Charmed Melinda Season 3 Final season


Melinda and her brothers have killed off all Demons and are now married. Life seems good and normal, till they have to go up against old dark magic.

Fantasy / Action
Valentijn M. Civi
Age Rating:

Darkness begins


Season 3

Episode one

Darkness begins


Nurse: Doctor, the patient is ready for operation.

Doctor: Good, let’s start then.

The wound didn’t seem that deep and he could see the bullet clearly. He did an attempt to pull it out, but the moment he touched the bullet with his equipment’s, he felt a jolt and flew across the room. The nurses looked frightened. The doctor got up, looking a bit dazed.

Doctor: What the hell happened? He asked around looking at the nurses.

Nurse: I have no idea.

Doctor tried a second attempt to pull the bullet out and again he flew against the wall.

Doctor: Ok, I don’t know what is going on, but I can’t take that bullet out, but if we don’t do anything she is going to bleed out.

Nurse: We have another problem. There is not enough of her blood type. We need to check if one of the family members has the same blood type.

The nurse hurried quickly out of the room to find the family.

Waiting room hospital

Dash was pacing around and Piper was staring out of the window. Till the nurse came in running.

Dash: Nurse. How is she?

Nurse: Not so good. We are not able to get the bullet out. It seems like it won’t let us. In meantime she is losing a lot of blood and we don’t have enough. Therefore I was wondering which one of you has also AB negative blood type?

Chris: I do. I am her brother.

Nurse: Then you need to come with me right now.

Chris looked at his wife and his parents, nodded and followed the nurse.

Wyatt: How is it possible that they can’t get the bullet out? He asked angry.

Leo: Because it is no ordinary bullet, but one spelled by Jackie with old magic. I am afraid that the doctors can’t help her. We need to get her home and try magic.

Caroline: How are we supposed to do that? She asked worried.

Leo: I don’t know. Too much humans are involved now. We have to be smart about it, if we don’t want any exposure. I think we had enough of those.

Piper: Caroline go up there and get one of your bosses here.

Caroline: Sure, she said not certain why she had to get them.

She orbed out and not long after that she orbed back in with Odin. Wyatt quickly closed the door of the waiting room. Piper got up and stood before Odin.

Odin: Hello Piper. I understood that you wanted to speak to me.

Piper: Yes, we need your help big time.

Odin: How can I assist?

Piper: We need to get Melinda out of here, right now. We can’t risk her bleeding out here.

Odin: I heard what happened and I am terribly sorry for that. We never knew that Jake possessed such power.

Wyatt: He doesn’t, but his book does. That book has very old magic, but dark magic. Even after we bound him, he found a way to attack us, through Jackie.

Casey: Also the fact that if Melinda dies, the binding would be gone and Jake would get his powers back. We have to do something.

Odin: Still I am not sure what you want from me.

Piper: We are going to get Melinda out of the operation room and take her home. There we are going to use all the magic we have to save her. Unfortunately a lot of humans have seen Melinda hurt and all those people need to forget her and what happened to her.

Odin: That is a bit risky.

Piper: Risky? Are you serious? We have been fighting Demons more than 20 years. We have saved your asses countless times. Without us, you wouldn’t be here. My daughter has fought with everything she got to save the world over and over again and you are talking about risks! She yelled angry.

Odin: I am sorry.

Piper: NO! I won’t accept your apology. I want you to do something. Anything! You are an Elder for god’s sake. Or you help her or god helps me, I find a way, even if it means using dark magic. I don’t care. You got that! She shouted at him and the whole ground started to shake under them.

Leo: Honey calm down! He said sharply.

Odin: I wish there was something I could do. The bullet is spelled. If you pull it out she will die instantly. If you leave it in, she will die too. This kind of old magic goes behind our knowledge.

We were very happy to see Jake getting bound, but didn’t foresee Jackie taking over en turning full evil.

Piper: I don’t care about Jake or Jackie. I want Melinda out of here. NOW! She screamed at Odin.

Arrange it or god help me, I will expose us all big time. I will use magic and hurt and do whatever needs to be done, to get her out of here, so we can save her. With or without your help.

Odin: be careful Piper. You may be a Matriarch but that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.

Wyatt: I think it is time that you go. We don’t need your help. It was a mistake asking you to come. Go.

Odin looked at Wyatt for a moment and then at the group around him and orbed out.

Wyatt: Ok, what is the plan?

Casey: I say we go to Jackie and vanquish her sorry ass! With that her magic should be broken and they can get the bullet out.

Leo: No. That must be our last option. I think I have an idea.

Piper: What is it? She asked looking at her husband.

Leo: We need to get back to the Manor to do it. It is too risky to do it here.

Piper: I am not leaving this place. Not till Melinda is ok.

Leo: You have no choice. You are now the most powerful one. You are the one who can fix this.

Piper: You want to use the ring of Coop, don’t you?

Leo: No. That will bring you back to a time, but it doesn’t have to be that specific moment. I think you need to go back and be in the body of your past self. So you have control and stop it from happening.

Piper: Ok, do I use a spell? Spill it.

Leo: You are not going to like this, but it is our only option.

Piper: Do it. Whatever it is? Right here and now! Casey keep an eye on the door. If someone comes this direction, use some wind or something to distract them. Subtle of course. Do it, she said to Leo now.

