Charmed Melinda Season 3 Final season

So it begins




So it begins

Six months had passed since the gang was complete and everybody alive again. Caroline had recovered perfectly from her double ganger period. Life was actually good for the Charmed Ones. Even it hasn’t been always easy. It was really a struggle and a lot had changed.

Interviews kept coming in, but that was not the only thing that came in. Taxes started to come in and other bills that before never came or did came, but Piper arranged all of it. They were started to get in trouble. There were a lot of people in the house, so more money was needed for food.

Many meetings had taken place and they had talked a lot about how they would manage things. Also there was a big huge thing what was on the mind of everybody. Caroline was pregnant. Not far yet, but it was huge news. One of the Charmed Ones was getting a child again.

So, a lot of decisions had to be made and they did.

Building Oprah

Melinda: Thank you Oprah for this lovely interview, she said smiling.

Oprah: It was an honor to be able to meet you and interview you, she said smiling back. Well, I hope we have answered a lot of questions that our viewers had for you. Ok audience, look under your seat, because we have for all of you an herb relaxing set. All the products are made of self-made herbs and materials. There are candles, soaps, incense in it and lot more.

Melinda: And no worries. Nothing is spelled. It is all made by the team of Oprah, with my guidance to choose the right herbs and materials. So enjoy.

The crowd cheered loudly.


Oprah: Thank you again for coming.

Melinda: Thank you for having me and treating me like a normal person, who happened to be a witch, she said still smiling.

Dash: Honey, you were awesome. But we have to go. You have a radio interview after this.

Oprah: Go. Do your thing. Bring some goodness and magic in the world, she said and hugged Melinda.

Melinda let go of her and smiled at her and looked at Dash.

Before Oprah they teleported out, making Oprah look in amazement around her.

Manor, Later that day

Dash and Melinda teleported in looking happy and tired.

Dash: What do you say, we make something to eat and then take it with us into the bath.

Melinda: Hmm, sounds very tempting, but I couldn’t. I am a married woman and you are my pr. What would my husband say?

Dash: Who cares what that loser would say? Come here YOU! He said and grabbed Melinda tightly holding her against him.

Melinda: Ooh, I love it when you are so wild.

One hour later in the bathroom

Dash: Tomorrow I will check in the cheques. If we keep up this way, we are going to be rich.

Melinda: That money is not to be spending on stupid things. It seems to you and everybody that I like been on television, talking about our legacy. Once it was our sacred duty to keep it secret at all times. Now I am talking about it like it is nothing special. Trying to bring it in a way that people eventually would not find it any interesting anymore. With this money we are able to pay the bills we are behind with and live with it and also for our children and their education. We both are not work material. Do you see us in some office? So, we do this till it is not needed anymore.

Dash: I understand honey. Why do you think I put all my savings also into our bank. Don’t worry too much and if needed I will sit behind a desk and work. If that would make you worry lesser.

Melinda: Well, one thing is nice. We don’t have to buy any herbs and stuff anymore. We don’t need to spend money or use spells to fix broken furniture. That is good.

Dash: Wyatt and Caroline are not living here anymore. Ok, they live like two streets away, but they are out of the Manor. That is huge and a big change. Chris is being a Whitelighter again and is helping people, maybe not from Demons, but with life problems. Casey has bought her own café.

Melinda: I love that place. Also love the name: Charmed! Yeah, I is treating us well at the moment. The thing is and I know maybe I am jinxing it, but I am still waiting for the other shoe to fall.

Dash: What do you mean?

Melinda: I mean, that our family is cursed in that way. Or it was just my mother and I got it from her. Every time I feel happy, something happens.

Dash: We are almost a year Demon free. We have witches all over the world rising up. Chris is helping humans. Magic is out there. World is changing and in a good way. You have done well. You don’t have to be a Charmed One anymore. You can be just you. You should not think about when the shoe fall, you should think about what you want to do with your time, when the interviews are done.

Melinda: I know what I want to do. I want to take my mother’s restaurant over.

Dash: Really. You never told me that.

