Charmed Melinda Season 3 Final season

Series Finale - Finale battle




The Final Battle

Previously on Charmed:

Life was getting better for the Charmed Ones. Caroline was pregnant and she had moved out with Wyatt out of the Manor. Casey had opened her café called Charmed. Chris was helping humans and witches. Dash had become the PR of Melinda, as she was now a celebrity and had interviews on television. She didn’t do it because they needed to pay bills and taxes. Also she wanted to try to convince people that magic was good and it was working. The world was starting to accept it. Suddenly their lives are turned upside down when a new threat shows his ugly face. The Angel of Destiny informed the Charmed Ones that they have one final battle to fight, before they can finally live their normal lives they want so badly. The Charmed Ones must pull everything they got to win this battle and stop the evil before it rises.

Attic, Four hours before midnight

The group was talking when Piper, Leo, Paige and Phoebe orbed in.

Melinda: Hey guys, what are you doing here? She said as normal as possible.

Piper: Don’t think that is going to work missy. We have television too you know. We saw your message.

What is going on that you call upon all witches to fight?

Paige: More importantly, why didn’t you call for our help first?

Phoebe: I agree. We have been through this. Maybe we can help?

Wyatt walked over to his aunts and hugged them.

Wyatt: Good to see you again.

Phoebe: Thanks Wyatt. We are good.

Paige: I heard someone is going to be a dad soon? And you didn’t tell that to us either!!

Phoebe: Paige!

Paige: What? I am annoyed. Not at them, but at myself. I am so busy with my own life, that I have no time for my own family anymore. I am a terrible aunt.

Chris: Don’t beat yourself up like that. We are too busy to come to see our nephews and nieces too. All is good. Good to have you here.

Phoebe: So, what are we dealing with?

Wyatt: Well, it seems that the Demons had one last plan to defeat us. They have spelled innocent women and made them pregnant; making sure that the kids would have demon powers. The thirteen are all six years old.

Piper: Wait a minute. I have seen something about the missing children. Are you saying they are Demons?

Chris: Yes and nasty ones too. They have nasty powers and are not afraid of us. They seem even to know a lot about us. It is planted in their genes. Crazy.

Phoebe: Ok and what is the big plan of these little monsters?

Caroline: Well, according to the Angel of Destiny, a great evil. Something the world has never seen before. Something very dangerous and if the Charmed Ones win this one...

Phoebe: Then it will be their last as the Charmed Ones and they can live a happy live. Yeah, we got the same offer.

Piper: Which we barely survived. Thanks to Coop or otherwise you two wouldn’t even be here.

Melinda had been very quit and listened to what everybody was saying, and then she cleared her throat, making everybody look at her.

There was something about her that everybody made look intensely at her. Like she was sending energy waves of power, without been transformed.

Piper: Honey, is everything ok? I am getting a weird vibe from you.

Melinda: I am Melinda Prudence Halliwell. I am a Charmed One and I will become one day a Matriarch. I am the leader, so I need you to listen carefully to me and without arguments. I don’t have the time for it. I have less than four hours.

Everybody looked at her, without saying a word.

Melinda: First, I want you Caroline to go home.

Caroline: What? No, i…

Melinda: No arguments Caroline. You are carrying the legacy of maybe the Next generation of the Charmed Ones and even not, a member of our family. That is precious and I couldn’t live with myself or look my brother in the eyes, if anything happened to you. I know your value, but this is my decision. Promise me, that no matter what you see on the television tonight, who you see get hurt, you stay away.

Melinda looked deeply in the eyes of Caroline, making Caroline cry.

Caroline: I promise if you promise to come home. All of you...ok.

Melinda: I cannot promise that and you that, but I will do everything in my power to do so, she said smiling.

Caroline hugged everybody, kissed her husband Wyatt and left.

Melinda: Now that is done. Mom, Dad, my beautiful Aunties. I want you all to leave too.

Paige: What? No way, we are leaving.

Melinda: No arguments I said. Mom, you are the Matriarch of this family and your instinct is to protect, but I am sorry. You are too old for this battle. I cannot risk you getting hurt. I cannot keep my focus on you to keep you save. I am sorry. Aunt Phoebe Paige. With all due respect. You haven’t battled this kind of battles in years. You are rusted and sorry to say useless in battle. I need you to go home to your husbands and children. If we die, then the power can move on to one of them and you need to prepare them for it. Please, do this for me.

Piper nodded and looked at her sisters. They smiled at Melinda.

Phoebe: We are proud of you Melinda. You are one tough cookie.

Piper: Be careful. We love you and will be watching. Blessed be my darlings, she said.

The group orbed out.

Wyatt: Now what, commander? He said smiling.

Melinda looked at him very seriously. Then to Chris and Casey.

Melinda: I want you two, go to the woods. Witches will start arriving and I want you two to welcome them.

Chris: But, they are coming for you. They would want to see you.

Melinda: I will come in time. Till then keep them calm and prepare them. Tell them about the children. Their plan. Also they should know about Casey too. They should know that she is an Elemental Goddess.

Both of them nodded and orbed out.

Dash: Well, that leaves the three of us. Now what love?

Melinda: Wyatt, I want you to go upstairs. Check with the Elders what’s taking them so long to find those kids or at least one of them. If we break the circle, maybe we don’t have to fight. Also, let them reach out to any oracle, seer…anything.

Wyatt: Got it.

He orbed out quickly.

Dash: That’s leaves just us.

Melinda: Yes.

Melinda walked over to a cabinet and took some book out of it.

