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Lady In Waiting

Chapter 2

We finished cooking by 1:30 pm and the event was at 2:00 pm. One of the maids ran into the kitchen. “Isabella, Ms Smith wants us to decorate the venue for the event” the maid said. Oh my God! What’s wrong with this woman. We literally just finished cooking and she wants us to decorate the venue, can’t she hire decorators. “Ok, we’ll be there”I said. I gathered a few of the maids and went to the garden. We started decorating and finished at 1:45 pm. I had already told two maids to get dressed to start welcoming people in. I and the rest of the maids went inside to get dressed. Ms Smith makes sure we wear a nice dress anytime we host events, so that she can show off....I don’t even know what she wants to show off. This time it was a red dress(below).

The guests started arriving and I was running around making sure everything was okay. Ms Smith approached me. I was sweating thinking that she found something wrong. “Young lady, if any of my guest complains about the food or anything, I will deal with you”She said. That didn’t relieve me in any way. “Yes mam”I said. “Claudia!“one of her friends called. “Oh Mariam! it’s been so long”Ms Smith said walking away. I signed. “Hey everything alright?“Olivia asked walking up to me. “We’ve got to make sure everything is perfect or someone is gonna get beaten today”I said. “Got it”. The party was going very fine and I saw Olivia flirting with a very cute guy. We weren’t supposed to talk to any of the guys according to Ms Smith, so I looked around to see if any of the Smiths were around. Apparently not, they were probably inside. She saw me and smiled, I signaled to her to be very careful, she nodded her head. I went to the corner to read my bible since everything was going fine. After 30 minutes of reading my bible and trying to memorize scriptures Olivia came to sit beside me. “How was the cute guy?“I asked. “He is very charming, I like him”She said smiling. “He made me laugh like twenty times” “Well that’s good seems like a nice man. So why did you leave him?” “Had to go for a meeting. He told me he wanted to say goodbye to the host and asked me to follow him, I was like nah. I told him to go I had other things to do” “Good cause that could have gotten you in trouble” “I know”... “I wish I could date”she said quietly. Olivia also couldn’t quit this job, her family needed the money just like mine. We can’t get jobs anywhere because we didn’t go to college or have a diploma. Some may say go work in a McDonald or Walmart. The money can barely cover rent talk less of food. This was the highest paying job that doesn’t require college diploma or experience. “I know, me too” Olivia signed. “She’s just so wicked!Why can’t she let us be free for once. Be ourselves”She said angrily. “Don’t worry, God will see us through. He knows the end from the beginning, he has a plan for us, okay?Don’t worry”I said. She nodded. It was around 4:31 pm and some guests were leaving but there were still a lot of them left. I and Olivia stood up to go refill the food and see if there is anything needed. Mary and Cashlin came outside. They wore very revealing dresses. They both wore black dresses, Cashlin’s own had a trail at the back and one shoulder, Mary’s own has a slit on both sides.

It looked like they were going for a night club or something. I hope they don’t come and disturb. Mary and Cashlin looked at me and started smirking. I hope they weren’t going to destroy anything.

Thankfully by the time the party ended they didn’t destroy anything. The party ended at 5:00 pm. I and the maids cleaned up everything after the guests left. We went inside tired. I went to my room prayed and changed to my night gown. Then I heard a loud knock,“Isabella!Open this door now!” I opened the door and I received a very painful slap on the face.

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