Leo: Clyde! You son of a bitch. The most stinking demon that walks the earth. Animal’s smells better then you. Get your lazy butt here right now.

Piper: Clyde? Seriously? Last time he helped us, Phoebe and Cole turned into ghosts.

A swirl of wind started to appear and Clyde appeared, not looking pleased.

Clyde: Leo? You summoned me. You have no favors anymore. This time I want a soul.

Leo: And you will get one, just not right now. We have to save our daughter first, before we can go attack the person who put her here.

Clyde: What can I do for you?

Leo: Before I tell you I have a question. Do you accept also souls that are corrupted? Those were good before they become evil?

Clyde: I don’t care if they were holy before they went all dark, as long as they have a spark of darkness I am happy. So, now what do you need.

Piper: We need to go back, like five minutes before my daughter got shot. I need to be in control of my past self.

Clyde: That is easy, he said grumpy.

He clicked with his hand and a door appeared. He opened it and looked at Piper.

Piper: Don’t forget to check the room before you leave? Remember Lulu and Frankie? She said looking at him.

Clyde became grumpier and pointed at the door. Piper sighed and went through it.

It felt like it took only a second. Before she felt anything weird, she was in her past self.

Manor, kitchen

Piper was in the kitchen and cooking. Everybody was there, except Melinda.

Piper: Where is Melinda? She asked in panic.

Dash: She just went upstairs to freshen up.

Piper: Oh no. I hope I am not too late. She put down the fire and ran towards the stairs, with the group behind her. They stopped by the dinner table. They could see Melinda standing by the beginning of the stairs, with Jackie not far from her. Both girls looked for a moment to the group, but Melinda held her hand up, saying that she could handle it. Piper still kept her hands up, ready to attack.

Jackie: Do you have any idea what you have done? You have made a real mistake by binding him. The whole coven is shocked by your actions. You supposed to be good. How can you bind him? He is broken and devastated. I don’t think he wants to live anymore. If he dies, then you have his blood on your hands.

Melinda: You are pregnant. I can sense the little one in your belly.

Jackie looked surprised at Melinda and then held her hands before her stomach, like she was trying to protect it.

Jackie: I am magical and our son will be magical. Jake will not be able to handle not been able to teach his son the magic and the ways of the Witches of the Order.

Melinda: I am sorry, but I cannot help you with that. Maybe in time if I see that Jake has changed and become again the person I knew. Then we can talk about it, but otherwise it will not happen. I am actually still surprised that you two were a thing. I mean he was trying so hard to get me back, that I cannot imagine him doing something like that.

Jackie: Not that it is your business, but we had a thing once. I was going to tell him after your wedding that I was pregnant, but then he became weird and I decided to wait with telling him.

Melinda: Why don’t you tell him now? Maybe that is exactly what he needs to move on and accept a normal life.

Jackie: Turn him back, she demanded Melinda.

Melinda: No! She said firmly. I am sorry Jackie. You simply have to live with the situation as it is. Like I said, you should tell him that you are pregnant. I know for sure that will lighten his life up. You should go now, before we end up fighting. The only way, he will be able to use magic is when I die, till that time, he will remain a human without any magic. You should go now, before we end up fighting I wouldn’t want to hurt the baby or you. So, let it go and leave.

Jackie: NO! You turn him back right now! she yelled and pulled out a gun.

Melinda: Seriously? A gun? Like that is going to stop me?

Piper flickered with her hands and made Jackie flew through the room. She quickly walked over to Jackie, who got up quickly and was about to shoot, when she flickered again with her fingers and this time she yelled and put more power to her attack, which made Jackie literally flew out of the door.

Melinda: What the hell was that mom?

Piper: I am sorry, but I couldn’t let her hurt you. I am from the future. Only a couple hours. You were about to get shot with a magical bullet. If the bullet would be taken out you would die. No magic can get it out too. We couldn’t let that happen. We may not have vanquished her, like I hoped, but at least you are saved, she said hugging her daughter.

Wyatt and Dash ran towards the door to check if Jackie still was outside, but she was gone. The coast was clear.

Piper let go of Melinda and called out for Clyde. Clyde appeared as grumpy as always.

Clyde: Piper Halliwell! That is a long time ago. How is life threatening you?

Piper: What are you talking about? We just spoke and you brought me back in time.

Clyde: That is not possible. I would remember if I had sent you back.

Piper: I don’t understand? Am I stuck in the past?

Melinda: Maybe by saving me, you changed the future you were in and therefore your future self has become you again. Like the battle with the Ultimate Power. You went back and when you got back in your own time, you were pulled back to your past self. So, maybe something like that is happening.

Clyde: Am I taking someone to a ride or not? I have things to do you know?

Piper: I am sorry Clyde, but you can leave. Good to see you again.

Clyde made some grumpy sound and he was gone.

Piper: Well now that all is back to normal again. We have a mission. To stop Jake and Jackie.

Melinda: But she is pregnant. We can’t just kill her, without hurting the baby too.

Piper: Do you really want that kid to grow up? Go up against the next generation. Your children. After everything.

Chris: This is really a bummer mom. We really thought that we were done with the whole fighting good vs evil thing.

Piper: I know honey, but it is what it is. We have to deal with Jackie and Jake right now, before she gets stronger and find ways to hurt us.

