Charmed Melinda Season 3 Final season

The Charmed Ones vs The people




Charmed Ones vs The People

Living room

Melinda was sitting on the couch and was thinking. She was alone and was trying to figure out how to deal with everything. Things were going very badly at the moment. Wyatt was gone and nobody had seen him in days. Chris was a wreck and was constantly in the sewers trying to find Casey. It was pointless to tell him that he would never be able to track her down while she was a cockroach. He simply wouldn’t listen. Dash was needed with his family. Her mother Piper was so stressed out of all the things that were happening that she became ill. Leo was taken care of her.

Outside her house it was a complete chaos, which Melinda has been trying to ignore for days now. People didn’t leave. All waiting to get a glimpse of the Charmed Ones. The humans with powers. From time to time she looked through the curtains outside and it seemed if the crowd was getting bigger and bigger. There were police everywhere and not long ago they had to take shield down for all the witches that stayed at their front porch before the big battle. In meantime nobody had put the shield back on, so people kept ringing the doorbell and kept knocking. Till a certain point Melinda could take it, but at some point she looked into the book she had gotten from the old lady about shielding for help, but there was nothing in it to stop the noise, so the only thing she could do was ignore it.

The news channel was constantly showing her house and their faces. She couldn’t even watch normal television anymore.

Melinda sighed and got up to make a sandwich for herself. Then she would go upstairs and check the Book of Shadows again if she could find anything to track down Casey and help at least one brother.

She got up to go to the kitchen, when she heard cheering outside which made her curious. People were shouting and sounded happy. She was just about to walk over to the window to check what was going on when she heard a loud bang and quickly walked over to the front door. The door was lying on the floor and cops stormed the house with guns and before she could do anything she was surrounded with cops pointing their guns at her.

Then suddenly the President walked into the Manor, looking directly at Melinda.

President: So, you must be Melinda Halliwell. I heard a lot about you and I think it is time that we talked.

Melinda: First send your dog’s away. I don’t like guns in my house.

President: Those are for my protection.

Melinda: Do you really think they can protect you against me?

President: Are you saying that you are faster than a bullet? He asked back.

Melinda flickered quietly with her fingers, making the cops freeze.

Melinda: Well I can tell you that they are frozen and not able to protect you in any way.

President looked at the cops and noticed they weren’t moving. He touched one, but the cop stood there as a statue.

President: I think your point is clear. Can you undo whatever you did to them please?

Melinda: Sure, if they go away. I don’t mind talking to you, but just you.

President: If that is the only way for me to talk to you, then so be it.

Melinda flickered again with her fingers and the cops were unfrozen again.

President: leave us.

Chief: But sir…

President: I said leave us.

The cops left but stood in front of the door, so they could come in as soon as it was needed.

President: You and your family has caused a lot of trouble in the world, did you know that? He said annoyed. Any idea what is happening right now all over the world? That’s why I want you to come with me, so we can do some test and find out the source of your powers.

Melinda: If you think for a second that I will come with you, then you are mistaken. Also, at this moment I cannot care about the world, when I have my own problems with my own family. Our family has worried enough about the world and saved it over and over again, without you even knowing it. Without us, there would not be a world left to rule Mr. President. So, how dare you to come here and demand things from me?

President: I am the president of the United States and it is my job to keep our country save and also the rest of the world. How can I rule a world where witches and people exist with powers?

Melinda: You know you should be glad that we exist. Without us, you would be President of a destroyed world. For example the battle in the woods with those witches. Did you thought for a second that your army would have been able to take those witches down?

President: Yes, I am sure of it.

Melinda: Seriously? Your cops couldn’t even stop me just now. I just moved my fingers and not even used a tenth of my powers to freeze them.

This did seem to impress the President.

Melinda: I really appreciate the time you took to come over here, but we have a lot going on right now and I am not sure what you want from us exactly at the moment, but I cannot help you.

President: I insist that you let yourself register. If we register all witches and their powers, then we know what we are dealing with and maybe if needed we can actually use one of you witches.

Melinda: I get that you want to register us all and know what kind of powers we have, but we are no test subjects and I can tell you that not much witches will be co-operating with this registration.

