Black Cadillacs

Chapter 2

"Black Cadillac"

Chapters 1-18 by You're out of your vulcan mind

Chapters 19+ by Mara-DragonMaster

Chapter 2

"Of course he would be here." Chase groaned under his breath. He'd just gone to the bar to get a drink for Eloise when he heard the familiar tap of a cane behind him.

"So this is where wombats go at night."

Chase ignored him, hoping he'd go away.

"What are you doing here?"

Dang. No such luck. "I was invited."

"You're on a date." House observed curiously.


"I don't see Cameron around here."

"I suppose no one asked her to come."

House raised his eyebrows. "Cheating on Cameron are we?"

"You can't cheat on someone if you are not together." Chase turned to face him, drink in hand. "What are you doing here?"


Chase looked incredulous. "Who would ask you?"

Before House could retort there was a loud voice.

"House." Cuddy marched up. "We're only here five minutes and you're already glued to the bar?" then she saw the blond doctor. "Chase– oh. What are you doing here?"

Chase was too busy looking in shock between Cuddy and his boss, so House answered for him. "He has a date. And I'm trying to figure out who it is. Must be that new nurse, what was HIS name?"

"Robert, hey– I got worried, thought you might have ditched me." Eloise slid to Chase's side, touching her hand to his arm.

House looked shocked. Then his eyes narrowed. "You know him?"

"House." She smiled charmingly at him. "Obviously I must know Robert. We are here, together."

Chase was starting to get worried as the expression on the older man's face darkened. He'd never seen House so angry, and yet House wasn't yelling.

Cuddy frowned; generally the longer House silently fumed, the bigger the explosion.

House continued, eyeing the younger woman piercingly. "How long have you known him?"

Eloise seemed to be the only one comfortable. She took her drink from Chase and gently slipped her hand under House's arm, shaking her head. "We haven't seen each other for almost a year, and the first thing you do is start questioning me about my choice in men. Honestly. Come with me, we need to go catch up." She led him away, and just like that the potentially dangerous situation was over. Chase and Cuddy were left standing next to each other in the bar.

"She's pretty." Cuddy remarked.

Chase nodded. "Yeah."

About an hour passed, mostly in pleasant conversation, when the thing that Eloise had been dreading happened.

"You've been avoiding me." A man said, coming up behind her. She turned to face him.

"Dr. Steward." Eloise nodded stiffly.

His brows pulled together at her cool tone. "This is how you want it to be?"

"Excuse me." She tried to go around him but he blocked her way.

"You can't keep ignoring me." He protested. "C'mon, this is so childish. We're meant to be together– surely you feel it too."

"I don't. Now move."

He followed her step as she once more tried to slip around him. "If you had moved on you would have found a boyfriend already. When was the last time you had a date?"

Her eyes narrowed. "That's none of your business, but to answer your question, I have a date right now."

"Is there a problem?" Chase asked before Dr. Steward could retort. He'd seen Eloise growing distressed and came to run interference.

"Who are you?" Steward asked angrily.

"Dr. Robert Chase." Chase stuck his hand out, which Steward grudgingly accepted.

"Dr. Michael Steward. I don't remember seeing you around the hospital."

"I work at Princeton Plainsborough."

"I see." He turned to Eloise. "So he's your date?"

"It shouldn't matter to you." She started to walk away with Chase when Steward grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"What's the matter with you?" Steward frowned.

She flinched. "You're hurting me."

Chase grabbed his arm and tried to extract Eloise from his grip. "C'mon man, let her go."

Steward all but bared his teeth. "Back off."

Chase managed to get her free. "Just leave her alone, I think she's made it clear what she wants."

A solid fist connected to his face and Chase went down. As the people around them fell silent, Eloise slapped Michael, hard.

"How dare you!" She gasped at him. "Just… I can't believe you!" Turning her back on him she helped Chase off the floor, who was blushing furiously at the incident; already a crowd was starting to gather. His cheek was an angry red and throbbing; it was going to leave a nasty bruise.

Michael grabbed her wrist again as they started to leave. "No! I– I can't believe you. We had it so good together and you're going to throw it all away for what? Him? Some…"

"Let go of me. Now."

"No! You will hear me out–"

Before Michael had a chance to finish Chase quickly extracted Eloise from his grip and efficiently punched him out.

Straightening his jacket, Chase turned to Eloise, who was looking slightly shocked at the downed figure. "I think it is time to leave."

He was watching them from the bar. He was not happy. Chase was getting in too much trouble for this girl. First the meeting with that cripple Chase worked for, and now with this strange man, who had the gall to hurt His boy. Chase and that girl left right after the altercation, and that man left shortly after. He put down His drink and followed the man.

No one got away with damaging His kid.

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