Dash: Do you want to attack right now?

Piper: That’s the idea. Only we have to do it big. Not just us and you two Goddesses, but more family members with different powers. Maybe some advantage students from Magic School.

Melinda: Do you really think we need all of those people. It is our fight. Why should we bring more people and put them in harm way?

Piper: If we don’t they can be in danger too. Jackie is dangerous. With one small bullet she was almost able to take you out just like that. You may not remember, but I do. Believe me. We have to stop them now. She is probably already planning her next attack and with Jake by her side. He knows a lot of our history, our magic and you. That is a very serious danger against you honey. You need to take this serious. The Jake you knew and tried to help binding him, wants to hurt you badly.

Melinda: I understand, still I think we should try it ourselves. Our family is living their lives. Normal lives as far as that is possible. Why bring them into fights. They are rusty and not prepared. We are dealing almost daily with magic. So, let’s not bring anybody into it, if it is not needed.

Piper stared at her daughter who stared back at her mother. Piper knew she was not going to win this conversation as Melinda could be very stubborn. She nodded to her daughter, hoping all would end well.

Dash: Are we attacking or not? He asked again.

Melinda: Easy honey. We have to be smart about this. We have no idea how far she is with her magic and what she is already able to do. I am all for the attacking, but not foolish enough to walk right into a trap. Let’s scry for her first. Let’s see where she is at and then take it from there.

Dash didn’t seem to be happy about it. Jackie just had tried to kill his wife. That made him furious in the inside.

The whole gang went upstairs to the Attic.

Wyatt: Here we go again to the Attic. Will that ever stop? He complained and looked at Caroline.

Melinda: With our history, there are no sideways we can take to have a normal life. We are evil magnets. Even if we don’t want to, it seems to find us. At least now we know who we are dealing with and we can stop her.

They walked into the Attic and looked at Melinda.

Piper: How? She asked.

Melinda: First, how did she past our shield? Jake couldn’t pass it either after he went dark.

Casey: Euhm...well Chris and I thought it wasn’t needed anymore, with all the Demons gone. We didn’t know that Jackie would go ballistic on us. So, there is no shield.

Melinda: Ok, first let’s start with that. Then we have to find her and I think just attack her. A few days ago, she was still a Witch of the Order. One of the good ones. Suddenly she became this super witch with old magic at her dispose. I don’t believe that Jake would do this. There is something going on, I just don’t know what. What I do know is that we are the freaking Charmed Ones. Our powers are great and powerful. If we attack from all sides and use our most powerful powers, she can’t fight them off from all side. We keep moving in circles, change power attacks. Jiggle with everything we have to stop her.

Caroline: You mean kill her.

Melinda: Caroline, I am sorry, but if it comes to killing her or get killed, so be it. If we can avoid it, we will, so I can bind her. Then both of them will be bound, so should their child as it’s connected to her.

That way they can be together and have a normal life, one we want so desperately.

Caroline: I like that idea much better, she said smiling at Melinda.

Melinda: Ok, then let’s do this. You two go shield our house. Mom, rest up ass I will need the Matriarch of this family in full mode. Rest of us, get ready…change clothes, meditate, do whatever you have to do to get ready. I want to find her now and done with this, she said firmly.

Everybody nodded and walked around to do what they were told to do.

Leo stayed with Melinda to help her scry and check the book how to fight old magic the best way.

Leo: You know, I don’t say this too much, but I am so proud of you. You are my youngest but so in charge. You remind me sometimes of your mother when she had to take over from your Aunt Prue and harden up, as the oldest sister. The one who had to take care of the family. You are doing that too, even if you are the youngest. I love you so much, my darling, he said and hugged his daughter.

Melinda had tears in her eyes and looked smiling at her father.

Leo: Now, let’s find Jackie, he said making Melinda nod and wiped her tears away with a smile.


Jackie arrived at the woods and walked over to the tent, where Jake was. She walked in the tent, not looking pleased at all. She looked for a moment at Jake and then walked over to her books. She started to flip through them, searching for anything that could help her.

Jake: Jackie stop this. There is no way that you can defeat the Charmed Ones. I am doing this longer and I couldn’t even control the dark power that comes with those spells. It took me ages to learn to use them properly. You cannot just use it like any other spell book.

Jackie: Shut up, before I make you. This is your entire fault to start with.

Jake: Mine? Nobody told you to turn evil and go up against the Charmed Ones. Nobody told you to have revenge for me. Remember Sally the teleporter, who wanted to be powerful and respected too. Remember what happened to her, when she battled Melinda, she was bound in the end by Melinda. You will never win from her, not with her family backing her up.

Jackie: I said shut up. I need to think. I knew for sure that the bullet would work, but Piper beat me to it. Like she knew that I was going to attack. How is that possible? She doesn’t have premonitions. Maybe someone else foresaw it. So, that means that I can still use it on Melinda.

Jake: What the hell is your problem with her? She is mine ex and we have our history that has nothing to do with you. We fought, she bound me and here we are!

Jackie turned around to Jake and looked at him. She walked over to him and touched his hair lightly, but he moved his head away from her.

Jackie: Oh Jake. My sweet Jake. You have no idea why I am doing all of this, don’t you?

