Charmed Melinda Season 3 Final season






Previously on Melinda:

The big battle between the Charmed Ones and The Old Ones was fought and the Charmed Ones won, but paying a big prize. Alyson who is still missing used her darkness and made Wyatt and Chris evil.

Magic School, Great Hall

Caroline: This is driving me crazy. Why is nothing working? She asked frustrated.

Melinda: I have no idea and talking about ideas, I am out of it. I really don’t know what else we can try to turn back to normal again.

Chris: Did you ever wonder if we want to be good? I honestly like who I am right now. So, you can try all your spells but as you said yourself to your husband, which I overheard. We have to be willing to change. If our heart and soul is not in it, you can forget your reunion with those boring brothers of yours.

Wyatt: Yeah, Mel. Loosen up a bit and have fun. Let us go and we will have fun with the three of us, I promise.

Dash: Don’t listen to them. They will say anything to be freed.

Melinda: I know and I will not let them go!


Casey looked at Chris and her heart broke to see her soft and caring husband been so evil.

Caroline shared the same feeling as Casey. This was crazy. They had been under the influence of evil before, but not like this.

Melinda: OK, enough for one day. Let’s put them back again in the Room.

Caroline nodded and waved with her hand making them orb out and directly to the room.

Dash: Don’t worry. We will find a way.

Piper: Hi guys, I have a plan but it is a risky one, she said walking into the Hall.

Melinda: What is it?

Piper: You are not going to like it, but I think it can help us.

Police Station

Nathan was sitting behind his desk, loaded in paperwork of what had happened the last weeks with all the witches. His phone rang and he looked at it for a moment before he answered.

Nathan: Hi Melinda. What? You want me to come now? What is going on?

He listened and then told Melinda that he was on his way.

The Room

Wyatt: How dare they keep us here? I am freaking Wyatt Halliwell. First born of the Charmed Ones and the first twice blessed child. Magic stood still for a day so I could be born. Demons wanted me dead from the moment I took breathe in this world.

Chris: Oh for god sakes. Don’t make yourself so important. You’re not. Not after our dear little sister came along. Since then you became softer. You wanted to be an Elder and no witch anymore. Remember? She took over bro and now she is keeping us prisoner. Do you know why? Because she can. Even if we would go full on her, she would kick our ass easily.

Wyatt: So, mister smartass what are you suggesting to do?

Chris: I think we should play along. Say that one of their spells has worked. I mean we have all our memories. It’s like acting. Playing good, while we slowly destroy her and the rest of the Charmed Ones. Then we make the world bow for us.

Wyatt: You idiot. If we kill her then we are not Charmed anymore too.

Chris: So! We still have our powers and there are no Demons left. All witches will be afraid of us, if they hear that we have killed our little sister and the rest of those hideous people. I wish Bianca was here now. We would be great together right now.

Wyatt: OK, let’s think this over. Our story must be convincing for them to let us go.

Chris: There is only one more problem to solve to get out of here. Melinda has the same telepathic powers you have. She can sense things. Who doesn’t say she sense our acting?

Wyatt: We will figure it out. We have plenty of time don’t we?

Manor, Hallway

Melinda opened the door for Nathan and let him in.

Nathan walked into the living room and said hi to everybody.

Piper, Leo, Casey and Caroline looked at him, till he sat. Melinda was still standing.

Nathan: So, what’s up?

Melinda: My mother has a plan, but it is a risky one. I really don’t like it, but it seems I have no choice.

I have watched the internet over the last week and saw what the cameras have recorded. People have seen my face and my families. So, it has no point of hiding anymore who we are.

Nathan: Ok, for what do you need me for?

Melinda: The thing is that my brothers have gone dark. There is no way of turning them back. They are now safe in Magic School, but if they get loose they can do a lot of harm. People just watches us do good and win. We cannot afford that they see my brothers do something very bad and they lose faith in goodness in the world. So, i also noticed that our faces are not captured that good. So, I will cast a spell for myself and my brothers to change our appearance. Not much, just enough to confuse people if we are really the Halliwell ’s or someone else. Then I want to go on TV to call for witches to help my brothers.

Nathan: You want to go on TV? Really? After so many years hiding who you are, you actually want to go on national television and talk to the people?

Melinda: Yes, I do. Now I am actually saying I understand now that the time has come. How will people stay good and want to be good, if they don’t even know that witches as us, have been fighting their whole lives to save this world from destruction?