Melinda: Because I haven’t been there for a long time. I used to work there for extra cash, but then things happened and I never went there. Also my mom never talks about it herself. All I know is that it is still standing and business seems to go well. My mom just told me, that she still manages the restaurant and that she changes the menu with delicious food, but that she is getting old and it is getting harder for her, to go with the time we are living in. I told her that I would love to take over and make it younger again and modern, but still with moms food and a bit of my own.

Dash: That sounds cool. I love it. I am a horrible cook, but I can be a very good looking host to welcome the customers.

Melinda: I bet you would, she said smiling and they started to kiss.

Net day Manor living room

The doorbell went and Melinda got up to open the door.

Melinda: Nathan? What are you doing here? She asked.

Nathan: We have a problem, he said and walked past her inside.

Melinda closed her eyes and sighed deeply, before she close the door.

Nathan walked into the living room and looked around.

Melinda: We seem to have a problem she said and sat down next to Dash again.

Nathan: Last night, thirteen children of exactly six years old, disappeared.

Chris: Disappeared as in, kidnapped?

Nathan: No, no sign of struggle or anything. I would say that they got up and walked out the door by themselves or by something.

Melinda: So, we have the number thirteen, which is the number of a full coven. We have the number six, which is seen as the number of evil. That cannot be coincidence. I assume that is all the information you have? She pointed at the file he had in his hands.

Nathan: Yes, this is all I could collect.

Dash: Does the chief know you are here?

Nathan: Of course. He also told me that if you need assistance, to let us know. We will come.

Dash: Always good to know, cheers mate.

Nathan nodded and left again.

Melinda: What did I tell you? Other shoe just fell, she said looking at Dash.

Dash looked at Melinda, not saying anything and then to the file.

Right at that moment, Chris stood up and looked up into the sky.

Chris: All whitelighters seems to be called upstairs. It sounds urgent.

Dash: Go, we will check the files.


Chris orbed in, close to Wyatt and Caroline.

Chris: Hey bro. Hey Caroline. How you doing? How is the little one?

Caroline: We are all good, she said smiling.

Wyatt: How are things at the Manor?

Chris: Different without you and Caroline, but we are getting used to it.

Wyatt: I bet you are. Hope you are enjoying my room?

Chris smiled brightly.

Elder: Listen everybody. We have a huge problem. Something nobody has foreseen coming. The Demons are back.

Wyatt: What? That is impossible. We killed them all. We haven’t seen or felt a demon for almost a year.

Elder: This is different. These demons are not fully Demon yet. They are still children.

Chris: Wait. We just got news that thirteen children has disappeared. They are all six years old.

Elder: What else do you know? He asked curious.

Chris: That’s it for now. We were just about to check the files, when we were called up.

Caroline: Wait a minute? How are the children demons?

Elder: It seems that the Demons have made one final move, before they were all vanquished by the Charmed Ones. They have breaded with human woman to keep up their legacy. The women were all spelled. We have no idea how many women exactly, but it seems for now we have thirteen children. We have no idea how to track them yet and if their powers are developed yet.

Chris: I will go back and keep searching with my sister.

Wyatt: I can’t. I have to work.

Caroline: I can stay. No problem.

Wyatt: Excuse us, he said to everybody and pulled Caroline to the side.

Caroline: What?

Wyatt: You can’t be serious. You are pregnant. What if those children attack and hurt the baby?

Caroline: Honey. Remember your history lessons about your family. How many Demons didn’t attack your mother, while she was pregnant of you? How many demons didn’t attack you when you were just born? We will get through this. Our baby is half Charmed and half whitelighter. Also I refuse to sit and hide in a corner, when I know our family is been attacked or hurt or whatever.

Wyatt: But...

Caroline: I am going and that’s that. You go to work and bring some bacon home? Also don’t forget the milk. I love saying that. Feels so normal.

Wyatt smirked at her and kissed her.

Everybody orbed out.

Manor, living room

Chris orbed in with Caroline.

Chris: Look who I brought with me.

Melinda: Caroline!!

Melinda got up and hugged Caroline.

Caroline: Can’t breathe, she said smiling.

Chris: We have some very bad news about those kids.

Dash: Don’t tell me that they are all dead.

Chris: No worse, they are demons.

Melinda: Sorry, did you just say Demons?

