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The little girl *youngboy story*

Chapter 2

Before she meet nba youngboy

Jolisa pov

I was seating on the bed crying when my mom came in with some powder stuff I balled up crying more

Mom. Here sniff this it will make u feel better

I shook my head no and pushed her hand off me

Me. I don't want to

She left out the room and my dad came in he had a knife he yanked me by the leg and stabbed me in the thigh and I screamed he put tape on my mouth my mom came in And pinned me down my dad poured something on me it burned I started to move around trying to get away

Dad. Stay still!

I tried to but it burns I pushed my toung so I can take the tape off I screamed Really loud my dad chocked me and they put that stuff in my nose

Me. Noooo!!!

Dad. Shut up and sniff

I shook my head no he put his hand on my mouth and that stuff went up me nose I dont like it

Me. No more!!!

They stuck a needle in my arm I tried to get up and run

Me. Stop

My mom slapped me and I felt my whole body start to burn I screamed and sat up they let me I have no cloths on so I don't know why i’m hot

Me. I need water

They picked me up putting me in the tub it's cold my leg buns like hell

Me. It hurts!!!!

They put tape back on my mouth I screamed while I sat there the water was turning red I bath and leaned back

Mom. Get up

I stood up my leg is numb I slip and fell under the water I cwaled out the tub and took the tape off my mouth

Mom. Who told u to take that off

I put it on the floor and got the towel I went in the room I ”sleep in” I don't sleep cuz the pain I be in

5 hours later

I stood up my mom and dad just finished pinning me down while a man did something to my private it felt weird

Me. I don't want to do this i’m tired

Dad.then i’ll kill u

He took his knife out and cut my chest I felt my body collapsing and my eyes rolled back

Next morning

I got up seeing a big building i’m hungry I laid down there's pain in my leg and chest but i’m ok I balled up trying to go to sleep eventually I did

Next day

I woke up and it was getting dark and i’m hungry I stood up and my stomach started hurting so bad started crying I walked to the front of the building the light was on so I went in there and walked in the hall it was quiet but I hard some noise in the back so I went I stood at the door scared to nock so I stood there crying I started to panic the door opened I looked up seeing the man I saw on the build bord I looked down

Man. Say,We're your parents?

Me. I don't know

Man. What happened to your face

Me. My mommy and daddy tried to kill me but I didn't die so they put me in the back on this building

Man. What's your name?

Me. Jolisa

Man. How old are u


I think i’m 6 never knew my birthday I was never allowed to know

Man. Seat right here

I sat down and he called someone on the phone I was getting tired again after he got off the phone we left getting in the car and fell asleep

1 hour later

I felt someone shaking me I opened my eyes seeing that we were at this big house I got out following him and I went sleep on the couch but he woke me up and told me to eat I ate some but I couldn't eat a lot cuz my stomach can't take it he took me to get cloths then in the bath room he took my clothes off and asked me

Man. Has anyone touched u?

Me. Yes sir

He sat me in the tub turning the other way so I can bath when I was done he gave me the towle once I was dryer off and dressed he put something on my cuts and he laid me in a room it look like a room for a boy I wonder if he has kids I fell asleep

How do y'all like it so fare

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