Dash: What’s that?

Melinda: This is the book for shielding I got from that old lady. We are going to create a huge circle. More powerful that the one with the Witches battle. Also, I need to learn fast if there are spells to shield a person very quickly, like Wyatt’s shield. If we can catch one of those kids. We can shield him, so he can’t us his magic and they can’t free him. Then we can bring him safely to the Room and they can’t to their ritual, but we have to hurry as we are running out of time. Also I hope to find a shield spell that can create just like Wyatt that I can create instantly.

Dash: Well, let’s hope that there is something in there then? What if there isn’t any?

Melinda: Then we go to battle and try to stop them head on, with everything we got.

Dash: Don’t get this the wrong way, but you have send your loved ones away to protect them, but asking strangers to fight alongside you. Isn’t that a bit arrogant?

Melinda: I know. I am horrible, maybe I should send them all back again.

Dash: Well, it is a bit late for that. I think witches are coming from all over the place to fight.

Melinda: I know. My head hurts. I can’t think clearly anymore. What am I doing?

Dash: Listen, sorry that I mentioned it. I know that you will do everything to keep everybody save and teach the witches to stand up for something good. It must be very hard to stand in your shoes right now.

Melinda: Let’s check this book.

Melinda’s cell went off. She looked at it and it was her mom.

Melinda: Mom, what’s wrong?

Piper: Check the news right now, she said and hang up.

Melinda and Dash teleported downstairs, right in front of the TV. She put it on and there was some breaking news.

The man was telling that now not only the thirteen children were missing, but also their mothers.

They just stopped doing whatever they were doing and just left.

Melinda put the television out and looked horrified to Dash.

Melinda: They are going to sacrifice their mothers to bring this evil up. This is bad. Where the hell is Wyatt?

Dash: Maybe we should go to the woods?

Melinda: Ok, let’s go. We wait for him there. Take the book with you too.


Melinda and Dash teleported in. She looked over to Chris and Casey and could see the relief on their faces.

Chris and Casey walked over to them.

Chris: Where have you been? Where is Wyatt?

Melinda: You haven’t heard of him too? That is weird.

Casey: Ok, we need to focus here. These witches are crazy. They think like they are on some concert and their favorite artist is performing. Some of them don’t realize the seriousness of the situation.

Melinda: Don’t worry, that is solved easily. Everybody can I have your attention please?

Everybody was talking and it was so noisy, that nobody heard Melinda.

Melinda closed her eyes and sends a wave of her energy towards the crowd. Making some of them gasp and look towards her.

Melinda: Yes, Hi! This way please.

She stood on a rock and the witches surround her.

Melinda: First of all, thank you for coming. I see some familiar faces from the last battle. Good to see you again. Ladies, listen up. What we are up against is no joke. Is not another witch, but the greatest evil we have ever faced. This will be a huge battle and I cannot promise to keep you all safe. Some of you will die tonight.

That did it and now everybody was looking at each other and started to talk. Some of them looked scared.

Woman: But, you can protect us. You are the Goddess.

Melinda: Don’t let that be your guide ladies. I am just a human being and I cannot fight all thirteen children and the great evil and make sure that all of you are save. This is something you have to decide for yourself. I am going to be honest to you all. Tonight someone asked me why I have refused any help from my family to keep them save and why I risk all your lives? And it is true. I have sent my family home, because I believe that the previous Charmed Ones have done their share. We have always tried to keep our cousins and nephews away from battles, so at least some of our family members have the change to live a normal life. They have been through demons and evil all their live already. You all on the other hand are a different story. I have asked your help, because I brought magic in the world. Each day new witches with powers are rising and making themselves known. That is a beautiful thing. You are finally free to use your magic and be a witch freely, without judgments. I wanted to give you all the opportunity to fight for that freedom. Believe me when I say, if we lose this battle, then dark ages are ahead of us. So, before the Elder arrives, think this through. Is this what you want? If not, no one will blame you for leaving and choosing to live another day.

Wyatt and an Elder orbed in.

Elder: I would wait with bringing all those witches to battle.

Melinda: Why?

Wyatt: We have found something. Something big. A prophecy. Two actually concerning this battle.

Melinda: Seriously? Did I not give clear orders? You and the Elders supposed to find the children, especially now they have their mothers for sacrificing. We have to hurry. We don’t have much time left till midnight.

Elder: I know we don’t have much time, but I recommend you listen to what we have to say; before you make any more decisions you can’t reverse.

Dash: Love, maybe you should listen.

Melinda looked around at the witches. They had all became quite and sat down, like if somebody was about to read or tell a story. Melinda sighed and looked at her family before she nodded to the Elder.

Elder: Actually there is someone else who can tell the story better than I can.

He waved with his hand and a small girl appeared. She looked around and then at the Elder. Then the Elder waved with his hand and Piper and Leo appeared looking surprised. The hands of Piper were already raised and ready to attack.

Piper: What the hell is going on? What are we doing here?

Elder: Welcome Oracle. Also welcome Piper and Leo. I thought that it would be right if you heard this too and you are the parents of Melinda and you are at the moment the Matriarch of the family. Please Oracle, tell us what you have foreseen.

Piper looked at his sceptic and then looked at Melinda, who raised her eyebrows saying that she also had no idea what was going on or what was about to happen.

Oracle turned towards Melinda and looked at her for a moment. Then she turned again towards the witches and lifted her hands to the sky. Her eyes became white and were staring into nothing and everything.

Elder pointed that the gang should sit too. And so they did.

