Unlikely to be Freed


You all know Isabella Lola Rey Barton. And we all know what she's gone through, so after she messes up in Lagos, Nigeria and her family begins to fall apart, what's she gonna do. Read to find out if she picks the side of her legal or biological father, if she hurts her best friend, if her identity is revealed, and most importantly... will she help the man who trained her while she was held captive? She's been through so much already, but how much more can she really take before she falls apart? Book 3 of The Unlikely F Series I only own Isabella Barton and her story line, everything else goes to Marvel Studios. Warning: Mild language, weapons, talk of some sensitive topics, fantasy violence

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February 9, 2015

The second the bell rang, I turned up my music and grabbed my backpack before running out of the building. I jumped the fence to the football field and kept running until I hit an abandoned apartment building in the center of Queens. I threw open the doors and raced up the stairs, only stopping when I ran face first into the door that leads to the roof. With a laugh, I tapped into my new and improved suit and pushed open the door.

What I saw as I walked outside was definitely a surprise. Sitting on the edge of the roof was Peter Parker. He had his mask pulled half off and was talking on the phone while eating a sandwich. I’d been coming to this building for years and have never seen anyone up here, but considering the fact that I was supposed to go find Spiderman today it only made sense that he’d be here. Quickly pulling myself together, I pulled one earbud out and pushed my long braid off of my shoulder, “Peter Parker.” He jumped and fell off the roof, hitting the fire escape. Peter had dropped his sandwich on the way down, but (thankfully) held onto his phone. I felt bad for scaring him, so I ran over to the ladder and climbed down beside him. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

I held out my hand and pulled him off the floor, “It’s okay.” He brushed himself off and still hadn’t looked at me. “But, how do you know-” He cut himself off when he looked at our hands and then at my face, “Oh my god, you’re- you’re the Vibranium Rebel!”

“I go by the Evergreen Ghost now, but I suppose you would remember the name I introduced myself with.” He looked amazed that I even remembered saving him, it was honestly kinda cute, “And I bet you were gonna ask how I knew your name, right?” He nodded, still speechless, “Well, Peter, I told you that someday you would be able to help to and I’m never wrong. Plus, Stark kinda left me your file a couple of days ago.”

“T-tony S-stark?” I nodded, “He knows who I am?” I nodded again, but there was a minute or two of silence before Peter spoke up. “Isabella?” I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that he remembered my name, “Thank you.”

My smile faltered and I was taken aback by his words, “For what?”

“For saving me that day.”

I ignored his words and said the one ting I had wanted to tell him since I ran into him in the hallway, “I’m sorry, I told you I would come and get you when it was safe but I never did. When Tony told me about the missile nothing else seemed to matter and I made a stupid decision, not even thinking about what I told you.”

“It’s okay.” He smiled at me, “On a different note, what are you doing here? Not to be rude or anything, but you’re always helping in the big fights.”

“Yeah, um, I’ve been grounded from the ‘big fights’.”

“What! But, you’re amazing! I watched the footage of what happened in Sokovia and you were the best one there.”

“Thanks, but the team wants me to take a break. So, I have a question for you now. What if we became a team?”

“What do you mean?”

“I dunno, what if we became like the SpiderGhost? Keeping an eye on New York and saving the little guy.”


“Yeah, but if we’re gonna do that we’re gonna need a handshake.”

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