President: If none of you is willing, then we will have to take action to make you willing.

Melinda: Good luck with that.

Chris orbed in with a woman, making the President scream out and the cops stormed the hallway and surrounded around the President.

Chief: Sir, are you all right?

President: I am fine. I was just surprised. You can go now.

The chief and his team went outside again.

President: How did you do that? Where did you come from?

Melinda: This is my brother Chris Halliwell, I only don’t know who this lady is.

Chris was staring at the President.

Melinda: Chris! CHRIS! She said raising her voice a bit.

Chris: Oh sorry. You know that is the President? He whispered to Melinda totally not subtle...

Melinda: Really? I wouldn’t have guessed it. Of course I know who he is.

Chris: Mel, I think I found a way to find Casey, he said hopeful.

Melinda: Really? How?

Shanti: Hi, my name is Shanti. We fought in the woods not long ago. I have the power to communicate with animals.

Melinda: Wow that is cool. So, now what? You two go to the sewers to have a chat with some cockroaches?

Chris: If you say it like that it sounds dumb, but what other option do I have Mel?

Melinda: Sorry, you are right. You go do your thing.

Chris nodded and was already walking up the stairs with her to go to the attic.

Melinda: Did you hear from Wyatt?

Chris nodded he didn’t and looked worried at Melinda.

Melinda: Don’t worry. I will find him.

President: Excuse me? Is there something I can do?

Chris kept walking the stairs when Melinda turned to him.

Melinda: Thanks, but I don’t need any favors from you. With those kind of things there is always a catch.

President: Yes, I will help you in any way I can and the only thing I ask is for you to register.

Melinda: No thank you.

President: Ok, then I have another request for you, which is actually at this moment more important than the registration.

Melinda: What is it?

President: I want you to go on television and give an interview. You can choose the channel and the person who will interview you. You must understand that you cannot just come out and tell the world that you are a witch and that people with powers are real. People have questions and need answers, otherwise I am afraid weird and terrible things are going to happen to a lot of woman.

Melinda looked at the President and nodded.

Melinda: That is fair. That I can do, but before I do that I need to handle a few things. Is there a way I can let you know when we will do it?

President: Sure.

He gave his card where the personal mobile number of his was mentioned.

President: Thank you for doing the interview.

Melinda: Before you go, is there anything you can do to get rid of that crowd outside?

President: That should not be a problem. It was nice meeting you Melinda Halliwell. I see you soon, he said and gave her a hand.

After the President was out of the house, Melinda magically fixed the door and then ran upstairs to the attic.

Melinda: Ok, how does this work?

Chris: Are you willing to help?

Melinda: Of course. We are talking about Casey. So, what do we do?


Melinda: Ok, this is really gross, she said looking around.

There were insects all over the place and rats were walking around. The smell was horrible. She thought she was going to pass out. In an instant she completely forgot all the insects and smell, when she saw what Shanti did. Shanti sat down on the ground, not bothered by the dirty water or anything else.

Shanti looked at Melinda for a second and smiled.

Shanti: I know it is disgusting, but to be able to communicate with an animal, I have to be in their surroundings to get a real connection.

Melinda nodded and gave her the thumbs up.

Shanti smiled again and looked for a moment at Chris. He gave her a picture of Casey and she took it from him. She held it in her hand and closed her eyes. The picture started to glow and the glow sprung over to her fingers and then from her arms to her shoulders. Then it went from her neck right towards her eyes. She opened them and now they were taken over by the light from the picture.

Melinda and Chris were watching in amazement.

Melinda: How did you find her? She whispered.

Chris: Remember the list we made to know what we were up against? I found her on that list? He whispered back.

Melinda: Clever, she said smiling.

Shanti: Casey, show yourself. Where are you? I know you can feel and hear me. Don’t be afraid, I am here with your husband and his sister. Show me where you are, she said clearly.

Then she became quite and just made small sounds, like she was confirming something. Two minutes later, the light started to disappear and her eyes became normal again. She shook her head to clear it and then looked up.

Shanti: I found her. She is deep in the sewers and is trying to get back to your house, but it takes longer then she thought as she has no idea where she is and she is constantly fighting of other cockroaches or animals to survive.

