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Kelmo: Elmo And Kermits True Love. NOT COMPLETE


Oh yeahhh You wanna see Elmo and Kermit when kids arent around? You are at the right place.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was a chilly morning during winter. "Boy oh boy I am freezing!" says Elmo. Kermit hears Elmo say this, then, Kermit jumps onto Elmo rips off his Velcro made suit and says "Ill make you warm" "Teehee, I like a man in uniform" says Elmo. Elmo grabs Kermit's tongue by the hand and starts squeezing it and says "Ill be the man in this relationship for the day" Kermit is usually the man but Elmo likes role playing. Elmo starts squeezing Kermit's bottom and starts licking the hair on his muscular chest. "Wowee" says Kermit "You sure know how to arouse someone am I right?" Elmo replies with "Ill tie you to the bed frame and show you aroused" "Teehee."

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