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Trouble | D.M

Chapter 1 - First Day Back

“OW.” I screamed as a pillow hit me in the face with full force.

“C’mon Maddison, it’s the first day back!” I felt two cold hands on me trying to drag me out of bed, it was Tory, my best friend.

“How did you even get in here?” I sighed slowly sitting up in my bed rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

“I bribed Adrian.” Tory smirked walking towards the large wardrobe in the corner of the room.

“Wait- Adrian Pucey?” I shot my head over to where she was standing, taking my uniform out of the wardrobe.

“Well duh!” She laughed, laying out my school uniform on the bed.

“I’m going to fucking kill him!” I removed the sheets off my body and grabbed my clothes. I slowly began to get ready. “Tory?” I questioned her, “What exactly did you bribe him with?”

She turned her back to me so I couldn’t see her face.

“TORY YOU DIDN’T?!” I shouted at her. “You didn’t say you’d sleep with him did you-”

“Oh Godric No!” She screamed, cutting me off. She looked offended. I had even mentioned it.

“Then what?” I asked, buttoning up my white shirt.

“I said.. I’ll kiss him behind the greenhouse this afternoon”. She mumbled quietly hoping I wouldn’t hear her.

“Tory Quill! I can’t believe you!” I burst into laughter, to think she’d do all that just so she could wake me up in the morning.

She was definitely the type of girl that could use her beauty to her advantage. She was tall, slender, smart and beautiful. She had it all. She had beautiful short black hair that just brushed against her shoulders, it framed her face perfectly. She had these gleaming green emerald eyes that anyone could get lost in, truly beautiful. She was actually the opposite to me really.

I was shorter, I was wider, I had longer brown hair, pale blue eyes and a very pale complexion. More of a ghostly character as Fred would say.

The biggest difference between us was that she was a Ravenclaw and a pureblood, and I on the other hand was a Slytherin and a Muggle-born. Even though that was the huge difference between us she always stood up for me whenever anyone said anything about my blood status.

“Come on or we will be late!“. Tory grabbed my hand as she rushed for the door.

“Ugh class doesn’t even start for another half hour Tory!” I groaned following her along.

“I want us to get there early so we can get seats next to each other. I do not want a repeat after last year!” She looked at me wide-eyed reminding me of who I was stuck between.

Hannah Abbott, the girl whose hobby was to collect chocolate frogs, and Ron Weasley who let’s say wasn’t the best when it came to using his wand correctly. Even though I was close with his older brothers, me and Ron never really clicked. I think we were too alike.

Tory on the other hand was next to Theodore Nott and Blaise Zabini who were probably some of the prettiest boys in our year.


Once we had reached outside Potions class we had noticed that everyone in our class had already got there, they all had the exact same idea as we did and all turned up early.

“Great! We are definitely not going to be sitting next to each other this year!” I sighed hitting my head against the cold stone wall.

“C’mon Maddie we’ve got to have hope!” Tory smiled looking towards the start of the line. “Look! There’s Michael, come on,” Tory grabbed my arm and marched to the front of the line where Michael Corner was standing. “Hey Michael, is it okay if me and Maddie jump in line with you?” She smiled, fluttering her lashes as she always did to get her way.

“Y-yeah of course”. His voice croaked. Michael Corner had the biggest crush on Tory for years, he was another one of those boys that did whatever she said. I was kinda thankful she had this power sometimes, it did come in useful.

Around the corner came Draco Malfoy and his little wannabees that followed him everywhere he went. They all marched to the front of the class to where we were standing.

“Oi Malfoy you can’t just push in!” Tory barked at him, giving him a dirty look.

“Shut up Quill, what did you do to get to the front? Flash your tits to helpless Corner?” Draco laughed which of course his little friends laughed along with him too.

“Pipe down Chicken boy”. I muttered.

Slughorn quickly whipped around the corner. “That’s enough! I can hear you all the way down the corridor.” He said firmly, opening the door to the classroom. Everyone quickly burst through the door to find a seat. “Ah-class you better not be taking any seats!”

“What? Why?” Someone shouted out from the back of the classroom.

“Because this year I will be doing a seating plan yet again.”

“UGH!” Everyone groaned getting out of the seats they had already picked.

“You’re in your second to last year, here at Hogwarts. You need to focus, less chit chat,” He began taking glass vials and bottles off the shelves. “There is a sheet of paper by the door you can see who you will be seated next to there.”

Everyone made their way around the small sheet of paper. Tory grabbed my arm and pushed her way to the front.

“Look!” She gasped.

“What?” I squinted looking at the piece of paper, I couldn’t see my name anywhere.

“We’re both sat at the back!” She smiled, dragging me to the back of the room before I could even see who I was sat next to. “You’re sat at the desk at the end of the row. I’m at the desk next to yours!” Tory was full of excitement, maybe due to the fact last year we were on opposite sides of the classroom.

“Wait who’s sitting next to me? Who will be sat between us?” I asked taking my seat at the end of the table.

