Black Cadillacs

Chapter 27

"Black Cadillac"

Chapters 1-18 by You're out of your vulcan mind

Chapters 19+ by Mara-DragonMaster

Chapter 27

Cuddy marched into House's office, without even bothering to knock. House looked up from his space-invader's game and eyed her with mock trepidation. "Oh no– it's the angry mom look. What have I done now?"

"Nothing– yet." Cuddy replied. "Why is Chase taking some time off?"

"He's taking time off?"

"Did you have anything to do with it?"

House blinked owlishly. "Um– seeing as how I'm still clueless that he took time off–"

Cuddy sighed. "House."

"No; I've been a good boy." House answered.

Smiling in relief, Cuddy nodded. "Good."

House squinted up at her impatiently. "So why is my intensivist taking time off? Again?"

Cuddy shrugged. "I was hoping it was because of you."

"Oh." House made a face. "Thank you."

"I honestly don't know." Cuddy said. "You have any ideas?"

Looking thoughtful, House tipped his head back against his chair. For a moment he said nothing.

Then he frowned. "Where's Cameron?"

Cuddy looked confused. "Clinic. Why?"

"Has she asked for time off?"


Not really listening to Cuddy's answer, House grabbed his cane and stood, walking quickly out of his office. With a sigh Cuddy followed him to the elevators, and rode down with him.

Cameron was coming out of an exam room, holding a chart and a q-tip sample, which she passed off to a nurse. As the two bosses approached she looked up, and gave a long-suffering sigh. "Dr. Cuddy. House."

"Are you and Chase spending the next few days together?" House demanded without any preamble.

Blinking, Cameron stared at him. "No–"

"You're not taking time off?"

"We're not seeing each other. We broke up."

House paused and straightened. His expression became pleased, and also interested. "Uh huh– and when did this happen?"

"This morning." Cameron made a note on the chart and handed it to the nurse at the desk. Then she picked up another chart. "We both agreed that it was for the best. If Chase is taking some time off, I don't know anything about it."

Cuddy looked at him. "Maybe he just needs a few days rest– he is still recovering from his injuries."

House eyed Cameron, and then he lifted his eyebrows. "So… Chase broke your heart, huh?"

"He did not break my…"

"Need some comfort? I'm free all week." He waggled his eyebrows.

Cuddy looked at House in shock and horror, but Cameron just rolled her eyes. "I'm not in need of any comfort. Thank you."

"Great! Seven o'clock it is. I'll bring the beer and pizza." House declared with a pleased expression. As he turned to leave he noticed Cuddy still staring at him. He grinned. "I've got a date!"

Watching House leave, Cameron shook her head with a secret, amused smile and returned to her work.

As House stalked away his brows pulled together in concentration. Something was going on, and it had nothing to do with Chase's ribs or crutch.

The next three days went by quickly. When Foreman and Cameron showed up on the fourth morning, they walked into Diagnostics to find Chase standing by the counter, making coffee. He looked up as they entered, and smiled. "Hi."

Foreman's brows pulled together, and he sat down at the table. "Hi."

Cameron eyed their coworker, watching him spoon grounds into the filter and fill the back with water. He looked rested, and relaxed. And happy. Very happy. As the coffee maker began to gurgle he picked up his crutch from its place against the counter and made his way over to the table.

"Enjoy your vacation?" Cameron asked, staring at her hands.

She looked up just in time to catch the flash of a grin that crossed his face.

"Yes," he said, sitting down. "I did. Very much."

Foreman folded his arms with interest. "Really? What'd you do?"

Chase shrugged. "Nothing much. Hung out in my apartment, went to a movie, went to the park… Just, hung out."

"New case!" House strode in, passing by the table and stopping in front of the board. "Male, 17… What? Why are you so happy?"

Chase lifted his hand from its place as a head support in a gesture akin to a shrug. He was smiling. "Just had a good vacation."

"Oh. Okay." House frowned, not satisfied, but deciding that he could pursue it later. "Symptoms are uncontrollable leg spasms and blindness in one eye…"

After everyone had been assigned their tasks House went to his office and picked up a ball, tossing it against his wall as he thought about Chase, the vacation, and the lack of phone calls from Eloise. She had promised to call him after she had settled into her place in New York, and as of yet he had heard nothing.

Then his phone rang. It was Eloise's cell number.

House grabbed the receiver. "It takes you four days to move into an apartment?"

There was laughter. "Are you free?"

