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The Strike


It was based on the fictional story. A boy who is serving for the nation he was facing a situation when he was in the war between ind & pak. How he came out from the situation is the story.

Action / Drama
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The Strike

The Strike

Before going to read this story my sincere request is to all of them is…. I have written this story as a fictional story line if I made any mistakes in the story or about the Indian Army and all other persons in the story my apologies to it…. If you like it or not I’m happy to take it from you all…

It was all in my own view if this was happened to somebody in their life how did he managed to get out from these kind of situation which was faced by 21yrs old boy who is serving for the nation….
I hope you people also be a brave person and handle the situations without losing hope and courage inside you…. Work hard for your goals and reach whatever milestones which you have created in your life….

Date: 2020 January 22nd

Early morning, time 7:00 Chilliana / Teetwal near Neelum River. In that dense forest a soldier is wounded, a radio phone lying next to him. A voice is coming from the radio phone "Cadet 8664 come in come in….are you there...."
Slowly he opens his eyes, Some people's footsteps are approaching him. Rudra was trying to get up on his feet but he was heavily wounded, somehow he tries and manages to standup on his feet.

Abhinav: Shit…. that’s why I don’t like to join in the army now see what happened to me it is just because I have given my word to my mother. If I didn’t make promise to my mom today I will be happily living my life with my family now I don’t know if I can survive from them. He tries to shoot the people with his AK-203 Assault rifle before they opens the fire but all of his Ammo was finished. He throws his weapon there and tries to hide from the people who were approaching him. He ran from there and hides under a big stone which was there at the river bank, holding his knife on his hand for saving himself from those people….

A group of 10 Pakistan terrorists who were equipped with the armed weapons stood near the Neelum river bank. One of them told to other guys to find him, he should not cross the Pakistani border....

Rudra had made himself quite for some time, a bullet is pierced in his body and the blood was bleeding from his left arm. He was holding the pain, and those terrorists are searching for him everywhere at the river bank side. After a while they have left that place. He removes the bullet with the knife and ties a cloth on his left shoulder to stop the bleeding.

Slowly he falls into sleep..,
"Abhi... Abhi.... Wakeup you are getting late for the school." It's already 7:30Am
Abhinav: Suddenly he wakes up. What? I have only 30min left for going to school, and he looks into the clock....
It's 7:00Am only, argh....Mom....not again.....What mom every time you are always making me fool.

Just tell me one thing Abhinav, I am the one who makes everything for you guys in right time, if I haven’t done the work at right time who is going to take a blame for that. Now you are a grown up child you should know how to make your time schedule and work hard for the success do not be a lazy boy. Look at your elder sister how she is maintaining the things even she has a lot of work to be done.
Abhinav: Please stop mom…. Please don’t start your lecture again mom….. That’s how daddy endures you…. That is why my father came to our house 10, 12 times in those years.

“Satyadev Rudra is a “Vice Colonel” of the Indian military force, and his wife Mrs. Radhika she is a home maker and they had three children’s Kavitha, Abhinav, and Geetha.”

“Kavitha she was 19yrs of age, Abhinav Rudra he was 12yrs of age, Geetha she was 8yrs old.”

Satyadev Rudra he was into the Indian army when he was 18yrs of age at that time, at the age of 22yrs he was married to Ms.Radhika and her age is 18yrs.

His Grandfather have fought for the freedom fight, Satyadev Rudra and his father were into the Indian army.

Mrs. Radhika use to take care of her three children and home, Satyadev used to come and visit his house when he gets leaves. They were from middle class family and they had 2Acres of agriculture land and the total family use to depend on the father salary & field money.

Kavitha she is also preparing to join in women’s military force, Abhinav was in 7th standard and his little sister was in 3th standard.

We were always happy when our father comes to home because he usually comes to home yearly. When he comes to home we all try to spend more time with our father so we like our dad….

I was the only boy in my house so that my father always show love towards me, he likes to see me in the Uniform. And I will always wear my father uniform and play with my sisters and my father loved that by looking his son and thinking off me in that uniform when I become young.

Abhinav, Geetha and their uncle (Radhika Brother) daughter Priya use to go to school on share auto with the other children, Priya and Abhinav were studying in same class.

Abhinav is a average student in the class were as Priya is a topper. Priya always helps Abhinav for getting him good marks in the exams and also does his homework and all. She had a little crush on Abhinav at that age only, why because her father always tells her when you get old your marriage will done with Abhinav only he is the one who is going to tie a knot. Abhinav is like a cool & chilling kid he don’t involves in fights and always entertaining in his friends group, All the family members and his friends loves him a lot.

And their 7th standard final exams were coming, both Priya & Abhinav combinely preparing for their tomorrow Mathematics exam, Kavitha helping them to get good score in the exam. Abhinav was a little poor in the subject so she explained everything to him, he will always forgot some logics. Kavitha knows that he won’t able to understand all the logics and steps in the subject she was just praying for god for tomorrow exam.

But his luck that day Priya roll no is front of his only and they both have written well for the exam. Results were released Priya have got passed with 90% and Abhinav also got passed with 60%, all were happy but Priya was little bit upset that she had scored less marks in Mathematics than Abhinav. In his report card Abhinav has got more marks when compare to all other subjects.

Next day there was a call for his father….
Mr. Satyadev Rudra you need to get back to the base camp immediately there is a serious situation going on the border.
Everyone in the family given sendoff to his dad, while Satyadev is leaving the home he calls his son and tells him you have to take care of the family & you are my strongest boy, don’t irritate & trouble your mom and be a good boy okay….

Abhinav: Okay dad, when will be you returning back again….

Satyadev: Soon son, if I doesn’t comeback also my thoughts will always be with you. He kisses Abhinav and Geetha.

Radhika: Take care of you; I will be waiting for you…. And she hugs him….

Kavitha: Bye dad, let the country will be proud of you and She Salutes to her father.

“And he goes to the Indian border, there the situation is going out of hands India, Pakistan soldiers were opening the fire for the borders. Satyadev Rudra has taken the charge for the Unit and Both Sides were battling heavily for two days, lot of soldiers was dead and injured and finally Indian Army have secured their area by the evening after a long battle.”

