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Art's and Jet's


Its been 4 years since Art (kth) lost his love Jet (jjk) but for some reason he still feels his presence. Art struggled with all their memories rushing back every single day. Little did he know that Jet never left his side.

Romance / Fantasy
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If only I would be given a chance to say yes whenever you asked me to dance.. I will not hesitate to agree even for a hundred times.

"Take my hand..." once you start singing I can't stop smiling. I feel the warmth of your voice, it feels like home.

"Take my whole life too.." this is where you start to pull me closer and god you have the most beautiful smile.

"For I can't help... falling in love with you" those words, though they're just lyrics, it still makes my heart flutter every single time.

Too bad I won't be able to hear those again.

Its been years and yet I could still feel your hugs.. its as if you're here. But then tears starts falling once I realize that it was all just a dream.

I miss your voice, your smile, and your laugh.

I miss everything about you Jet.


I'm right here Art... I never left. I will always be here until you're ready to let go.

Everything you felt,

They're real.

[ Jungkook as Jet/Jethro Ramirez ]
[ Taehyung as Art/Arturo Lim ]

a few reminders :
> characters will be introduced as the story goes on
> this is my first work here so I hope you like it
> taglish
> madaming mura :))
> the whole plot is based from the author's imagination and is not affiliated with any of the places, names, or establishments that are to be mentioned. this work is PURE FICTION, any similarities with actual things are only coincidental

- north
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