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Parenting A Strawberry

Chapter 2

Day 2

Grimmjow wakes up to twin cries in the middle of the night and groans as he sat up quickly.

He looks down next to him and notices the twins crying, not knowing what was wrong, Grimmjow just stared at them for a while before pulling his hair in different directions because of the unbearable wailing.

“Grimmjow. I suggest you feed the creatures before they die of starvation.” Ulquiorra says as he opens the door with a bang.

“Oh... That’s what was wrong... What do I feed them then?” Grimmjow asks, too tired to properly yell at the children or Ulquiorra.

“Human food.” He replies.

“What do humans eat?” Grimmjow asks.

“Ask Szayel. He should still be awake because he is finding an antidote to reverting whatever you did to the two.” Ulquiorra says and walks back to his own room again.

Grimmjow sighs and picks the two crying babies up, rocking the two to distract them for a bit as he goes to find the mad scientist.

Finding the right door, Grimmjow kicks the door repeatedly.

“Okay! I get it! Stop!” Szayel yells as he thrusts the door open.

“What do human babies eat?” Grimmjow asks.

Szayel sighs and pushes Grimmjow inside the lab.

Szayel then grabs 2 weirdly shaped bottles with a white substance in them and places them onto the table.

“This is a substance that is full of the necessary ingredients for human children, the humans call it milk. Human babies who are just born only drink this because they have not yet grown teeth to eat properly. At a certain age the human babies will grow there first teeth, they will start to eat more solid foods. For now just give them this to drink and they’ll stop crying.” Szayel says, pushing the two bottles forward.

Grimmjow stares at the bottles before piking one up and then picking up Shiro.

He then supports Shiro’s head before pressing the top of the weird bottle to his mouth.

Shiro drinks happily and finishes in no time.

“Don’t forget to burp him.” Szayel says.

“Burp him?” Grimmjow asks.

“Human babies sometimes drink too fast and air bubbles get trapped in their stomach, causing unbearable discomfort. They need to get that air out and the best way to do that without harming him is to make him burp.” Szayel explains.

Grimmjow gives him a ‘How the hell do you do that?’ look.

“Place a cloth over your shoulder and lean his head there, pat his back gently until he burps.” Szayel explains.

Grimmjow does exactly as he was told and placed the now sleepy Shiro down onto a comfy couch.

Grabbing Ichigo for his meal, Grimmjow repeats what he did to Shiro.

“While you’re here. I’ll give them the antidote. I completed it just before you arrived.” The pink haired scientist says as he brings out two needles.

The babies that Grimmjow had just picked up, cried and squirmed around in the Sexta’s grasp as they saw something sharp and dangerous looking.

“Great! They were just about to fall asleep!” Grimmjow glares at Szayel.

“Hold them still. It shouldn’t hurt. It’s instinct to move away something that either looks like it hurts or can potentially hurt you.” Szayel says as he injects the children.

The twins look up at Grimmjow with watery, hurt and betrayed eyes that made the Blue haired Espada cringe in slight guilt.

“It’s done. You can leave now.” Szayel says, making a shooing motion with his hand.

Grimmjow ’tch’s before leaving and heading back to his own room.

He places the two teary eyed babies down onto his bed again and sat down.

The twins telepathically (No one knew) talked to each other with pictures and came to a conclusion that if their Blue-haired, just now decided adopted father, doesn’t apologies for letting the pink haired man put needles into them, will get the silent treatment as well as disobedience.

Grimmjow who looked down at the twins couldn’t help twitch in annoyance at how they look as they scowl in exactly the same way, though it’s more of a cute pout.

“What? Do you want me to apologies for letting the scary man inject needles in you?” Grimmjow asks with slight annoyance.

The twins, who somehow understood somewhat what Grimmjow was saying pouted even further.

“Okay Okay. I’m sorry. Are you two going to stop pouting now? You need to sleep.” Grimmjow sighs.

As soon as Grimmjow apologised and said ‘sleep’ the boys suddenly felt sleepy and yawned.

Grimmjow lay down next to the dozing twins and fell back into his half-sleep state.


Day 3

In the morning, Grimmjow felt something warm on his left and right arm. He quickly opened his eyes to see Ichigo clinging to his right arm and Shiro clinging to his left.

The twins woke up as soon as they felt Grimmjow move.

“Come on. Let go. Ichigo, Shiro.” Grimmjow says with a slight glare, still not used to the sudden clinginess from both children.

The twins giggled as they sat up and stretched like their new daddy, well tried to anyway, which by the way was stretching like a cat.

Grimmjow stood up and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, leaving the twins on the bed for a bit.

The twins decided that it was a good time to leave the room to explore and so they crawled to the edge of the bed and jumped off, subconsciously using Reiatsu to cushion there fall. They crawled to the door and used there chubby hands to push it open.

They both giggled quietly as they made their way down a long hall way.

They exited Las Noches without anyone noticing because of they subconsciously hide there Reiatsu as well as the fact no one is up right now because Grimmjow wakes up early.

They giggled again as they head outside and played around in the sand. They crawled off and away from Las Noches, leaving a trail off small foot and hand prints, since they were crawling.

As soon as they couldn’t see Las Noches anymore, they stopped there crawling and drew themselves in the sand, holding hands with a smiling Grimmjow.

