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Double Caroline




Double Caroline

Caroline woke up in the middle of the street. She looked around confused. She saw cops standing around her.

Cop: Miss, can you hear me?

Caroline: Yes, I can hear you, she said annoyed. What do you want?

Cop: What happened? Why are you lying on the middle of the road. Did you had some drinks? What is your name?

Caroline: What’s with all the questions? Listen, I am fine. I must have tripped or something and passed out. I feel fine. See, she said getting up.

She stood up to and turned around to show she was fine. She was wearing a black tight outfit.

Cop: I feel much happier, if you would let yourself checked up.

Caroline: Oh there is no need for that.

She came closer and stood now in front of the cop and looked at him flirtingly.

Caroline: I rather spend my time having fun with you and if your partner want to join, that is double the fun. What do you say?

Cop turned red, but slowly pushed her from him off.

Cop: Miss, I need you to take step back. It seems indeed that you are fine. We will call off the ambulance and you better watch out where you walk next time. Have a good night now.

Caroline moaned sadly, while she watched the cops get in the car and drove off. She walked around the street and looked at the window. She was surprised by her outfit and looks. She smiled but then her smile faded. She tried to remember anything, but nothing. No name, no idea where she was. If she had a home. She stood there looking at herself angry that she couldn’t remember a thing. She started to walk around without any destination, but then she figured. With this outfit and attitude she must be a badass, so she decided it was time to have some fun.

She walked to a street where it was full of bars. She started to smile.

Manor, livingroom

Wyatt: I am telling you guys, there is something wrong with Caroline. I can sense it. Didn’t you guys notice anything?

Melinda: Like what?

Wyatt: She is never around, since she is back. She is constantly being a whitelighter. She is like a token of good, but a bit too much good. I can’t explain it, but like she is missing a part of herself. She only thinks of doing her duty. I never heard her speak about what happened to her when she died? If she knew that I tried everything and how sorry I am. I am telling you, there is something wrong with her.

Casey: I think we can figure this out as a group in an instant. Caroline?

Caroline orbed in smiling brightly.

Caroline: Hello everybody. How is everybody feeling? How may I assist you this evening?

Wyatt: Hi honey.

Caroline: Hello husband. Good that I catch you. Between helping people, I have been thinking. It is nice to help one by one the people, but I think I can do greater things. Be greater than I am now.

Wyatt: What are you talking about? He asked worried.

Caroline: I am thinking of becoming an Elder again. That would mean that I cannot be longer your whitelighter, but I will make sure as an Elder that you get the best of the best whitelighter.

Wyatt: You can’t be serious. Honey, I don’t know what is wrong with you, but you need to snap out of it. This is becoming creepy. I almost don’t recognize you anymore.

Caroline: I am truly sorry, if I am the reason of your pain, but I am sure about this. I also know that our marriage will not the same anymore, but I still love you and want to stay married. You just have to come up if you want to see me and I have the time, she said chipper.

Melinda: Hi, Caroline.

Caroline: Hello Melinda, she said smiling. Did I ever tell you, that you make me proud to be your whitelighter, even if that will end now. You are one tough witch.

Melinda; Thanks, but before you leave us. I would like to ask you some questions and as our whitelighter I expect you to answer them honestly.

Caroline: Of course I couldn’t lie even if I wanted too.

Melinda: What happened when you died? Where were you? Do you feel different since you are back?

Caroline: Different? How? I feel fine you guys. Some things are just clear to me now. I know what my destiny is.

Melinda: Ok, let me put if a different way. You are a bit too chipper. Normally you are the one who worries about everything, but now you seem so chipper and all about duty.

Caroline was about to say something when she burped out loud.

Melinda: whoa…that is the smell of whiskey. Have you been drinking? She asked surprised.

Caroline: Absolutely not. I don’t know, but I feel a bit doozy.

Wyatt: Maybe you should sit down.

Caroline: Yes, because my head is starting to spin hahahaha, she said smiling brightly.

Chris: Ok, there is something definitely of with her. How can she be drunk suddenly?

Melinda: Good question. We need to figure this out fast, before it gets out of hand.

Casey: I will stay with her, while you guys go find out what the hell is going on.

Chris: You watch yourself, he said kissing her.

Then the trio ran upstairs to the attic.

