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Nobody Trust Me


Its 2015-2017, Taylor Swift was forgotten by people after her silence and fight with Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West. It helps her gain the power and motivation to write Reputation.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1: Memories....


It was the night of the concert. I knew thousands of people came to see me. My head started hurting, hands shaking. I suddenly slump down on the couch, I knew I couldn’t go on like this. I don’t want to disappoint my fans like I already have.

It was a Friday night, I just remember getting drunk, and partying up till 5AM in the morning. Calvin was already mad at me from the fight we had two nights ago. I knew if he caught me, things wouldn’t go too well, so I started heading home. My house was pretty far, being a couple blocks over. I slumped around drunk as fuck, trying to dodge everything in my path. I started to hallucinate, I saw my home. I was walking towards is as I fall over. A Little girl came towards me, not even recognizing me. I thanked her for her kindness, but I got up on my own. I continued to walk, trying my best to ignore the voices in my head.

After a couple of minutes I arrived at home, of course I needed to get my makeup cleaned and change into more comfortable clothing, so I headed to the Bathroom, taking some moist towelettes, and wiped my face clean. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I instantly knew that I was a mess on the inside and outside. If that girl didn’t know me, probably half the world has forgotten me, well I can’t blame them, its been 2 years since my last public appearance. As I cleaned all my makeup off, I heard the door open. It was Calvin most likely, hopefully he didn’t know. I open the door and there he was, he had some clothes for me.

“So I heard what happened babe.” He said to me as if I was a child. I looked back at him, and said quietly. “babe, I’m allowed to party if I want.” I sighed, this may have been true, but I shouldn’t be partying every night. His tone quickly changed to some sort of caring tone, but I already knew he was trying to hide the fact he’s angry with me. “Babe, its fine, but next time please tell me.” I quickly nod, I didn’t want this to turn into something worse than it already was. He handed me some clothes as I turned around taking them to my room with a quick “Thanks” on the way. I quickly changed and felt way more comfortable than I was before. I was really craving a ice cream now, so I walked over to the freezer and opens it. I see that I had left was the snake pops, I hated these because they bring back the horrible memories. I close my eyes and remembered what happened.

I was on my social media page when I got a notification after being tagged. It was Kim Kardashian, I quickly closed my social media app, remembering that tough tension between me, Kim, and her husband Kayne. We fought a lot, but I decided to read it after a few moments. After reading it I broke down crying, she called me a snake, and a lot of people were agreeing. I was so pissed off, and I thought so much stuff.

I reopen my eyes and breaks down once again, running to me room with tears falling down my face.

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