the runaway girl


so basically i don’t wanna give away too much but it’s about a girl (y/n) who finds herself at the malfoy manor and finds it like torture.❤️

Romance / Adventure
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chapter 1: malfoy manor

you wake up to the smell of warm pancakes flooding your room. you take a deep sniff, getting up from the bed. you put your slippers on, and your robes, and walk downstairs. it’s was your mum, she was making you a rather large breakfast. “are you okay mum? what’s with the breakfast?” she
layed a large plate on the placemat, there were hash browns, bacon, eggs, pancakes and coffee! you had a large grin on your face. “you’re going to the malfoy’s for the summer y/n!” she announced proudly. you stood there frozen, trying to comprehend what just happened. “w-what mother..?” “you’re going to be staying at the malfoys!! you better go pack your bags after eating your breakfast darling, we’ll be leaving in two hours!” you couldn’t believe what she just said. you watch her as she struts off to go feed the family dog, marco. he was a little black labrador! you sit down to enjoy your breakfast. i mean you weren’t mad because this breakfast was absolutely truly amazing! you tumble up the stairs, dreading packing. you knew you were gonna take ages because you procrastinate, a lot.

2 hours later
you were just about ready, “come in y/n!! we don’t want to be late to the malfoys!” your mother shouts upstairs, “i’m almost ready mum!” you shout back. you had done your makeup, had a shower, picked out a cute outfit, and brushed your were shoving the last things into your trunk when you remembered that malfoy would be there. you sighed. you kinda hated malfoy, you guys had known eachother since you were young but he always got on your nerves. you get flashbacks of all the things he had done to you, and you rolled your eyes. you lugged your trunk down the dark staircase, and you placed it in the car, you didn’t get why u were using the car when you could’ve just apparated. you didn’t ask about it though.
at the malfoys
finally, 1 hour later you arrived at the malfoys, the place looked no different. dark walls, dead flowers and darkly tinted windows. you couldn’t help but stare with your mouth open. it was so vast and strong. you heave your trunk out of the car, and started walking up to the front door. *door bell ringing* you see the door creak open, it was narcissa! you loved her, she was like your second mum!!! “hey cissy!” you say going into a hug, “hey darling! awe look at you, beautiful as ever!” you had a massive flow up since you last saw them. draco was standing next to her, smirking and leaning against the doorway. he had grown so tall and he was so cute. you stared at him, “hey y/n” he said breaking the silence. you shake out of your transe, “hey draco..!” “draco darling please take y/n to her room.” narcissa orders, you hug your mother goodbye, watching her walk down the drive back into her car, and driving away. you follow draco to your room, this is going to be much harder than i thought. you thought to yourself.
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