Chris: is there a way that we could get to her. Pick her up from where she is?

Shanti: The problem is that most animals I talk to are bigger and now where they are. She is such a small insect. I mean if she goes on the road, she can get crushed by someone passing by, a car, get eaten by a passing bird. Thank the god that she is still herself even if she is an insect. So, she realizes her situation. Unfortunately she is the only one who can tell me where she is. I don’t have the power to sense her location.

Melinda: I got an idea, she said thinking out loud.

Chris: What is it?

Melinda: Shanti, was this a onetime thing you did with Casey or can you stay constantly or often in contact with her.

Shanti: No, I can do it as many times I want.

Melinda: Ok, can you do it again, but this time I will be connected too.

Shanti: I don’t understand.

Melinda: I have all three powers of the Charmed Ones. One of them is premonitions. Actually I can dream and be awake to get one. Also I possess raw power which since recently is upgraded. I think I will be able to connect with you and see where she is.

Chris: Yeah, that could work, he said hopeful. You could do it sis, right? He said almost desperate.

Melinda: Yes, I am sure. Let’s do this.

Melinda closed her eyes and made a face when she sat down next to Shanti, making Shanti laugh.

She opened her eyes when she had sit down and looked at Shanti.

Melinda: Ok, let’s do this because this is really disgusting.

Chris: Well I love you for it and Casey too. If you find her, I will buy you a whole complete set of new outfit.

Melinda: I like the sound of that. Ok, here we go. Don’t be afraid. I am going to transform now.

Shanti looked at her a bit afraid, but before she could even react, Melinda has transformed. Shanti looked in amazement at Melinda. She looked still the same, but there was a huge energy coming from her. Shanti had never sensed such a power. She was awed by it.

Melinda: Ready? She said calmly.

Shanti nodded and closed her eyes again. The picture started to glow again and it went from her arms to her eyes and she opened them. Again, she started to speak to Casey and asked her to show herself and speak to her. Shanti told Casey what they were doing.

Shanti: I found her. She is speaking to me.

Melinda touched Shanti right at that moment with one hand at her shoulder and with the other one she touched the picture that Shanti was holding in her hands. Immediately she was sucked in to a vision.

She saw a cockroach and instead of focusing on the insect, she tried to look around. She had never done it before, but with her Charmed and raw power, combined with the powers of Shanti, she could give it a shot. Melinda started to smile when she noticed it was working. She could control the vision. She looked around to check if she saw a sign and she did. It was a number and she understood that it was the sewer number.

Melinda let go of the picture and Shanti.

Melinda: Tell her to stay exactly where she is. We are going to get her. I know where she is.

Shanti did as Melinda told and got confirmation that Casey would stay put.

Melinda: We have to go.

Chris grabbed both of them and orbed them to the Manor.

Manor, Hallway.

They orbed in, making Melinda shout out.

Melinda: Orb us right now to the bathroom. We are dripping dirty water on the carpet! She shouted.

Chris did as she told and now both women were in the bathtub.

Chris: Better?

Melinda: Thank you. One more thing. Can you get us some clean clothes from my room? After that orb to the library and check the maps for sewers and look where the sign of number 22 is. She is exactly by that sign.

Chris: Ok, right. Clothes and sewers. Got it.

Twenty minutes later, the girls have freshened up and Chris was back from the library. He knew the exact place of the sewer, but it was right under the police station, right where the cells were. Melinda didn’t care about that and was ready for action.

Melinda: Orb us to the exact location of where we have to be. I will freeze the scene instantly when we arrive.

Chris: Shanti, are you ready?

Shanti: Yes, I am. Before we go I would like to say sorry for being on the wrong side of the fight in the woods. Also I would like to say that it is an honor to help the Charmed Ones.

Melinda: Thanks for saying that, we appreciate it. Now let’s go.

Police station, cell area

The trio orbed in and Melinda froze the scene instantly like she said.

Shanti: Now what?

Melinda: Ok, now it is time to connect. Shanti you will connect with Casey. I will connect with you for more power. Then Chris you will connect with both of us and focus all your energy on Casey. We will locate her for you and make sure you can see her clearly. Then use your inner magic. Your love and will her to you. Orb her to you. This will work, I am sure of it.