“Guess that would be me.” I looked up to meet the eyes of Draco Malfoy, he was smirking right at me. The most annoying male creature to ever exist. To say the least he had made my time at Hogwarts a living hell.

“No, no no. You’ve got to be joking me.” I dropped my head against the desk with a loud thump.

“Don’t worry Wallace I’ll go easy on you, it’s only Monday.” He laughed taking the seat between me and Tory.

I looked over to Tory to see who was sitting next to her, it was Blaise Zabini. Great we were both sitting with the worst of the worst Hogwarts had to offer. However at least she had the lesser of two evils plus she had sat next to him the previous year, they were used to each other. I would definitely take sitting between Hannah and Ron again in a heartbeat.

That class went pretty well overall. That lesson was only on Muffling Draught. It was a useful potion that could silence people and even certain objects. It was definitely something I was going to try and use on my bed that was probably 200 years old with the amount of noise it made.

“I was going to say I’d use this-” He gestured towards the potion he was working on. “To shut your dirty Mudblood mouth but you never fucking speak anyway”. Draco laughed looking down at me. He threw the Mudblood word around too often for it to offend me anymore.

“Shut up Malfoy.” I rolled my eyes adding more items into the blue liquid.

“What was that Mudblood? I can’t hear your tiny little squeals?” He laughed trying to taunt me.

“I swear to Salazar I am going to go insane if I’m next to you for the rest of the year.” I looked at him in disappointment.

“If you’re lucky enough Wallace I’ll be sitting next to you in some other classes too.” He winked. I was definitely going to end up killing him by the end of the year.

“Pst-pst!” I whisper shouted over the desk to try and get Tory’s attention.

“What?!” She shouted back.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to take a whole year of Draco”. I fake cried.

“How do you think I feel I have Zabini yet again.” Pointing her thumb out at the boy sat next to her and rolling her eyes.

“Ladies you do realise we can hear you?” Blaise leaned across the desk looking from me to Tory sighing.

“I think they want us bad Zabini.” Draco let out a chuckle, leaning back in his chair.

“In your dreams Malfoy! I wouldn’t be seen dead with you.” I shook my head giving him a dirty look. How could he even think we would even want anything to do with them after how they’ve treated us over the years.

“Awe Wallace I think you have a crush on me.” He folded his arms puckering his bottom lip out.

Before I could say anything Slughorn shouted across the class. “Right class we will pick this back up on Wednesday. Go have your lunch.”

Everyone grabbed their things and began to exit the room.

Whoever thought of double Potions on a Monday morning was definitely insane. I was already exhausted and it was only midday on the first day.

“This has honestly been the longest day of my life.” I sighed falling down onto the leather sofa.

“It hasn’t been that bad Mad.” Tory sat next me flipping through the pages of her notebook.

“Are you joking Tory? Today has been non stop.” I moaned, hitting my head on the back of the sofa.

“Well, look on Friday we have a bunch of free time...that’s good.” She smiled, showing me our timetable in her notebook.

“Tory that’s not for another four days.” I cried. Then I remembered. “Wait-weren’t you meant to go kiss Adrian around about now?” I gave her a confused look.

“Oh shit! I should probably get back to my dorm before he spots me in here.” She laughed putting her things into her bag.

“So you were never going to kiss him were you?” I laughed, she had tricked the poor boy.

“Godric no! I mean Adrian is cute but I’m not that easy.” She winked laughing.

“What are you doing in here Ravenwhore?” Draco smirked walking towards us with Blaise and Goyle closely following behind him.

“Shut up Malfoy!” I shouted at him, I was sick to death of him calling her that. Like 5 years already? Think of something new.

“Ooo getting feisty now Wallace?“. He took a seat next to me on the arm of the sofa. It took everything in me not to push him right off.

“I was just leaving anyway.” Tory rolled her eyes getting up off the sofa.

“Don’t leave, nobody actually cares if you’re in here or not.” I reached out trying to grab her hand.

“I do Wallace,” Draco smirked looking down at me. “We don’t need that kind in here.” He gave Tory a look of disgust.

“Go away Malfoy.” I sighed getting up to walk Tory out of the Slytherin Common room.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Maddie. Good luck with them.” She rolled her eyes looking over to the boys that had already stolen our seats.

“I’m sorry, get back safe.” I grabbed her, bringing her in for a hug. “See you tomorrow.”

From behind me I heard the boys whistling. “Oh shut up.” I sighed making my way upstairs to my dorm.

“Oi Mudblood!”

I could hear them shouting up the stairs trying to get my attention. Of course I ignored them. I just sighed and carried on walking up the stairs to my room. I swung my bedroom door open and crashed onto my bed screaming into my pillow. I have to put up with this for another 2 whole years. Well minus one day now.. woohoo? I was not ready to do this all over again tomorrow.


Hey this is the first chapter of Trouble. Sorry it isn’t very exciting so far, it’s just the set up for greater things to come. Please let me know what you think so far, I’d love to hear any advice you have.

Lots of love GG :-)

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