"No. I'm doing surgery on a patient. Colonoscopy; you understand."

There was a knock on his office door. House looked up to see Eloise waving at him through the glass, her cell at her ear. When he noticed her presence she hung up and entered his office, smiling brightly. "Hello, House!" she said, leaning down and placing a kiss on his cheek.

House frowned at her as she sat down, and cocked his head. "Aren't you supposed to be in New York?"

"Change of plans." She crossed her leg over her knee. "Gave up the New York job; decided I would rather stay here. I was actually hoping you could point me to some available jobs."

"Maybe." House still frowned, the wheels in his head turning. "Didn't you already give up your apartment?"

She nodded. "But I found a new one. I'm moving in the first of next month."

"Ah. That's a week away." House grimaced, then offered: "You have a place to stay until then?"

"Actually, yes I do."

House blinked, and noted the pleased smile on her face. "You do?"

There was another knock at his door, and he looked up to see Chase leaning in. "Brain scan is clean. Still waiting on the blood tests."

"Okay. Thank you." House stopped; was it his imagination, or had Eloise just looked up at Chase with a sappy-sweet smile and shining eyes? And had Chase just smiled back, and winked?

After the intensivist left House turned on Eloise, only to be confronted with a wide and confirming smile as she waited for his reaction.

House leaned back. And gave her a mock glare. "You sneaky little minx."

Eloise just smiled.

"So, Eloise and Chase are together." Wilson said, standing out on his balcony eating a ham sandwich.

"Yep." House spread his arms and leaned against the edge of the balcony wall. "And they've set a date for next summer."

Wilson widened his eyes. "Wow. That's quick." He commented.

House made a face. "Yep." He sighed. "I guess this means I have to give Chase 'the talk.'" He frowned.

Wilson looked at his friend. "Why would you have to give Chase the talk?"

"Well, her father isn't around to do it."

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean you have to do it." Wilson took another bite of his sandwich, then his eyes widened, and he pointed. "You're doing it because you care!"

"I am not." House defended.

"It's the only possible explanation." Wilson grinned. "That's the third time."

"I do not care!" House exclaimed in frustration. "You just want to pretend that you're rubbing some of your famous 'caring' stuff off on me, Mr. Sensitive."

"Well," Wilson shrugged and went back to eating his sandwich. "One can hope."

Cameron knocked on the door leading from the balcony to Wilson's office. When they noticed her she opened the door and poked her head through. "Are we still on for the Monster Truck Rally?"

House ducked his head as Wilson looked between them. "Yep. I'll pick you up at seven."

"Okay. See you then." With a smile, and a wave to Wilson, Cameron left.

Wilson turned and stared. "What is this?" he asked is mock surprise. "You're going on a date?"

"Didn't you talk to Cuddy?" House retorted. "She was there when it was arranged."

"Nah– you had offered to 'comfort' Cameron and 'heal her broken heart.' This is different– this is a date." Then Wilson frowned. "You're taking her to a Monster Truck Rally?"

House sighed. "Yep." He declared. "She likes them."

"How do you know she–" Wilson stopped. His eyes widened. Stepping back he pointed at House, his eyes twinkling with delight and amusement. "You've taken her before! When? That last time? When I couldn't go? Oh– You did!"

"Oh, so what?" House groused.

"You've taken her on a date already? And you're taking her on another?" Wilson couldn't be more excited. "House, you do care!"

"Ahh– would you get off it!" House exclaimed. "I do not care!"

"House and Cameron, sitting in a tree!"

"I don't care!"



"Black Cadillac's dawn on a moonless night,

Just wishing I had a place to go

Way behind the rising glow,

Lit by the streets I had known

(Another life)

Ghosts of the past chase me down,

So I turn from the city's glow

And every step lighten my load,

As I walk down freedom road

I have been dragged

Kickin' and screamin'

Into another life

And I wanna curse

While the gods are still scheming me

Into another life

In a truck light's glare my shadow grows,

At last I knew what to do

Now darkness torn by headlights,

Was all of the future I knew

That silent stranger next to me,

He just kept driving on

And when the change blew through my soul,

Black and light was gone

I have been dragged

Kickin' and screamin'

Into another life

And I wanna curse

While the gods are still scheming me

Into another life

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

Oh yeah

I have been dragged

Kickin' and screamin'

Into another life

And I wanna curse

While the gods are still scheming me

Into another life"

~ Lloyd Paul "Black Cadillac" ~

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