Nathan: You know that this can go very badly too. You may have good intentions, but are you really ready for the press. Because they will never stop trying to figure out who you really are. Government would want to talk to you.

Melinda: We will handle all that, when we get to it. Our first priority is saving our brothers.

Nathan: I guess you will need police protection to keep people at distance and under control while you do your thing?

Melinda: You are a smart men Nathan. I will let you know when and where it will happen. This way you can arrange things at the station and with your boss.

Nathan nodded and left the Manor again. Right at that moment Jake appeared, making everybody jump.

Jake: Sorry for disturbing, but Jackie and I came up with a spell that could help your brothers. It is absolutely no guarantee but what do we have to lose right?

Melinda: Ok, let’s go everybody.

Magic School, Great Hall

Wyatt and Chris were standing in the middle of the Hall, surrounded with crystals. The spell was written in an old language. Melinda had taken a look at it, even when Jake told her that she couldn’t read it. When she suddenly started to translate in English, Jake looked with big eyes at her.

Her transformation at the battle made her wiser and had given her more knowledge then she realized.

After she had approved the spell, Jackie and Jake started to cast it. It took about a half hour till they were done.

The brothers were now surrounded with smoke and when the smoke disappeared they looked around confused.

Wyatt: Mel, what is going on? Why are their crystals around us?

Chris: This isn’t funny you guys. Let us out.

Melinda: What is the last thing you remember?

Wyatt: Did someone cast a spell on us again? I hope we didn’t hurt anybody, he said sincere.

Chris: The last thing I remember is a sharp pain in my back and now I am here trapped by my family. So whatever that pain was, it must have been bad if you prisoned us?

Casey walked towards Chris and looked him straight in his eyes. Chris looked back at her and smiled.

Chris: You are so beautiful, he said lovingly.

Casey: That’s him. That is Chris. I don’t see any evil in his eyes.

Melinda walked over to her brothers and looked at them. They looked back at her. It was a tense moment and nobody said a word.

Wyatt: If you think we are still a danger, then keep us here. I rather be here then out there hurting people. Go with your guts sis. If you think that there is a bit of the spell is still in us, then please don’t let us free.

Chris: I agree. I rather stay here, safe then doing something horrible.

Piper came standing next to her daughter and both women looked at Wyatt and Chris.

Piper: I think they are back. I think the spell worked.

Melinda: I think the same, she said smiling brightly. Good to have you guys back. You scared us there for a bit.

Melinda kneeled down to take one crystal, breaking the shield around the brothers.

The moment the circle broke, Wyatt used his full energy wave on Melinda, making her fly to the other side of the room. Everybody was too shocked to react and before anybody could do anything, they orbed out in dark orbs.

Dash and the rest of the gang, ran over to Melinda. Who kept lying down and was bleeding.

Caroline hurried over and healed Melinda as fast as she could.

Melinda moaned and looked around.

Melinda: What happened? She asked dazed.

Piper: You’re brothers happened. They tricked us. Now they are orbing around doing god knows what.

Melinda: Dammit. This is bad. No idea what they are planning to do, but it can’t be good.

Piper: I think it is time to warn the city.

Melinda looked at her mother and knew she was right. She still hated the idea, but it seemed now she had no choice anymore.

Melinda: Let’s go, she said.

Police station

Nathan was talking to his chief at his desk and trying to convince him to protect the Charmed Ones against the crowd, when suddenly Melinda, Piper, Caroline, Casey and Dash appeared.

All cops pulled their guns and looked frightened.

Melinda: Seriously!

Melinda moved with her hand and telekinetically she moved all the guns out of the hands of the cops.

Melinda: Listen, I didn’t come her to fight you. I actually need your help. After the big battle, we won by the way. My brothers were infected with darkness. Now they are loose and dangerous. They are very powerful and at the moment very evil. I need to warn the city.

Chief: You don’t need to be outside to do that. I know people at the news station. We can get you on the radio so everybody can hear.

Melinda: Fine, radio is fine too. As long as the other stations get them too.

Chief made a phone call and then told them where they could go.

Melinda: You are coming too. Having the chief with us, can help.

Nathan: Can I come too?

Melinda: Sure, why not. Let’s go.

Dash looked at the address while everybody grabbed each other and they teleported out.

They teleported in at the radio station, making the dj jump and scream out in fear.