After the war has ended a call has received by Radhika, Mrs. Radhika we are sorry to say that in the war your husband was martyred, and Satyadev body can be collected by tomorrow morning.

After listening to those words she got fainted and fells down, at that time Abhinav & Geetha were behind of her, by seeing their mother condition they were afraid and cried for her elder sister Kavitha. Kavitha was outside the garden she ran into the house & came to her mother and asks mom what happen wakeup she tries to wake her up. Kavitha sprinkles water on her mother’s face and makes her conscious. Her mother cries and says that your father is dead. And they both started crying. Abhinav was in shock state that his father was no more, Geetha also started crying that her mother was crying, because she don’t know anything she is a small girl.

Next day morning Satyadev body has arrived to his house lots of people were gathered to look at the dead body of him. All the members in the family were crying a lot for the loss of Satyadev. By the evening Satyadev body was cremated with honorable military insignia….

For Rudra’s family the government of India have given bravery award to Satyadev and also given them 10Lakhs of rupees for the loss of Satyadev. But her mother rejected that amount and said that we don’t want any money I am happy that my husband has fought for the country pride. I am also ready to send my son and my daughter to war for the country if needed.

But in Abhinav mind his father’s words are rolling that he has to take care of his family.

After some days have passed, all the people in the country have slowly forgot about the incident. And their family were struggled to earn money they have to depend on his father pension money which government has issued with that they have to survive.

His mother Radhika was working hard for the family to earn money she took the entire burden on her hands. After looking into the situations Abhinav got so emotional and he wants to do something for his family….

Few Years have passed gently at home they all started to recover from the pain of Satyadev not being with us.

Kavitha was into the women’s military regime and she was doing well in the army. And Abhinav was into the 12th grade, he always thinks how to look after his family how I can earn money for leading them to a good life for my family. He wants to do a small business to earn some money.

After Few days His Elder sister Kavitha has met with an accident she lost one of her leg in that accident. She not only lost her leg but also her career, future and her passion towards the country. Her mother is worried about her future before the accident she was looking for marriage proposals but now this thing happened, lots of questions were getting into her mind.

But Somehow god’s grace Kavitha got engaged with one nice guy he doesn’t looked into her whether she is a physically handicapped or not but their family asked for the dowry we just gave some amount and 1 Acre land as a dowry and we happily done our sister marriage.

By the time Abhinav have finished his 12th grade, meanwhile in those intermediate days Priya and Abhinav both have loved each other. Priya wants to continue her study and she left the village and went for higher studies. But Abhinav was not interested in studies he wants to start a business for the sake of the family.

Abhinav: He made his mind and he wants to talk with her mother about the business, when he went to his mother, his mother suddenly hugs him and says I am happy for what you have been achieved congratulations Abhinav. He doesn’t understand anything what his mother is talking about, what happened mom why were you so happy he asked.

Radhika: she given him the letter, Indian army wants you to join in the force.

Abhinav: After reading that Abhinav got shocked, he doesn’t want to join in the Army he never had a thought of getting into the army after the demise of his father. He told his mother that mom I don’t want to join in this army I want to be with my family happily by doing small business that’s it.

Radhika: What are you talking son don’t play jokes at this time and don’t spoil this happiest moment. Tell me this is a joke…

Abhinav: No mother I am not joking at all I just don’t want to be dead like my father in the war or being like a handicapped person in home. I want to be with you people only no one has cared about our family, If I also dead in war then who is going to look after you all. No mom I’m not going anywhere sorry….

Radhika: No Abhi don’t talk like that, you know about our family we all are sacrificing our life’s for not only for our country and also for the future of the people. And also don’t think that every time war will be happening at the border areas.
Abhinav: What about Geetha how can we do her marriage think mom….

Radhika: Ok son do whatever you want to do it’s your life….

Kavitha: Brother I have heard all the conversation, I will give you a suggestion if you like it or not that depends on you. So you want to do business for that you have to take few more years because at this age you can’t manage everything single handedly. So mean while join in this army and do 3yrs service in this field after that you get the salary and you will earn money so from that money you can easily do marriage for Geetha and with the balance amount you can open your business. I you like to continue in this field you can if not you can quit the job by taking the personal retirement telling them you had some family troubles no one will stop you…. So think about once and tell us….

Abhinav: Your idea is also good but I want some more time to think about it….

“After that conversation his mother came to Kavitha and she said…., Now he will think about it after all what you have done to him for getting this job to your brother. He still thinks that they (Indian Army) offered him to join, but he doesn’t know that you were the reason behind it.”

Abhinav called Priya and he spoke with her about joining in the army and also he explained about what kavitha had told to him….

Priya: Ok what kavitha had spoken with you is correct what can’t you try for it… if it does good you can easily work on your business idea so from my side I think you should join in the army.

Abhinav: After talking with her I myself made a decision to join in the army, and I went to my family members and I said Yes for joining in the army….

They were so happy about the decision which I have taken….

I took blessings from my mother, and hugged my sisters and started my journey to the destination of STC BSF Tekanpur (Gwalior). STC (SHAPE TECHINCAL CENTER)

For the first time in Abhinav’s life, he left his family, home and moved away….

He reached to the STC BSF Academy and reported to the trainer. So you are the son of our late Satyadev Rudra, you are looking so young…! What’s your age Abhinav?

Abhinav: Sir I’m 19yrs old sir….

Trainer: It is great that you have so much patriotism at such a young age. However everything I heard about your family is true. It’s our honor…. to have a brave hearted people like you….

Your Training period will be starts at tomorrow early in the morning 5:00 clock report me at the ground. And you are into the 180th Battalion batch we will see how well were you in the training period.
In that batch he was the only guy who is very young in age….