Everybody nodded and they sat down. Shanti started to make the picture glow again and Melinda waited for her sign that she had found Casey and was connected with her. Then Melinda transformed and touched Shanti and send waves of energy to multiple Shanti’s energy and her sight of Casey and her surroundings. Then Melinda nodded to Chris and he touched Melinda.

Chris closed his eyes. He focused with all his being and thought how much he loved her and how alone he would be without her. How much he needed her. Then out of nowhere, he could see Casey. It was like if she was standing right in front of him. He felt his orbing power starting to kick in and with his mind he sends his orbing powers towards Casey and held his hand out. Within seconds in his hand the cockroach appeared. It started to chirp and walk around on Chris his hand.

Shanti: She is happy to see you and wants you to turn her back. Use a spell she is saying.

Chris: Yep, she is definitely the right cockroach. Thank you both, he said sincerely and looked at his wife in his hands, smiling at her.

They orbed out, just on time because the prisoners unfroze right after they were gone.

Manor, Attic

They orbed in and Melinda went right to the book to find if she could find something to change Casey back.

Chris softly: Let the object of objection become but a dream as i cause the seen to be unseen.

The cockroach started to glow and in seconds Casey was standing in front of him. Chris got up and hugged her tightly and she hugged him back.

Melinda: You are back. But that spell is for cleaning up after demon attacks.

Chris: Yes, but while you casting it, you think of how things were and they turn back how they were before they were broken. I did the same. I thought of Casey standing in front of me as a person and not a cockroach. I was not sure if it would work, but it just came up.

Casey: Well, I am glad to be back. It was horrible to be stuck in that little body. Also glad that you are back to yourself again. Where are Wyatt and Caroline?

Chris looked at Melinda and she looked back and it became silent in the room.

Casey: What? What is going on?

Chris: Caroline is dead. Wyatt crushed her when he turned you two into cockroaches. You barely escaped, but it was too late for her. Wyatt has been gone with days. He is untraceable. Last thing he said was that he would fix things, but no idea what he meant.

Casey: That is horrible. We have to find him and help him. He should not do this by himself.

Melinda: Don’t worry. I have the whole magical community looking for him. There are not a lot of places where he can hide or find help. Eventually we find him or he comes home by himself.

Chris: You would want to take a bath I guess and sleep in a real bed?

Casey: That sounds fantastic.

Chris smiled and kissed his wife. Then he turned to Shanti.

Chris: Thank you so much with finding my wife. I couldn’t have done it without your help. If there is anything you need help with. Call out my name.

Shanti: Oh it was nothing. I am glad that I could help and do well. Also like I said, it was an honor to help you.

Chris and Casey said their goodbyes and left to their room. Melinda let out Shanti and went to the living room. She stopped in her tracks when she saw Wyatt sitting on the floor. He was crying. She walked slowly towards him and sat down next to him. He was holding the broken body of the dead cockroach in his hands. When he saw her, he hugged her tightly and cried really hard. His whole body was shaking. Melinda cried with him and kept hugging him, until he felt letting go.

They held each other at least for fifteen minutes and finally Wyatt let go of her.

Wyatt wiped his tears with his sleeve and looked horrible. He was unshaven and hadn’t freshened up for days. He looked dirty and sad.

Wyatt: I tried everything. I went to every witch I could find. Good or bad witches I couldn’t care. There had to be someone who can help me.

Melinda: I have an idea, but that will involve personal gain and can have great consequences.

Wyatt: Anything. I don’t care about personal gain. Let them take my powers. Punish me, but bring her back. Please. I will do anything, he cried.

Melinda: sssshhh. It is ok. We will fix this.

Chris: Melinda? Is that Wyatt? She heard Chris saying and heard him coming down the stairs. Bro, your home. Thank the Goddess.

He sat down with his brother and Casey stood from a distance and looked at the three. Wyatt saw Casey and looked at Chris.

Wyatt: I am so sorry, for what I did to you, he cried while he looked at Casey.

Casey: No worries. I am back, that is all that matters. You weren’t yourself when you did that. No hatred, all love, she said smiling.

