Psychopath ( Yoongi x Reader)


Min Yoongi Have a Mental disorder called "Psychopathy" he likes to hurt or harm other people. He killed his sister and he escaped in mental hospital and Namjoon choose to hide him.

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This book is a fiction and I'm not basing this on real-life situations all of the unfamiliar characters and scene here didn't exist and I do not intend to violate any laws. This book is not BASED on real-life situations for Pete's sake

*Trigger warning!!

This book contains self-harm drugs, Criminal act, Rape and abusing other people if you're too sensitive then don't read this. I do not support this kind of action remember this book is just a fiction.


Yoongi POV~

I saw a video showing how girl cut her flesh and let her body soaked with her blood until she died

"Crazy" smirked appeared on my face
"I'd rather choose to hurt people than myself" and I laughed I walk toward the kitchen and prepare for my dinner

"Why I badly want to hurt or harm people?" I asked Namjoon

"isn't obvious?" Namjoon raised his eyebrow

"It's obvious but I want to live like a normal person" I murmured

"You don't remember? You killed your sister and your mom sent you to the mental hospital and?" He pointed his inner finger to me

"I escaped" I reply to him

"See? and that's the reason why you're here" he smiled

"My point is why I want to hurt or kill other people," I asked him

"Fuck Yoongi!! You didn't understand what I meant?" He stood up angrily

"Calm down Namjoon" I chuckle

"Psychopath" Namjoon said and He immediately walks towards the door and goes outside

Namjoon is a Police officer but he chooses to hide me here I'm wanted because I killed my sister a couple of years ago and I didn't regret it because she deserves to be killed

I grabbed the remote and sat on my couch. I need to relax. I admit that I don't want to hurt people but when my disorder attacked me I have no choice


It's 11 pm already and I'm sleepy when my phone rang. I pulled up my phone in my pocket and answer the call

"Hello? Who is this?" I asked

"Hyung~ it's me Jungkook" he sweetly said

"Why are you calling me?" I said coldly

"Wait. Hyung why you didn't save my number?" He asked me

" I don't have any time" I lied because I don't really like saving peoples number

"Ah. Okay" he said "BTW Yoongi we have a new game Taehyung the one who create this" after I heard him my mood immediately change

"What kind?" I asked him nervously

I know Jungkook and Taehyung is my sweetest Bestfriend but once they're bored their attitudes change

"Come here first," Jungkook said.

I walk toward my Door and grabbed my Brown leather jacket and my shade and go outside

*Time Skip

I drove for about 25 minutes until I got Our Hideout

I opened the door and I see jungkook laughing hardly

"Hyung is here!!" Jungkook shouted and a smile appeared on his face

"What do you need?" I asked him nervously. I smelled of blood. fresh blood

"Ahh. Hyung I want to introduce to you our new game" he smiled and walk toward the vacant room

"Follow me Hyung" he seems too excited

I followed Jungkook until we reach the vacant room

When Jungkook pulled the doorknob and the door open I saw a girl soaking with her blood

"Who is she?" Asked him and smile evilly

"I don't know I just kidnapped her" he smiled and I walk towards the girl

"You look so beautiful" I smirked, "but unlikely you're gonna die" I passionately touch her face

"D-don't fucking touch me!!" She shouted and immediately kick my foot I fell on the floor

I heard jungkook laughing so loud. I stood up and I slapped her violently

"How dare you to kick me? poor lady," I asked her angrily

"Whoa whoa whoa. Hyung calm down" he chuckles

"Let's play the game Hyung," he said with an innocent voice

"I don't want I lost my interest towards the game," I coldly said

"But you don't want the prize e..." I interrupt what he saying

"No, I don't want just play with Taehyung," I said

"But Taehyung isn't here " he pouted and sit on a couch

"Aish. Jungkook I need to go home I need to sleep" I said but he just staring to me

"Btw what's the fucking prize?" I asked him

He pointed his finger to the girl. I smirked and grabbed my cloth I feel so sleepy and I don't wanna see this fucking pathetic girl who the only one kicked me if u could I probably kill her

"I don't want the prize. Just kill her or throw him or raped her I don't care" I walked toward the girl and give her evilly smirked before I left the room

Before I already left the house jungkook run towards me

"Hyung wait!!" I turned to him

"Why!!" I asked him

"Help me" he smiled

I raised my eyebrow. Sign that I'm asking what he needs

"Help to throw the girl on the cliff" I sighed after I heard him

I grabbed my cigarette and my lighter on my pocket and start smoking

"Pick her imma to throw her I don't need anybody just give her to me let me done this mess" I sighed

"Are you sure? You're not joking Hyung?" He asked me innocently

"What the fuck? I look like joking?" I just stared at him

"Ok thank you, Yoongs..... I-i mean Hyung" he immediately went inside the house

when he came out I saw that he was carrying the woman. I immediately took it from him and put it in the backseat of my car

and I immediately got in my car and said goodbye to jungkook and looked for a nearby cliff. This woman is a pity she is beautiful but she will die early. I just and sighed

I took the woman and lifted her before throwing her into the ravine but I heard her speak while welding softly

"D-don't throw m-me please," she said while suffering

I just smirked. after she kicked me haha

*Authors note

Hi my name is Zay this story is just a short story I hope y'all like it I worked hard for this story

Please guys kindly vote? Thank you in advance

Don't forget to vote on Choeadol for BTS

*Yoongi drop a selca and also Namjoon too they look so handsome

He so soft but psycho TBH Min yoongi is more than feminine than me haha. I feel pity for myself cuz I look like a potato πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

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