After a few moments, the Oracle brought down her hands and head and her eyes turned normal again.

Oracle: There are two prophecies. I will tell them both and then you Goddess can decide which one it will be.

Melinda looked at the Oracle waiting for her to tell what it is.

Oracle: In my first prophecy I have seen this. You (pointing at Melinda) have called for all witches to go to battle with you against this great Evil. You and all these witches will fail. Your humanity and seen one witch fall after another will distract you from your battle and that will be the end of you and with that the end of the world as we know. People will know magic, but dark magic. Dark ages will come and Evil will rule till after centuries another will rise.

Melinda looked at her without moving. Dash was looking at her, but couldn’t find any emotion in the words that the Oracle had spoken.

Oracle continued to speak.

Oracle: The second prophecy is harder and goes much much deeper then you can ever imagine, Goddess.

Melinda: Stop calling me Goddess please. My name is Melinda.

Oracle: You have many names and all are the same person. It doesn’t matter what you are called. Just heat my words Witch. Aeons ago there was a boy. He was a simple boy, who lived very simple with his father. He foresaw the future and he saw them of his village people and he warned them for the danger. They didn’t listen en when all he said came true. They got scared and accused him from witchcraft. They wanted to burn him on the stake for it. His father couldn’t let this happen and send the boy into the woods. There he lived by himself and his visions. Nobody to talk to then the threes and animals. He started to write down his prophecies and what he saw was you Melinda Prudence Halliwell.

Melinda looked with big eyes to the Oracle, feeling the eyes of everybody on her.

Oracle: He foresaw a witch been born, who wasn’t destined to be born into this world. When you were born and took your first breathe that was no ordinary breathe you took. It was magic. The whole magical community felt your first breathe. With that your path started. One that has not always been kind to you. One that has been hard with losses and new friends and allies. You grew up with magic and all the good and bad came with it. You became the Charmed One and when you became eighteen yours old you received your raw powers. All your ancestors inside of you. Guiding you and adding their power to yours, making you a Goddess. Not long ago you have received all the original Charmed powers and you are destined to become the Matriarch of the Charmed Legacy. He foresaw you bring magic to the world and the world accepted it. They understood it and weren’t afraid of it. You have changed magic as it is forever. Then he foresaw this moment. Today and what is coming. Only thing he didn’t foresee was that it was his doing that has brought this day. You see, as he wrote everything down and when he died, he hid the book. Only to be found centuries later by High priest of Evil. He and some very powerful Demons have started then a plan. One that would be maybe the only thing left, assuring that Evil keeps existing, wins and rules the world as it was meant to be. So, they have planned that the most powerful Demons would live like humans, without ever using their powers and would have wives. In the meantime they carefully chose their thirteen victims, spelled them and made them pregnant with a dark ritual. They have never touched the woman but brought their seed into by a spell. These children are created just with one purpose and that is to bring the Evil Charmed Ones to live.

Melinda was about to say something, but Piper stopped her and shook her head.

Oracle: The Evil Charmed Ones will be equally powerful as the Charmed Ones. With their thirteen upper level demons around them, they will be unstoppable. There is only one but only one person who can defeat them and that is you Goddess. Only you have the power and will to do what has to be done. You are the only one who has the power. The boy foresaw a power in you, which is more powerful than three times the army you have. You are magic and you need to realize that. You need to go deeper then you have even gone. If you think that you are now at your top, you have not even reached the half of your powers. Reach deep and you will find it. It will be hard, but that is the only way to win the battle. Or will your arrogance and feelings that you need to do this together make sure that you will fail this battle or are you brave enough to fight one more time, with everything you got to win this battle? The choice is yours. I have spoken of what I have foreseen and wish you all the best, whatever choice you make. Blessed be, she said and disappeared.

Nobody spoke. They all looked at Melinda.

Melinda looked at the Elder.

Melinda: Did you find the location of the children yet? Couldn’t the Oracle tell us?

Elder looked at her surprised.

Dash tried to say something, but she stopped him and looked intensely at the Elder.

Elder: I am so sorry Melinda, but there are dark forces that hide them. We haven’t simply not been able to track them in any way. We tried everything and everybody we could find to help us.

Melinda nodded and looked at the ground. It was so quite that you could people breathe and they all watched Melinda carefully. Melinda got nervous and got up. She started to pace and walk around talking softly to herself. Like she was trying to decide what to do.

Dash came standing not for from her and looked at his wife with concern in his eyes. She looked at him and tears started to swell. She couldn’t care that everybody was watching.

Melinda: I don’t know what to do. I am scared that I will fail. If I go with everybody I will fail, but with if I go alone and the Oracle and the boy are wrong? What if I cannot find that power she was talking about? I have tested my limits over and over again and the last battle I got such a boost, I thought that that was the max. Now there seems to be more. How can I fight thirteen upper level children and kill six years olds and with the Evil Charmed Ones. What if they look just like myself or my brothers. How can I kill myself or my brothers? I don’t know. I need air. I need…

Then Dash was there and held her tightly. While his family watched in tears too. Witches behind them were crying too. They all felt the pain that Melinda felt. How she was torn. Like she was sending all her emotions in waves to everybody around her.

Dash let her go and wiped up her tears and held with both his hands her face and looked her straight in her teary eyes.