Wyatt looked at his wife in hands and cried again, this time holding his little brother. Melinda wiped her tears and shrugged her throat, before she spoke.

Melinda: I can force the Avatars to bring her back to life. They have the power, but if we do that and we pass some higher persons, we could be in very big trouble. We need to talk to an Elder before we do this.

Chris: Can’t you do it? You did it with Uncle Henry too. I mean brought him back.

Melinda: Uncle Henry had died minutes ago when I did it. Caroline is dead for a couple of days now and also still in her insect form, so I have no idea in what state she is.

Chris: Let’s turn her back.

Wyatt: How? I tried everything. I am a fake blessed child. I am not strong enough to do it, he cried.

Chris: I brought Casey back and all that without being a blessed child. If I can do it, so can you. Now stop crying and pull yourself together, if you want to rescue your wife, he said sternly.

Wyatt looked at Chris, so did Melinda, making Chris a bit shy, but he kept looking back at his brother.

Finally Wyatt nodded, wiped his tears, shook his head to clear his mind and listened how Chris brought Casey back. He then said the spell and focused on Caroline. She changed back to herself and her lifeless body was now lying before the fireplace.

When Wyatt saw her, he pulled her up and held her close to him and tried not to cry again.

Wyatt: I am so so sorry, he said teary. I am going to fix this. I promise. No matter what. I cannot lose you. Hang on sweetheart he said, with a sad voice.

Melinda wiped her tears and took a deep breathe.

Melinda: Ok, I am off to the Avatars.

Chris: We are coming too. Wyatt, you can leave Caroline with Casey. She will stay with her. We have to go big brother.

Wyatt nodded and orbed his wife on the couch. Casey sat down next to her and held her hand. When she felt how cold it was, she could not help to start crying for her friend and family.

Wyatt saw her crying and started to tear up too. Chris has the same problem, but before they all would have a breakdown, he orbed them out to the Avatars.

Lair Avatars

The Charmed Ones orbed in, to see that the Avatars were waiting for them.

Avatar: Ah, the Charmed Ones. Welcome.

Melinda: If you were waiting for us, then you know why we are here.

Avatar: Yes and I can tell you that we have talked about it and we decided not to help you. Bringing back someone who is been dead for almost a week will cause a lot of our collective. We cannot take that chance.

Melinda; Why not? You are collecting powerful beings to fill the collective and grow as a group. All till us three decide to change the world to Utopia. We all know that no matter how long you collect powers, it will never be enough without the Charmed Ones magic. Well the last generation gave it to you but it didn’t work out. You have tried several times to get it from us, but our answer always has been the same and that will never change. So, you have no choice to wait for the next generation to become the Charmed Ones, so you can try again. That can take a while, so why not help us now?

Avatar: You remind me so of your mother. She was also to wise for her own good. You seem to have gotten the same gene.

Wyatt: Please help us. I will fill the collective till the same level as it is right now, after you have helped my wife.

Avatar: Interesting, but it will take much more than just your powers. On the other hand, you seem to have a sister who has plenty of power to fill the collective once and for all.

Melinda: Forget it pall. I am not filling anything making you get closer to your goal and change the world, without us even noticing and before we know it, we will be goners because we cause conflict.

Avatar: Your choice.

Wyatt: Mel, please. They can bring her back.

Melinda: No Wyatt, this is wrong. It was a mistake to come here. We will find another way.

Wyatt was about to argue when Melinda signed to Chris, who orbed them out back to the Manor.

Manor, Living room

They orbed close by Caroline. Wyatt sat down with her and cried.

Chris looked around and saw Casey standing next to the window and there was wind around her.

Outside it seemed like hell was breaking loose. It seemed like a huge storm was rising.

Chris: Casey? What are you doing?

Casey: Hold on. She kept focusing and then she stopped and turned around.

Casey: Sorry. The noise of the people outside drove me crazy. I keep seeing shadows passing by the windows of people who dare to come close enough. Now all people are chased away, meaning that we can put the crystals around the house to keep all humans out.

Chris: Clever thinking.

Casey looked at Wyatt and then at Melinda who was standing by the fireplace looking worried into the fire.