Chris: I am afraid so.

Melinda: How? How is that possible?

Caroline: Short version. Demons spelled and screwed some innocent woman, before they were all killed off. That was their last way to thwart our demon free life.

Melinda: This can’t be happening. Not again. We just had finally normal lives, whatever that means, but it was normal. No more running to the attic and fight demons. When is it enough? I am so sick of this destiny thing taking over again.

Lights started to appear and an Angel of Destiny appeared.

Melinda: Who are you?

Angel: I am one of many. I have wedded your Aunt Phoebe back in the day.

Melinda: What do you want?

Chris: Mel! Show some respect.

Angel: She sounds just like her mother. Direct and very annoying. I am here because I am here to tell you something. This feels like a déjà vu for me, as many years ago, I came to tell the same thing to the previous Charmed Ones. Only I am missing one. Where is the eldest?

Chris: At work.

Angel looked at him like he told her, that Wyatt orbed to another planet or something. She cleared her throat and looked at the group.

Angel: By taken out all Demons and getting rid of the Old Ones, you have fulfilled your combined destiny and you deserve to have a normal life. You have brought magic into the word and it has accepted you. Withes are rising all over the place. The whole world is changing and that all is because of you. I wish I could say that this is it. Only you are still the Charmed Ones. This new evil has to be stopped. This will be your final battle and one that will be very hard. Those children are not the big concern, but why they are created is. They are created to rise up a greater power. Great evil.

Dash: That is great lady, but how can you be sure that this will be their last battle?

Angel: Are you questioning an Angel of Destiny?

Dash: I guess I am. We are keep getting promised this normal life, but it seems like each time something happens. The other shoe falls, he said looking at Melinda.

Angel: You may have to use your powers, but it will not be fighting Demons anymore.

Dash: If you have foreseen this, why didn’t you come earlier to warn us?

Angel: Because it will be hard enough to kill little children. Are you telling me that you would be able to do such a thing? I don’t think so.

Caroline: One question. Can you tell us at least if these thirteen are the only ones?

Angel stared into the sky and her eyes turned white. Everybody waited patiently till they became normal again.

Angel: Yes, they are the only ones. Please don’t underestimate them because they are little. They are already getting into their powers and they are smart. Good luck and blessed be, she said and disappeared in bright light again.

Chris: Shall I get Wyatt?

Melinda: No, not yet. We get him till we really need him. Let’s first find these little monsters.

The group walked upstairs towards the attic


Evan: Ok, gather around. To become fully demon we have to make a sacrifice first. We all have to find someone to kill.

Lisa: Where do you want us to get them?

Evan: I don’t know. Be creative. Go to a playground or something. Kill your neighbor. I don’t care.

The full moon is in tonight. We have till then to find someone. We have to kill them all at the same time, if we want to receive all of our powers and sacrifice all our collected powers to them.

Max: What will happen to us when they have gotten all off our powers?

Evan: I don’t know. All I know we are destined to bring them to the world. That was the final move of the demons, before they were all killed.

Lisa: I am scared. If they get all of our powers, they will be unstoppable. What happens if they have finished of the Charmed Ones? What will happen after that?

The children looked at each other, not knowing the answer to that question.


Melinda: There is nothing in the book about thirteen demon children rising up. I have no idea how to scry for them.

Chris: I think I do. Their names are mentioned in these files. Also where they live? We have to find a connection between the names and addresses to know where they could be hanging around. It will be a place like the woods or something. Someplace where people wouldn’t quickly search for them.

Melinda: I still cannot believe this is happening. Not only we are in the attic again and checking the book, demons are back and they are kids. We really are going to kill six year old ones, she said sighing.

Caroline: I know this sucks, but I think we should start working on a vanquishing potion.

Melinda: What potion. We don’t know their powers.

Caroline: Can we make a potion strong enough that it would not matter what kind of power they have. Maybe if we spell it with a power of three spell?

Melinda: I don’t know. If there were a potion like that, I think we would be having it all through the house like the teleportation potions we have.

Chris: I have to agree. I mean the Book of Shadows would not be this big, if we just needed one potion and spell for all demons alike.

Caroline: You have a point there. I was just an idea.