Bar, somewhere downtown

Loud music was playing and it was very busy. Caroline was in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by men. She was having a blast. She was laughing and had never felt this free and drunk. She was looking around to the men around her, then she noticed a guy come into the bar. He was wearing a leather jacket and had a small beard. He was tall and dark. He looked badass. She pushed the men around her away and walked straight towards him.

Caroline: Hey handsome, she said smiling brightly at him, throwing her long blond hair back her neck.

Guy: You think that will work on me, he said looking at her.

Caroline: Well, I was going to go for something like, hey badass, buy me a drink or two and then let’s do something badass together, but I thought that would be so cliché, she said teasing.

He looked at her very seriously for a few seconds and then he started to smile brightly at her.

Guy: My name is Chase and you are?

Caroline: That is a very good question. When I remember, you will be the first to know, she said smiling and sat down.

Chase: Ok, you be mysterious. I like a woman who likes to play games.

They sat for an hour and had a few drinks and he told her that he was ready to do some bad things.

Caroline smiled and they got out of the bar. First they started by throwing bricks threw shops, making the alarm go off and then ran very hard laughing, like they were teenagers. The more they did things, the more it became more risk full.

They arrived at a night shop. There was just one car in front of the shop.

Chase: Do you have money on you? He asked.

Caroline nodded that she didn’t.

Chase: Damn. I am out too. I think we had a bit too much to drink. I want something to eat and drink. Ok, let’s go. We are going to get some.

Caroline: Ok, she said dull and drunk and walked with Chase into the shop.

Chase started to walk around and started to walk to the back and there he opened some chips and started to eat out of it. Caroline smiled and took some too. The guy on the counter was reading some paper and didn’t notice anything. Then they walked to the fridge and slowly they took some coke out of it and started to drink, while they were laughing softly how easy it was. Suddenly he opened the fridge and pulled some beers out of it and pulled them in his jacket. He winked at her smiling brightly.

Caroline was wearing a too tight outfit to hide anything in it. Chase was walking around and started to put some candy bars in his pockets, when they looked up and the guy from the counter was standing in front of them with a gun in his hands.

Guy: If I were you, I would empty your pockets and leave, before I shoot your sorry ass. I have a license and can kill you right here and now! So give my stuff back and get the hell out of my shop.

Caroline didn’t like this anymore, this was becoming serious.

Manor, Living room.

Caroline: I can’t breathe. I am afraid, she said and started to cry.

Casey: What’s wrong? What are you feeling? WYATT! She yelled loudly.

Wyatt orbed in with his brother and Melinda from the attic.

Wyatt: What’s wrong? He asked worried.

Casey: I am not sure, but she is suddenly scared and she says she can’t breathe.

Wyatt sat down in front of Caroline on the ground and held her hands.

Wyatt: Honey, talk to me. What are you feeling? What is going on?

Caroline started to cry and shook her head.

Caroline: I don’t know, but I have a terrible feeling that something horrible is about to happen. I can’t explain it, she cried.

Wyatt sat next to her and held her tightly.

Wyatt: It is all going to be ok. I promise, he said holding her.

He looked desperate at his siblings, who looked worried back.

Chris: We checked the book and there is nothing in there. We have no idea what is going on, he said seriously.

Melinda: Maybe we should take her to Magic School. Maybe the protection of it, will make her normal again? Maybe my dad or mom can tell us what is going on?

Caroline: I can’t leave. I can’t move…I…I am to scared, she cried and burped. Then she cried even harder.

Night shop

Chase was staring at the gun that was pointed at him and then to the guy who was holding him.

Caroline: Chase, let’s go. This was fun enough. Come baby, she said and tried to pull his arm, but he didn’t move.

He kept staring at the guy. Caroline knew he had a lot of drinks pretty fast and she was drunk too. She somehow realized that Chase wasn’t going to move and when she looked at him, she saw clearly the lust in his eyes. He loved this kind of situations. Like he had been in them before.

Caroline: Chase, come on. I am leaving, if you want to stay and get killed that is fine, but I am leaving.

Chase grabbed her by her arm and looked at her angry.

Chase: You are not going anywhere. You wanted a badass, you got one.

In a split second, he looked at the guy and with a quick move he went for the gun, but the guy somehow must felt it, because now both of them were struggling to have the gun. They bumped into rows, stuff felt and then Chase launched the guy against the fridges, making the gun go off.

