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Big Brother Junior (Season 1)

Episode 2: Make Good Choices

Clips from episode 1 starts to playbach.


Clips showed Alliances talking about the eviction vote, mostly Jimmy’s and Henry’s alliances. They showed Henry winning the HOH challenge, by standing for 11 minutes 12 seconds. They finally showed when Jimmy was eliminated.

The cameras would turn to the contestants and the host.

The 17 remaining contestants gather in for day 2′s challenge.

“welcome back! Today’s challenge is a classic! Its Tumble! You will stack the blocks while the block are moving. Your goal is to e the 1st to stack all 6 without them falling, if they fall your are eliminated. Good luck!”

The contestants starts to stack, all but Kyle, Shawn, and Henry managed the stay after stacking, then Henry and Kyle both have their blocks fall, making Shawn HOH!

“And with that Shawn wins HOH! Please choose 2 people to go up for elimination!”

Shawn nods, and thinks for a moment, he did have a bad experience with James earlier.

“I’ll pick...James and Hailey.”

“alright! James and Hailey are up for elimination! You have 15 minutes to discuss who you would like to vote out! Good luck!”

Many of the contestants already knew that this was gonna be tough. a lot of people thought Hailey would be gone.

“Now its time for the Veto Challenge, this is simple you must uses the puzzle pieces to make a word. Good luck.

The challenge was easy for everyone, but Ed finishes first.

“Ed wins the Power of Veto! Would you like to use it on someone?”

“yes, I would like to use it on Hailey.”

“alright, Hailey is no longer on the elimination block. Shawn pick someone else.”

“I will pick...Cassidy.”

“alright, James and Cassidy are up for elimination.”

the vote continues and with a 9-8 votes the evicted contestant is revealed

“the person evicted from the Big Brother Junior House is...”





Cassidy nods, getting up waving good bye, but doesn’t say a word.

Day 2 ends with only 16 contestants left...

-End of Episode 2-


sorry it was short next one will be longer.

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