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Different Feelings


Marinette Adrien Alya Nino

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Marinette’s phone alarm rang through her parents ears making them really annoyed. “Marrinette!” Called her mother Sabine from down stairs, “turn that god damn alarm off!”

Marinette slowly opened her eyes then stretched and yawned. That’s right, she’s the new kid today at Collage Françoise Dupont. Forgetting about her irritating phone alarm, she dragged herself out of her bed and to her closet. "Turn that noise off!" Yelled her dad.

"Sorry!" Marinette called back and quickly turn off the vexing ringing and got changed into her outfit that she made herself.

After Marinette was ready for the day, she quickly walked down the stairs and to the kitchen where her parents were and kissed the on the cheek. "Morning." She said drowsily. Sabine smiled at her and her dad, Tom was pacing around the room, trying to find something and muttering to himself. "Good morning dear," said Sabine, "there's a croissant on the table for breakfast for you."

Marinette smiled at her mother and sat down at the little wooden table and ate her croissant. Tom stopped going back and forth and pulled out a brand new white apron and tied it around his waist. "Wish me luck today, ladies." He said as Sabine kissed him on the cheek. Marinette giggle, "ok, good luck." She replied and gave him a peck on the cheek before he walked out the door and to his bakery downstairs. Sabine turned to her daughter who was rinsing her plate in the sink and stacked it in the dishwasher. "Are you excited about today?" She asked. Marinette gave a small chuckle.

"Excited, but nervous." She replied as she closed the drawer of the dishwasher and faced her mother, "I just want some of them to be nice."

"And they will be sweetheart, and if you change your mind, I can always home-school you."

Marinette sighed sadly and looked down at the ground. Sabine grabbed her chin and pulled her head up to make her look at her. "I know you miss them, ok, but we're doing this for your father."

Marinette gave her a small smile and gathered her lunch and placed it in her bag. "Where's the school again?" Marinette asked her.

"It's just across the road." Sabine answered. Marinette looked out the living room window and sure enough there were kids about her age walking into a big stone building. It looked a bit too big to be a school, but by the amount of students entering, there has to at least 50 classrooms. She sighed and stepped away from the window. "I'm going, I'll see you tonight." She informed and walked out of the room before her mother could say anything more.

As she tip toed down the stairs, she convinced herself that they will be kind to her, but as she got lower, her convincing weakened. Once she had reached the bottom of the stairs, cheery voices came from her left and she couldn't help but peek. There, her father and two other people were in there with him. 'Dad did it,' Marinette thought, 'he got his first customers.' She opened the door and crossed the road and to the school, feeling good about herself.

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