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Fates of the Hidden World


What used to be Bedtime stories turned into a harsh reality. From normal lives, turned into chaotic ones. The fates of ASL Sisters are yet to be discovered, their destiny are yet to be fulfilled. From the Human Realm, find out what they will discover in the Magical World of Raftel...

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“Once upon a time… there was a world called Raftel - full of magical creatures - Goblins, Dwarves, Giants, Dragons, Phoenix, Berserkers, Faeries, Pixies, Fire Birds, Elves, and Cheshire Cats and so many more. They are all divided according to species overruling a certain kingdom, and these creatures are ruled by their powerful leaders.”

“For the monstrous beasts, there rules three different beasts called The Three Beasts Kings. One of them is the mighty Dragon, ruler of Vaelon Kingdom – The Kingdom of Dragons. As mighty as what is said to be, jaws powerful, claws that could tear off mountains and talons strong as the gust of storm, breath that could destroy hundreds of men.”

“I wish to have a dragon of my own.” Luffia muttered.

“That’ll never happen.” Sab muttered.

Their mother smiled knowingly but continued.

“One of the reigning King of the Beasts - the Winged Berserker, ruler of Beogia Kingdom - a battle monster, able to tear an army single-handedly. It is said that the leader of the Winged Berserkers held fire on their body. The body of the leader is said to be bathed in red flames.”

“Amazing…. A wild beast. I wish that could be true.”

“Silence, Sab. We’re trying to listen. Mom, please go on.” Ann reprimanded earning a glare from her twin.

A smile appeared on their mother’s lips.

“The third beast is said to be the most beautiful that ever existed. The Phoenix - a creature bathed with blue fire, ruler of Ipraecia. A creature that holds the world together, the protector itself from most harms. The royal family of Ipraecia is the only one classified as Phoenix creatures. Their men are what we called Fire Birds for like the Phoenix, their bodies are fires as well, but quite different.”

“Aside from the Beasts existed in the Raftel, there are also creatures born for Magic and spells. They are what we call the Three Magical Rulers.”

“As for the creatures of magic, there ruled the ever-powerful Fire Faeries residing in Verid. It is said that these creatures can turn themselves to fire. A fire with pure destruction and warmth - the fire that keeps the whole kingdom bright. The second Magical Ruler is the royal family of Elves, residents of Huidel. Pointy ears, beautiful creatures of intellect and magic. They held the grace that is enviable by many. The last one is the sly devil of them all. Cheshire Cats who live in Daerene. Their happy nature is keeping the whole kingdom with joys and adventures, but you do not want to anger a Cheshire Cat for their magic is unrivaled, their power is beyond imaginable and their spells can fool everyone.”

The children’s eyes were engrossed in the story of their mother. Hands gripping the sheets of the bed as if holding their anticipation altogether. Their interests did not escape the older woman’s eyes for she smiles and continued.

“For a long time, their world prospered. Humans looked up to them as creatures of power. Human Beings who belong to the Human Realm and these creatures co-existed. Some made it to a point of siring children together whom they called Halfborns.”

“You mean, half-dragon, half-human?” The youngest one asked.

“Yes. Dragons can turn into a human if they wished. As it is, prosperity continued. During those times, a rare occurrence happened. A creature – half Cheshire Cat and half-Elf mated with a purebred Royal Fire Faery. The offspring was one of the rarest creatures ever born.”

“You mean, the baby was powerful?” Sab asked.

“Yes, but weak at the same time.”

“We don’t get it. That is foolish.” Lu frowned. The thoughtful mother smiled at her children. She can understand their confusion, but nevertheless, she continued.

“The baby blossomed into a woman, expected to take over and reign over three Magical Rulers – Elves, Cheshire Cats and Fire Faeries. Given the amount of power she has, many desired to be her mate. Humans became greedy of such power, the magical creatures are fighting to be the mate of this woman – but the princess refused them all.”

“Refusal meant insult to them. The humans who have inferior magic and power compared to these creatures initiated an attack against the Magical Rulers. One specific man who was refused conspired with a shrewd King from the Haintis Kingdom to overthrow the princess and her ruling parents.”

Rouge’s eyes turned sadder as if remembering a long-forgotten memory.

“Betrayals, tragic deaths, and dark magic. Everything is in chaos. The once peaceful Raftel and nearby kingdoms were left in destruction. Creatures of the same species turn to slaughter each other, humans using magical creatures to kill their own. It’s a battle that was passed down through generations. Unforgettable memory that will soon be awakened.”

A shiver went through the spines of three children, sensing the distress of their mother.

“The battle was painful for all of them. Supernatural creatures from the world of Raftel were beyond hateful to the humans for their betrayal. They called out war against humans and declared them as enemies. Humans, who have inferior magical power treated these creatures as nothing but monsters and savage creatures of the dark. That was the beginning of the feudal wars between humans and supernatural creatures.”