Chase immediately let him go and looked at him. He was not bleeding. He looked at himself and he was fine too. He looked at Caroline and his eyes became huge. She was looking at her stomach and she was bleeding.

Manor, Living room

Caroline screamed out and looked down at her belly. Wyatt looked horrified and looked at Caroline.

She was bleeding and the group looked at it shocked.

Wyatt: What is going on?

Chris sat down on the ground and held his hands in front of the wound. Wyatt did the same thing. Together they started to heal her, but it didn’t work.

Wyatt: Why isn’t working! He yelled at the group.

Caroline started to shook with her body and fell backwards with her head. She looked very pale. Melinda quickly froze her.

Melinda: I will keep freezing her, till we figure this out. This way we can buy her time.

Wyatt started to stand and looked at his hands, which was covered in blood.

Wyatt: We have to save her he said with a strong voice, making the room shake.

Chris: Easy there bro. Don’t get all angry on us. Remember what happened the last time when the two of us went all crazy and evil. Breathe. I am going to get mom and dad. It is late and they will not like it, but this is an emergency and she is family. I’ll be back in a flash.

Chris orbed out and Wyatt sat down and looked at Caroline.

He felt helpless and had no idea how to save his wife.

Night Shop

Chase: Hey, stay with me. Stay with me. Do you hear that? The sound of the ambulance, they are coming for you. I am so sorry, but I have to go. I cannot get caught. I am so sorry, he said and put Caroline slowly on the floor.

He put her hands on the wound and run out of the story.

Caroline cried and her body was shaking and she was cold, while she lay there.

The guy from the counter sat down with her and had some shirt with him, he probably sold I the store, but now he was using them to stop the bleeding as best as he could.

Caroline lay there, thinking how grateful she was for this guy. Five minutes ago, they were stealing from him and now he was trying to save her life.

The ambulance arrived and took over. The put her as fast as they could into the ambulance and drove off. The police had arrived too and started to take a statement and get the security tapes.

Manor, Living room

Wyatt was pacing around while they waited for their parents.

Then orbs started to appear and Chris orbed in with Piper and Leo.

Piper walked over to Wyatt and hugged, making Wyatt cry.

Wyatt: I am scared mom. I don’t know what is going on and how I can help her. She is dying and I can’t heal her.

Leo: Ok, start at the beginning. Chris didn’t tell us much as we were in a hurry to get dressed and get here.

Wyatt: First, it were the small things. She was distance but not in a bad way. Suddenly the only thing she wants to do is be a whitelighter and be there 100% for her charges. She is too chipper. She is never worried about anything. Tonight she told us, she wanted to become an Elder again. Then she suddenly was drunk and before we knew she was scared out of her mind, that something horrible was going to happen and out of know where she was shot.

Piper and Leo looked at each other. The group watched silently. Melinda couldn’t help to smile how great the bound between their parents were, that they even didn’t need to speak to have a whole conversation with each other.

Piper: There are some thoughts that are going through my mind, when I listen back to your story in my mind. First thing you said was that she was chipper and all about helping people. Like she was missing a part of herself, right?

Wyatt nodded.

Leo: Then you told us that she became drunk and got shot. We have seen this kind of thing before. Not exactly like this, but we think we know what is going on.

Piper: We think, she split. Somehow when you brought her back to life, something must have happened, making another version of her somewhere.

Leo: Your Aunt Prue, did it once. Actually on our wedding day.

Piper laughed, shaking her head of the memory.

Leo: A Part of her wanted to be free and live her life, but felt like the original Prue was holding her back. It was the IT of Prue.

Piper: Also, your Aunt Phoebe went once to a ghost town and got connected to her innocent. Whatever the ghost experienced when he was alive, your aunt felt it too. He got shot too and then she was shot.

So, this two cases makes me think, that there is another Caroline out there. And by the looks of it, in serious danger.

Casey: What are we waiting for? Let’s find her. Let the Elders search for her too. I mean, she is still Caroline. Wyatt can try to sense her. We are not powerless people and we have not much time.

The group looked at her fierce tone in her voice.

Casey: Sorry, I am just worried and I love Caroline like a sister too, so we need to save her. Especially after what she has been through with being dead and all. We owe her that.

Melinda: Ok, let’s do this. Mom, can you stay and keep freezing her, till we fix this?

Piper: Of course. We will take care of her, don’t you worry. Go, do your thing, she said winking at her daughter.