Casey: I guess it didn’t go well with the Avatars?

Chris: No. They can help her, but they want Melinda fill the collective. If she does that then they will have enough power to create Utopia and there would be nothing we can do about it.

Casey: Ok, so no Avatars. Then what?

Chris: I have no idea.

Wyatt: I love you so much, he whispered and his tears started to fell on the face of Caroline. He wiped them away and kissed her forehead.

Melinda was watching and tears started to rise up. That moment Dash teleported in, making everybody jump.

Dash looked around and was happy to see Casey and waved at her. Then he looked at Wyatt and Caroline and his face became serious. He looked then at Melinda, who was looking at him with tears in her eyes.

Dash: What is going on?

Chris: We are still trying to figure out to bring Caroline back.

Dash: I have been thinking about that and I have an idea, he said smiling.

Magic School, big room.

It was late and some students looked nervous around. Not knowing what exactly was awaiting them.

Then Leo walked in and looked around.

Leo: As you may have heard. Caroline the whitelighter of the Charmed Ones and my daughter in law has died. She has died unnaturally, so we should be able to help her. The plan is as this…

After ten minutes he walked out and then he came back. First he walked in with Piper, Melinda and Dash. Then Chris and Casey walked in and finally Wyatt walked in with Caroline in his hands. Everybody who was whispering became silent and looked sad at Wyatt.

Wyatt walked to the middle of the room and put Caroline down on some pillows Piper had put for her.

Melinda: Ok, everybody knows what to do?

The group of students nodded and started to create a circle by holding hands. Wyatt stepped away from Caroline and went to the back of the room, where Leo, Piper, Dash, Chris and Casey were watching the scene.

The group started to walk clockwise and started slowly to hum.

Melinda sat down by Caroline and closed her eyes. In second she transformed. Her power was even felt in the back of the room.

The group stopped humming and now focused on Caroline. As the group was all healers, they started to combine their strength to make it one force of healing powers and send that to Caroline. In meantime Melinda started to chant too:

’An di Allaigh an die aigh

An dit allaigh an die ne ullah

An di ullah be nith rah

Cair di na ulla nith rah

Cair feal to theo nith rah

An di allaigh an di aigh’

She kept chanting and held one hand on the top of the head of Caroline and the other by her heart.

Till she felt that the group had collected enough healing energy and was ready to send it. The moment they did send it, she send all her power she had into Caroline and then let go. The group stopped chanting too. Nobody send anything and they all looked at Caroline.

Slowly her color was coming back and her hand moved for a second. Then her eyes opened and she started to breathe.

Wyatt moved the students away, threw himself on the ground and looked at Caroline.

Wyatt: Oh my god, he cried. You are alive. Oh my god! He shouted from happiness. You did it Melinda. You did it!

Melinda: Yes, she said and then fell on the floor passing out.

Dash was in an instant with her. He picked her up and told everybody that he was taking her home and teleported out.

Some students felt also a bit dizzy and lightheaded. Leo started to take care of them.

Caroline: What happened? She asked softly.

Wyatt: Doesn’t matter. You are alive, that is all that matter right now.

Caroline: Can we go home?

Wyatt: Yes. Whatever you wish.

He picked her up and turned to his brother and mother. Casey was standing with Leo to help some students.

Wyatt: I cannot thank you enough, especially you Chris. For pushing me to stop whining and start doing something that actually could help Caroline. Thank you.

Chris: I love you bro.

Wyatt: Love you too. I think it is time to go home.

Piper: When Caroline feels better, come visit me.

Wyatt: Will do. Going now.

He orbed out smiling brightly. Not long after that Chris and Casey left also. The students returned to their dorms and everything was like it was again. The gang was back.

A week later, News studio

Today was the day. The interview that Melinda had promised the President. She was nervous and kept thinking that this was a terrible idea, but she had no choice. He had been right. People were curious or afraid and she needed to explain things to them.

Guy: You are up in one minute. If you follow me.

Melinda knew the whole world was watching. It was on television every half hour in each country that this interview with take place. She knew that her entire family was watching.