Next day morning he attended the training session in the ground…,

Trainer: Good morning everyone here the training will be divided into two types BASIC MILITARY TRAINING & ADVANCE MILITARY TRAINING. BASIC MILITARY TRAINING is of 17 weeks common for all Arms & Services. In this basic level the training will be on Drill, Gradual physical toughening, basic weapon training etc. After completion of basic next comes to the Advance Training it will be around 26 weeks, so before going to the Advance training you have to be strong so get ready for the first day of the session.

It was so horrible & painful for him to do the physical training session he can’t even move his muscle anymore. Then after he has to attend the mental ability and weapon training classes likewise BASIC MILITARY TRAINING was given him for the day.

He cried a lot for the body pains, he wants to run out from the camp but he doesn’t do that because if he goes back her mother will not be happy and she will not talk to him forever.

A Boy next to his bed has seen him crying; he came to him and asked why are you crying are you thinking about your family? By the way I’m Ravinder…..

Abhinav: Yes…. And I’m Abhinav….
Ravinder: Don’t worry about them they will be okay if they know that you are low & crying, they will be sad. You have to be strong here; you have to feel like this is your next and prior family. You have to feel grateful for being here….

Likewise he gives the motivation for Abhinav to keep him calm and happy…. And they both became friends.

Weeks have been passed Abhinav has completed his Basic Military Training and he jumps into next level Advance Military Training. His Performance was getting much better and he cleared all the training period with a good result. And the BSF Training was about to start this was the major training in this the training period will be more than 24weeks of rigorous training, this is the final stage to complete the whole training period.

Abhinav has trained hard in this period and he successfully completed the whole training period. After completion of the BSF Training they have issued 1month holiday for them to go and visit their families and tell them they are very well trained in the campus.

Abhinav was so happy for that news he went back to his hometown to see his family after continuous training period.
His mother was so happy by seeing her son in the military uniform, finally after long time they all met together and enjoyed a lot. Priya also came back from her college to see him she also got emotional after looking him they both have hugged and talked about their past days and enjoyed their day.

This time days have been passed quickly his holiday leave period was finished, now it’s the time to go back to the camp. Van has arrived to his house to pick him up, again they send him off with the lot of emotions, but this time her mother was bit too emotional and suddenly she got something into her mind and stopped abhinav and she went inside her room and came out with a letter and she give to me.

Abhinav: What was it? I asked….

Radhika: This is not just a letter it’s your dad’s last words which he had written for you only he told me to give it to you before he went to the war. I think you have to look after it if you were free….

Abhinav: Ok mom…. And I kept in my pocket….

He took their blessings and returned back to the vehicle. The vehicle was started Priya followed the van all the way towards the border of the village with the tears in her eyes she waved her hand and said bye to Abhinav….

He forgot to look into that letter…..

After Reaching to the Head quarter of BSF he was posted to guard the area in the Chilliana / Teetwal near Neelum River.
The Neelum River is 245 Kilometers long, it covers 50 kilometers in the Indian-administered Kashmir and the remaining 195 kilometers in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, and the temperature ranges from 0 to 12⁰ C.

There the BSF Base camps are divided (splitted) for every 3km range, approximately 20 BSF members will guard for every 3kms range with highly equipped weapons. Abhinav was a 20yrs of age he was so young in that base area and also very aggressive.

Two months have been passed in the BSF camp area, suddenly one day evening at 6:00 clock Pakistan Terrorists have opened fire on the Indian soldiers it was like a sudden surprise attack they have killed 2 BSF Jawan’s and they were trying to cross the premises. Around 20 terrorists, mainly of the banned Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashker-e-Taiba (LeT) are started attacking the Army. Some of them are attacking from the high mountain range some were attacking by hiding into the bushes and stones. Suddenly the atmosphere was turned into hot red situation both sides are fighting with their weapons toughly.

The both sides have been fighting each other for an hour, in that war some of the terrorists are trying to invade into the BSF camp from the small tunnel below the ground which they have Digged around 20 feet long and 3 to 4 feet wide tunnel at two months back ago to enter into it. The terrorists have planned very well before only and they surrounded them from all sides.

They have called for the backup extra forces but there the situation is also the same. There they were fighting for the border area issues with the Pakistan soldiers there they have to defend against the Army, and that fight was started before an Hour ago….. So that they can’t send anyone right away it may take some time for reaching your base why because there the situation will gets even more dangerous when compare to the second base camp.

But Indian Army were not losing their hope they were attacking back with their counter strikes, they have also killed 6 members from that terrorists gang. The Indian Army were easily defending the terrorists who were in the ground level, but the people who are shooting from the mountain cliff range they can’t stop from the ground level it is very difficult to shoot them all. They were launching the rocket missiles and shooting with the machine gun.

It’s getting tougher from both sides, Abhinav getting angry on them he was searching for a route to destroy them after sometime he got an idea and he have spotted the terrorists invasion tunnel he signaled to Ravinder and said cover me. He and Ravinder were charged near to that tunnel and opened the fire into that tunnel before entering into it.

Abhinav: He spoke to the other fellow that I’m going into this tunnel and no matter how tough will be the situation I will destroy them all at their place only you keep guard here, if I haven’t return back soon just say to my mother that your son fought for the country as you said and died like a heroic death.

Ravinder: No without our general orders you can’t do this mission by your own….. We have informed for getting the extra force we will wait for them.

Abhinav: No we don’t have that much time before they have reached here we all are going to die here, if I am not going to do this someone has to do it. I will teach them a lesson in their own language so let me go for that…. He said and went into the tunnel….

He sneaks into the tunnel and enters into the Pakistan border area; it’s getting dark at night so they can’t find him easily. Here Indian army was trying to find a way to kill those people who were attack from the cliff.

Abhinav slowly sneaks behind of those terrorists’ men, in that two of the people were busy in shooting with the machine gun one was holding the bullets belt & loading it and another guy is shooting. He slowly crawls towards them and he throws a stone into the dry leaves beside of them it made a sound that some is approaching to them they got distracted and turned to their right side, and he whistles with his mouth and shoots with his gun as soon as they look back.

Abhinav: Two down, still lot to go….