Dash: Enough crying Melinda Prudence Halliwell. A Charmed One, Next in line to become the Matriarch, the one who has all her ancestors in her and is a Goddess. Did you know that when you are in battle and you are at your end, you always shout these words towards your enemies and by each word you power up, even more then you could think you had in you and become this Goddess. You may be tiny and fragile looking, but you missy are the most powerful witch that the world has ever known. Damn, it is even known Aeons ago, come on. This is just another battle. You can do this. I believe in my witch. Your family believes in you. All these witches that came to your aid believe in you. The world believes in you. Now you have to believe in yourself. Think of what we will have after this. Maybe children? Can you see a little Melinda running around the house, using her powers on her old dad, he smirked.

This made Melinda smile too and wipe her tears away.

Melinda: I am hearing what you are saying and you are right.

She kissed him intensely and then let go of him. She turned towards the crowd and looked at them smiling.

Melinda: I want to thank you all from the deepest of my heart for coming to my aid and want to risk your lives for it. But as you all have heard, this is something I have to do. Alone! Therefore I would like to ask you all to go home. Go to your family and do good with your powers. Thank you all again and blessed be.

‘Wait,’ a witch called.

Melinda looked at a witch who stepped forward.

Witch: Hi my name is Maisy and I have a power that can maybe help you out. I know that you have to reach your inner power, but till you do, it can come handy to have some tricks on your sleeve they won’t expect. What I mean is, I have the power to copy powers of witches, and if I want I can transfer them to other witches.

Melinda: What happens to the witch you copy it from?

Witch: Nothing. I can also wake up powers by witches who don’t even know they had them. Don’t ask me how, but it is something my brain does. So, if the witches are willing, I can transfer their powers to you.

Melinda: When the battle is over and assuming I survive it, can you take them away too. Just the ones you took and without taking over my powers?

Witch: Sure, no problem. I can do however you want it from me.

Casey: I have a question for you. If you can do that, why don’t take all the powers from all the witches here and become unstoppable yourself?

Witch: Well for two reasons. First, that would be a big personal gain and that will bite me in the ass badly and secondly somehow I can collect the powers not more than twelve hours and then they are just gone.

Suddenly witches started to surround her and shouted, take my power. No, take mine.

Melinda just watched how fast it went and then suddenly the Witch touched her and she felt a burst that she almost felt backwards.

Melinda: Whoa. That is a lot of power. My mind is going kaboom in my head with all these knowledge. Weird, I feel like I know exactly what kind of powers I have received and how to use them.

Witch: Oh yeah, that’s right. I forgot to tell. That is how it supposed to feel. I mean if I get attacked with other witches and I copy their power to save my ass, it would be very lame if I couldn’t use or would know how to use it.

Melinda: You got a point. Well, thank you so much, but now you all have to leave.

The group watched how all the witches left the place and then surrounded Melinda.

Wyatt: Ok, it is a bit over eleven. I think when it is midnight then we will be able to feel where they are.

Melinda: No, they will be here. The kids were here before and they are probably not far from us. Maybe they even have watched the whole thing, but I am certain that whatever is going to happen, it is going to happen here.

Chris: How can you be so sure?

Melinda: Every big battle I had, happened here. Here I received my raw powers. Here I met Jake. Here I fought a crazy student Sally, she said smiling at Dash who rolled with his eyes.

Melinda: I fought here the Source. Jake and Jackie. I fought against the Ancient Ones and the Old Ones. So, my final battle will also be here. So, now it is time for you all to leave.

Wyatt: I thought you just said all that to get rid of the witches, so we can make a plan and defeat these fake Charmed Ones.

Melinda: No Wyatt. I love you dearly, but you need to go to your wife and your unborn child. Think of them. They are more important. Chris and Casey, if something may happen to me…

Chris was about to argue, but she held her hand up to stop him.

Melinda: If something happens to me, then I want you and Casey to stay at the Manor. It cannot stay empty. Casey, make sure he doesn’t get in too much trouble.

Casey was crying and the rest started to cry silently and had their heads down.

Melinda teared up too.

Melinda: Mom, Dad, she started.

Piper: NO! She shouted crying. I don’t want to hear it. You are winning this thing and are coming home, you understand me, she said shaking.

Leo looked very sad and held his wife tightly.

Melinda was now crying too.

Melinda: Mom, I love you so much. The world may think that I am the strongest witch, but for me you are the strongest. You have been my rock and my world. Dad, you have always been this kind, loving, fair and caring father. I couldn’t wish anyone else. Thank you for all your wisdom and patient. I love you both dearly.

Leo was holding Piper tight, while he wept over the words of his daughter.

Melinda turned to Dash who was crying and looking very angry.

Dash: Don’t you dare Melinda. Don’t you dare to say a word that sounds like a goodbye. Maybe your parents were ready to listen to the crap you just all said, but I am not. I will teleport before you can even think of a word to say. Didn’t you listen to a word I said to you? You are coming home and we will have one day a little Melinda running around and maybe if we are lucky a handsome little Dash like me. You got that. I am not saying goodbye!

He got close to her. He gave her an intense kiss. I love you and I am waiting for you home. Come back to me, he said and teleported out with tears in his eyes.

Melinda turned around to her family. They hugged and cried and before Melinda knew it, Wyatt orbed the group away.

Melinda stood there all alone in the middle of the woods. She wanted to fell to the ground and cry as hard as she could. She never felt this powerful and alone at the same time. She was not sure if she could do this. The whole world was depending on her.

A helicopter started to appear above her and Melinda looked at it annoyed. On the other hand, it brought her thoughts back and she knew what she had to do. Dash had left the book and the items that needed to create the shield she wanted.

It took her ten minutes to create a shield that only Evil could enter. The shield was seen for a second and that made the helicopter jumpy for a moment and backed away, before he flew above the area again.

