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Rumors (A haikyuu fanfiction)

Dealing with Emotions

Tsukishima POV

I promised I would help Yamaguchi with his serves, only if he helped me with my blocking.
I don't really know why I made that offer, considering I don't care much about blocking.
The words just kind of fell out of my mouth.
Here I am, jumping every two seconds to block Yamaguchi's very messy shots.
"How am I supposed to block if it's not even going over the net?!" I groaned.
I watched Yamaguchi wince.
His face shriveled and he muttered out a small "I'm sorry.."
A twinge of guilt stung in my side.
"It's.. okay. Just- Try harder."
I've never been good with emotions. I've put up walls to protect myself from them, and it's hard to understand why everyone else can't do the same.
It's so much easier to shut everything out rather than let it all get to you and throw a hissy fit about it.
Just as Yamaguchi was about to hit again, I interrupted.
"Hey, how about we work on that serve for a while."
I watched his face light up with realization.
A big, stupid grin appeared on his face.
I chuckled.
"Thank you so much, Tsukki!"
He said, the stupid grin not fading a single bit.
"Argh.. I've told you a million times, don't call me that!"
He bowed in front of me.
"Sorry Tsukki!"
I groaned.
"I give uuuupppp..."

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