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Sin Oakland (ON HOLD)


Eddie was sent to the town conversational therapy house to "cure" homosexuals after coming out to his mom where he had to share rooms with the asshole of the household Richie Tozier, they hated each other in the beginning but soon learned to get along and both stared seeing each other differently and soon. They had to be really careful because getting caught meant blood and bruises..... ⚠WARNING⚠ Homophobic language Abuse Some smol smut MaYbe AGES Richie - 18 Eddie - 17

Adventure / Romance
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Eddie woke up to all his bags packed "Ma?" he said in a raspy voice "Where are we going?" he asked as she zipped up one of his suitcases. "You're gonna go away for a while okay!?" she struggled to put his bags near the bed. Eddie stood up and grabbed the bag and put it on his bed, he walked over to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. "DONT TOUCH ME FAG-" she gulped and looked down "You're gonna go get some help okay?" she cleared her throat and left the room. Eddie sat on his bed confused, he started crying silently and jumped when he saw two tall muscular men standing at his doorway. "Get up! Faggot!!" one of the man yelled grabbing Eddie's bags. Eddie stood up and grabbed his phone "N-NO!! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!" Eddie yelled in fear. The other man grabbed Eddie by his arm and pulled him out of his room. Sonia, Eddie's mother, sat in the living room. "MA!!!! MA HELP!! MOMMYYYYY!!! MOM PLEASE DON'T SEND ME AWAY IM SORRY!! MA!!!" Eddie cried as the men shoved Eddie into the back seat of a black car and put his bags in the trunk.

The men got in the front and passenger seat and drove away. Eddie sat in the backseat full of anger and fear "Where are you taking me!?" Eddie snarled wiping his tears. "Shut Up!" the man in the passenger seat yelled. Eddie unwrapped his headphones and plugged them into his phone turning on his music, he rested his head on the door and stared out the window crying silently.

They arrived at the house and one of the men got out opening the door pulling Eddie out of the car "Get your ass on the porch!" the man pushed Eddie towards the door. The other man set Eddie's bag's on the porch "You'll get better" he whispered and left with the other man in the car. "SOMEONE'S HERE!!" Someone yelled from the other side of the door. The door opened and a female stood at the door giving Eddie a confused look "Can I help you sweetie?" she asked. Eddie shrugged and stayed silent. "Are you here to get better?" she asked. Eddie rolled his eyes "I'm not sick!" he mumbled. "It is you! we have been expecting you come in!" she grasped Eddie's wrist firmly pulling him inside "Get his bag's Sam" the woman smiled at one of the boys that were there.

Eddie stood there looking around. "This is Sin Oakland, the house to cure the sick," the woman said "I'm Mrs. Mil, and you are?" she smiled. Eddie sighed "I'm Eddie" he crossed his arms. "Oh! Another stubborn one! Oly, he's gonna share the room with Mr.Tozier, go show him Sam, his bags." she said as she walked away. "Oh damn, you're sharing a room with Richie!" Oly raised his eyebrows "I'm Olyver I go by Oly, it's nice to meet you". Eddie rolled his eyes and followed Oly upstairs "Who's Richie?" Eddie asked. "Just...be careful, he's one of the cuties....he's a big asshole!!" Oly whispered hoping nobody was around". Eddie sighed. "Here you are" Oly knocked on the room door and opened it "Hey...Rich, um you have a roommate now..." Oly said quietly. Eddie stood there silently. "Get the fuck out of my room Olyver!" Richie groaned. "Who the fuck is this!?" Richie pointed at Eddie. "Eddie, your new roommate..." Oly said quietly. "I thought I told you to leave!!" Richie yelled. Oly chuckled nervously and walked away.