Then Melinda hid the book and items and sat down right in the middle of the woods. She didn’t move and had her eyes closed. She started to let go of all her thoughts. Her family, her feelings. She had only one thought and that was this battle. She started to meditate and feel all the powers she had received and what she could do with it as counter defenses against all their attacks. She was trying to see in her meditation the power the Oracle was talking about. She saw first herself. Then she saw her transform to this white Goddess. It looked impressive with the white hair and eyes. Wind all around her. Then she saw her transform to Goddess 2.0 where she was now looking as herself, but a white energy wave was constantly coming from her body and surrounded her. Then Melinda tried to see the next step, but the only thing she saw was that her hair was turning red and she felt the earth under her tremble of power. Then she snapped out of her meditation. She looked up to the sky and saw that the moon was at his highest, meaning it was midnight and the battle was about to begin.

She was right. Now the earth really started to shake, but Melinda didn’t move. She had accepted that the Evil would rise and that she wouldn’t be able to stop that, so she focused herself on the earth around it. She took power of it movements. She felt it become windy and closed her eyes to feel the wind rush through her hands, making it fly all around her face. She felt the fire in herself, the one she always felt before going into a fight. It started to rain slowly and Melinda looked up the sky, so the drops of rain could fall on her face. She knew that she had received all elemental powers from Casey. She even got the powers of her brothers. She had never felt calmer then now. She had the feeling that she could feel every movement around her. Every animal, every sound. She felt movement through the ground and knew that the Evil had risen and the children had now surrounded her in a circle.

She slowly opened her eyes and stood up, without looking at any of them.

Evan: Look who we have here? I thought you would do anything to stop us? What happened? Trouble finding us did you? He asked smirking.

Melinda just turned her head towards him. She knew the evil Charmed Ones were outside the circle and watching from distance, but she hadn’t looked at them yet. That time would come.

Melinda: No, not really, she said bored and saw Evan looked annoyed at her. I just received information about this battle, so I knew that you would manage to kill your mothers and make the blood sacrifice to raise them, she said and now she turned her face and looked straight at the Evil Charmed Ones.

They looked scary. There were two boys and one girl. They were dressed in black clothing, but it was their eyes, which were complete black. All three of them had long dark hair. They stood there staring at Melinda. They looked surprised when Melinda started to smile. She had a faceoff with them and knew they were powerful. This was going to be tougher than she thought and she couldn’t help feeling excited to find out how far her powers could go.

Without warning the children attacked her all thirteen at the same time, but Melinda had sensed them power up before they attacked. Without any force, she transformed into face 1 of Goddess. She was complete white and the wind around her, blasted the attacks and the kids away from her. Then she transformed back to her normal self again. She didn’t want to show face 2 yet.

The kids stood up and came standing in a circle again. Now they started to attack her one by one and Melinda knew they were not attacking at full force, but just were playing with her so the Evil Charmed Ones could she how Melinda defended herself against certain attacks. Still Melinda stayed calm and waited till the attack reached her almost before she send a counterattack back. One kid started to create like last time tornado’s, making the other kids move away and another one wanted to take the ground under Melinda, like they did before.

Melinda almost had to smile of how children thought. Even if they were evil, still there was still a kid inside them, thinking that an attack that worked before would work again.

She reached into the powers of Casey and transformed to face 1, she lifted her hands and sends a wind wave to the kid who wanted to bring the earth under her. It went so fast, that almost nobody saw it happen. He fell screaming backwards, and then she flickered with her fingers, vanquishing him. Melinda didn’t look at her action, but turned towards the boy who created tornados. She lifted her hands, creating a huge one of her own and so fast, that it blew away not only the tornados but also the kid and while he was in midair, she flickered with her hands and he was a goner too. Then for a moment she looked towards the Evil Charmed Ones and smiled again, when she saw their surprised faces.

She also noticed something else. She could not only sense surprise, but also a bit of fear, but it was only coming from the boys. She was another story. Her eyes were cold, dark and empty. Like she was not able to feel anything then destruction. She seemed like Melinda stronger and tougher then her brothers. This was good. If she killed of her brothers first, then it would be fittest of the strongest one, with one outcome. One of them dead.

In meantime the other kids were trying hard to attack her together, separate and in strategic combined powers, the attacks kept changing and Melinda learned quickly that they had several powers. Combined they were pretty strong. Then she had enough of their attacks and shouted out towards the sky with her hands and white lighting like electricity came out of her body and went directly towards the children and all of them were vanquished screaming.

Melinda was still transformed and now took a deep breath and calmed herself down. She looked towards the Evil Charmed Ones and slowly started to walk towards them. This made the brothers jump up and stand in battle mode. The girl kept staring at Melinda without moving a muscle.

The brothers stood next to each other and started to smile. One was taller than the other one.

Melinda: So, you must the great Evil which makes everybody jumpy. I have to say that I am not really impressed, she said with a calm voice.

The brothers did respond by looking at each other and then smile evilly. Suddenly they made their hands till fists and started to scream loudly. The helicopter was still flying around above the shield, but was good that the shield was on, because their energy was huge.

When it stopped they looked different. There was also wind around them but dark and they were glowing black energy.

They looked smiling brightly to Melinda, showing off their power.

Melinda: So, what do I call you? She asked calmly.

Tall brother: You know our names. They are the same as yours. I am Wyatt, that is Chris and she is you Melinda.

Melinda: We will see about that. So, now you are powered up can we start or are you just going to stand there?