Melinda: Why don’t you tell him the truth, if it is the truth anyway? She said spry.

Jackie quickly looked up and saw Melinda with her brothers, Dash, Casey and Piper standing in the tent all powered up.

Jackie: How the hell did you manage to break through my protection spell?

Melinda: Haven’t you learned anything by now? You should know that kind of barriers will not hold me. I walk through them like if they are not even there.

Jackie: You think you are so smart and powerful, well it is about time that someone showed you that you are not that almighty as you think you are.

Melinda: I am not almighty, but to know what I am capable off, I call that confidents in myself and who I am. Something you need to learn if you are playing with that kind of darkness. Is there by the way a reason that Jake is tight up?

Jake: Melinda help me. She is gone nuts. After I was bound she tight me up, took all my magical energy what was locked inside me with a ritual and now she wants revenge on you.

Melinda: I guess you haven’t told him what you told me. Maybe you should, so it makes more sense for Jake.

Jake: Jackie? What is she talking about?

Jackie looked from Melinda to Jake and then to her belly. Then she looked at Jake again and smiled a bit.

Jackie: The reason why I am so driven is, because I am pregnant of your child, she said looking and smiling at Jake.

Jake: You are what? He almost shouted.

Jackie: I am pregnant and you are the father…I was going to tell you at the wedding of her and him, she said pointing at Melinda and Dash, but you looked so down by it and after that you had kidnapped Chris and things got out of control, so I waited to tell you. Now it is too late. Your magic is gone and our child will never be able to learn magic from you. If she dies then the binding spell she has over you, will be gone and you will be magical again.

Jake: And you thought tying me up and using dark magic to kill the love of my life, will make me want to be with you and this child.

Jackie: Yes I did, but now I see my error. I was just a rebound. I thought that we had connection. If you are not going to be the father of our child then I have no use for you anymore.

Jake looked at her. She quickly conjured a knife and threw it at Jake, but Melinda flickered with her hands and froze the knife. Jackie looked pissed at Melinda.

Melinda: We may be not together, but that doesn’t mean I want him dead.

Chris moved his hand and the knife flew to the other side of the tent. Jackie took two steps and she was standing by Jake and had the book in her hands.

Jackie: Nice tricks, but what I have in store for you will be your worst nightmares, she said angry.

Melinda: No, it won’t. This battle ends here, she said firmly and the tent started to shake.

Jackie: You want to kill me. I am carrying a baby remember? You don’t kill innocent babies or do you now?

Melinda: Don’t think for a second I will not vanquish your sorry ass, because you are pregnant. If that child will be born and you will continue with this darkness, that can mean only one thing. The next generation of our kind has to fight against that baby inside of you. I don’t think so. Not after everything we have been through to have a normal life. So, whatever you are planning to do, I would say do it right now or die.

Jackie: Ok, as you wish, she said and the group stood ready to attack.

Jackie chanted quickly some old words and touched Jake. He looked up as he understood what she was going to do, but was too late to say anything. He started to scream out in pain and looked down at his legs. They started to turn into wood. Like the same wood as he was tied onto. The group looked in horror how Jake became one with the wooden pole he was tied too. When it was done, you could see clearly his face carved into the wood, looking scared to death.

Jackie couldn’t help laughing. Melinda looked at her pissed.

Melinda: Turn him back right now, she demanded.

Jackie: Or what? You are going to kill me, my child and your precious Jake. That is not so Charmed like of you.

Melinda: Yes, I will! She said and looked intensely at Jackie.

Jackie clicked her fingers and suddenly a flame appeared on her fingertip.

Jackie: I tell you what? Let’s see who is faster. You attacking me or me putting Jake on fire?

Casey closed her eyes and out of her a huge amount of wind came out and went towards Jackie. It went so fast, she had to time to react and the fire was off.

Casey: I am elemental. Do you seriously think that you can use that against us? If so, you are dumber then you look.

Jackie looked pissed off at the group. The group came closer and was ready to attack at any moment. If she didn’t leave she would die here. Quickly she waved with her hand over her body and with a smoke she disappeared.

Melinda: Where did she go? We have to find her right now. Chris, go back to the Manor and scry for her again. We will stay her and try to help Jake.

Dash: Seriously? He asked surprised?

Melinda: Yes Dash. We are. He is an innocent now and it is our job to protect him.

Piper: How the hell we are going to change him back to himself again. He is wood.

Wyatt: With good magic. Black magic did this to him, so white magic should help.

Piper: Any ideas?

Wyatt: Why don’t we all put our hands on him and send him a jolt of positive energy as we can. Hopefully that will change him. Otherwise we have to find another way.

The whole group bend down around Jake and placed their hands on him.

Wyatt: Everybody ready. Give him all you got on three. Not after exactly on three, ok.

They closed their eyes and Wyatt started to count. On three the group send as much as they could and then let go of him. White light started to appear around the wood and slowly it was changing. Jake started to become more himself again, even he was still screaming in pain, while the wood left his body.

Quickly they untied him and he looked at the group thankful and passed out.

Piper: Let’s go to the Manor, she said standing up.

They orbed out and Melinda and Dash teleported back to the Manor. They had no idea that Jackie didn’t disappear that far as she had not completely control over her new dark and old magic yet.

She had appeared right outside the tent and looked through one of the wholes what they were doing. She was surprised and angry that they managed to turn Jake back to himself again.