Chris got up and walked over to the map of San Francisco. He started to point out on the map, all the locations where the children lived.

Chris: Guys, look.

The gang walked over to him and looked at the map.

Chris had pointed out a circle on the map. The center of the circle was the woods.

Melinda: The woods. That is impossible. I have made it very clear to every witch and the world that that place is forbidden area. That place is Jake’s and Jackie’s.

Chris: Well, it seems not anymore.

Melinda: We have to warn them.

Chris: Let’s go.


Chris, Caroline and Melinda arrived in the woods. Their house would be spelled but not for the Charmed Ones. Jake had done a good job building it. All wood from the forest. It looked very cozy.

They knocked on the door, but nobody opened. Chris used his telekinesis and opened the door. The place was a mess. It seemed like they had left in a hurry. All the furniture and pictures were still there. Just some clothes were taken. Outside they heard children laughing.

Quickly Melinda went outside with Chris and Caroline. Nobody was there. Still they heard the kids laughing.

Caroline: I hate it when kids do that kind of thing.

Melinda: Be sharp guys. We have no idea what they are capable off. I mean if they can make a Jake leave this place, then things are very serious.

Caroline: Maybe we should leave and get back when we know more.

Chris: I think you should leave. This is dangerous and Wyatt would kill me, if you even gotten a scratch.

Caroline: But...

Chris: Go Caroline.

Caroline orbed out and right at that moment the kids started to appear. Some shimmered and some came out from behind trees and bushes.

Melinda and Chris were surrounded by them in a circle.

Evan: So, you are the famous Charmed Ones. Aren’t you supposed to with the three of you? What happened? Was one of you not in the mood to get his ass kicked today?

Melinda: We don’t need the three of us to kick your little behinds.

Evan: Melinda, Melinda. You were always the tense one aren’t you?

Melinda: How the hell do you know that? You are just six years old.

Evan: We know everything there is about the Charmed Ones, going back to the origins of Melinda Warren. We were born with that information. It is like how a baby crocodile immediately knows how to swim.

Melinda: Great. Well you know us. Why don’t you tell us more about yourselves? What is your goal?

Evan: Oh, that would be way too easy and so not fun. I can’t wait for the surprise we have for you in store. It is going to be a blast.

Melinda: You know, I have been thinking. There is a reason that you are with the thirteen of you and all of you are six years old and live in a circle from each other. So, in my experience that means that all of you is needed for whatever you are planning to do. So, if I just get rid of one of you, then your plan fails, right? She asked, but did not wait for an answer.

She flickered with her hands and a boy next to Evan, was blown away from where he was standing. He screamed out and the group looked at him, while he fell hard on the ground.

Evan: You shouldn’t have done that, he said angry.

Evan’s eyes became very red and he fired lava from his mouth towards Melinda and Chris. Chris orbed them just in time or they would be goners.

They orbed not far from the group. Quickly the children came together as a group and looked at the two. The boy that got attacked got up too and didn’t look happy.

Melinda: Wow that was a close one. That little bastard.

Evan was smiling and looked at the rest of the group.

They now stood next to each other and preparing themselves for an attack.

Right at that moment Wyatt orbed in right next to Chris and Melinda.

Wyatt: Hey guys. I heard about the kids and had a lunch break and thought I come and see if my help is needed.

Chris: Well your timing is perfect. Those little brats are stronger then they look.

One of the kids started to lift his hand and swirls of small tornados started to appear around the Charmed Ones.

Quickly Melinda grabbed her brothers, creating a shield around them. The tornados hit the shield, but instead of bouncing back it kept pushing against the shield. Another child was standing next to the one who was creating the tornados and was helping with pushing it against the shield.

Wyatt closed his eyes and created a shield around the one that Melinda had created. That made the tornado’s bounce back a bit, but fast they came back.

A little girl with a pony in her hand stepped forward and dropped the pony on the ground and now opened her hands and started to lift them to the air. That moment the ground under the Charmed Ones started to shake and the ground exactly in a circle around their shield was lifted to the air with the Charmed Ones still on it. Then she moved her hand to the ground, making the piece of earth come down fast. Making the Charmed Ones orb out quickly before they hit the ground.