Dj: What the hell? Who the hell are you people and how did you do that?

Melinda: All of that does not matter now. We need to send out a message through San Francisco and we need to do it right now.

Dj: Listen lady. I don’t know what your deal is, but...

Melinda moved with her fingers and blew a computer screen up.

Melinda: You were saying? Now get your butt behind your buttons and make it happen. NOW! She yelled at the man.

Dj: To all that is listening, please stop with whatever you are doing and listen to this very important message. It can save your life.

The Dj pointed at Melinda that she was on air.

Melinda: Hello, my name is Melinda Halliwell. You may have heard of us the last couple of weeks. I am one of the Charmed Ones. Everybody in the world knows about the battle that happened in the woods. We won, but not without a twist. The witch, who calls herself Alyson and one of the daughters of the Old Ones, has put darkness in my brothers. They got loose from their prison and are loose. They are very powerful and even if they are the token of goodness, at the moment they are very evil. Please stay away from them and if you see magic around you, run! Call for the Charmed Ones. You don’t even have to say it out loud. We will be there in an instant. Please call for us, if you see my brothers using magic. If you call for us, for no reason then I will cast a spell on you, that will haunt you for the rest of your life, so beware when you call for us, of that piece of information. If you don’t have to go outside tonight, stay in. This is not a joke but a very serious message. If you think that the witches who were here were bad, then think of that but tenfold it, so you can see how bad it is.

Melinda stepped away from the microphone.

Dj: You heard it folks. Stay in and if you see magic been used, call for the Charmed Ones. Make sure everybody you know in the city gets this message. We will play it each half hour till the brothers are found.

The Dj put on a song about piece and hope and then got up.

Dj: Did I do good? He asked a bit scared at Melinda.

Melinda: That was excellent. I am sorry about your screen and losing my temper. Again we cannot thank you enough for your help. Blessed be, Melinda said and gave the man a kiss on the cheek.

The Dj smiled and watched how they disappeared just like that.

He immediately called the news to let them know about the message. Now it would be also shown and heard on TV. He hoped that the brothers would be found soon.

Police station

The group appeared again in the middle of the room, making all cops jump up again. The chief grabbed a stool, waiting for the rest of his insides to appear also in his body.

Melinda: Thank you chief for coming with us, in case the Dj would give us a hard time. I need one more favor and this is a big one. You must understand that we have kept our secret for centuries. For decades we have saved the world over and over again, without anybody even knowing it. Now by force we had to make the world known that we are and what we are all about. I am a bit scared and anxious about it, but I believe in the people and that good will prevail. So, this is the first time my brother’s face will be on the TV and internet for the whole world to see. As chief I suppose you know people who can be trusted with this kind of pictures. Please make sure they return to you after being used. I would like to have them back.

Chief: Of course. Before you go, I would like to say that I am grateful for what you have done for the city and with the battle. I have seen the whole thing and it seems that you are one strong girl.

Melinda smiled and then nodded to Dash. They teleported out back home.


Caroline: Ok now what? She asked walking around through the room.

Casey: I think I am going to make some tea for everyone. I can use one.

Leo: I will see if there is food in the house, otherwise I will go to our place to get some.

Piper: Honey, I don’t think that anyone is hungry right now.

Dash: Well, to be honest, I am famished. Let’s eat and drink some. Then we rest up a bit as we will need all our combined powers to stop those two.

Piper: I agree with Dash.

Melinda didn’t say anything and went with the rest of the group to the kitchen.

After they had eaten, dash asked if she wanted to rest, but it seemed that Melinda had other ideas.

Melinda: Caroline? You are our whitelighter, meaning that you are connected to us. Also you are the wife of Wyatt, which makes your connection stronger. Even if you wouldn’t be able to sense Chris, you should be able to sense your husband, no matter in what kind of state he is, right?

Caroline: Yes, but I am afraid as soon as he senses me, he will block me and orb out, before we can get there.

Dash: I think the best way to track them is wait till they show themselves.

The doorbell rang and the group walked together to the door. Melinda opened it to see Nathan standing with his chief.

Melinda: Are you out of your mind? Why don’t you put our address in the newspaper? That the chief knows who we are is one thing, but now where we live?

Chief: Don’t worry. Your secret is save with me. We got a lot of calls and things are happening in the city. Traffic lights are messed up suddenly, causing cars bomb into each other. Fires, shop windows blowing up, while nobody is walking around.