She went back into the tent and sat down. This was not how she had planned all of this. Melinda supposed to be death by now. When Jake would hear it, he would mourn her, but the thought that he would become a dad, would want him to stay with Jackie. Now everything was messed up. At least she still had the bullet to use on Melinda. What if she used it on Piper? She was the Matriarch of the family. That would leave them all devastated and vulnerable. That way she could strike exactly at the right time to get rid of those pesky Charmed Ones. She would show the world that she is the strongest witch to watch out for.

Manor, Attic

The whole group appeared in the Attic. Chris and Caroline looked up. Leo was downstairs making some sandwiches, in case they were hungry.

Chris: Did you guys leave her there? He asked immediately.

Melinda: No, she disappeared on us with some spell.

Chris: No, she didn’t. When I scried for her, she was still at the same location as you were.

Melinda: Dammit. She just disappeared herself out of the tent. Smart, very smart. Next time that trick will not help her.

Dash: You are planning to go after her?

Melinda: Yes, I am. I am not going to wait for her attacks. This has to stop before it gets completely out of hand.

Dash: I see your point love, he said nodding at her. Still I think we should be careful. Acting hastily could be dangerous.

Jake: I am sorry you guys. I never meant for this to happen.

Piper: What did happen? I mean with Jackie. How did she become like this?

Jake: I have no idea. After I was bound and left behind, I walked back for hours to the coven. I was tired, angry and felt weakened. While I was walking I had a lot of time to think things through. How it got so out of control and I guess that is very true when people say, that love makes you blind and sometimes you hurt the ones you love the most. Melinda had every right to bind me and I am not angry about that anymore. I feel weird, but somehow free. I can have a normal life whatever that means. So I got to the camp and was waited by Jackie, the only survivor of my attack against mine own coven, he said in a whisper and it seemed like he was in terrible pain while he said it.

So, I told Jackie what had happened and what I just told you about my mistake and abusing my magic for personal gain. Hurting people and that I somehow felt freed. Then she suddenly freaked out and before I could do anything, she had spelled me. Next thing I remember is waking up, tied to a wooden pole and had to watch Jackie learning the spells as a mad person. I tried to talk to her. Reason with her, but she wouldn’t listen. She fed me and let me go to the toilet. I was tight up to that pole from the day we battled, he said looking at Melinda.

Casey: Well it is obvious why she is so obsessed. She told us. She said that she was pregnant and that she and her child would be magical, but you would be human. You would never be able to learn your child magic. Therefore she wanted Melinda dead, because then you will immediately receive your powers back.

Melinda: That means that she will not stop before she succeeds.

Jake: This is crazy. I don’t want to be with her or have a baby right now. I need to get my life and myself together, before I can be responsible for someone else’s life.

Wyatt: Jake, I know a lot of happened to you since you met our family. It has not been easy and your final battle with Melinda must have been terrible. I also know that everything you just told was true. I can sense it with my power. So, I know that you don’t want to hurt us anymore. Will you help us stop Jackie?

Melinda: Euhm Wyatt? What are you doing?

Wyatt: Listen sis. Beside Jackie there is one person who knows the Grimoire Jackie has. He may have not powers anymore, but he has still the knowledge and maybe can help us fight against this old magic. You have to admit, she can do a lot of things, without us able to stop her. He can.

Jake and Melinda looked for a moment at each other. The whole room was still and just watched the stare between them. Dash was looking too and he had no idea what was going on, but he didn’t like that stare at all.

Dash: What the hell is going on right now? Why is no one speaking?

Piper couldn’t help to smile. She loved how he tried to speak more American than English now he was married with her daughter. She liked Dash and when he was jealous he was very funny to watch.

He got no response. Jake and Melinda kept staring at each other. Finally Melinda looked up and looked at the group.

Melinda: Jake can help. He will stay at Magic School, as he has nowhere else to go and that is the best protection for him. Also, with all the knowledge there, maybe we can find a way to stop Jackie without have to vanquish/kill her and her child. Still if it comes to that, I want everyone to know that I won’t hesitate a second to vanquish her, to protect myself and my kin. Let’s be clear about that!

Jake and I will only work with each other, if there is really no other option. Jake respects that I am a married woman now and that what we had is really gone. One day we will be friends again, but for now this is the way.

Dash: Ok, stop. Did you just decide this by yourself?

Melinda: No my dear husband. I talked with Jake. Privately. Together we came to this conclusion.

Dash: You can do that?

Melinda: Honey, we are witches. There is nothing we can’t do, when we put our mind to it, she winked at him.

Everybody laughed.

Chris: Good said sis, he said laughing.

Melinda: Ok, back to business. We have a crazy Witch to stop. Wyatt, would you be so kind to assist Jake to find a room at the school and get him some food, clothing etc...You know what I mean.

Wyatt nodded and helped Jake to get up.

Jake: Thank you Melinda. Thank you all for doing this, he said weak but smiling, before he and Wyatt orbed out.

Melinda: Sorry guys, I know I told you to put the shield up again, but I needed it down.

Casey: Why?

