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Fnaf oc bf/gf scenarios


You find a job at Starry Pizza Place. You were broke so you called them. But you had no idea that love would be waiting for you.

Romance / Humor
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You were relaxing in your squeaky rolly chair, you span a few times. But it got boring after a while. You checked on the cams cause there wasn't much to do. Tune, Valkyrie were in place, but you couldn't see Star. You shined the camera light and saw that she wasn't there! The guy on the phone said that she doesn't move!! At all! You checked every camera, but she wasn't there. You were freaking out! Soon you heard someone whistle a song, and it was coming from down the hall. Your hall. You had no words to explain about what you're feeling. You shined your flashlight at the hall but nothing was there. Or anyone. "I'm starting to loose my mind!" You cried out. You placed your head on your desk. But you heard the same whistle. But this time it was behind you. Your body stiffened at the sound coming in and out of your ears. You slowly turned around with the squeak from your chair following behind. You looked at the source of the sound, and saw a girl with teal hair, a lavender plastic flower in her hair, and purple eyes? You looked at her outfit, and she had a lavender shirt with a golden star on her shirt. With a black overalls skirt,(I think that's what it's called.) black fishnets on her legs. And light blue sneakers. But what sticked out more than her purple eyes, were rabbit ears peaking up out of her head. You were confused about the ears. Was she cosplaying? Or were they real? "Hi!" The girl said cheerfully. You screamed and fell head first into the floor. You rubbed your head in pain, and the girl giggled at your clumsiness. "Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I'm Star!" She told you. You tilted your head in confusion. "As in the animatronic.?" You asked. "That's me!" She today you as she helped you off the dirty floor. You scooted away from her as you got onto your feet. She frowned slightly. "I won't kill you! I just wanted to meet you!" She told you, with a slight annoyance in her tone. "Okay. I'm (y/n)." You told her. She smiled. "Great to meet you! But I must leave. And so shall you, goodbye!" She waved. She then skipped away down the hall. You smiled slightly at her childishness. But if she was that animatronic. Why didn't she kill me?


You sat in your chair, bored as always. Valkyrie still won't go away from your door with oil spilling from her black eyes. You looked back the cameras and saw that Tune was gone. "I'm gonna kill that wolf before he kills me!" You shouted. After a few moments, he still teased you. He would come near your door, and you'd close it. Then he backed off. This pissed you off. Soon you actually saw him at your door. "FINALLY!" You screamed. You slammed that door like your life depended on it. Which it did. You looked on the other side and saw that Valkyrie was gone. You opened the door, and saw that you only had 30% power left. "CURSE YOU DANG CAT!!" You screamed down the hall that she was at. You then went back to your actual work. "Say, uh. Darling? Could you open this door." A male voice asked from behind the door Tune was at. You also noticed that he had a slight British accent. You opened the door and grabbed his wrist and pulled into the office and immediately slammed the door back down so Tune couldn't come in. "ARE YOU CRAZY?! DON'T YOU KNOW IT'S PAST HOURS?!" You screamed I the stranger's face. He smirked at you. "What's that look for?" You asked. "I know this'll sound crazy. But I live here." He told you, you blinkeded a few times, and chuckled. "You gotta be kidding. Right?" You asked, he only shook his head in response. "Why would they let you live here?" You questioned, "I'm one of those murderers out there." He said bluntly. You looked around and found Carl the Cupcake. You then threw the cupcake at the animatronic/human boy. You accidentally knocked him over. Once he was in the light, you got a better look at him. He had mint green hair, black glasses on his head, a black music note on his cheek, a mint green shirt with a black bow tie. With black pants to match, and mint green shoes. But what really stood out was his yellow eyes, and wolf ears and tail. "Uhh. Are those ears real?" You asked, "Well, duh!" He snapped, you backed away from the frightening green wolf. "Sorry, didn't mean to snap. I mean, you did throw a cupcake at my face, so serves you right." He told you, you only rolled your eyes in response. "I'm (y/n)." You told Tune. "Huh?" He asked, "(Y/n). That's my name." You said again. "Nice to meet you (y/n). But I must leave. After all, it is 6:00 am after all." He winked, he bowed and left. You chuckled at his so called 'gentlemen-ness'. You grabbed your bag and left the darkened building. But. Why did that animatronic kill me?


You had enough of Charri trying to come into your office every five minutes! You hated that bear. You were so focused on Charri, that you forgot about Valkyrie! You then heard a high pitched shreek, that you almost fell out of your chair. "Hahaha!! Did you see the look on your face?!" A girl laughed. You whipped your chair to face the culprit of that horrible prank. "Who are you?!" You asked the girl. "Me? Oh, I'm Valkyrie! The one you forgot to check on." She said plainly. You blinked a few times to process on what she just said. The girl straightened up from her laughter. You got a better look at her, she had raven blue hair, with a black streak going down half of her parted hair. (in the front.) she had red rose in her hair, with a black and dark blue shirt. With a frilly skirt, cat socks, and blue boots, with white ribbons on them. And she even had raven blue freckles all over her cheeks to her nose. But what looked strange was her red eyes, and cat ears and tail. "Uhm. Wha?" You asked, she sighed in frustration. "The animatronic! Woman, pay attention!" The ravenette said in obvious annoyed tone. You giggled at her frustration. She huffed, "Look, if your gonna play 'idiot with Valkyrie' I'll stuff you into a suit!" She threatened, you flinched, you shrank back into your seat in fear. "Good to know we're on the same page." She told you. She was very scary. But that's something that was cool about her. But you wouldn't admit it. "Okay, miss Scary Kitty, if your gonna stuff me into a suit, I'd rather be raped then be one of you freaks!" You told her. She blinked at you, she squealed and squeezed you into a hug. You were very much confused. "That was so brave of you!! That was so cool!" She said in a high pitched girly voice. You blinked at the situation that you were in. Very strange. She then placed you back down, you then started gasped for breath once she placed you down. She smiled, "I must be headed off! Bye brave girl!" Valkyrie waved, "It's (y/n)!" You yelled down her half as she was walking away. "Whatever you say brave girl!" She yelled back. You sighed, but. 'If she was the animatronic. Why did she spare me?'

-end chapter 1-
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