Melinda: That’s it?

Chief: Is it not enough?

Melinda: I am sorry, I didn’t think they would do such small things. I thought they would do big things and terrible things.

Chief: Maybe in your world, it seems small but for us this is a big thing. We need you out there. Protecting the innocent. Isn’t that what you witches do?

Melinda knew the chief was right. It was such a hard choice. If they would spend their time just rescuing everybody, then her brother could keep doing things. If they went directly to the core, all would stop at once.

Melinda: Ok, this is what we are going to do. Casey and Dash. You two go to the city and help wherever you can. I will see with Caroline if we can sense them and go directly to the core of our problems.

Piper: What do you want me to do?

Leo looked at his daughter with a certain look and Melinda understood what he meant.

Melinda: Mom, I love you for helping us, but you should really rest up. You have been on your legs all day, helping and using magic. I know you are stubborn and will not admit it, so therefore I am grounding you as your daughter and the leader of the Charmed Ones, to go home with Dad and stay there. Rest up, in case we will need you.

Piper: Did you just ground me?

Melinda: Yep! She said smirking.

Piper: Fine. I will go, but if we have any change in the situation, I want to be updated, understood?

Melinda: No worries mom, we will.

Jake nodded and everybody separated to do what they needed to do.


Dash and Casey arrived and they looked shocked around. The chief must have not known how bad it really was. Every shop, car, windows of houses, name it were all destroyed, like someone went with a wave over it. That must have been Wyatt with his Energy wave.

From where they were standing they heard explosions all over the place and quickly Dash teleported from where the sound came. They just got a glimpse of Wyatt and Chris using their powers or stuff and scaring people. Just before Dash or Casey could do anything, the boys orbed out.

Casey: This is going to be a long night. Ok, I will take this area and help out wherever I can, you go back to the other part we were and help there.

Dash nodded and teleported out. Casey sighed and started to use her water element to clear out the fires that was spreading. She helped people who came outside scared and confused.


Melinda and Caroline orbed into the woods.

Caroline: Do you really think she will come here? She asked looking around into the dark forest.

Melinda: Where else can she go? I mean everybody from her family left and all witches are gone…she has no one and nowhere to go.

Caroline: Did you also have a plan, if we would find her.

Melinda: No, not really. I don’t think binding her, will make my brothers normal again. Also I am not quite sure that if I kill her that the magic will be undone, but I have no other plan at the moment. I think everything is better to do, then fight my brothers.

They walked around, but Alyson was no show. Or she was there and cloaking herself from Melinda. Either way, Melinda realized that this was pointless, so they left again to help Dash and Casey.


Dash had been teleporting people out from nasty situations they were in. Now he was trying to lift a heavy piece of concrete. Under was laying an old man.

Melinda could hear Dash scream while he used all his powers to lift it. Then she heard him say to the old man, that it was too heavy. Then he turned around to look for help, when he saw Melinda and Caroline standing not far from him.

Dash: Thank the Goddess you are here. Can you lift this for me please? I am afraid to teleport the men, with his legs stuck.

Melinda walked over and used two fingers to use her telekinesis powers to lift the concrete. The old man left out a sigh, when the pressure was finally released from his legs.

Dash: Thanks Mel. I have to go now, he said and grabbed the men, to teleport him to the hospital.

Melinda and Caroline looked around, when Melinda sensed Casey transform.

Melinda: Something is wrong with Casey. She is transformed. Take me to her, she commanded Caroline.

They orbed in one of the streets in the middle of the city center and Casey was fighting with Chris.

Casey: Chris please. It’s me, your wife. Snap out of it, she said while she defended herself against his attacks. He kept throwing stuff around him with his telekinesis powers. Trashcans, pieces of rock from the ground, bicycles.

Casey was in the meantime defending herself nonstop with elements and threw the stuff that was coming her way around her. Suddenly Chris screamed out and used his both hands to lift at least 6 cars and they were hanging in the air, while he was sweating, but smiling brightly devilish.

Casey: Hey honey, you always wanted a car you told me and ride like a normal person, while now you can choose between all six cars he said and with a move with his both arms he threw the cars towards Casey.

Casey looked horrified, when all cars froze in midair. Casey quickly looked around to see Melinda and Caroline standing behind her and Melinda had her hands up to freeze the scene.