Melinda: Because if we keep it up that would mean that she cannot enter our house, but that also means that if we want to fight her, we have to go look for her. I rather be here when I fight her, then I am somewhere unknown and she has all the advantage. We are the strongest here in house. Also we are now expecting her that gives us the advantage. If she comes, she has to deal with all of us. That would keep her away at least for long enough for us to figure out, how to stop her.

Chris and Casey went downstairs to take the shield off.

Melinda: Mom I need to talk to you. There is something that you need to do for me.

Piper: Anything, you know that.

Melinda: You need to leave. You need to go to Magic School.

Piper: What?! I am not leaving you. I had almost lost you and I am not losing you again.

Melinda: Mom, listen to me.

Wyatt and Leo came standing with them and listened to Melinda and Piper talk.

Melinda: We are the Charmed Ones. It is now our job to deal with this kind of thing. Also, if and I say if Jackie manages to hurt me or my brothers and something happens to the Charmed Ones, I need the Matriarch to be ready to do battle. You need to be ready for that. To do that you need to rest. All this stress is not good for you. I am sorry, it is not what you want to hear, but it is what it is. Besides I need someone I know that is neutral and understanding for Jake. He will need someone who looks out for him, talks to him. He has been through a lot and I can’t help feeling, that it is partly our families fault.

Piper: But…

Leo: Honey. Melinda is right. Let’s go home and see how Jake is doing. If we are needed, we can be orbed in an instant.

Piper looked from Leo to her daughter and then to her son, finally nodded and Wyatt orbed them home.

A few seconds later, he orbed back in.

Wyatt: Now what?

Melinda looked at her watch. Don’t you have a job interview in like half hour? She asked Wyatt.

That was also the reason they came back earlier from their honeymoon. Both brothers had job interviews. Wyatt’s was today.

That moment Chris and Casey came back. Caroline orbed also in and told them that the Elders had no idea how to stop her. They didn’t know how far gone she was or how strong Jackie was.

Melinda: it doesn’t matter. Wyatt, you need to get ready for your interview.

Wyatt: Mel, you can’t possibly think that I will leave you guys here to fight Jackie on your own

Melinda: I am not alone. I have my husband, Chris and Casey. Your wife. If needed my parents and whole magical school. I think we can survive a half hour without you, she said teasing him.

Wyatt: Mel, I am serious.

Caroline: I think Mel is right. I know how important this interview is for you. You are going to regret if you didn’t go.

Wyatt: Looked around the room and then sighed.

Wyatt: Fine I will go.

Wyatt left the attic with another sigh.

Caroline: Now what? Elders weren’t any help.

Melinda: You know we have been going on this the wrong way. Because my mother came from the future with the bad news, we all started in our old pattern. Didn’t we talk about all of this on our honeymoon? No more demons. No more running around. If something may happen, then we deal with it. I am not going to chase Jackie. Find ways to destroy her. We got Jake back. We are all alive and that is enough for me right now. I will check the book and check if there are ways to defeat Jackie, but I am refusing to go after her. If she wants a fight, let her come here. She knows s where I live.

Dash: What are you saying love? You are not going to fight her or look for a way to make sure she can’t attack us?

Melinda: No I won’t. Not at the moment. I just got back from my honeymoon. Our suitcases are not even unpacked or we are already in the attic, doing magic. Well, we saved Jake. We faced Jackie. I think we are done for the day. If something happens, it happens. We deal with it then. Now, I would like to unpack and eat something, because I am starving.

Chris: Are you sure. If you want, Casey and I can keep looking?

Melinda: That is your choice bro. I can’t decide for you how to spend your time with your wife, so if you two are up for it, go nuts. I am going downstairs and cook something.

Casey: if Melinda is going to cook, then I am going downstairs too, she said looked at Chris.

Chris: Sold out by the food huh, he said looking with narrowed eyes at Casey.

Casey: You know how good Melinda can cook. How can I say no to that? But if it makes you happy, after eating we take the book to our room and check there for something and we will be alone…she said smirking.

Chris: I like the sound of that, he said smiling and followed the group downstairs.

Before Casey and Chris went into the kitchen, Casey stopped Chris.

Casey: Do you think everything is ok with Melinda?

Chris: Se seems fine to me? Why?

Casey: Well one moment she was all about vanquishing Casey and the baby and now she wants to cook and chill and want everybody to live their lives.

Chris: I know, but you know Mel by now. I have to believe that she knows what she is doing.

I know she is out little sister, but if I like it or not, she is the leader of the Charmed Ones and she is smart. Street smart in a way I can’t be. She will not do anything to harm us or put us in a situation that can hurt us. So, if she wants to cook, then that’s fine by me.

Casey nodded that she understood, but inside she was worried. When they were all on their honeymoon, she had seen a completely different side of Melinda. Melinda who was fun and laughing and enjoying herself and life. She didn’t command someone, she didn’t had to fight someone or something. She was free from her Charmed duties. They had orbed back and not an hour later, the whole Jackie thing started.

Casey shook off all of this kind of thoughts and walked into the kitchen.

Prescott Street

Without Melinda or anyone noticing, Jackie past their house and walked over to their neighbor.

Neighbor: Hi, can I help you with something? He asked politely.

Jackie: Yes you can, Jackie said and waved with her hand in front of the face of the man who opened the door. Now, let me in, she commanded him.

The man was standing and was looking dazed at Jackie.

Neighbor: Sure, come on in.