Ravinder: General…. Soldier Abhinav went to the Pakistan border I tried to stop him sir but he didn’t listened to me sir…. We need to do something sir…..

General: What the hell he was thinking? Rudra do you copy…. Hello soldier Rudra do you read me….

Abhinav: Hello I copy sir….

General: You can’t break the rules Rudra you shouldn’t have done that without my orders, you think yourself a hero….you have to comeback immediately it’s my order….

Abhinav: Sir we can’t defend them from our base, just give me one chance I will take them all….

General: No Rudra… If they caught you they will torture & kill you and moreover that is out of law & rules within 10mins you have to report me and that’s it copy and over….

Abhinav: Hmm…. 10mins that will be enough for me to kill all of them.., I will meet you all after finishing them over and out….

General: Hello Rudra Rudra….. He is out of mind….

Abhinav was killing everyone who was coming on his way…. He killed remaining 6 people and cleared them all. In that firing one of the gang member called to someone and says that “Bhai Yaha Ekh Hindustan Jawan Hamari Seema Mai Ghuss Ke Hamara Sabhi Logoan Ko Maar Raha Tha, Mai Akhela Bachgaya” (Here an Indian soldier entered into our border and he is killing all our men, and I was the only one who is escaped from him).


Then Abhinav shoots that last guy who was speaking with the other person on the microphone…..At last there was silence everywhere there is no gun sounds at all. Abhinav calls to general and says sir task finished in time…, there were no more Pakistani terrorists left I’m returning back to the base…over….

All of them were happy and congratulating each other, But General is little bit happy & angry on Abhinav for the decision that he made…..

While Abhinav was returning back to the tunnel suddenly a Bullet was pierced into his left arm. He turned back looked a group of 10 people were opened fire on him; he was hit badly on his arm he runs and hide from them. He taught all of them were dead but not, they were coming to hunt him. At the same time Pakistan Army Force are coming back to the spot that they got the message about the terrorists gang are attacking the Indian army after 1hour they have reacted, and they came back for patrolling he can’t escape now from them….

He ran back into the dense forest they were also following him; He was shooting at them and running for his life. He ran out of his ammo he doesn’t know how to escape from them he was trying to protecting his life from them; he was dodging the bullets from hitting him. He ran towards the edge of the cliff and suddenly he stops, there is no way to go further and they were coming to get him and he had only two choices. One he has to surrender them if he surrenders they will be definitely going to kill, Two he has to jump from the cliff into the Neelum River which was floating under the cliff. He was very well trained but the thing is he was injured and the river is floating heavily. He decides and prayed to the god and jumped into the River……

They shoot with the gun into the river and he escaped from it, in that group one of the member raises his gun and fired in the air and cried looking at him “MAI USSE ZINDA NAHI CHODUNGA….” (I will not going to leave him alive)…….

Abhinav has flown far away in the river; he was knocked unconscious by the waves and hit his head on a rock. The flow of water reaches him to the shore at some point of the place and after some time he opens his eyes and he slowly stands on his feet but his leg got sprain and he is tiered, he walked forward 10 steps and he fell down there and he slept over there for a while. And the time has passed away slowly sun is coming out from the sky.
And he hears some foot steps are approaching to him and he wakes up and tries to stand up and takes his gun and tries to shoot them, but he forgot that he was out his ammo… and he tries to hide from them and runs away and he hides under the rock at the river bank side and they searched for him everywhere and after some time they left the area and went away and he takes out the bullet which was pierced into his left hand and he slowly fells into sleep……

Abhinav has to somehow make a plan to escape from the terrorists and Pakistan army before they catch him, he has to reach to the BSF Camp if not he is going to die here…. He was thinking to find a route to escape from them….

I was severely wounded and my energy was slowly draining down that I can’t walk for so far, I told myself to my heart to don’t get disheartened. Everywhere is surrounded by forest and river and I don’t even know the way to reach the base camp and I forgot the way from where I have come this far. I don’t even have any weapon on my hand to protect myself from the wild animals and from the Terrorists in this forest. Shit I shouldn’t have done like this… I should have listened to the captain…. It is my mistake to think like that I am a big hero and it is so easy to kill them and I can show them my heroism…. Now see At last what I have succeeded, if they caught me they will definitely going to shoot me like a dumb & mad dog, and my family can’t even get to see my dead body also they will bury me here itself…. I was losing hope….

And I telling to myself that I don’t want to be dead like my father, suddenly I have realized about the letter which my mother have given to me. And I searched my pockets and I took the letter and started reading…. My blood was spread on the paper…..

“Dear Abhinav,
I don’t know why this was happening to me from past few days I’m getting lot of nightmares about my death If in case I was dead who is going to take care of our family .And I don’t know with whom I should share about this I can’t share this with your sister and your mother also so that is why I want to share with you about my feelings & I know you are not fully grownup to understand this that is why I’m writing this to you if in case anything happens to me it will help you to get some motivate.
I always had a dream that I want to look you in the army uniform and serving for the nation. Generally parents will always think about their children’s future, and I didn’t even ask you whether you like to join in the army or not. But one thing Abhinav serving our nation without expecting anything from the people or from the country is a good feeling which I have learned and I myself feel proud which I have made for the country. Don’t think about the people why because they might or might not remember about your sacrifice because they will only react to the situation when they like…. Our sacrifice means giving happy life to lot of persons in the country….
In your life what you want like to do, do it with the passion doesn’t care about anyone if you think right. And don’t ever lose your hope when you were facing difficulties in the tough situations, why because situations may come and go but don’t lose your hope and you know well what about our family so be a brave boy…. Don’t leave your family at any situation you have to stand up first for the family….I know you are my bravest hero, and I miss you a lot Abhi….”

After reading that I felt in tears and I made my mind clear from the fear which I was facing. And I feel some motivated I made myself that I should not fear about this situation and I’m going to face this without any fear in my heart. And I will definitely going to reach the Indian border and I will meet my family. And I started my journey by walking….