Chris: Oh looky looky who is here. The great Melinda Halliwell. Always on time to save the day aren’t you. I am glad you are here. Now I can kill both of you and go on with having fun in destroying first this city and then move on to the next one and next one and next one…he said and started to laugh hard.

It sounded very unnatural and evil. Then he yelled again and lifted this time not only cars, but all kinds of junk like trashes and rocks and three them also toward Casey. Melinda used one hand to freeze those two, while she kept the other cars frozen with her other hand.

Melinda: Casey you go with Caroline and help Dash. The city is a mess. Be careful for Wyatt.

Chris: If you are looking for that misfit, then you can find him at the Golden Gate Bridge. He thinks he is so almighty that he told me that he didn’t need me anymore. How dare he? Chris said angry and threw more stuff towards Melinda.

Melinda kept freezing everything in mid-air. She had no idea how long she could hold it, but if she didn’t she would be crushed by a whole bunch of cars and stuff.

Chris: Mister twice blessed thinks he is a god. He wants to make all people adore him and wants to rule the world. He thinks I will be weak and a distraction. Well I show him weak when I kill you off, he said to Melinda.

Wyatt orbed in not far from them, with Caroline and Casey right behind him.

Wyatt: You low class ass witch. Did you tell them my plans?

Casey attacked Wyatt from behind and this made Wyatt only angrier and turned around to Casey and Caroline. He closed his eyes and then made waving movement with his hand. When he opened his eyes, both women were transformed to cockroaches. Melinda looked horrified. Then he walked over to them, so he could step on it.

Melinda looked in horror, while she kept holding things in the air. She couldn’t let this happen. If Wyatt would kill one of them, it would haunt him the rest of his life.

Melinda turned towards Wyatt and ignored Chris completely. She had no idea how she was doing it, but she realized that she didn’t need her hands to keep the stuff in the air.

Wyatt noticed she walked towards him and used his energy wave to hit her, but she got out of the way by letting herself fall to the ground. She really didn’t want to transform and hurt her brothers. If she could fight them in her normal state, that would be the best for everyone.

Wyatt smiled at Melinda and then stepped quickly on one of the cockroaches, killing it. You could hear it cracking.

Melinda: NO!! She waved with her hand and Wyatt flew away from the cockroaches.

Melinda hurried towards the animals and looked at one, who was lying dead on the floor, crushed into pieces. The other one quickly got away and went into the sewer, by an opening on the side part of the sidewalk.

Melinda: Dammit! She quickly picked the one who was crushed and put it in her pocket. It felt bloody and gross, but she had no other choice.

Wyatt and Chris came standing next to each other.

Wyatt: It seems that we have to work together to get rid of her.

Alyson: No you don’t. Why fight her with the two of you, while we can do it together. I could even be your new sister and together we can be the Dark Charmed Ones.

Melinda: From which rock you came out? I have been looking for you, but thought that you were too chicken to have a fair fight.

Alyson: Fair? I am evil. I don’t do fair.

Wyatt: Enough! This is getting boring. Let’s do this and then we can continue having fun with the folks of San Francisco.

The trio prepared themselves for the fight. Melinda stood there calmly and looked at them.

She wasn’t going to wait for them to attack her. She lifted slowly her hand and whispered some words that no one could understand.

Chris: What is she doing?

Alyson: She is casting some ancient spell. Hurry attack her.

Wyatt used his energy wave, while Alyson tried to surround Melinda with darkness and Chris was chanting spells to strengthen the attack of Wyatt and Chris.

Melinda was able to duck for the attacks, but knew she wouldn’t be able to fight all three of them without transforming.

Without any warning, Chris appeared right in front of her and threw her a few meters to the side with his telekinesis.

Melinda: Chris snap out of it. It’s me your sister.

Melinda got up and could just duck from Alyson’s dark attack. She ran a bit away from it, looking back if it was following her, when she turned to look around where she was running too, she walked into Wyatt and a piece of glass.

She felt a numb pain in her stomach and looked down. She saw the piece of glass stuck in her and looked up to an evil smiling Wyatt. He took the glass out and stuck it in her again. Then he pulled it out and gave her a push, making her fall on the ground.

Melinda kept her hands against her stomach to stop the bleeding.

Chris and Alyson walked over and laughed at Melinda who was lying on the ground.