They orbed not far from and Wyatt immediately used his energy wave and it went fast towards the kids.

The kids ducked just in time away.

Lisa: Evan, we have to stop fighting them. That is not our task. We have a bigger goal and if one of us dies now, we will not accomplish it and the plan will fail.

Evan: You are right.

Evan stood up and looked at everybody. The Charmed Ones were looking at him as he was the only one standing.

Evan: Stop fighting everybody. We have no time for this. We have bigger plans. We are leaving.

The kids started to get up and walked towards Evan.

Melinda: Oh no you don’t.

Quickly she flickered with her hands, but was just too late. They all shimmered out just before she could attack.

Melinda: Dammit!

Wyatt: Ok, this is not good, but I have to go back to work. Sorry, guys. We have a huge deal going on and...

Chris: Go. We will manage till you come home and whatever they are planning will not happen before midnight.

Melinda: How do you figure?

Chris: Well it is always midnight or full moon, right...

Melinda: Yeah, can’t argue with that. So, go. We see you at home.

Wyatt orbed out and then Chris and Melinda orbed out too.

Manor, living room

Caroline: Where have you been? I have been worried sick.

Melinda: We had a little battle with our little Demons.

Caroline: And, how did it go?

Melinda: Well, we fought and they seemed more powerful then they look and then they suddenly stopped and shimmered out together.

Caroline: Well, Casey had a thought. One that we didn’t think off.

Chris: Was Casey here?

Caroline: No, I called and let her know what was going on?

Chris: You shouldn’t have done that. Now she will come home. I know she rather is at Charmed.

Caroline: Ok, anyway. She asked if we had spoken to any of the women who had one of those Demons. I mean even if they were under a spell, they maybe know something or can tell us, why this is happening now?

Dash: Hey you are back, he said making Melinda turn to him. How did it go? Did you find them?

Melinda: Yes and we fought them and then they suddenly disappeared. So we are at scare one again.

Dash: Did Caroline tell you what Casey said?

Caroline: I did and I was just about to tell them the actual plan? Dash has been working on the truth spell. It took us some time, but we have amended the words, so the spell will last for ten minutes, instead of twenty four hours.

Dash: We thought it was difficult, but it was actually just changing some words.

Caroline: Anyway, she said looking at Dash annoyed.

Dash gave her a sheepish smile, making Melinda smirk.

Caroline: Dash is going to get one by one the woman. Then we throw the potion and ask them all the same questions. Also we all should use glamour just to be sure that they don’t connect us with the Charmed Ones.

Melinda: I think we should let them see our face, maybe knowing that we are the Charmed Ones, make something trigger?

Dash: Clever! I like it.

Caroline: Ok, we don’t glamour, but this way maybe we can find out in one and half hour more?

Chris: is it not kidnapping what we are doing?

Caroline: Really Chris? I am pregnant and my breasts are hurting like hell. We came up with this plan and we are doing this, right now. Got it.

Chris looked with big eyes at Caroline and just nodded.

Caroline: Good boy. Now, Dash move your ass to get the first one. Can someone please make me some food in the meantime, before I pass out? I am eating for two you know?

Melinda laughed and suggested that we first made the sandwiches and then went all together upstairs and then Dash would get the first one. Caroline agreed and walked already upstairs to the Attic.


One hour had past and they had already spoken to ten women and nobody knew anything. They had three left. The first two didn’t know anything. Then finally they spoke to the mother of Evan.

Melinda: What do you know about Demons?

Meg: I know everything that there is to know about Demons.

Melinda: Tell us? What is Evan? What is his plan?

Meg: All I know is that he is destined to bring some great evil to the world.

Chris: What kind of evil?

Meg: One the world has never seen before.

Melinda: What do you mean?

Meg: That is all I know. Whatever is coming, it is coming tonight. It was destined to come.

Caroline: Where will this happen?

Meg: I don’t know.

Dash: Do you remember the Demon that came to you?

Meg: Sorry, I don’t.

Dash: Ok, the ten minutes are almost over. I am bringing her back.

Melinda: Ok, that is fine.

Dash teleported out with Meg, leaving the group with more questions.