After sometime I have reached one of the top of the cliff in that forest, from the top view I have seen some camp tents and some vehicles are passing from that place. I thought it would be the forest people so I can get some help from them, and I should reach before its getting dark here why because the climate over here is very tough and it is very cold in the winter’s I need to hurry….

Quickly I have reached to that camp area, suddenly my feet have stopped and I got shocked why because everyone in that area is equipped with the weapons and lots of lethal weapons, Gun Powder, Bombs etc were there. I wondered by looking into that area and I slowly hide back beside one of the tent and peeped inside it. Just then some people got down from a vehicle and came inside the tent, all of them were looks like a Pakistan Army persons I didn’t understand for what purpose they have come to that place. One of the Person stood up and hugged & shake their hands each other, I think he might be the main head who was running this group by looking into his appearance. I was so curious what they were talking about and I thought something they were planning big, I just kept myself quiet and observing them.

Asalam Whale Kum (Mohamed Arif Khan) Bhai…..

Mohamed Arif Khan: Have you guys find him or not?

We were trying our best Bhai we will definitely going to grab him and drag him at your feet by next day morning.

Mohamed Arif Khan: I want him alive…. If not I’m not going to spare anybody here, now get back to your work.

Pak Soldier: Here are the keys, all the weapons and money you asked for were in that van go and check it.

Abhinav: I was shocked there are so many armed advanced weapons were there in that van.

Bhai…. Sab Clear Hai…. (All Clear)

Mohamed Arif Khan: Hmm…. Give them those CD proofs & pendrive to them.

Pak Soldier: What about the girl?? You guys told that you will release the girl after handovering the weapons.

Mohamed Arif Khan: Yeah I have given you my word. But I have planned something bigger this time to fulfill my dream for this country. We just want your support, if we release her today you guys will not listen to me forever. But I can tell you that not even a single mark will be happened to that girl, after finishing of my plan we will definitely release her… God promise….

Pak Soldier: You guy’s cheated on us we won’t keep quiet; one side we were fighting with the Indian Army there was a tension situation going at the border and we were sacrificing our lives towards our nation, in this typical situation also we were helping you just because we don’t have any other option.

By Kidnapping the Defense minister daughter you should be ashamed to be born in the same country and cheated on us. You should have some respect towards your country and the people.

Arif Khan: Shut up your bloody filthy mouth…. Who do you think you are….

It is not you people…., it is us for the sake of Kashmir for the sake of our country we people are struggling our lives not even caring about our families as a children of Allah we were just sacrificing our life’s….
But did you ever tried to fire on that Hindustan with your guns before we even started at least one person didn’t raised a word on them?? Our deaths are far greater than your deaths when compared to you, now get out from my place…. He insulted the soldier by saying rude words….

Abhinav: Meanwhile a sound rang out loudly touching the back of my neck like a hot breath. I looked back for a moment, I saw a dog looking at me with red eyes and teeth were opened ready to bite me. I gently pulled back and took a stone in my hand next to it and punched it hard in the face as it screamed at the blow, but it didn’t stopped trying to catch me I ran from there. That’s it with that sound all the people there looked at me because of that sound and I ran from there to escape from them.

Mohamed Arif Khan: Who is that..? Catch him I want him alive….

They were following me on their vehicles to catch me, three more dogs were send to catch me they were chasing me I was trying to escape from them. People were opened fire on me and trying to aim on my legs to catch me. I was really running hard to escape from them, but at some distance a small twig hit my leg and I felt down. And I was surrounded by the dogs….

slowly they were closing near to bite me, then a man got out of the car and stopped them. He came near to me and hit me on my face and another guy hit me on my back of the head, that one blow I’ve gone into unconscious state….

They dragged me to their place on the vehicle and they tied me up on a chair. After a while I got consciousness with the blurred eyes under the light I slowly opened my eyes a person was walking towards me….

Mohamed Arif Khan: Is this the same guy we all were looking for huh..?

Yes Bhai jaan…. he is the guy as we are searching for him to catch…

Mohamed Arif Khan: Look at him he just look like a small baby boy, I think he was under 20 to 22yrs old young boy….

But the guts he has shown in the war was incredible Bhai Jaan….

Mohamed Arif Khan: Is It….! Slapping on my cheeks he asked…hey look at me can you see me…. (Tera Naam Kya Hai) What’s your name..?

Abhinav: My Name is Abhinav…. Abhinav Rudra…. Aur Mai tera baap huuu (I’m Your Dad)…. Hahaha he laughs while saying…
Mohamed Arif Khan: You look like innocent but you have a lot of sarcasm…. How much guts do you really had it inside huh…?

Abhinav: Yes this 21yrs old boy squeezed into your Pakistan border and killed all of you with one single hand, but you could not even catch me I found you because of my mistake by mistake you guys can’t do anything without any other’s support & not even you can’t touch my hair bloody fools…

Mohamed Arif Khan: Hmm so you think that we can’t do anything without support. I will show you and your country what we are really capable to do…. I will hang your dead body in your home country with blood flushing out from your body…. Not even a single person can dare to see your dead body, I would kill you so brutally but not I can’t do that right now. I want you to kneel down infront of me and you should cry really hard and beg for your life, and finally you should ask me to kill me I can’t bare this much of pain. I will laugh when I hear those sounds while we people are torturing you….. Take Him Away…..

They started torturing Abhinav in a room, they undressed him and they started beating him cruelly with the plastic sticks & belts everywhere, and after that they hang him upside down and soaked him in to the hot water and start beating. And they ripen out my nails from the fingers & they made small cuts on my body and hit them with the red chilly powder.

I was crying a lot with so much of pain that they have made to me…. They were enjoying a lot while doing those kinds of things to me likewise they have tortured me for 2 days….

News Scrolling:

Meanwhile Pakistan Terrorists leaked all these things to the news channels in their country, news have been scrolling down about the Abhinav missing from the last 3days when he was in the war. From them slowly news have been passed to the Indian news channels and it was highlighted in the country and the Total topic was revolving around the matter, why he made that decision to cross the border in the middle of the war. Did Major purposely have given the orders to cross the border or Abhinav did he think that he was a hero to himself? Otherwise, He might be shook the hands with the Pakistan or do they killed him? Questions are been raising about this topic, whole country people were asking their questions to the government they want the answers from them…. Why ministers & Generals are being quiet about this matter is they hiding anything more complicated for the country or they were annoying this matter….?

