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Lady In Waiting

Chapter 3

“You stupid good for nothing bitch!“she yelled. I held my stinging face. “Mam what happened?Why did you slap me?“I asked. “Don’t you dare ask me why I slapped you!“. She dragged me down the hall to another room. I saw Olivia crying with a bloody lip and torn cloth. Mary and Cashlin smirking. “Oh my God!!What happened?!“I asked. “Mary and Cashlin saw this thing! flirting with a guy!Now tell me was it true?!Who is the guy?!“She yelled in my face. “Mam, I-I don’t know”I said. “So it is true, she was flirting with a guy”she said. She gave Olivia a slap. Olivia whimpered. “Do you know what you have done!You just talked to the CEO of a Multi-millionaire company!And where did that leave my daughters?!Where?!“She screamed. “Mother, lets beat some sense into her, so that next time she wouldn’t do it”Mary said. “Mam, please she didn’t know, she wouldn’t do it again, please mam”I begged. “Shut your filthy mouth!I should beat some sense into you too”she said. They took a belt and whipped Olivia, she screamed and curled into a ball. There was nothing I could do, I just continued to beg them to stop. Finally they stopped. “That will teach you a lesson never to disobey my rules!“Ms Smith yelled. She left. “Oh you wanna know how we know? We saw you through the window”Cashlin said smirking. They left laughing. I ran to Olivia and took her to her room. I called some maids to help me clean her up. She was shaking. I left her after she went to sleep and went to my room. I prayed to God that we wouldn’t stay in this place for too long. It was unbearable.

It was a week after that incident and Olivia was healing nicely thanks to medication and Shea butter. We were walking back from the youth bible study in our church. “Oh, lets go in”Olivia said. There was a dress shop called Hobbs. “Are you okay?!Why would you want to go in there?It’s freaking expensive!“I exclaimed. Olivia rolled her eyes “It’s called window shopping and besides if we can’t afford it today, we can afford it in the future. We aren’t going to be in this position forever”She said. “true. Lets go”. We entered into the shop and saw gorgeous dresses. “Oh my God!“Olivia and I exclaimed. So many beautiful dresses. “God please make me rich so I can come and bye this dresses”Olivia said, bowing her head and clasping her hand. I smiled. We continued into the shop. “Oh my God!!“We both said at the same time. I ran to a grayish looking dress with lace and beads all over it(1st dress shown below). Olivia ran to a simple looking dress(2nd dress shown below).

“Damm!This place has so many beautiful dresses”I said. “I know right?“Olivia said. We heard a baby crying and turned to see a mother with a little girl holding her leg and a baby crying in her arms. She looked exhausted. “Do you think we should help her?“Olivia asked. “Why not?“. We went towards her. “Hey it seems like you need help?“Olivia said. “Oh yes please I need to find an evening gown for a party maybe green”The woman said trying to console the baby. I took the baby from her hand and cuddled the baby, she didn’t even have the strength to say anything. “Come seat”Olivia said. We took her to a seat and we consoled the little girl. The baby was asleep in minutes. I put the baby in the car seat and we went looking for dresses for the lady. “How about this?“Olivia asked me holding up a black dress. “Nah, too dark”I said. We took some choices for her to try on. “We forgot to ask. What type of party is it?“I asked. “It’s a cocktail party. It’s in 2 hours and I forgot to get a dress”She said. My eyes widened “Aren’t you supposed to get the dress fitted if it’s too big?“I asked. “That’s not a problem”she said smiling. “My name is Isabella but you could call me Bella”I said. “And I am Olivia” “My name is Ava”The woman said. “Well nice to meet you”Olivia said. “Same”. She finally settled on a dress(below) which was not green but still looked beautiful on her.

“Thanks so much for your help”Ava said. “You’re welcome”Olivia said. I carried the car seat with the baby inside still asleep. The young girl was over Olivia’s shoulder sleeping. When we both saw the car we stopped. “Wow!“I whispered with my mouth hanging open. Olivia’s was the same. Ava’s car was a 2018 Cadillac car. “Close your mouths before flies enter”She said laughing. We closed our mouths and continued walking. “I really appreciate your help today. Thank you so much” “You’re welcome. Can I take a picture with your car?“Olivia asked. I rolled my eyes.“Sure why not”Ava said. We took our pictures and left. “Did you ever think we would see a 2018 Cadillac car?“Olivia asked. “Nope” “She must be rich” “I know”. “Shoot!We need to walk faster. It’s 4:51 pm we need to be at the house by 5:00 pm”I said. We ran like we’ve never ran before. We got to the house at 5:05 pm. We went to the basement sneakily, hoping Ms Smith was not at home. I found the maids cooking. “Ms Smith is livid”Charlotte said(one of the maids). We quickly put on our uniforms and ran to the kitchen. I began chopping onions “What does she want for dinner tonight?“I asked. “Didn’t say”Charlotte said. Damm we are in big trouble. “Olivia get the cheese!“I said. She ran towards the cheese and accidentally bumped into Lina who was carrying the drinks. Glass scattered everywhere, juice all over the place. Ms Smith chose that moment to walk in.

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