Melinda was pacing the attic thinking when Dash teleported back in and watched as the rest was watching Melinda. She was the leader and she was clearly thinking about something.

Dash: What is it love?

Melinda: I have been thinking about what Meg said and what happened in the woods. They left because if we kept fighting them, we would at least hurt one of them. That’s why no more children have disappeared. These thirteen is it. Whatever they are going to do, it will happen at midnight. The evening is just starting. Caroline, I need the Elders to put every magical creature on tracking those kids. Nymphs can tell us in which woods they are. Trolls can travel very fast and maybe then can help out.

Caroline: I get it. I get it. She orbed out quickly to talk with the Elders.

Dash: Oh, I am feeling a plan is rising. That’s my girl. What’s next?

Melinda: You are going to call one of those television stations and ask if they can put me on the news asap.

Chris: Ok, how is this all going to help us? Did I miss something?

Melinda: Ok, I am going to call for all witches with real powers and if they are willing to fight, that they have come to the woods. Where the last battle was. If we then get a location from the Elders or anyone, then make the Elders orb everybody who came to that location. They expect us to come as the Charmed Ones, but they forget something. The world has changed. Witches with powers are rising every second and they want help people and fight for good. What is greater than to stop great evil that is coming to earth? With the whole group, we should be able to hurt just one of them. Any one of them and we are done. The battle is over. They cannot perform their ritual to bring the big bad. Maybe even they turn normal if one of them is a goner.

Chris: What if witches are get hurt?

Melinda: What about us Chris? We can get hurt! Listen, I understand that we are the Charmed Ones and it is our job to protect the world from the big bad, but like I said. Powerful and good witches are rising up. It is also their time. They don’t deserve to live in our shadow. They deserve to decide just like us to fight for good.

Dash: Ok, I just hang up with CNN. I don’t think we can get a bigger news channel. So, when you are ready, let’s go.

They teleported out when Casey walked in.

Casey: Hey honey? What’s going on?

Chris: I really hope there will be a day, that you will come home and just say hi, instead of asking what is wrong, because our life is endless battles with Demons.

Casey: is it that bad?

Chris: Yes. Thirteen tiny kids of six years old are going to bring back some huge evil to the world. The only way for us to stop them doing that is killing one of them. To break the chain between them.

Casey: Where is the rest?

Chris: Well, we should go downstairs and put on the television so we can watch Melinda. She will be on CNN, right about now. Caroline went to the Elders to put all magical creatures to track the kids. I am standing here, just standing and taking it all in.

Casey gave him a look and then they walked downstairs. They put the television on and watched what Melinda was going to say.

Melinda: Thank you CNN for having me, in the middle of your news, but I have something important to say. Tonight by the group of missing children you must have heard of, a great evil will be raised. Therefore I call upon all witches, with real powers. Come to the woods and fight with us to stop this from happening. Only come if you have real powers and you are a real witch and willing to protect good. Then come and help us. We are waiting for you.

Then Melinda got up and grabbed Dash and they teleport out right in front of the camera. They appeared in the living room.

Chris: Well, that was something. Do you think many witches will come?

Melinda: I don’t know, but we have to have faith.

Dash: Did we hear anything from Caroline?

Caroline orbed in.

Caroline: You called? She said smiling. Well the Elders took it very seriously and they have the whole cavalry at work. We should hear from them soon.

Melinda: Good job Caroline, but I need you to go upstairs again and ask them one more favor. We are collecting some witches to fight with us. We are gathering at the woods and as soon as we know the location we need an Elder to orb us all at the same moment to that location.

Caroline nodded and orbed back up there again.

Dash: So, we are doing this?

Melinda: Yes. We are. Our final battle, here we go.

Hey guys, thank you so much for your patience. I had some personal stuff going on, which made a delay in writing. Still I hope you liked this episode.

Also, I have some sad news: Next episode will be the SERIES FINALE episode.

I have come to a point that life is demanding more from me. I spend more time to figure out an episode each month then I spend on writing my books and translating them to English. Also, the storyline this season is written in a way, that this was the only way I could write it and end it otherwise it would affect the whole storyline and I want to do the story right.

So, till the final episode guys. Leave your thoughts.

Blessed be

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