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The little girl *youngboy story*


Story abot a little girl that was abandon

Fantasy / Children
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Chapter 1

Kentrell pov

I was finishing up my new song i got out the booth and lit a blunt when I hard a sniff I smoked some trying to ignore it but it got louder like the person had a hard time breathing I got up opening the door seeing a lil girl

Me. Were ya parents?

She sniffed and said

Lil girl: I don't know

She sniffed and wiped her eyes and looked up at me she had swollen eyes and she had a handprint on her face

Me. What's Happened to your face

Lil girl. My mommy and daddy tried to kill me and I didn't die so they bring me here yesterday but I hide in the back but I'm hungry

She sniffed again Whipping her face

Me. Say what's yo name

Lil girl. Jolisa

Me. How old are u?


She played with her fingers

Me. Seat in that chair

She nodded seating down I call the police about a missing child and she wasn't reported missing so they said to bring her to the station in the morning I got packed up and told her to come on she followed me once we got in the car she got in the back laying her head on the door I drove and got us some food but then I hard her snoring so she's sleep I got are food
And drove home when got home I took the food in first

Me. Jolisa

I shook her a little she opened her eyes and scached she got out following me she sat on the couch and she laid down going to sleep I sat her food in front of her

Me. Eat your food

She sat up and ate some of her food and laid back fight. Her sleep I got some clothes that Kylie left over here when her and doo was here. I took her to the bathroom and took her clothes off she started crying she has scars all on her legs she also had a stab womb on her thigh that was a little healed

Me. Someone touched u

She nodded and started to calm down I sat her down in the tub she bath herself and looked at me I sat the towel down and face the door so she won't be uncomfortable

Me. Are u in any pain

Jolisa. No sir

She finished and I put her hair in a ponytail I let her sleep in Kayden room. she started to fall asleep and I took a shower and went and laid down in my room going to sleep


I got up and went got dressed and got jolisa up she looked at me

Me. Come on you got to get dress

She got up brushed her teeth and sat on the bed I got a out fit from Kayden closet it fit her but it was just a lil big she got her shoes on I gave her some shoes Kayden grow out of they still look new I brushed her hair up and then we got in the car going to get are food then we went to the police station we got out going in

Police. How can I help u?

Me. Hey, umm she's 6 and I found her at my studio last night and she wasn't reported missing tho

Police. Ok I can have u sign some papers and put your number just in case she is reported missing later

He got up getting some papers and a lady with a clip bord came out asking Jolisa some question

Lady. Hey sweetie can I ask u some questions?

Jolisa nodded and the lady said

Lady. Has anyone ever touched u in your private-part?

Jolisa nodded her head yea looking down the lady wrote down on the paper

Lady. When was the last time u saw your mommy and daddy

Jolisa. 2 days ago, they think i’m dead.

Lady. Why u say that?

Jolisa. They tried to kill me because I didn't want to be hurt any more

Lady. How would they hurt u

Jolisa. They gave me a lot of shots on my arms and legs and the forced me to take pills and they stabbed me and cut me with knifes so that I would cry,And they would let man touch on me and my mom pinned me down while they did it

I finished signing all the papers and sat and listened to them talk

Lady. We're you eating when u were with them

Jolisa. No ma’am, I didn't have any time to eat they were always beating on me I only ate when I went to school

The lady nodded and then she asked

Lady. What's your parents name?

Jolisa. I never hard there name before

She nodded and she said she was finished so we left I took her shopping and got her all the stuff she wanted and need when we went in justice she got really scared. I picked her up and we left once we got to the house she calmed down I put her stuff in the guessed room

Me. My friends coming over ok?

She nodded seating on the couch I made her some food she ate I hard a nock on the door and it was my friends I let them in and sat down

Me. That's jolisa and jolisa that's, three, KD, Quando and Joe

She nodded finished eating she went in the kitchen

Three. Who child is that?

Me. I don't know but her parents abandoned her at the studio so I’m taking care of her

They nodded going back to chilling jolisa laid down on the couch I guess going to sleep we played the game and smoked

Did y'all enjoy

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