Chris: Unbelievable, the most powerful witch that walks the earth is killed off by her own brother and with a piece of glass. How hilarious is that, he said grinning.

Alyson: You know, we could instead of killing her, turn her dark too. Can you imagine, all three Charmed Ones being evil. Ruling the world, how awesome would that be? Let’s put some darkness in her.

Wyatt: NO! Let her die, right her and now. All my life, people feared my name and my power. Then she was born also as a twice blessed child. Not long after that, she became more powerful by the day. Now she is the leader of the Charmed Ones. People respect and fear her, not me. It is time that things change.

Chris: Here you go again. Making yourself so important, I am sick of it. When she is dead, I think I will go my own way. I am sick of you telling me how powerful you are, like I don’t matter. Like I am not Charmed.

Wyatt: Come on bro, don’t be like that. You always have known that you were the weakest of us three. I thought that you knew it and accepted it.

Chris: Are you calling me weak? He asked angry.

Wyatt: I am not calling it, I am confirming it. In a fight with me you would lose bro.

Chris: Screw you! This is the reason I hate you and don’t want anything to do with you. I think it is best if we go our own way.

Wyatt: Fine, first kill her off.

Melinda had been listening and knew if she wouldn’t act soon, she would bleed out or get killed. She couldn’t call for her whitelighter, because she was or dead or a cockroach. There was no other choice then to transform.

While Chris and Wyatt were arguing and Alyson was watching them with delight, hoping to see a fight between the brothers they didn’t notice Melinda starting to transform.

Melinda closed her eyes and focused on her energy instead of her bleeding. She held her hands on the ground to call for the power from the earth.

With a huge energy wave she transformed, blasting the brothers and Alyson away from her.

The trio got up quickly and looked annoyed at Melinda. Melinda got up too. Even if she was bleeding she looked very strong. She didn’t transform like she normally did, turning white and windy…she looked still like herself, except her eyes were white and there was energy coming from around her in waves.

Wyatt used his energy wave to attack her, but the invisible shield around her protected her. Alyson send darkness towards her, but that didn’t seem to work either.

Melinda lifted her hand and whispered some words.

Alyson suddenly cried out and grabbed her chest. She fell on her knees while she felt the pain rising by her heart.

Melinda squeezed her fingers close, making Alyson face turn whiter than it was.

Alyson: Help me, she whispered to Wyatt and Chris.

Both brothers tried every attack they knew. Chris started to chant spells, but nothing worked.

Melinda ignored their attacks and when they tried to stand in front of her, to stop her attack, Melinda used her other hands and send both brothers away from Alyson.

They got up, but there was no time anymore to do anything.

Melinda looked at Alyson. The distance between was not more than 10 steps and with a movement with her hand she pulled the heart of Alyson out of her chest, making it fall on the ground.

Both brothers looked in horror what was happening. Then Melinda turned to Wyatt.

Melinda: What happened to your big mouth you had not long ago. Fight me, she challenged him.

Both brothers got angry and attacked in every way they could. Trying using darklighter arrows, energy waves, telekinesis, spells…nothing worked.

Melinda let them attack her till they would realize that they couldn’t harm her. The brothers were panting and looking at her with disbelief in their eyes.

Melinda had enough of this. She was still bleeding. She walked slowly towards her brothers while they backed away.

At that moment Dash appeared not far from them and was watching what was going on. He noticed that Melinda was bleeding. He whispered a few times for Caroline, but she didn’t respond. He teleported out again, to find her or find someone who could heal his wife.

Melinda: I really don’t want to hurt you guys, but I will if I have to.

Chris: Do you worst. Anything is better than being your brother and l

Melinda flickered with her hand and with her extended powers, her blasting powers were incredible. Both brothers flew right through the building behind them. She walked over to them and saw them lying between the rubbish and both were knocked out.

Dash appeared with Piper and an Elder, not far from Melinda.

They saw Melinda squat down to the ground and looked at her brothers. She felt if they were breathing and both weren’t.

Melinda: Oh my god. Oh my god. What have i done? Wyatt! Chris! Please wake up. Please! She cried out. Don’t you dare to die on me! Do you hear me! She shouted.

Piper and Dash looked from distance together with the Elder.

Melinda: NO! I will not accept that you are dead.

She stood up with difficulty. She held for a moment her hands on her wounds and moaned, before she held her bloody hands above her brothers.

Dash: What is she doing?