A boy Eddie's height walked into Richie's room and put Eddie's bags on the left side of the room and waved at Richie leaving the room. Eddie stood there at the door quietly. "Can you shut my fucking door please!?" Richie groaned. Eddie stepped inside the room closing the door. "So you're Eddie" Richie sat up from his bed. Eddie nodded as if it was obvious, he walked to his side of the room and sat on his bed getting on his phone. Richie rolled his eyes "You stay the fuck on that side of the room!" he sighed and laid back down. Eddie ignored Richie and put his bags on the floor by the end of the bed. Eddie sighed "So...we just stay in the rooms?" Eddie asked. "We have class in an hour" Richie groaned. "Class? is this a fucking school?" Eddie asked. "NO!! It's a fucking hospital for the homosexuals now shut tHE FUCK UP!!" Richie looked at Eddie. Eddie jumped slightly and rolled his eyes "I was just fucking asking, you are an asshole!" Eddie mumbled. "What the fuck did you say?" Richie sat up. "I said you're an asshole!" Eddie said louder. "FUCK YOU!!" Richie yelled flipping Eddie off. Eddie bit the inside of his lip in anger. "Nothing to say now huh!?" Richie raised his eyebrows and chuckled. Eddie slapped Richie and left the room bumping into Oly. "Woah what's going on!?" Oly stopped Eddie. "I can't share rooms with him! he's fucking annoying!" Eddie groaned. Richie opened the room door and looked around and pulled Eddie back into the room slamming the door "YOU DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME!" Richie yelled pushing Eddie into the wall. Eddie gasped and fear filled his eyes.

Oly ran into the room and pulled Richie away "Calm down! Richie just calm down!" Oly stood in front of Richie. Eddie slid down and bawled himself up and started crying. Mrs.Mil walked quickly into the room after the word had spread to her "RICHARD TOZIER GO TO MR.MIL NOW!!" She yelled and walked to Eddie "Get up" she said calmly. Richie and Oly left the room closing the door behind themselves. Eddie stood up and wiped his eyes "Can i p-please go home!?" Eddie whined. Mrs.Mil shook her head "We just got your papers, no you cannot this is going to heal you!" she smiled trying to hide her disgust "Why haven't you unpacked, this is your room now!" she asked. Eddie sniffled "I can't share a room with Richie....i cant!" Eddie looked down. "He just doesn't know you yet, he's really sweet" She smiled "You are sharing a room with him." she said sternly. Eddie nodded and walked to his bed an grabbed his bags and started unpacking. Mrs.Mil left the room. Eddie cried silently while unpacking.

Twenty minutes later Richie walked in with a black eye and a busted lip "Look what you fucking did to me!" Richie raised his voice a bit. Eddie looked up at Richie and gasped "Sorry....can I clean it up please!" Eddie practically begged. Richie rolled his eyes "You want to get me beat and then try and help me?!" Richie asked sitting on his bed wiping the blood from his lip. "No, I'm sorry. i just....I'm scared and I don't want your lip to get infected" Eddie said quickly. Richie chuckled "I'm fine, it's not the first time" Richie laid on his bed and sighed looking at the clock on the wall "Shit!" Richie got up quickly and grabbed some clothes and a towel and left the room. Olyver walked into the room and smiled "Hey, I came to give you this" he handed Eddie a piece of paper "It's your class schedule" he smiled. Eddie took the paper and looked over it "So like is this a school or some shit?" Eddie asked. "Um, something like that, more like a rehab for being a homosexual.....Your crime was being homosexual and now this is your rehab to get better" Olyver sighed. Eddie shook his head "This shit isn't right! We don't send people to rehab for being straight!" Eddie sighed. "Yeah, just don't throw any fits or anything...you wouldln't want to get sent to Mr.Mils office....you saw Richie didn't you?" Olyver asked. Eddie nodded "Yeah....i told him I was sorry but I don't think he accepted my apologie" Eddie sighed. "He can't stay mad at someone like you for long" Oly smiled. "What do you mean someone like me!?" Eddie raised his eyebrows. Olyver sighed "Oh nothing, come on! I'll give you a full tour of this place!" Olyver smiled.