She had left Dash and her brothers home, so not all of them would have to go through this. She had made the world known about them, so it was her mess to clean up.

She walked into the studio and jumped when she saw all those people sitting and some of them started to boo to her. She sat down and looked at the interviewer.

Interviewer: Welcome to our show. The whole world has been talking about this interview. So, let’s start.

Melinda: Thank you for having me. Sure go ahead and ask away.

Interviewer: We have been doing some research about the Charmed History, we didn’t find much, but what we found is quite interesting. It seems that your line goes way back to Salem. Did you know that?

Melinda: My past is not important. The here and now that is why I am here.

Interviewer: Ok, but I think that people would like to know your origin. What is the source of your powers?

Melinda: It was our ancestors. They prophesized that one day three good witches would rise and they would be known as The Charmed Ones and they would be the most powerful witches the world has known. They would use their powers to fight demons and all the evil in the world to make it a better place. I and my brothers are the second generation of the Charmed Ones. The original ones are retired now. We have been fighting Demons since we were kids.

Interviewer: Demons?

Melinda: Yes, Demons. They live in the Underworld what lies beneath us. They used to feed on fear and anger. They seduced people to bad things. Killed humans and it is our job to protect the innocent and vanquish the Demon.

Interviewer: So, can we expect an attack right now?

Melinda: No, because there are no Demons anymore. We vanquished them end of last year, so we could finally have a normal life.

Interviewer: So, these are two very interesting points to discuss. You killed all Demons you say, but there is still evil in the world. People are dying, there is war and hunger. How is that still possible?

Melinda: Some things Demons has nothing to do with it. War is not something Demons create. Humans and their own fears and insecurities does. And with that I am guessing your next question will be about us wanting a normal life. So, let me tell you...that is indeed what we wanted. We fought so hard to get it, to find out that even we killed all Demons, we can still not stop the evil that people has inside them. Fears and other factors that makes us do strange things. Dark things. We also couldn’t know that some Witches would rise after years of silence.

Interviewer: With that you mean the battle in the Woods?

Melinda: Yes. Witches fought against each other and it was a very sad day. From both sides we lost a lot witches and it was not needed.

Interviewer: What caused the fight between the Witches?

Melinda: Power. I don’t believe in witches, that are evil that they born evil. Nobody receive the gift of life to be evil. There is always a reason for why they are the way they are. Still I also know that in some rare cases, a baby is born evil. Rotten from the moment they take their first breath. So, when the Demons were gone, a group of Witches started to start terrorizing the city. In such a way, that we were forced to come out and tell the world who we were. Just because they wanted us death and with that they can absorb our powers and become more powerful and unstoppable. If we had loose that battle, believe me the world would have looked very different in the last weeks.

Interviewer: Well good that you stopped it then, he said smiling.

Melinda: Well, let me tell you that were one of the hardest things we had to do. Everything we did to keep this world as it is was hard. We did everything in our power to make sure that people can live their lives without having to know about all the evil around them. For centuries we managed to keep our secret and now it is out and I don’t like it.

Interviewer: Why?

Melinda: Because we already see the effects of it. Our front lawn is full with people who would not leave, till they get a glimpse of some magic. We cannot even go buy food anymore. All we wanted was to live a normal life like I said. We are sick of fighting and we really believe that we are now at a point we can, but now the world we kept save won’t leave us alone. People are booing at us. Calling us freaks and aliens. There are people getting murdered, because someone accuses them they are a witch. It is ridiculous and crazy. All of this is not needed. All we want is to be normal.

Interviewer: I understand, but you must understand that it is very hard to treat you as a normal person, when we know that with a wave of your hand you can do a lot of damage. I mean I have seen you fight on the news and I was blown away. That energy that surrounds you and transforms you. I mean that is freaky stuff. Seeing witches do things that I cannot even comprehend? So, I guess the fear that people feel is very real.

