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All the Stars in the Sky (Fred Weasley)


Disclaimer: probably going to go through a buttload of editing. Star Black was an orphan with her little brother Sirius at Wool's Orphanage , a very old building that you barely ever heard laughing in. The only strange thing about the siblings were some happenings and the fact that they had very unique and weird names. At least, that was until Professor Albus Dumbledore told them something that they never expected. Sirius was a wizard and Star was a witch.

Romance / Fantasy
The Loyal One
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Mrs. Cole watched as a man that she had only met once before walked up to her, holding a small bundle gingerly in his arms. He had changed a good deal since almost forty years ago and now sporting a silver beard as opposed to the auburn he had had in his younger days and a bright blue suit that would have been painful to look at if it was one shade brighter.

“Professor Dumbledore, what are you doing here?” she asked in a tired voice. One of the children had had a fit again, and another got pushed down the steps when they were caught trying to steal for the third time this week. Mrs. Cole was craving a drink but knew it wouldn’t be the best decision given where she worked. She felt wary of whatever Dumbledore had in the bundle and eyed him with suspicion, knowing from experience that bundles hold babies and babies mean crying and dirty diapers - not to mention migraines.

“Dear Mrs. Cole, I’m so sorry for bothering you but it is impertinent that this child is taken care of and I just happened to think of this orphanage as the best place. There is a letter with her that explains what I cannot at this moment in time and I wish that you will take her under your wing for as long as she stays in your care.” He handed Mrs. Cole the bundle and spoke once again. “I must go but remember what I said; take care of her.” Albus then calmly walked out of the building but not before sending the baby a little wave.

Mrs. Cole had no choice but to take the small bundle from Professor Dumbledore’s arms. She watched Dumbledore until he went out of her line of sight and then looked down at the little thing in her arms. There she saw stormy grey eyes gazing up at her as though the newborn was looking through her very soul. The little baby girl smiled at her and then laid her little blonde head down in her blanket.

This was the start of Star Black’s journey.

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