Piper: She is bringing them back. She has done it once with Henry, but that was a while ago.

Dash: She is going to need our help.

Piper: No, stay here and just watch. This is something she has to do on her own, without me or you. This is what it means to being a Charmed One. We fight battles others can’t even imagine. We sacrifice and make difficult decisions when we battle. This is hers. Watch and see what your wife is capable off.

Melinda tried to focus, but her stomach was hurting like hell. She was getting dizzy of losing all that blood. Still she didn’t give up.

She held her hands above Wyatt and Chris and closed her eyes. She called for all her ancestors to aid her in this matter and help bring back her brothers.

Slowly light started to come out of her hands and it went directly towards her brothers. It took about a minute before her brothers slowly starting to wake up.

Both brothers sat up moaning and holding the back of their heads, because of the fall they had hit it hard.

Wyatt: What happened? What are we doing here? Oh my god Melinda, you are wounded, he said in shock.

Melinda: Yeah, well that happens if you stab your own sister, she said smiling half and then she fell to the ground passing out.

Dash wanted to go to her, but Piper stopped him again.

Piper: This is their moment, said Piper. This is their connection. This is exactly what makes them Charmed. No matter what happens and how dark it gets, they will always be there for each other.

Dash looked in awe at the Charmed Ones, if he was seeing them for the first time.

Chris and Wyatt hurried over and held their hands above Melinda healing her.

Melinda opened her eyes and looked at her brothers. Then she sat up straight and hugged them both.

Chris: Mel, what happened?

Melinda: Alyson had put darkness in you, making you evil.

Wyatt: Did we hurt anybody? He asked worried.

Melinda looked up and saw Dash and his mother standing there. The Elder looked at her and then orbed out, realizing his help was not needed anymore.

Piper and Dash hurried over. Dash let himself fall on the ground. He was dusty and lightly wounded.

He went between the brothers to kiss his wife, making the brother look at each other over the back of Dash, smiling.

Chris: Where are Casey and Caroline?

Dash: They followed Wyatt, that’s the last time we saw them.

Melinda: Maybe it is wise to orb us home, like now.

Wyatt grabbed everybody and they orbed to the Manor.

Manor, Attic

Leo: Thank god, you all are all right. There are cameras everywhere and they won’t stop knocking on the door. I called Nathan, in the hope he can help us, as it seems that the chief didn’t freak out about the whole witch thing.

Wyatt: Did Caroline or Casey come back yet?

Chris: I would like to know what the hell happened.

Dash: You two destroyed half the city. Burned houses and shops. Cast spells on people. Making a chaos.

Wyatt: I cannot recall a thing, he said frustrated. Where is my wife? I need to see Caroline. I cannot sense her and have a horrible feeling. WHERE IS SHE? He shouted suddenly.

Melinda started to cry and went with her hand to her pocket and pulled out a crushed cockroach. She had difficulty to keep her tears and speaking, but she had to tell what had happened.

Melinda: Casey and Caroline were chasing you towards me. When you finally arrived at the battle, they followed you. To annoy me in the battle, you turned them into cockroaches and then…she gave him the dead cockroach.

Wyatt looked from Melinda to the cockroach and back to Melinda again. His eyes started to fill with tears.

Wyatt: Mel, what are you saying? He said crying.

Melinda: I think that this is Caroline and therefore you cannot sense her, she said crying too.

Wyatt: NO! NO!NOOOOOOO!! He shouted! This cannot be! He yelled and let himself fall on the floor.

He screamed out and looked crying at the cockroach.

Wyatt: Oh my poor Caroline. I am so so sorry, he said while he cried.

Piper sat down with him and cried too, while she held him close.

Chris was crying too for his brother, but then the realization came to him.

Chris: Melinda where is Casey? Did Wyatt…he said looking at the cockroach in the hand of his brother.

Wyatt looked up with tears in his eyes shocked and looked at Melinda.

Melinda: No, she escaped towards the sewers. I have no idea if she has survived it and if she even knows she is trapped in that body? I really don’t know, she cried.

Dash held her closely and had also tears in his eyes.

Wyatt: I am going to fix this. I promise! He said and got up.

Without waiting he orbed out, leaving a devastated family behind.

Hey guys, hope you liked the episode. Lot of things happened and also things that are coming are hinted out in this episode. Let me know your thoughts through my FB page CharmedMelinda or here on FFnet.

Till next time!

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