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Big Brother Junior (Season 1)


18 young contestants age 14-17, are in a competition to win 1,000,000. They will have to ally, win mini games, convince, and betray in order to have a chance at the 1,000,000 dollars prize. Who will win, Find out by reading!

Drama / Adventure
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Episode 1: Ready, Set GO!

The camera turn on, as the host Colton Banes smiles, standing in the Big Brother House

“Welcome to BIG BROTHER JUNIOR! Where 18 contestants fight their way to 1 million dollars! I’m your host, Colton Banes! Now lets meet our contestants shall we?”

The cameras turn to the 18 contestants. They aged around 14-17,most of them were big fans of the show, others never heard of it but applied for the show anyways. Meet Cassidy, Kyle, Connor, Michelle, Jackson, Bella, Henry, Cooper, Lylia, Hailey, Miki, Anthony, Taylor, Shawn, Ed, James, Annie, and Jimmy.

“Don’t They look lovely! Now lets get to our first challenge!”

The cameras turns to the challenge.

“We call this Stand Till End! Your goal is to stand on the small poll the longest, whoever does so wins Head-of-Household and may choose 2 people to go up for elimination! Good luck!”

Everyone gets on a poll as the as a boom noise signals the start, after a couple minutes many of the contestants were already getting tired. Connor and Bella are the first to fall off, as they are out of the competition. They are followed by Ed, James, Annie, Cassidy, Anthony, and Jimmy. Michelle, Jackson, Henry, Cooper, Hailey, Miki, Taylor, Shawn are left.

“This is gonna be a close one audience! The remaining players has passed the 5 minute point! Lets ee who will win!”

Taylor and Shawn are next to go, followed by Miki, Hailey, Jackson. Its now the final 3!

“Final 3 everyone! Whos gonna win? Michelle, Henry, or Cooper? Lets watch and see!”

After reacting the 10 mark point, the contestants were tired. Michelle falls next, leaving the boys. After another 3 minutes Henry falls, leaving the 16 year old Cooper last standing.

“Cooper wins HOH! Now please select 2 contestants.”

He looked around and thought for a moment.

“I’m sorry but I got to say Henry and Jimmy, I think you are a big threat to me as we didn’t get along well.”

“alright! Henry and Jimmy are up for elimination! Please discuss your votes with your allies, you have 15 minutes.

The crowd nods as they go off to talk to their allies. The cameras shows Shawn, Taylor, and Miki talking.

“We should really vote Henry. He’s a big threat to us all.” Shawn says thinking logical

“Maybe but it could be a risky move, a lot of people are allies with him. Right now Jimmy seems like to best opinion.” Taylor says wanting to take to best move possible.

“Yea I agree with Taylor, we have to vote Jimmy. I know Henry is a threat but it could get us voted off in the future.” Miki says nodding

“alright, if you think Jimmy is the best opinion, I do too.” Nathan says

The camera goes to Bella, Henry, Anthony, and Jackson. It was only 10 minutes until time was up, they had to decide quickly.

“we are voting Jimmy, we need to keep Henry safe.”

Henry smirked. He loves that people are helping him. Everyone nods, even though some of them were thinking of voting Henry.

Jimmy, Annie, Connor, Michelle, and Ed, were discussing to vote Henry, but some of them new the vote wouldn’t work in their favor.

“TIMES UP! Please come to the seating area, the voting process is starting!”

The contestants start one by one started to get up and vote.

Cassidy’s Confession

“It was hard for me to decide, but I’m gonna be voting Henry.”

Kyle’s Confession

“voting Jimmy, no questions asked.”

Connor Confession

“I know I’m gonna later regret this, but I’m voting Jimmy. Sorry Bud!

( Personal Notes: I only do 3 confessions to keep things suspenseful :) )

Everyone had voted, It was time to reveal who was being Evicted.

“Alright, good luck to Henry and Jimmy...The person evicted from the Big Brother Junior House...”





Jimmy gets up and nods. He waves goodbye to everyone.

“I just want to say I had a wonderful Experience!”

Jimmy leaves as Day 1 of Big Brother Junior ends.

-End of Episode 1, Season 1-

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