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Sin Oakland (ON HOLD)


Richie was woken up at 2am to the sound of panting and soft whining "If you're gonna jerk off, can you be a bit more quieter!" Richie mumbled but the noise continued, he sat up and turned on the lamp, Eddie was twitching a bunch. Richie stood up and walked to Eddie's bed and tapped him "Dude!" Richie said quietly "hey wake up!!" Richie shook Eddie roughly. Eddie jumped up and started swinging at Richie. Richie grabbed Eddie's wrists and held his arms down "Stop! Stop!! Damnit you poked my eye!" Richie sighed and sat on the edge of Eddie's bed and looked at him "You alright?" Richie asked. Eddie looked around and wiped his eyes "I'm sorry...." He whispered "I didn't have time to take my medication.....that is if my mom packed it" Eddie crawled to the edge of his bed and grabbed his suit case and pulled it on his bed and opened the front pocket pulling out a bottle of pills, he opened the bottle and took three pills without water. "Damn your a fucking druggie!" Richie chuckled quietly "Can I get some of that shit?" Richie held his hand out. Eddie punched Richie "Fuck you asshole!" Eddie rolled his eyes. "When?" Richie smirked and winked. Eddie blushed deeply "What!?" Eddie squealed kicking Richie off his bed.

Richie chuckled and walked to his bed "You said it!" He winked and turned off the lamp laying down "go back to sleep alright?" Richie whispered. "Shut up!!" Eddie groaned falling asleep a bit after.

~^^ I know this is short but I didn't wanna like....i have COVID okay I feel like shit! ^^~
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