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she is his maid only or more than that

Romance / Mystery
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Arnav Singh Raizada walked fast towards his room after returning back from office . He made his way towards stairs to his room

Arnav : HP... bring me coffee...

He shouted after the hectic meetings of his office and entered in room. He kept his laptop bag on side table and threw his coat on bed , loosened his tie and pull his shirt sleeves to his elbow and sat on recline leaning his head back tiredly closing his eyes , after hectic day at his office . its been ten minutes , he has shouted for coffee and HP is still not here . His anger is rising with every passing minutes .“where the hell is he ?” He is losing his temper now after his tiring day at office he expected one coffee.. He is about to shout for hp when he heard anklet sound . He frown and felt someone entered his room

Arnav : “Why the hell take you so much time ?” He shout not realizing there is some other persons standing in front of him who is shivering in fear seeing his anger first time in her life . He open his eyes to look up and He stand up in surprise finding a girl who is standing there shivering with fear holding hot coffee in her hands. He blown away by this beauty with her fair

and soft skin looking beautiful in that Saree she has wearing and her pallu has pull over her head hiding her face from the world but the thought of seeing that girl face making him restless . He surprise with his own feelings as it is first time that he is having this felling in his mind . His thoughts broken away by his mother who come to see hearing his shouting

Ananya: What happen Chote , Why are you shouting ?

And his anger come back to him again ,

Arnav : Where is HP mom and What are this girl doing in my house , in my room

Ananya : calm down Chote , when you will learn to control your anger

He look away in anger and his mother sigh at his reaction knowing very well about his anger which is always on his nose from childhood only

Ananya : HP has go to his hometown due to some serious issue come from his family and I appointed her . She is Khushi , our newMAID

Arnav : “Khushi...” He whispered her name and look at her appearance he felt bad for shouting at poor girl without her fault . ‘poor girl’ When did he started caring for a girl ? He thought with himself in amazement .

Khushi too look at him through her pallu hearing her name from his mouth it felt so amazing from his mouth she felt angry at herself having that thought like that about herBOSS

There eyes met and even though pallu has hiding her face but transparent thing let him see at her eyes and they both lost in each other eyes forgetting surrounding

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