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Diary of a Minecraft Traveler

Entry 3

I'm confident enough to explore more of this world. I have plenty resources and food to survive out there, and so I craft a boat and go. I care not for the land, but the ocean. It takes the whole day before I find land- I actually feel the temperature drop before i see it. A frozen tundra. Ice spires. It's so entrancing, so beautiful.

And cold. I leave once I map it out and head North East. Only twice did I stop at land to camp out before heading onward. Those places simply did not call to me. But something did, so I keep boating out. Farther and farther away from anything familiar. And then... a house. And a dock. Is this what called me? Was this civilization?

I dock my boat and climb up the fallen path, senses alert. I hear animals. Once on the path, I look out and see broken down houses, webs everywhere, and something akin to a zombie. It was unlike any of the common zombies I fought, and before I could get a closer look, it burnt up,

My hopes are high... but after a thorough search, I find no people. Just more of those strange zombies. I trap a few in an abandoned house for further examination- mainly because killing them felt wrong, but also because I felt like I'd never find creatures quite like it. What can i say; curiosity got the best of me.

There may not have been people, but there was plenty of what they left behind: a makeshift ranch with horses and cows and sheep, and vegetable gardens that have long since been tended to. They were a mess: water overflowing and weeds choking the plants. There was even what looked to be a chapel. Religious types? What ever happened to them, I wonder.

There was a few machines left scattered around which i make note of to try out later, but overall I think this place has promise. I spend the next few days clearing out a house for me to live in, and bring it upon myself to restore this village. Who knows, maybe there is still people out there. And just maybe, they'll come across this village, and i can welcome them and help them settle in.

I can't be all alone, can I?
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