Unlikely to be Forgiven


Two years ago Isabella Barton helped defeat Loki in the Battle of New York, but after the war she took a trip to Sokovia that was only supposed to be two months. Instead she was there for two years. Two years of torture, experiments, interrogation, and falling helplessly in love. She gave up hope of her teammates finding her but when the H.Y.D.R.A. base she and two others are being held at is attacked, something sparks within. Will her team learn to trust her again? Will they work together to defeat their newest threat? And most importantly, will her family approve of her enhanced lover? Read to find out how Isabella will reveal who she is and the drastic changes she went through as they all work together to defeat one common enemy: Ultron. Book 2 of The Unlikely Series I only own Isabella Barton and her story line, everything else goes to Marvel Studios. Warning: Mild language, weapons, talk of some sensitive topics, fantasy violence

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July 2012

“So, what are your names?” Despite the fact that I was kidnapped, experimented on, and am utterly exhausted, I’m doing my best to make nice with the twins that I now share a room with.

I’m slowly starting to feel the changes of the serums that Strucker injected me with. I’m faster (not as fast as the boy though), stronger, and I look a little different. I was sitting on one of the two cots in the room while the girl sat on the other and her extremely hot brother leaned on the wall, watching me.

“I’m Pietro Maximoff and this is my sister Wanda.” He pointed over at his sister when he said her name and then he walked over to my spot and sat next to me, flinging his arm around my waist.

I started blushing like crazy, but leaned against him nonetheless. “It’s nice to meet you guys. I’m, uh, Isabella Barton. But, you probably already know that.” I flashed Wanda a smile and she gave a small giggle. “Why don’t you guys tell me about yourselves, I assume we’ll be spending a lot of time together so...”

I felt Pietro tense beside me and he took a sharp inhale, “There’s nothing to tell.”

“Oh, c’mon. Don’t be like-” I felt people walking down the corridor, closer to our hallway and jumped up. Pietro looked confused but Wanda soon realized what was going on. “You guys stand against the back wall.” My two new best friends did what I said and I stood slightly in front of them, ready to kill someone if they came near the people standing behind me.

Like I had predicted, the door burst open seconds later and two heavily armed guards walked in. I put my arms out in front of the Maximoff twins protectively, “Don’t touch them.”

I heard one of the guards scoff and they began to walk towards us. But, unfortunately, before I could stop them, they threw me across the room. My head banged against the wall and they dragged a thrashing Wanda out of the room.

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