Evil Wyatt smiled brightly and send a dark wave towards Melinda, but Melinda simply held her hand up and stopped it half way and waved it away like she waved a fly away.

This made Evil Melinda take a step forwards to her brothers but did not say anything. She was still in watch mode, but somehow something intrigued her.

This time Evil Wyatt send dark wave of energy, just Wyatt did, but this was evil energy.

Melinda tapped into Wyatt’s powers and sends a white energy wave back.

Now they were standing across each other and the fight kept on between them. Both of them had unlimited powers and both didn’t back away. Then suddenly Evil Chris shimmered out and appeared behind her. He held both his hands and wanted to grab her head, so he could send evil energy to it, but was stopped by her powerful shield she had specially created in her normal form, but she had created it so, that each time she transformed, the shield became equally strong as the shape she was in.

Even if it hurt it, he put his hands on the shield and started to send all his dark energy towards it. Slowly the shield became darker. Melinda felt the darkness now from both sides.

Evil Wyatt: You think because you are a Goddess, that you are strong. But that was foreseen and they made us even more powerful then you ever can be.

Melinda: I wouldn’t count on it, she said holding him still off, while everything around became darker. She closed her eyes and then shouted out making Evil Wyatt stop his attack and Evil Chris flew a few meters from her, but shimmered out and back next to his brother.

Now Evil Melinda stepped forward and stood before her brothers. There was something changed in her face. It was not fear, but acknowledgment of how strong Melinda actually was. Like she knew that Melinda had more power than she was showing and now she had.

Melinda was standing in front of them and looked calmly at them. She was now herself again, expect her eyes were still white and white energy waves came out of her, just like the evil ones.

Evil Wyatt: That is not possible. We should be a level stronger than her? How did she become this powerful?

Melinda: For someone who is created to destroy me and be me, you have no clue have you. You may be the Evil Charmed Ones, but you are nothing but a copycat and made things. You have no clue what it means to be a Charmed One and the power that comes with it.

Evil Melinda: I think it is time I stepped in, she said calmly still looking straight at Melinda.

Evil Chris: But you promised that we could hurt her first. You have to keep your promise.

Evil Melinda: Fine. Go ahead and get killed if you like. The more fun for me without you two idiots.

The brothers stepped forward again and now they uses all different attacks to fight her and Melinda stood perfectly still, not even looking at the brothers but looking at Evil Melinda, who was looking back at her. The brothers tried everything they got, but Melinda’s force field stopped every attack of them. It seemed even that Melinda was not even noticing their attacks, but Evil Melinda knew better. She knew that Melinda was defending every attack of them, but didn’t need to show that and could it do it with her mind.

Then Melinda smirked towards Evil Melinda, making Evil Melinda’s eyes become for a second bigger, because it seemed that only she felt what was happening, but her brothers didn’t. Melinda was raising her energy and slowly lifted her hands right in front of her, making the brothers stop and look at her.

Then she made with quick movement fist with both hands and smiled challengingly towards Evil Melinda.

Melinda: Last words to your brothers? She still asked smilingly and calmly.

Evil Wyatt: What is happening? What have you done Witch? I can’t move or use my magic. Sister, help us!

Evil Melinda: NO!

Melinda: No? Ok. Goodbye then, she said and released her fists blowing them at the same time up.

Evil Melinda looked at where her brothers were standing seconds before and then looked at Melinda, who was still smiling at Evil Melinda.

Melinda: Oh sorry? You wanted to say something to them? I thought that your no, meant that you didn’t want to say something to them. Sorry my bad. Well, actually not. They were like annoying flies and with a terrible mouth. Shouting and stuff. Not good. This is a forest. It has been past midnight and the animals want their quite, she said like she was hanging out with a friend.

Then suddenly a wave of rage came straight at her, so fast that it made her step a few steps backs.

Melinda: Feeling angry? She asked teasing.

Evil Melinda: How could you?

Melinda: Well, it was not so difficult actually, but I think you will not go that easily.

Evil Melinda: You got that right, she said now smiling and cracked her fingers and loosened her shoulders, making herself ready for the fight. She closed her eyes and slowly she started to glow dark too. Melinda had felt her power rise increasingly. She even thought for a moment that they were equal at the moment. I think we are now at the same level. That was how I was build. You see, my brothers were in case they didn’t need me and made them like your first level Goddess powers, but me they made the same as your second and your highest level.

Melinda just smiled at her, which made Evil Melinda look at her.

Without any warning, Evil Melinda flickered with her hands and Melinda did the same at the right time, making it bounce back and made them fly a few meters away from each other. The ground where they had stood cracked. Both of them quickly got up and this time it was Melinda who attacked Evil Melinda.

Melinda tapped into several powers at the same time, without even knowing what she was doing. She tapped in both brothers’ powers and into Casey’s with the combination of Dash.

She started to create a ball from earth and around a circle of fire, water and wind. Then she created electricity that Dash could create and filled it then with the energy wave of Wyatt, making it glow. Then she orbed out.

Evil Melinda had stood up and was already creating a spell with an attack, but Melinda beat her to it and appeared right in front of her and threw her ball right at the chest of Evil Melinda.

Evil Melinda screamed out and fell backwards. She had trouble getting up, but she did and in the meantime she was chanting and when she said the last word, she smiled.

Melinda looked at her first calmly, and then suddenly she started to feel weaker. She transformed back to face 1 first and then she was herself again. Just a Charmed One.

Evil Melinda was smiling brightly.

Melinda: What the hell did you do to me?

