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Lady In Waiting


Isabella is child of God who works as a maid in a wealthy man's house. The man's wife and daughters are very hateful and beat the crap out of her and the maids if they do anything wrong. Isabella can't leave because her family needs the money. She has faith that God would come to their aid in his time. Then a billionaire man comes around which her boss daughters are fighting for him to get married. But it seems he has eyes only for Isabella. Is he the will of God for her? or she has to wait some more? Find out more in Lady In Waiting.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

*Beep*Beep*Beep*. Ugh. I turn over to turn off my alarm clock. *Splash*. I jolted up to find my boss daughters, Mary and Cashlin laughing. “I always love to do this” Cashlin said. ” You should have seen her face”Mary said still laughing. They dumped a bucket of cold water over me and were laughing about it. This wasn’t the first time they were waking me up with their funny tactics. ” I was just about to get out of bed”I said upset. “Wake up sleepyhead and don’t talk to us like that. Remember you are a maid and you do whatever we tell you”Cashlin said. “Be ready in 1 minute to cook us breakfast”Mary said. “I can’t get ready in 1 minute, I literally just woke up”I said. ” Well that’s your problem but I would add 1 more minute because am nice”she said. They left my room laughing. I was so upset but there was nothing I could do. I need this job to help my parents. All other places wouldn’t offer me a job because they thought I would seduce their husband because of my age(22) and my looks. I said my morning prayers quickly, I usually spend more time on my prayers but since I had two minutes to get ready I had to do a quick one. I ran to the shower dumped a bucket of cold water on myself. Ran out of the bathroom, lotion myself, put on my uniform(below) and ran downstairs. Took 3 minutes, the fastest I have ever dressed in my life.

This lady made us wear old fashioned, ugly dresses so as not to “attract men”or “seduce her husband”, that’s a different story. I went downstairs to the kitchen and saw the other maids. “Good morning Isabella”one of the maid, my best friend, Olivia greeted me. “Good morning”I said. “how was your morning?” “Woke up to a bucket of cold water dumped on me” “It could have been worse. Lily woke up with a bag of flour all over her and she got blamed for it”She said. “They are wasting our supplies”I said. I was not surprised to hear what Mary and Cashlin have done. They do this to maids and waste our supplies and then I get blamed and beaten because of it. I am the head of the maids and I mostly get blamed for the things that they do, other maids get beaten and blamed too but most of the weight is on me. “And Olive woke up to a lot of cockroaches on the floor and she hates bugs”Olivia continued. “Why do they do this? It’s not funny”I said. This ladies keep doing nasty stuff to the maids and treat us like crap. One day God will judge them. I continued doing what I was doing and ordered other maids to what they should do. Then the door burst open and in came Claudia Smith, Mr James wife, my boss. Today she was wearing a dress with a pink jacket.

“Isabella! Where the heck is breakfast?!” She yelled coming up to me. “It’s almost ready mam”I said. “Breakfast should have being ready 10 minutes ago and here you are telling me it’s almost ready!” “Mam it’s just that I had to do a huge batch and some of the maids are working on the food for the event this afternoon”I said. She came up to me and gave me a slap. My face was stinging. “I said I want you to make breakfast! Did I say you should cook for the event this afternoon?!Tell me!Did I?!“She yelled in my face. “No mam, You didn’t”I said holding the cheek that she slapped. “Breakfast better be ready in 5 minutes or else you are in big trouble!“She yelled then left. “Oh My God!Are you okay” “Should I get you Ice” “Are you alright” The maids were asking questions, concerned. “Am fine guys, lets just get the breakfast on the table before 5 minutes”I said. Everyone went back to their station and began doing their job as fast as they could. I called the rest of the maids to stop working on the food for the event and help. We got breakfast on the table in 5 minutes. ” God helped you that you did not bring the food 1 minute late. I would have beat the crap out of you”Ms Smith said. Her daughters were snickering and smiling. “Dear calm down at least the food is on the table”Mr smith said. Mr Smith is a very kind man and he gives the maids extra money on top of our pay check. He can’t do anything about the way his wife treats us. He mostly travels for business trips. His wife makes sure she doesn’t beat us in front of him because that would lead to a huge fight between them and she probably won’t get money for shopping or going out with friends. I left the dinning room and went to the kitchen. “Isabella. Your cheek is red and swollen. let me help you”Olivia said. “Don’t worry, I would do it myself”I said. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, it was indeed red and a little bit swollen. I took care of it and went back to the kitchen to direct the maids. In my mind, I prayed to God that she doesn’t come in and find a mistake and beat the crap out of any of the maid.

A/N: I just noticed that when I was reading the story that in some of the chapters the pictures don't appear. If the pictures don't appear please ignore the below or above thing. Thanks

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