Chris orbed to the Heavens to get help from the Elders. Casey called Nathan to look out for weird things happening and with a blond girl involved. She told him what had happened and he promised he would.

Wyatt looked at Melinda and Casey.

Wyatt: Ok, there a like twelve hospitals. We orb to them all one by one, asking if a blond girl came in with a gunshot, ok?

Melinda: Let’s go.

Memorial Hospital

The gang had already visited almost all hospitals, even the Jewish and Chinese hospital.

The walked to the counter and asked the same question about a blond girl. The woman told them that not long ago a woman with that description and wound had come in and was now in surgery.

Nurse: If you are her husband, then you wouldn’t mind to fill out the paperwork for the insurance. You can fill it out, while you wait. The surgery will take some time. There is a cafeteria, she said smiling and told them the directions.

Wyatt: Sure…he said slowly and took the paper and pen and they walked the way she had described.

The group was in the cafeteria and Wyatt was looking at the piece of paper.

Chris: Don’t worry about it. As soon as we can, we orb her out of here and bring her home. I think if we heal the wounded Caroline, our Caroline will be healed too. I hope nobody will recognize us, because then things will get complicated.

They sat down and waited for the doctor to come. Hours had passed. Chris had orbed back home a few times to check on their Caroline and their parents.

A woman with a little girl came in. They looked sad and worried.

The woman looked at the group and her eyes became huge. She moved a chair towards the wall and told her daughter to stay close to her.

Now everybody was quite in the cafeteria and they all waited.

Girl: Mommy that is that witch, she said pointing at Melinda.

Melinda heard it and looked at her and smiled brightly, waving.

Girl waved back.

Woman: Honey, don’t bother the lady.

Melinda: Oh, is no problem at all. We have been waiting for hours here.

Girl: When I grow up I am going to be just like you. I am also going to be a witch and help people, she said proudly.

The group looked at her. She looked so cute and was so tiny. Her eyes were shining while she looked at Melinda.

Chris: What is your most favorite animal, he asked the little girl.

Girl: UNICORNS! She shouted cheerful.

Chris smiled and held his hand out.

Chris: Watch this, he said to the girl and she looked at his hand with big eyes.

Her mother was watching too intensely.

Chris created a unicorn from orbs and made it fly around the girl.

Girl: WOW! She said with huge eyes and looked at the unicorn.

Then it disappeared and Chris looked at her. She looked at him for a moment and then walked towards him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Chris couldn’t help to smile. Even Wyatt smiled.

A doctor came in.

Doctor: Mr. Halliwell?

Wyatt: Yes, that’s me. How is she doctor?

Doctor: We have done whatever we can, now it is up to her to heal. I can tell you that it can take a while before she is recovered.

Wyatt: Can I see her?

Doctor: She is coming out of surgery and will be awake in a half hour. Then you can see her.

Wyatt: Thank you doctor.

The doctor nodded and left the room. Not long after that another doctor came to get the woman with the girl.

Casey: Guys we have to think about how we going to deal with this situation.

Chris: What do you mean?

Casey: I mean, the doctors, nurses, ambulance people. A lot of people has seen a wounded Caroline. We have no idea how many of them, recognized her or us, while we wait here. If they know it is us and we leave with Caroline just like that, it is going to bring us in bad daylight. We have a bill for the hospital to worry about.

Wyatt: I know, but the only thing I care about is fixing Caroline. When that is done, we will deal with the hospital bill and rest of it.

Casey nodded and didn’t say anything anymore, but what she said, kept going through each one of them. How were they going to solve this problem?

After half hour a nurse came and told him that Wyatt could see her. Quickly he went to her and when the nurse was gone, he started to heal her.

Caroline slowly opened her eyes and saw Wyatt, even when he was not finished.

Caroline: Who are you? You are cute, she said half sleepy.

Wyatt: It is me Wyatt, your husband.

Caroline: My what? I have a husband? Now completely awake.

Wyatt: Yes, you do. Do you know who you are and what happened?

Caroline: No, but I think you do? So, am I going to live or is it too late?

Wyatt: I am not letting you die or be hurt any longer than needed. He put his hands over the area where the wound was. Caroline looked at what he was doing. Her eyes became huge when lights started to appear and he finished to heal her. He was just ready, when the rest of the group came sneaking in to the room.

Chris: How is it going?

Caroline: Who the hell are you people and what the hell did you do to me? What are you?