Jackie: Call you wife and child and let them come here, she said and looked outside the window to the house of the Charmed Ones.

The wife and daughter came into the living room and looked at Jackie.

Jackie: Hi there, thanks for coming she said and without waiting, she first waved her hand in front of the wife and at last by their daughter. Now all three were standing dazed and waiting for a command.

Jackie: Sit down, she said to the family.

They did as they were told.

Jackie sat across of them and looked at them.

Jackie: Now, this is what I want you to do. I want you to keep an eye on the house next door. I want you to report any weird things that happen. Anything you can see or notice.

All three nodded and Jackie laughed. This was way too easy. Then she looked at the little girl.

Jackie: What is your name and how old are you? She asked the little girl.

Violet: My name is Violet and I am ten years old, she said automatically.

Jackie: You are coming with me Violet. I have a special assignment for you, she said smirking evilly.

She stood up and stared out of the window to the Manor of the Charmed Ones.

Jackie: You think you defeated me, but you have no idea what I have in store for you Melinda, she said with a sinister voice.

She turned and looked at Violet.

Jackie; Come, she commanded the girl and walked towards the door.

The little girl followed her silently, without looking back at her parents. When they left the house, Jackie moved with her hand without even looking and the front door closed. With an evil smile on her face she walked towards the next door.

An hour later, Manor living room

The gang was full of all the food Melinda had made so quickly. They were all chilling when Wyatt orbed in. He was wearing a suit and looked very handsome.

Chris: Hey bro. Looking sharp. How did it go?

Wyatt: Very good actually. Where is Caroline?

Casey: She was called by a charge. She will be back soon.

Wyatt: And what are you guys doing? How did the search go? Did you find something to stop Jackie?

Dash: Hanging. No search, he said with a tone in his voice.

His tone made Melinda look at him for a second, when she noticed that everybody was looking at her.

Melinda: I have decided not to go after Jackie. We have Jake back. He will help us when we need it.

Wyatt: That’s it? You rely on Jake? He asked almost angry.

Melinda: Listen. I know it sounds strange, but it is something that Caroline said and it keeps coming back. How can I kill a person who has a child in her? Innocent life, that didn’t ask for all of this and is growing inside to be a person. Caroline was right. I hate it, that we are just back from our honeymoon and first thing we do, is go to the attic to find a way to stop Jackie. For weeks we had no attacks. We were normal. Looking for jobs and try to live the life we deserve. I refuse to let Jackie take that away from me, but that doesn’t say I have to kill her, because I think I deserve to have a normal life. That is not who I am. That is not who we all are about. So, to lessen the stress of a constant reminder of Jackie, I decided to take it easy and do what I want to do and that is enjoy that I married now with my dashing husband. Happy to be with my family around me. So, let’s live! When she attacks, we deal with it then, like we always did.

Wyatt stared at her first still with a sort of angry face, but then softened and looked loving at her.

Wyatt: Melinda Prudence Halliwell, you keep surprising me. Even if it doesn’t show sometimes with your temper and all, you are still one hell of a good witch. Well, in the spirit of living our lives, I have some news. I wanted to wait for Caroline, but I can’t wait to tell. I GOT THE JOB! He shouted through the room.

The whole gang stood up and cheered and hugged Wyatt. They were laughing and were so happy.

Chris: I am proud of you bro. You did well, he said hugging his older brother.

Melinda was watching them, while she was holding Dash and winked at him with a huge smile on her face. Wyatt smiled brightly back and winked back at her.

Casey was about to hug Wyatt, when they heard a scream on the street. Quickly they went to one of the windows towards the street and saw their neighbors on the street running and screaming names.

They all went quickly outside, but prepared to attack in case Jackie showed herself. People were running around in panic. Asking each other where their children were. The gang walked towards to street and stopped one of the running persons.

Melinda: What is going on? She asked the woman completely in panic.

Woman: My son. My son is gone. All the children in the street are gone, she yelled and started running around again.

Wyatt stopped another woman.

Wyatt: Did anybody see who took the children? He asked the woman firmly.

Woman: A girl. She did something to us and then took them. All of them, she cried out and hugged Wyatt.

Wyatt felt immediately guilty shouting at her. And hugged her back.

Wyatt: Everything will be alright. We will find the kids. Don’t you worry, he said to the woman and looked at the gang.

Melinda looked at her brother and then around.

Melinda: This is Jackie’s handy work, but why? Why the children? What is she planning to do with them?

Chris: What do we do now?

Melinda: I know what I just said to you guys, but this changes things. If she hurt those children, because I decided to stop hunting her and stop this immediately, I will never forgive myself.

Dash: I am going to teleport and see what I can find out.

Melinda: Be careful. We have no idea what she is capable of.

Dash: There is nothing that can stop me, coming back to you, he said with a smirk.

Melinda smirked back and kissed him. Then he teleported out. Wyatt made sure he was holding the woman I a way, she couldn’t see what was happening. Then he slowly let her go and looked one more time at her.

Wyatt: We will find them. I promise! He said again firmly.

The woman nodded and continued towards her house, while she kept crying.

The gang came closer to each other and looked grimm while they kept looking around.

Melinda stopped looking around and stared at her neighbors who were watching them from behind their window.

The group noticed and started to look also to the neighbors.

Casey: What is it Mel?