Everyone is coming to their home asking about Abhinav is he really do that, does he spoken with you before he was doing like that. He doesn’t like to join in the army so that I the reason he jumped out of the border and ran away. Some shameless people were trolling in the social media that he is young guy that’s why he was nervous and got afraid of the war that’s why he ran away….. like this they some were trolling, some of them were appreciating because of him that day at the war our army people were defended them easily or else there might be huge loss occur to the nation like that they were talking about him everywhere about the Abhinav…

Abhinav family were shocked after looking into the news, and his mother Radhika got into the tears she cried for his son after listening to the news.

After listening to all this shit news Geetha got angry and she went and met with the media persons and said that my son is not a coward or not he afraid of the war and ran away. He is the son of our brave late colonel Satyadev rudra bravery has in his bloody only and he has love towards his nation….. Yes he doesn’t liked to join in the army just because that he was thinking about his family, if he also dead in the war like his father then who will be going to take care of his family situations made him not to join in the army that’s it we haven’t pressured him or pushed him into the army. Without knowing anything don’t write this silly kind of news for the publicity. If he really missing for 3days we don’t know what might happened in the war I think government will not keep quiet they were doing their duties they know how to get back him. Truth & Justice will be our side after all our family has done to the nation… Jai Hind….

Mohamed Arif Khan: Wake him up?
He sprinkled water on my face and fiercely, and I opened my eyes….
Mohamed Arif Khan: Oh great you still alive…. I haven’t thought you could take this much of pain you are strong man….even I’m also looking for a person like you who can rule & run our country after me…. But I feel so sad for you Beta (child) by looking you in this state I had an offer for you, why don’t you join with us your problems will be gone if you accept my proposal….

Abhinav: Haahaa…. Mr.Khan…..There may be people in your country who work for you like sheep, but iam not such a person who will listen walk blindly in your route…. If you want to kill me stop this nonsense and kill me in one shot don’t play tricks on me…. Till the last breath I will be proud to die as an Indian….

Mohamed Arif Khan: Hahaha…. Hahahaha…… you Indians are fools…. These Indians were keep on telling film dialouges in fact they don’t even know that what kind of situation they were really facing on and they don’t know the difference between the reel and the reality…. These guys are really emotional fools….

He can’t even raise his hands and he is saying that he’s going to kill me hahah….And what did you say until your last breath you will be proud to die as an Indian…. Fools fools….. I will tell you a secret after listening to that no matter how much hard you try, you will not able to defend your country….

Every time we attack with weapons you people are going to defeat us lot of damage happened to us. But this time it won’t happen not even your god is going to stop this plan…. This time the death rate will be more we are not going to anything we will just simply sit here and watch your country on the screen screaming and praying for their life’s….

Today is Jan 25th by the end of Jan 26th day you and your country will shake about hearing the news that as everyone were happily celebrating the republic day, but at some places at the border areas like Srinagar, Ladakh, Kashmir areas as of our planning there will be thousands of people are going to attack on their own people and they will kill themselves because of the conflict which we have created. “Some people in your country who has no job to survive and hopeless people who were ready to do anything by just one sign we captured them likewise we have choosen 50 to 100 people who are going to die for our country just because of what we have made them and trained for…. and we helped them and slowly motivated to the Islamic and we brainwashed their mindsets. Our people 20 members will mix with them and they will guide to these guys and give them signals at what time they have to start fights by throwing stones, attacking with the knifes & weapons on the public and police. And while that is going on we plant bombs in some places and blast them with the remote controls, before your force gets respond everything will be destroyed within a minute and your government will falls and we rule your India just like another Syria Country….”

You know well what happened to the Syria country and the people….. After finishing of the task we will release your pictures to the media that you were a part in these attacks and joined with Pakistan terrorists group…

I have heard about your family that all the members in your family has served for their total lives to the country. But after listening to this news your people will hate you and your family some might may even kill your family also and your mom’s heart will breaks for what you did. So if you want to live with your family happily you have no options more than to join in our group. See unnecessarily you have crossed the border and tried to show your heroism to the people but finally what happened you got stuck with us like this. That is why our elder’s will say things done with rage & anger will threat their own life’s… Now tell me this is the final chance are you in or out….

Abhinav: Khan…. Your dreams are not going to work out our army will be definitely going to find you and stop your stupid attacks.., if not they are going to stop this encounter I myself will kill you before you step your bloody foot in my country…. No one can get out of here alive….

Mohamed Arif Khan: Shhh…. I hate this kind of words…. Ok you didn’t used your chance well no problem…..
Take him away and tie him up in that room and he should be ashamed of himself that after knowing all the details and plans realizing that he can’t able to save anyone he should feel pity for that and he should cry for it…. After that kill him along with that girl….

“Bhai…. Why should we kill the girl? The reason we were alive is just because of that girl if not we all going to die in the hands of our Army…..”

Mohamed Arif Khan: Yes I know because of her only we have survived this long but the matter Is because of her only my life is in danger. We had a deal that after collecting the weapons we will be surely release the girl but we did not leave her…. After that meeting somehow they Catched one of our person and they tortured him to find out the location of that girl before they don’t know where we hide the girl. They might be preparing a plan to destroy us before they reach us…

I will play another trick that we ourselves give them the location of the girl and take her with them…. They will come to the location before they reached to that place Abhinav and this girl will be in the same room while they entering inside of the room one of our guy will Shoot the girl and we will place a bullet’s less gun (Out of Ammo gun) on Abhinav hands they will think that Abhinav have killed her and also they already know that he is the guy who has crossed the border a few days ago so they will kill him and we are safe….. Poor fellows they have helped us so much with return gift we will surrender this Abhinav to them….