They walked out of the room bumping into Richie "Shit- Sorry!" Richie sighed and walked inside the room closing the door. "He apologizes!!" Eddie smiled. "He definitely hates you, Eddie!" Oly sighed and walked downstairs. "Well, I hate him too!" Eddie rolled his eyes. Olyver smirked and walked towards the dining area "This is the dining area obviously, we don't have assigned seats but there are tables for the boys that usually hang out. Thoe's are the Soft boy's, Emo boys go there, the ones that sit there they are the super sweet boy's that'll make you blush!! And over there sit the boy's that don't know...they just don't know. I sit there with Richie and Eli, Eli's pronouns are They/Them and they are super sweet...." Oly looked around hoping nobody heard him "We gotta be really careful with what we say and do around here" Oly sighed and walked into a dark long hallway. "We?" Eddie followed Oly looking around. "Oh- i mean every boy" Olyver smiled "Over here are where we do class and stuff...." Olyver sighed. Eddie walked to the windows and opened the curtains "Do we ever go outside?" Eddie sighed. "Yeah, in the back" Oly smiled. "Who's Mr.Mil?" Eddie asked. "Mrs.Mil's husband, he disciplines us if we do something wrong." Oly looked down "Ive been in once.....it was my second day here and I kissed a boy, his name was James....he's Better now, he left three months ago..." Olyver looked down. Eddie sighed "Sorry Oly...." Eddie looked around and saw a camera in every corner "Are there cameras everywhere?!" Eddie asked. "Yeah everywhere but over here..." Olyver walked upstairs and into a hallway that was in between two bedrooms "The cameras are stuck, they show the same thing, if you walk in front of them it won't show you, almost like you're a ghost" Oly smiled.

Eddie walked in the room and sighed "So....how long have you been here?" Eddie asked. "Ten months...." Olyver said quietly "I came out to my family on new years eve....and they sent me here.." Olyver looked down. Eddie raised his eyebrows "Sorry...." he looked down. Oly walked over to Eddie and looked at him "Why don't you sit with me during lunch?" Olver smiled. Eddie nodded "Yeah! Definitely" Eddie smiled. Olyver smiled and looked at the clock that was halfway hanging on the wall "Three minutes till class, come on" he walked out of the room. Eddie followed. About thirteen boys walked out of their rooms and headed to the classroom.

After everyone had settled down in their chairs Mrs.Mil walked in the room everyone got quiet "Hello Boy's. Today we are gonna talk about anything you want, we can start with Olyver" she smiled. Everyone looked back at Olyver waiting for him to say something. "My birthday is in a few weeks, ill be 17!" Olyver smiled. "Very nice Oly, we will celebrate" she rolled her eyes. "How about you Eli? would you like to say anything?" Mrs.Mil smiled. Eli sighed "Today was the day I got sent here five months ago......" Eli said quietly. "Awe that's great!!" Mrs.Mil crossed her arms. Richie raised his hand. Mrs.Mil looked at Richie "Do you have something to say Richie?" she asked. "Yeah, when are we gonna have new comics coming in?" Richie asked. " Soon Tozier" She grumbled. "How about our new patient?" She looked at Eddie "Go on, say something. Anything" she smiled. Eddie looked up and scratched his head "Um....My favorite color is...orange.." Eddie shrugged. "Nice...." Mrs.Mil tilted his head.

Class ended an hour later and it was break time. Everyone went to their rooms to nap. Eddie sat on his bed and read a comic he had found on a desk in the room. Richie walked in and looked at Eddie "That's mine..." Richie closed the door and locked it. Eddie looked up and closed the comic "S-Sorry..." he threw the comic on Richie's bed. "Your favorite color is orange?" Richie sat on his bed. Eddie nodded "Yeah it's nice". Richie sighed "Hey, i just wanted to say sorry for earlier....." Richie looked down. Eddie scotted to the edge of his bed "Did the asshole just apologize!?" Eddie crossed his arms. Richie looked up at Eddie "I definitely hate you" Richie rolled his eyes laying on his bed covering his eyes with his arm.


"ALRIGHT FAGGOTS IN BED NOW!" A man stomped upstairs. Eddie jumped and looked at Richie "who's that!" Eddie whispered. "Just Lay down, it's Mr.Mil shh.." Richie stood up and walked to Eddie's side of the room and took his phone and headphones, he lifted a floorboard between their bed's and put it in the floor, he laid in bed and turned off the lamp. Eddie layed down and hid under the covers.

~^^ Mkay........so.....um what do you think of this....?^^~

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