competitive with eachother and whatever.
Suga and Daichi are in the corner of the gym, seemingly just talking about practice.
Tanaka and Nishinoya are drooling over Kiyoko, while Yachi stands there stunned, trying to help, but her voice being silenced.
Asahi is in the corner, just serving the ball to the wall and repeat.
I don't really know where to go.
Since Asahi is alone, I should probably try practicing with him I guess.
As soon as I start walking, a shadow looms over me, walking through the door just behind me.
Usually, I would be terrified, but I recognized this shadow.
I turned around to see a familiar face staring down at me.
"Tsukki!" I screamed over all of the noise while giving him a thumbs up.
He peered down into my eyes.
He gave a small smile as he talked.
"Would you maybe wanna help me practice my jump float serve? It still needs some work, and we have a game this weekend."
I prayed he would say yes. As Karasuno's 'pinch server', serves were kinda my whole thing.
He smirked.
"Only if you help me practice my blocking."

"You have yourself a deal, mister."
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