Evil Melinda: You see, the seer had foreseen some words of a very very old spell, spoken in a language that was before language to take away your powers, in case you would go mad and use them for evil and terrorize the world. Probably the spell was meant for me, but hey, Evil found the book and the spell was printed into my genes. So, I have temporarily taken away all your Goddess powers, so I can defeat you. Well it will be very sad actually that you will die this way.

Melinda flickered with her hands with everything she got, but it didn’t even seemed to reach her and made Evil Melinda laugh.

Evil Melinda: Did you try to do this? She asked now at a scared looking Melinda.

She flickered with her fingers, making Melinda fly a long way away from her. Melinda flew through the air in circles and fell really hard on her hand. She felt it brake and she screamed out.


Dash: I am going to her! She is going to die! That witch did something to her. I cannot watch this, he said with tears in his eyes.

Leo came standing next to him and held his hand on his shoulders.

Leo: Have faith. She is strong. Have faith, he said breathing hardly looking at the television. Then he looked at Piper.

Piper was almost in the television. She was touching the television.

Piper: Get up Melinda! You can do this! Show her who the strongest witch of all is. GET UP!


Evil Melinda was walking slowly towards her, still smiling brightly.

Melinda was on the ground and was holding her broker arm and tried to get up. When she was half way, she felt a pain on her other shoulder. Evil Melinda was attacking her by flickering lightly with her fingers. Just to tease her.

Melinda screamed out in pain each time it hit her. She felt blood dripping all over her body

Then Evil Melinda had reached her and was now standing in front of her.

Evil Melinda: Pathetic. A few words and you are suddenly nothing. You should have brought that army of yours that the children were talking about. Maybe then you had a chance, but now this will be your end. Only I want to look in your eyes, before I do it. Get up!

The helicopter was hanging as close as they could and there was a microphone hanging out it as far as it could go, so people home could hear what was been said.

Evil Melinda looked upstairs to the microphone and sends a dark wave towards it. It went straight to the shield and right into the microphone.

Evil Melinda: Much better. Now the whole world can hear us clearly and in the language they speak. What cool spell is that isn’t it? I want to whole world to hear this. Your last moments. Your last words of hope, before I kill of that flame for good and bring darkness to the world. Now get up!

Melinda struggled to get up. She was sweating and had the feeling she was going to pass out, but she managed to get up.

Evil Melinda: That doesn’t look good. It seems broken. Does it hurt if I touch it? She asked teasing and touched hard the broken area.

Melinda’s face turned red of pain, but she refused to give her the joy of her pain.

Evil Melinda: Well, while I think of in which way I am going to kill you off in front of everybody, you have exactly one minute to think about your last words, then you can say them to your loved ones and then you will die.

Evil Melinda held a finger to her chin, showing that she was thinking.

Melinda just stood there looking at her. Then the minute was over.

Evil Melinda: I have come up with three ways I like most, but can’t decide, so decided it to combine it a bit...that should be fun. So speak your last words.

Melinda: I am Melinda Prudence Halliwell. I am the one who wasn’t supposed to be born. When I took my first breath, the whole magical community felt it. I am magic. I am a Charmed One. I am the Next in line of the Matriarch line. I am my ancestors and they are me. I am a Goddess of good. I love my family and the world. I am not afraid of dying. I have said already my goodbyes. All I wanted was a normal life. A life where magic was accepted. I may not get my happy ending, but I know that there are a lot of good witches out there. There is my family. Even if we may not be charmed anymore, we are in numbers. One will rise and will vanquish your sorry ass. Now, do your worst. I am ready to meet all the peoples I have lost.

Melinda closed her eyes. Accepting her death and feeling this free for the first time ever, something snapped in her. Her heart started to bounce fast. Really fast. Something was happening inside of her. She couldn’t describe it. It felt like magic was coming towards her from all over. Not just from the ground, but through the air. Good magic was coming her way, like if everything that was magical was sending every bit power they had, towards Melinda.

Evil Melinda was still laughing and already was thinking she was going to win and then she made an athame appear in her hand and was just about to stab Melinda with it…

Melinda felt a bulge of power coming into her body, making her body shake. She didn’t even feel her broken arm anymore. Evil Melinda bounced back and fell to the ground.

Melinda kept feeling the magic coming towards her. She could feel every magical been that was sending it towards her. She saw her family and her husband and saw her child. Then it happened. She started to levitate and swirl into the air. She even passed her circle and stopped half midair right in front of the helicopter. Who tried to get away from her, but the world could see her, like she was standing right in front of them. The whole world could see her transform.

Her hair turned first white and she became again the Goddess. Then she transformed into herself, but with white waves around her and became Goddess face 2. Then she transformed again and her eyes became red like fire and her hair transformed also into red.

There was sandy wind around her, which were on fire and she slowly went down again.

Evil Melinda had watched with open mouth, when Melinda stepped lightly to the earth right in front of her evil version. All her wounds were healed and she was stronger than ever.

Evil Melinda: Who are you? How is this possible?

Melinda: Like I said, you may be a Charmed One, but you have no idea what it really means to be one. There is a bound in our family that is so powerful and unbreakable and that makes us the Charmed Ones. We are so tuned to each other and have been risking our lives when we were little kids. This is our destiny. Because of that the whole magical community respects us and they showed their loyalty again tonight. Not only them, every magical been in this world. Every witch, nymph, elf, dwarfs, you name it has sent their energy towards me. What you see is my true Goddess form. A force of Good that cannot be stopped in any way. As long there is so much good, you will never win this battle.