They both giggled, rolling around the sand next to the picture they were
were proud of drawing.

“What’s this?” A strange hollow says as they stop rolling around.

“Oh my. You two are strong. You’ll help me get stronger. Why don’t you hop into my mouth?” The hollow laughs.

Ichigo, the younger twin freezes. They both know that they’ve never seen this hollow before and that the hollow wanted to hurt them but they don’t know what to do.

Shiro instinctively crawled in front of his younger brother as the hollow stepped forward.

Ichigo tears up as the hollow nears the picture they both drew.

They both wanted to show that to their daddy to get him to smile since they’ve never seen him smile before.

Not knowing how to stop the hollow from stepping on the drawing, he sends a picture of the drawing to Shiro who also looks at the drawing that the hollow was nearing.

Ichigo let a small whimper out before crying out loud.

Shiro turns around and gives Ichigo a determined look before crawling as fast as he could towards the hollow and hitting it’s legs repeatedly, shouting in frustration as he did so because he still couldn’t get the hollow to stop moving.

The hollow instead, laughed at the pathetic display before twitching in annoyance.

“You’re starting to piss me off.” The hollow says as he aims a finger at Shiro, attempting to Cero him.

Ichigo, who saw what the hollow was doing let out a loud cry as he tried to crawl towards his brother, not wanting Shiro to disappear.

He wanted daddy to come and rescue them now!

“ICHIGO! SHIRO!” Ichigo and Shiro heard a familiar voice yell.

Just as soon as they heard the yell, they saw the hollow disappear and in the hollows place was their daddy.

Ichigo let out sobs in relief and Shiro’s first priority was to see if Ichigo was okay.

Shiro crawls towards Ichigo and hugs the orange head as he let out a few tears of his own now that he realised the danger he was in just a few seconds before. Who was going to protect Ichigo if Shiro had died and their daddy didn’t show up?

“Shiro! Ichigo! What the hell were you two thinking! Running outside of Las Noches like that!” Their daddy yelled at the two.

Ichigo wails louder and Shiro cries as they both put their arms up, wanting to be picked up.

Grimmjow picks them both up.

“You two could’ve gotten killed!” Grimmjow scolds the two.

Ichigo hiccups.

Shiro sniffs.

“Grimmjow! Did you find them?” Nnoitra asks as he Sonido’s next to Grimmjow.

Halibel appearing as well.

Soon enough most of the Espada appeared around the crying twins, even Aizen, Gin and Tousen appeared.

“I did. They were about to get killed by a lowly hollow.” Grimmjow glares at the twins.

They tighten their grip on Grimmjow’s clothing.

“W-We so-sowwy D-Daddy..." They both say in sync.

Everyone visibly freezes and Grimmjow pales.

‘They think I’m their daddy?’ Grimmjow exclaims in shock mentally.

“It seems like the antidote is working, however slowly. They are now currently around the age of two in human years. They must’ve grew in the short time they were out.” Szayel says.

Grimmjow sighs, knowing they can at least communicate a little now.

“Why did you two go outside?” Grimmjow asks a little more gently this time after he got over the shock of being called ‘Daddy’.

“P-Picture...” Ichigo sniffs as he points to the ground.

Everyone looks at the squiggles that the twins had drawn and Nnoitra bursts out laughing.

“What’s that suppose to be?” Lillynette asks.

“I’m pretty sure that’s suppose to be the twins and Grimmjow smiling.” Starrk answers.

Grimmjow felt heat running through where his chest was but pushed down the feeling to smile in front of the others.

“Uh... Good job but next time don’t run outside of Las Noches okay? I was so wo-” He cut himself off as he realised what he was just about to say.

“Worried? Grimmjow?” Szayel grins.

“Of course not!” Grimmjow snaps at him.

“We have found the twins now so I suggest we head back now.” Aizen says, sort of relieved the two had not died.

Wait that’s not right. He was merely worried that he would have lost an advantage against the shinigami.

That’s right.

“Hai Aizen-sama.” Everyone but the twins say as they all Sonido towards Las Noches.

“A-Are you m-mad Daddy?” Ichigo asks Grimmjow as everyone except Aizen appeared at the dining hall.

Grimmjow hesitates about what to say before sighing.

“Of course I’m mad. At both of you.” He says to the twins in his arms.

They both widen their eyes in fear of their daddy being mad at them.

“But. Shiro did a good job at defending Ichigo and Ichigo, I’m proud of you for being scared for your brothers safety.” Grimmjow says.

“Cebause I’m older! I gotta Pwotec’ Ichi!” Shiro says proudly as he puffs his chest out.

A lot of the woman coo’ed at how adorable the boy was.

“C-Cebause I no wan’ Shi-nii go bye bye...” Ichigo sniffs and hugs his brother, Shiro happily returning the hug.

Many of the woman coo’ed again.

“Then I’m not mad anymore. But don’t leave my sight ever again okay?” Grimmjow says. He’s getting good at the parenting thing he nods to himself mentally.

“Otay Daddy.” They both pout adorably.

Grimmjow admits in his brain that they were quite cute and that he did melt every time they called him ‘Daddy’, although he’s not used to it yet.

“Come on then. You boys must be really hungry from all the excitement today.” Grimmjow says as he takes a seat at the table for Espada’s, twin boys on both sides.

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