Wyatt: Caroline, it’s me Wyatt. We are witches and you are our whitelighter and my wife.

Caroline: Listen mister, I don’t know who you are or who you all are…but.

Melinda: Ok, enough. Orb her home. I will stay to talk to the doctor.

Chris: What are you going to say?

Melinda: The truth, I guess. Go, fix your wife.

Wyatt grabbed Caroline and Casey grabbed Chris and they orbed out. Melinda sighed and wished that Dash was here right now. His family was going through some difficult times. It seemed they had traitors in their mids which became clear when the great battle in the woods took place. She sighed and start looking for the doctor.

Manor, Living room

The group orbed in, making Piper and Leo stand up. Caroline had to hold on to something.

Caroline: I think I am going to be sick. What the hell did you do? Where are we? How did we get…

She became silent, when she saw Caroline sitting on the couch, looking at her double in shock.

Caroline sat down next to Caroline and they looked at each other.

Chris: This is so weird.

Casey: You can say that.

Piper: Where is Melinda?

Wyatt: She is dealing with keeping what happened with Caroline a secret.

Piper: Ok, we have to put them back together.

Leo: Only, how do we know who is the original one.

Piper: Remember Prue. The other self, wanted to have fun and be free. That Caroline had the same, only she had no memory of who she was, she said pointing at the dark dressed Caroline. Good news is, that Leo and me have written a spell which should work, when Melinda returns.

Caroline: OK, you people are freaking me out. I am leaving, she said.

Piper froze her before she could move. Just to make sure she froze also the other Caroline, before she orbed out.

The doorbell rang.

Chris walked to the door to open it.

Nathan: Good, you are awake. We have a problem. A big one.

Chris: Of course we do. Come on in Nathan, he said and moved so he could come in.

Wyatt: Nathan, what are you doing here, this time of the night?

Nathan looked at both Caroline’s and looked surprised.

Nathan: Does Caroline has a twin sister?

Piper: No, she died and then we brought her back with magic, but not without consequences. She split in two different persons. That one is the good one and that is the one, who is been out there, but in the end they are both the same person. We are waiting for Melinda to make them one again.

Nathan: Well, there are footages of her and a guy the police has been looking for and on the tape it is clearly shown that they were stealing stuff and when the owner stood in front of them with a gun, Chase the guy we are looking for, tried to get the gun from him. Then you see Caroline getting shot. The Captain has saw the footage and is sending cops right now to the hospital.

Wyatt: Melinda is right now at the hospital. If she convinces the doctor to keep it quit and he lies to the cops, he can get in trouble too. We cannot do that. That is not right. He saved the life of my wife.

Chris: Ok, I am going to the hospital to get Melinda. Then we cast the spell and make sure Caroline is one person again. Then she orbs to the heavens and we figure out what to do.

Before anybody could respond he orbed out.

It took him a minute or so, when he orbed back with Melinda.

Melinda: Ok, I am here. I couldn’t convince the doctor and all he talked about, was who was going to pay the costs for the operation he performed.

Piper: Here is the spell.

The trio stood before both Caroline’s and started to chant.

’One person has become two

Both with different dreams to pursue

It is time be one again

Power of three times ten

Turn her back for now and then”

Both Caroline’s started to glow and became one person. They all watched while she shook her head and looked up.

Caroline: I am so sorry you guys. I remember both memories, which is very weird.

Wyatt: So, you are you again? He asked carefully.

Caroline looked at him and got up, grabbed his face and kissed him intensely, making everybody look away. When she stopped Wyatt was blushing, making everybody laugh, except for Nathan.

Nathan: Listen people, this is very serious. Caroline is now a witness/suspect. So, what are you planning to do?

Wyatt: Well, she is not coming with you for sure.

Nathan: That is fine. I mean she can orb. How am I going to stop her anyway, if she decides to orb out.

Still I cannot come empty handed back to my Captain. Remember, if we don’t do something soon and it comes on the news, then your good name can be pooled through the drain, just like that.

Everybody looked at each other. This situation was become very problematic.

Hey guys, sorry for the delay. I had first another version and right before I upload it. I read it again and I was not happy with it. It didn’t flow well and I ended in a way, that was against my plans for the rest of the season…so again sorry.

Still hope you liked it. Leave your review and check for me on FB and twitter under CharmedMelinda and CharmedMelinda2 ….Blessed be

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