Evil Melinda: I can try, she said and attacked Melinda right in her face, but even if they were standing that close, it didn’t touch Melinda.

Then Melinda lifted her hand, making Evil Melinda levitate. She tried with everything to get lose, but it was pointless.

Melinda: You are nothing but an evil being, without knowledge of what feelings are. What goodness is? Well, it is time you feel all of that!

Now Melinda send red light combined with white light towards Evil Melinda and it was a lot. It went straight into her and Evil Melinda started to scream out in agony.

She started to feel what it meant to be human and all the feelings that came with it. Fear, love, anger, forgiveness. She was forced to feel what it meant to be good and she screamed out.

Slowly white light started to appear from inside her body and it lit her up till her screams were almost not heard anymore and with a big explosion she was blown up by the goodness inside her.

Melinda stood there for a moment and smiled. It was done. She had done it and she could finally live her normal live.

Streets all over the world

People were shouting and cheering of this victory. Some were looking amazed at the television or screens on the streets.


Everybody was jumping and cheering and dancing of joy. Except for Dash. He was still looking tensely at the television. His wife was still standing there, in her full Goddess mode and he was afraid what this power would do to her.

Dash whispered: Come home love. Come to me. It is over. Come home.

Then suddenly he stood up and made everybody jumped and he pushed Wyatt and Chris aside and looked around.

Right in front of him Melinda appeared still completely red and in Goddess modus.

Everybody just looked at her.

Then Dash bowed for her and the rest did the same.

Dash: My Goddess, he said with proud in his voice.

Melinda looked at it and smiled.

A light appeared and the Angel of Destiny appeared. She looked at Melinda and walked over to her.

She touched slowly the face of Melinda and looked with proud in her eyes.

Angel: You did it Melinda. You won, just like I had foreseen you would. You can let go now, she said softly.

Melinda looked at her and kept staring at her, while she changed back to herself again.

Angel: You did it, she said again. You will finally have your normal life again.

Melinda smiled and then she fell backwards right into the strong arms of her husband and she passed out.

Ten years later

Melinda: Prue? Prudence?

A girl ran into the room. She had black long hair and blue eyes. She looked just like her Aunt Prue.

Melinda: Prue? Could you please help Phoebe to get ready and check on Piper please? Mommy has to write in her dairy, before everybody comes over.

Prue nodded and wanted to run upstairs.

Melinda: And no magic missy.

Prue stopped and turned half to her mother, smirking and then run upstairs, shouting her sister’s names.

Melinda looked at her daughter and smiled. She opened her diary and started to write.

Dear Diary,

I cannot believe it has been ten years already. Times flies when you are having fun and oh boy do we have fun in this house. A lot of happened over the years. Things we could have never imagined happening.

Let me start with Wyatt and Caroline. They have now two beautiful sons Coop and Henry. Both of them are being trained to become whitelighters. Wyatt is now partner of the firm he is working for and live couldn’t be happier for them.

Chris and Casey, they also are still together. Casey became very successful with her little café Charmed and now she has a whole franchise of Charmed café’s all over the world. They have one boy and one girl, which they called Wyatt and Melinda, which was very touching of them to do. Chris is also teaching his children to become whitelighters.

Both brothers of course teach them also everything there is about magic and about their history. It is funny that both of them didn’t want a third child. They didn’t want their children become the next Charmed Ones. They wanted to live as normal as they could.

When it comes to me and Dash. Well a lot of happened. Dash is now the headmaster of both Magic Schools. Yes, there are now two schools. One still hidden and one openly right in the middle of San Francisco. It is a school for all kinds of Witches from all ages, who are coming into their powers and learn there how to use them. But even normal people are welcome, even if it is to learn about usage of herbs and other ways of healing. He loves it and I love him dearly. He is a great husband and a great father. Yes, I became mother, not of one child but three.

Three beautiful girls and the next generation of the Charmed Ones. They day that Phoebe was born and her sisters touched her, our Charmed powers came out of me and my brothers and it went straight into my girls. Now they are Charmed. After a long talk with Aunt Paige, we called our girls to the very first original Charmed Ones: Prue, Piper and Phoebe. They are strong. Very strong and we are teaching them how to use their powers. We still prepare them for evil attacks and tell them about it. Even there are no Demons and Evil beings anymore, there is still a lot of evil in the world. Evil that is inside the humans. We are teaching them to use their Charmed powers, to guide those people. Help them to see that the world is good. Show them what good magic can do.

My parents retired not long after our final battle with our Evil versions and I became the Matriarch of this family. The youngest till now. I am not sure if I should be happy or sad about that. Still I have a duty to watch over our entire Charmed family. All our brothers, sisters, nephews, cousins and also I am responsible for the magical community. I thought it would be tough, but is actually a great feeling to watch over your family and everybody that is you dear.

Outside the magic, I have taken over the restaurant of my mothers and moved it to her old club who was for sale. Also I changed the name to P3. My mother was so delighted. She started to cry of joy of the memories she had with that place. She is the greatest.

No more demon fighting, no more great evils we have to battle. After all these years and battles and all the losses, we finally got what we have wanted all our lives, a Charming normal life.

Blessed be.

Melinda Prudence Halliwell.

Dear all,

Thank you so much for the last five great years. Together we shared this story of Melinda. I have enjoyed your comments, thoughts, critics and emotions! Thank you for your patience!

With a smiling face I am saying goodbye to you all. It has been a pleasure to write for you dear followers. Wish you all a blessed and charming future.


Valentijn M. Civi

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