Before we do that we have to shift from this place we will find a new place and hide over there all the materials should be shifted tonight we have no time do it quickly…. You four people go with the plan what we have discussed about those two people Abhinav & girl keep an eye on them… And I want to know every moment over here keep in touch with me…. If any chance he tries to escape shoot him immediately, I will tell them he was trying to kill the girl we tried to stop him to save the girl but we couldn’t stop him and he shot the girl and we quickly opened the fire on him and he got shot dead…..
From here to our next location it will be around 10km away it will take minimum 30mins of time in this forest area and now it’s early morning 4A.M and today is the day Jan 26th which we are looking forward. As per the information mostly the president of India will hoist the flag around 7:30 to 8:00am so our men will place the bombs around the all places as per the plan. After hoisting the flag we will send the message to the team and they start their procedure what we have discussed so you all be on touch with me…. After watching of their defeat we will celebrate here and I will be so happy after all of my hard work…..
What will you say Mr.Abhinav is everything clear you have no doubts right….Hahah… Enjoy your last few hours good bye….

After sometime everyone has left the place except their four members and us they locked us in a closed room. And that girl was around 16yrs old and she was Scared & crying that she wants to go home, and she looked at me and said Bhayya (Brother) please leave me I want to go home and see my mom & dad she thought that I am also one of the terrorist and she was asking me to live her alive…. I tried to calm her down and tried to understand the situation what is going on there. After listening to my words slowly she believed me and asked me then how can we manage to escape from this Bhayya….

Abhinav: I don’t know but I have to find a way to stop them, I have to do something…. Come on think Abhi…. Use your brain…. Think think…. And there is a clock in the room I looked into the time and it was morning 6Am.

Meanwhile all the preparations for the Republic day has been going on in the Red Fort people were gathering slowly to the Red Fort and it is highly secured by the police teams & security forces. Some of the forces were preparing to show their performances on the parade ground, there will be huge number of peoples will be attending the flag hoisting ceremony.

Meanwhile Arif khan called to their men and told them those Pakistan army members will be going to come in 30mins to reach the location so get ready and be alert….

One of the person opened the window and said hey guys you have only 30mins to die so say thanks to the god that we were dying in the hands of great people.
Abhinav: I got an idea.., take that rod and hold in your hand and will act like dead man. when I say go at that time scream hard that you have killed me and I am dead so they will look through the window and come inside to look what happened and I will attack them okay.

Okay…. Start ….

Girl: No leave me…. And she hit the rod into the ground and made a noise….argh… someone open the door I killed him mistakenly… I think he was dead please open the door….

One of the person opened the window and looked inside and they urged inside the room and asked the girl.

What happened why did you kill him?

Girl: He tried to kill me and I somehow managed to escape from and hit him hard with the rod and he was not moving….

Hey go and check him careful…. Slowly he reached Abhinav and turned his body….
That’s it he wakes up and hit him hard on the face and turned his right arm and took the gun from him and started shooting the other three guys…. Within seconds Abhinav managed to kill the other’s and he went to the last guy and said…..

Abhinav: What did you say I have to say thanks for the god…. Now you say thanks to him that I am going to die in the hands of a 21yrs old brave kid….

He searched for the mobile to contact his general to pass the message about the plan which they have done for today. And quickly he made a call to the base camp of India.

Abhinav: Hello…. I’m soldier Abhinav….

Ravinder: Abhinav…. Oh shit where were you man? Is everything was okay? Tell me the location where you were hiding…?

Abhinav: I was trying to reach our general where is he? Give the call to our general…

Ravinder: Ok ok wait…. Sir solider
Abhinav is on the call…

General: What? Hello is this really Abhinav…. From where are you calling from….?

Abhinav: Sir sir….we don’t have that much of time to discuss about this matter there is a serious situation is going on here I need you people to stop the attacks from the Pakistan terrorists. We have less time to save our country from them, please make a quick action on it and I explained about the plan which the terrorists have planned.

General: Ok I understand I will be working on it…. I will send the message to all the teams in the respected areas. But you have to return back to our country right now we will help you to get back here….
Abhinav: I will be coming back after killing that bastard Arif Khan or I will die here….

General: Abhinav don’t take again any other wrong steps, you previously what had happened to you we can’t lose you again…. Don’t behave like your father if you do that the same thing you also going to die like your father in the war…..

Abhinav: What..? what happened to him in the war sir please tell me….?

General: On that day I and satyadev were fighting with the pak army, within the mean time we know that we can easily defeat them, one by one they we were stepping back and it’s almost over that we thought…. But all of a sudden they strike with the air force; they attacked us from the chopper by launching the missiles. Some of them were injured and some were dead and we were running back to save our lives by looking into that situation he got angry and his ego was raised that we were stepping back to save our lives by seeing this he throw his gun away and ran inside the tent and he come out with a machine gun and started firing to that chopper. We all were stood in shock by looking at him he opened the fire even though he took bullets inside his body and he destroyed the Chopper…. After taking of all those bullets inside his body he turned back and smiled at us by turning his mustache and left his last breath like a heroic laugh….

So don’t go for your ego if you again do that you will be dead like your father…. Think about your family…. We will find another way to destroy them…..

After some silence….

Abhinav: Sir He might have gone for the ego and all, but the way he looked in to the situation is different he think that he don’t want to see his country failing down…. He or someone should do the same thing before it’s too late. And being a vice colonel and lead to the team he was teaching the other members to not give up in this situation why because we were serving the nation….

Being a son to my father now I understood how much important and respectable for a army men to serve his nation from the enemies…. I will meet you after finishing the Khan or I will die like a warrior in their hands….

General: I’m proud of you my boy this is what your father wants to see in you…. I will be waiting for you…. Go on….

After finishing of the call four vehicles have reached to the place, all the Pak army members were got down from the vehicles and aimed at me and they were ready to shoot me. Pak defense minister also came to the spot, and he cried at me and said leave my daughter if not I’m going to open the fire on you….

Girl: No don’t shoot him Pappa (father)…,

Pak Minister: Beti (daughter) you don’t know anything come this side he will kill you….