“The Halfborn creatures were forced to hide from both sides. They excluded them like vermins, humans treated some of them as slaves, murdered, and burned them at stake for containing the blood of savage creatures of the dark. The nature of human beings became evident at that time.”

“So, humans are also evil?” Lu asked.

“Yes dear, but not all of them. That also applies to the Supernatural creatures. Some of them are evil, some are not.”

“Then what happened to the princess?” Ann asked.

“The princess and her parents escaped from the clutches of the dark usurpers. They escaped along with the rest of what was left of the creatures loyal to them. They hid in the secret valley, unknown to the world, hidden from everyone. Only those that are granted can see through the secret valley of Xavaria. Every living Fire Faeries, Elves, Cheshire Cats, and the Halfborns are hidden in the Xavaria.”

“Why did they go in hiding? Shouldn’t they just fight with the Three Beast Kings against those evil men who wanted to overthrow Raftel?”

Rouge looked at her daughter Sab, smiling sadly.

“It’s not that easy, honey. Great power comes with great responsibility. The princess who wields too much power will throw the balance of Raftel. Besides, they have been wounded, too pained to see the world in chaos. They believed that hiding would pacify the growing greed of power, but that was where they are wrong.”

“Marshall Teach, the leader of the Black army who wanted to mate with the princess had a reason to get the princess’ power. He practiced the darkest arts of magic, absorbing every power there is from another creature. He is like a vampire, living off to the power of others. He wanted more power. He wanted to rule the world, Raftel and Human Realm alike.”

“Fortunately, his power is not enough to break down the barriers of Xavaria, much less locate where it is but that does not stop him from terrorizing the world of Raftel. In those times, the Three Beast Kings joined forces to drive Marshall Teach away, banishing him from Raftel.”

“With him banished, the matter that remains to be answered is the grudge of the creatures in Raftel against the grudge of the humans. The trust was broken. It could not easily be repaired. So, the Rulers of each land in Raftel decided to shut off their world from the Human Realm. According to legends, they reside in the heart of the Dark Forest where no human was able to return alive, if they do return, from that side, their sanities are never the same.”

“You mean that big Dark Forest not far from here?” Lu asked, interested that the Supernatural creatures are just a ride away.

“Yes, dear. Decades passed, the facts where outstretched, turned into legends, and then myths and some would just brand it as a mere story, but some humans still believed that they exist. Kingdoms never made any move to explore the Dark Forest for fear that they will emerge and slaughter them all.”

“What happened to the princess?” Ann asked.

“Some say that she is still living in Xavaria.” Rouge answered.

“But?” Sab inquired, feeling that there is something more to the story.

“Some claims that she chose to stay in the Human Realm and mated with a human.”

“Ohhh… But that was hundreds of years ago.” Sab pointed out.

“Yes, dear. Who knows? The offspring might be present up to this day…” Rouge said with a hint of mystery making the three girls giddy with excitement.

During their conversation, a presence was made known to the four of them. The presence they knew too well.

“Hello Daddy!” the three girls echoed with synchronization.

The man smiled lovingly at his daughters. Despite the evidence of tiredness in the man’s eyes, the reflection of love never lost its radiance.

“What are you girls seem to be excited about? Is it another story from your mother?” He asked.

“Yes. And we want another story!” The youngest one demanded with a big grin decorating her adorable face.

The man and wife smiled with much love for their daughters.

“You will have your story tomorrow. It is time for bed.” Rouge informed her daughters earning a frown from them.

“Tomorrow, Daddy will join you, and together with your mother, we will tell you stories. How’s that sound?” Roger suggested a promise of evening stories to his daughters.

“We supposed.” The twins shrugged. The eldest, Ann, seems to be on the verge of falling asleep followed by the younger twin, Sab. The youngest, like a goofball, as she could ever be, wanted otherwise but the couple convinced her to sleep with her dear sisters.

“Stories tomorrow, promise?” the youngest asked, now tucked under a comfortable blanket while laying between her sisters.

“Yes, my dear. Tomorrow.” Her father promised.

These peaceful times ought to last, or so they hoped. For a tragedy occurred.

A tragedy that is far too cruel and inhumane.

Blood was spilled, chaos overtook and what remains is the hollow voices of the desperate cries that echoed through the whole kingdom.

The entire kingdom is crying… so are they.

Luffia woke with a start, gasping for air as if it were being sucked away from her. She stared with teary eyes at the ceiling – a ceiling too unfamiliar to her but she remembered.

A ragged sigh escaped her beautiful lips. Her breaths were erratic as it echoes through the silence of the room.

Words escaped her mouth like an acid meant to slaughter someone - meant for vengeance and justice.

“They will pay.”

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