Melinda; I completely understand that. Of course it is freaky. But, it is what it is. I never asked for these powers, I was born with it. It is in my nature. I cannot change that, even if I wanted too. All I ask from the people is, to trust us. Let us be. So, you know that magic exist. Any woman or men can be one. If you are then that is not a bad thing. It is all about how you chose to use it. Even if you have a deadly power, still it depends all on you how you to choose your live. I wake up every morning and know I have to struggle again all day long of doing good. One slip and it can have huge consequences for my family or the world. I have to learn to live with that. Believe me when I say, that I would love to use my magic openly and save people without constantly worrying about exposure and the dangers come with it. Sometimes I think to myself, why couldn’t i be more like the Demons and use my powers for everything to make my life better and easier, but that is called personal gain and in Wicca world a good witch knows that personal gain always will bite you in the ass. Magic has its own ways to show you that. So, I don’t. I actually try to use my powers as less as possible.

Interviewer: What happens when you use your powers? I mean from the inside. In your body?

Melinda: To be honest, when I am in my normal form and not powered up like you described earlier, then I actually don’t feel much. It just happens. The only thing I focus on is which of my powers I want to use, but happens in seconds and then it happens.

Interviewer: Powers. How many powers do you have?

Melinda: Several. Like my brothers. That makes us the Charmed Ones. The powers and the bond we have as siblings and family.

Interviewer: You want to liberate?

Melinda: Not really. Like I said and that is the main reason for me being here, is to make the world clear that not everybody is a witch. Stop killing innocent people or we are forced to pay those murderers a visit and that is a real warning. People, who are in front of our house, go away. Live your life and let us be. We are trying to live a normal life and deal with normal stuff like you all do. We are married and want kids. We want to deal with work, bills, weather, family dinners, going out and enjoy. Please let us be.

Interviewer: That is a strong message, but still I mean if you have all these powers, why not stop war, stop hunger and crime?

Melinda: Our powers are not given for that. We know a lot is going on in the world, but that is all humans. That has nothing to do with Demons or evils that are trying to destroy the world, but believe me that are enough magical beings out there, that you may not see but they are there to protect you as good as they can. As soon magic is involved then we are allowed to interfere. That are the rules we have to obey. We are not gods. We cannot bring people back or stop the hunger or that people are getting hurt.

Interviewer: So, you are just going home and live your normal life you want so bad.

Melinda: Yes, I am and why not? We have saved the world over and over again. Never asked for a thank you. We never told the losses we had to endure to keep the world as it is. Look where that has gotten us. Here on a TV show getting interrogated. As far as I see it, we have done our part. We have fulfilled our destiny and have the right to live our lives as we want and by that as normal people. If magical evil rises, we will fight and help, but till that time we are done. We had a very hard time the last couple of weeks and we need to rebuild our family and our lives. We cannot do that, with people constantly standing in front our home. When people are scared of us and won’t even take our money when we try to pay for the groceries and want us out of the shop with groceries still in our hands. Making us feel like thieves and some freaks. We are normal like you are. We bleed and die just like you all do. So, just leave us be.

Suddenly someone from the audience threw a knife right towards Melinda, before someone could stop him. Melinda flickered with her fingers and the knife froze not far from her face. The interviewer turned pale and kept looking at the knife. Melinda took the knife of midair and put it on the table that was next to her.

Melinda: I think this interview is over. Before I go I will say this. If any of you, I don’t care who you are, tries anything to hurt me or my kin, you will regret it. I may be good, but I will not let anybody hurt my family. So for the last time, leave us be and let us live our lives.

She got up and walked away, leaving a thumb founded interviewer behind.

When she was outside the studio, she called for Dash to teleport her home.

Manor, Living room

Melinda: So, what do you think?

Wyatt: Well the people are leaving. Most of them had left already thanks to Casey and her storm, but some had come back when it stopped and more started to come again, but now they are leaving.

Melinda: Really?

Chris: I think the last warning you gave them scared them.

Melinda sighed and walked outside.

People were already leaving and when they saw Melinda coming towards them they froze in fear.

Melinda: Don’t be afraid. I just came here to thank you for respecting our wishes and leaving us be.

Without waiting for an answer, she turned around and went inside again.

Dash: So, all is good and we can finally live our lives?

Melinda: I sure hope so. Things are looking up. The gang is back. I survived the interview and told the world to leave us alone, even if I think it will not so easy as it looks, but still for now we made our point. So, yeah life seems to be becoming better and better.

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