Melinda: The neighbors have a daughter. Violet I believe. Don’t you find it weird, that the whole street is going nuts for losing their child and they are so calmly staring right at us?

Wyatt: Maybe they are so in shock. Everybody reacts different to things you know, he said.

Melinda: I think it is more than that. They live right next to us. I think Jackie did something to them.

Without waiting she walked towards them. The couple noticed and quickly closed their curtains, when Melinda blew up the front door and quickly walked over to the living room and froze them. She didn’t care about exposure, children were missing.

The gang was right behind her and surrounded the couple when Melinda unfroze them.

They looked strange. Like they were not there, but they were. Like they were spelled.

Melinda: What did she do to you? Where is Violet?

Male Neighbor: I don’t know what you are talking about, he said calmly.

Melinda: I don’t have time for this, she said and froze them again. Hold me, she said to her brothers.

Wyatt and Chris both touched her arm and she nodded to them.

Children are in pain

Don’t let this spell be in vain.

Replace old magic with Charmed magic

Give me eyes to reveal

Take away the spell and repeal

Melinda’s eyes turned purple and she looked at her neighbors with it and could see a sort of spell which made them like puppets. The spell that was crafted was done perfectly. She watched with awe how it revealed its secrets to her. Jackie wanted to use her neighbors to spy on them. She closed her eyes and was herself again.

Wyatt: Well what did you see?

Melinda looked around worried.

Melinda: The neighbors are spelled to watch us. Observe our moves and report to her, but they have no idea about the children. Where can they be?

Chris: Well then give her what she wants. Let’s pretend that we are making a plan to attack Jackie and make sure that they listen and then let them report to her. When they do, we can find track her and find her?

Melinda: That is a great idea, but after we surrounded them, I don’t think they will spy on us. They know that we know. So, they will report that to her, so we can track her then.

Wyatt: Nice, he said.

Melinda unfroze them and looked angry at them

Melinda: I know that you are supposed to spy on us, but we figured it out. You guys are very bad spies. Tell Jackie, that we know. It is not going to work and if she hurt even a hair of one of those children, I will make sure she regrets it, pregnant or not, she said angry.

Her neighbors watched her in fear and without saying another word Melinda walked out of their house, with the gang behind her. That moment Dash teleported in.

Dash: I found her, he said very seriously. Or least I think I did.

Caroline orbed in and smiled when she saw Wyatt in his suit.

Caroline: hey honey, how was the interview? She asked.

Wyatt: Not now honey. We have huge problems. Jackie kidnapped all the children in the street.

Caroline: What? Why?

Melinda: We are just about to find out, she said pissed. Everybody hold on to each other.

Dash teleported them all too some dark wood.

Wyatt: Where are we?

Dash: In some park, I think. Not far actually from the neighborhood. Some dark parts of the park.

I sensed her somewhere here, he said looking around.

Wyatt closed his eyes and so did Melinda. Both of them didn’t move till they sensed a tinge of life of the girls.

Wyatt led the way and they walked towards an open area, surround with some trees. From the outside of the walking area, nobody would notice that people were there.

The group came closer when they heard Jackie chanting in an old language.

Just when they were about to walk in the open area, all of them were bounced back toward the trees.

Jackie stopped chanting and looked up. The group stood up and walked again towards the shield.

Jackie: Oh hello. Nice for you to join to witness a new era of evil witches of the First Order, she said brightly. With me as their high priesteress.

Melinda: Jackie, leave those children alone. It is me that you want, she said.

Jackie: Yes that is true, but then I realized something. If you manage to vanquish me, then this power and knowledge of the old magic will be lost. It is wise to pass it on a group of children. Learn them the ways of evil, while they are young. So, it will become second nature to them. With them we can mate and make a whole new generation of evil, human witches and send them all towards you. God knows what kind of evil powers this children will develop in the future.

Melinda tried to blast into the circle, but it didn’t work.

Jackie: That is not going to work this time. You can change if you want, still it won’t work. I made sure of that. Now if you excuse me, I have to finish my ritual to turn them all evil, she said smiling.

Melinda wanted to transform but Wyatt stopped her.

Wyatt: No! There is nothing we can do here. We need to go home and figure another way. Now let’s go Melinda. We will save the children. I promise. We will find a way.

Melinda looked at the faces of the children. They were all spelled and kept staring at Jackie with a smile, like she was their everything. She felt awful leaving them here, but Wyatt was right. There was nothing they could do to stop this.

This was all her fault. She had all the change to stop her. She could have done more to fasten the search, instead she thought it would all be fine and wanted to wait for Jackie to attack her. Well she did that alright, but not the way she had thought she would. How in the world they were going to fight those little innocent children. Some of them they had known since they were babies. This was terrible and it was her doing. With tears in her eyes, she held onto Dash and gone they were.

Jackie continued the chanting and laughed out loud. The first step of her big plan was already starting to work. She had so much more in store for Melinda and her family. They would wish they had killed her off, when they had the chance. Now it was her time, to turn the lives of the Charmed Ones into misery and darkness.

Hey guys, welcome all back. Hope you all had a magical summer. Hope you liked the first episode and our now bad girl Jackie. Leave your thought and reviews behind on my FB page of Melinda or on FFnet... Thanks for reading and following :) till next time...

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