Girl: I said stop it, he is the one who saved me from those terrorists…. Because of him only I was alive….

Pak Minister: Hold your fire…

Girl: Thank you dad for listening me…. Abhinav come with me my dad will help you to go home….

Abhinav: Sir.., I know the place where Arif khan is hiding give me one chance we both go and attack on him. You have seen him how cruel he was and he trapped your daughter and made videos on her and tried to black mail you. After looking at all these incidents you still want to leave him just because of that he is your same country fellow. Sir think about it.., today he took your daughter for his comforts tomorrow he might have blackmail by kidnapping other minister daughter. Sir we were Army peoples our duty is to protect our nations from the outside and inside as well…. If not I will stand in front of you people and fight with you also….Please understand sir….

Pak Minister: Yes what you have said is right…. I like your frankness let’s go and kill him…. Even if our government raises questions on me or if they kill me by shaking hands with you, I don’t care of it…. You have saved my daughter’s life you don’t know how much I have love as due respect I’m with you…. I’ll come with you let’s go….

Pak Soldier: No sir, we can’t allow you to go alone you please go with your daughter safely to your home I and my men will go with him even I have some personal revenge on him. Boys let’s do it….

Pak Minister: After finishing of him drop Abhinav at the border of India…. We will meet again Mr.Abhinav thanks once again.
We start driving to find Arif Khan along with the Pak army members, some of them were denied to join with us but some of them joined with us because of the respect which they have given for their minister total we were 5people. And 4 of them took the girl to the safe place in other van.

And the time was around 7:00Am Arif Khan and his team members were sat in front of the TV in a room some of them were guarding outside the room. And the People who are working for the terrorist’s gang all of them were eagerly waiting for the signal has to come from the Khan….
And we reached to the place where he was hiding; we stopped our vehicles and we 5 guys divided and surrounded the place. There are two persons guarding at the entry of the main door and I quietly came behind one of the guarding person at the door and I closed his mouth with my hand so he wouldn’t scream and I cut his neck with knife. Meanwhile the other guy sawed me and he tried to kill me with his gun but my person shoot him with the silenced gun on his forehead. And we quietly cleared all of their men one by one by shooting on their heads…..

Meanwhile Arif Khan is watching the news they got news from one of the sleeper cell. Bhai…. All of a sudden Indian government has issued 144 section total country was filled with armed forces and some of our men were caughted…. Even they have closed the way to the Red fort place and the people who have already entered in red fort were send them back to their respected places with the security and all of our bombs held were detected and disconnected them. I think I’m the only person who has escaped from them…. I don’t know who has leaked this matter….
Arif Khan once again he gone throw the news channel after seeing that he was shocked and confused and he tried to called those 4 people but they were not able to pick up the call….. He got angry and stood up from the chair and throws his mobile….

Mohamed Arif Khan: I know it’s him, I already told them clearly if he does any tricks shoot him but they didn’t listen to me. I’m not going to spare him I will find him and I’m going to kill that bastard let’s move….

While they were coming out of the room they opened the room door and we five stood in front of them and opened firing on their men. And both sides we are shooting at each other, two of Pak army were injured in that fight almost. And we have killed those remaining terrorists and now only Khan has left but he was not there somehow he managed to escape from the battle and he was escaping in the forest. And Abhinav followed him some distance suddenly Khan disappears he was hiding in the bushes and Abhinav was looking around for him, and all of a sudden he comes out from the bushes and holded Abhinav from the back and he stabbed with the knife on his back. Khan stabbed Abhinav twice and Abhinav tried and managed to get rid of him and the blood was clotting from his back. Abhinav faced him without any weapon on his hand and he fight back with the Khan. At last Abhinav managed to beat him hardly and took away knife from Khan hands by beating him and Arif khan fell down on the ground and Abhinav picked his gun and aimed at him….

Abhinav: This is the end of your story…. You want to destroy our country but it not happened and now you are dying at the hands of a young boy like me. It’s shame on you…. your people who has to protect you have turned back on you and they have come to kill you in the end this is what you have achieved.

You had love towards to your nation but the path you have chosen is not correct…
Pray to the god if there is next life for you say him that I will never betray my country and live next life honest to your country….

And I shoot him on his head….

Remaining Pak people have reached to the spot after Khan is dead and they took Abhinav with them and safely dropped him at the border and hand overed him to the Indian army in the presence of the Pak defense minister and Indian defense general.

Abhinav was covered with lot of injuries and immediately taken him to the hospital after 3 weeks bed rest he has recovered from the wounds. After looking at his condition General he made a phone call to their family members were happy of listening the news from the hospital staff….

General: He came to him and told him that you have to be in our custody for some days why because there are lots of questions raising from our government, news channels and public they still can’t accept you to stay in this country without giving them with satisfied answer’s…

Abhinav: After all what I have done for the country without hesitating and risking my life for our people…. Now look what they are up to…. And he laughs….

General: It’s a procedure you have to follow it take rest, tomorrow is the day you have to face them….

And after they taken him submitted to the defense court and they started questioning him about what he have done previously and asked lot of question’s….

And he replied them with accepting answers and they tested him for 1 week with all kinds of procedures and after court have satisfied with the answers and later they released him to go…..

He went to see his family members along with the general and all of them were in happy after seeing him and his mother was proud to him and so happy for returning back…. And Priya came to me and hugged and kissed me on my cheeks in front of all family members….. And my family and my uncle were happy to see us get married….

Abhinav got a gift from Pak defense Minister sending his best wishes general came and asked him who send it for you? I said about him…. Even though he was an enemy to our country, after listening to my words and he liked me as a human being and helped me to get out from their country he is a good & emotional guy…..

General: Yes that’s true…. Go and enjoy with your family and come back as soon as possible ok…. Bye I need to catch up some work outside….

Abhinav: Bye General…..

General got inside the car and a call came to him….

General: Good evening sir…. Just know Abhinav was telling about that you were a good person but he doesn’t know that you were a spy who was working for us…. Once again thanks for saving your country and Abhinav…. We will meet again…..

THE END……………..

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