What's Mine, Stays Mine


What would you do to win back your husband? Would you lie, cheat, steal, SEDUCE? Would you do just about anything you could?   What’s Mine, Stays Mine

Romance / Drama
Theresa Lambe
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

How far would you go to find happiness? Would you lie, cheat, steal, seduce? What? Or, would you simply smile, nod your head and let all your dreams and hard work simply go? But, that would be for the sake of someone else’s happiness, right?

“I want to marry her. I’m gonna marry her.” I plopped down in the chair and frowned into the phone. I had hoped he didn’t want me to say anything because I wasn’t sure I could. “Resa?”

“Wow.” Damn, that was all I could say?

“I want Tamara and Thomas in the wedding.” My eyes flew to the twins who were currently occupied by some show on Disney.

“No. They are too young and wouldn’t understand.”


“Nick, please. Don’t subject your kids to that. Don’t you think its bad enough that they had to witness our divorce?”

“Resa, really, don’t play that card.” I sighed. There wasn’t much I could do, in all truth.

“I gotta go; the kids are starting to get restless.”

“Before you do, management wanted me to confirm you’ll be working again.”

“Well, since alimony only goes so far, than yeah, I guess I’ll be there.” He chuckled and I had to smile. But, he stopped after a few seconds.

“Resa, I’m not sure I like you doing security.” And here comes the huge argument. Even though they were divorced!

“Nick, you really have no right to say anything. I’m good at my job. And it’s really not like I’m in the line of fire.”

“I can’t help it. Anyway, give the kids a big hug and I’ll see you all soon.”

“Yeah.” I quickly hung up the phone, leaning back in the chair to stare at my two amazing kids. Who, actually, looked a lot like their father.

“Was that dad?” I smiled as Thomas walked over and wrapped his tender arm around my shoulder.

“Yes that was.”

“Is he on his way to pick us up?” I glanced at the other munchkin and shook my head.

“Not tonight, guys. But, we do have to get ready because we’re going on tour.”

“You mean, you have to work.”

“Well, someone has to feed you. But, I can call Uncle Brian, Uncle Kevin and Uncle Howie to see if they’re little ones is going?”

“Please? Little James is so cute. And Baylee is only slightly older than us, and…”

“Tamara, girl, hush.” I smiled and my daughter beamed, climbing on my lap. Although Thomas, not wanting to be undone by his sister, climbed on his mother’s lap too.

“I miss daddy, mommy.”

“I know sweetie. But, I’m sure he’ll make time for you two. He does love you, you know that.”

“He loves his girlfriend too.” I closed my eyes, not allowing my kids to see just how much I disliked this woman.

“Well, don’t worry about that, okay? Now, time for bed!”

“Mom! One more hour!”

“Tamara, don’t push.”


“Thomas, you either. Gosh, now hurry!” They both groaned and mumbled under their breath as they made their way to their rooms. I shook my head as I grabbed my cell phone and started looking through the phonebook for the right number. After a few seconds, I finally found it and quickly hit dial.


“LeighAnne, sweetie, it’s such a pleasure to hear that voice!”

“Theresa! How funny, I was just talking to Bri about you.”

“Well, that would explain why my ears are ringing.” I laughed at that. “Listen, I just talked to Nick.”


“No, not like that.”

“Before you go on, I have to ask this. Do you still love him?” I quickly sucked in a breath, not sure how to answer that. “Resa?”

“Yes, I will forever love him.”

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