Charmed Melinda Season 3 Final season

Little monsters and flames


Season 3

Episode 2

Little Monsters and Fire

Melinda kept flickering with her fingers. She stood for the shield that Jackie had created. She kept trying to blow it up, but it didn’t seem to work. She transformed and used all her might to break the shield, but nothing worked. Within the shield the children Jackie had taken were calling out for Melinda. They were crying and called out for help. Hearing their desperate cries, made Melinda fill with rage. Jackie kept chanting and turning the children into darkness. Melinda had to save them.

When she finally broke through the circle, it was too late. All the children were turned and were now all standing in front of Jackie to protect her and even die for her. She was too late. They couldn’t be saved anymore. Slowly they started to walk up to her. She looked at them while she was crying.

Melinda: No, please stop. Don’t come any closer. I don’t want to hurt you, she cried out.

The children kept coming towards her and were ready to attack her.

Melinda: Goddess forgive me, she said crying and started to flicker with her hands to vanquish them all.

Dash: Mel, love! Melinda! Wake up! He shouted.

The gang came into the room running.

Dash: I think she is having a nightmare. If she keeps up like this, there will be no more bedroom left.

MELINDA! He shouted and slapped her in her face.

Melinda immediately opened her eyes and looked confused and frightened at Dash. Then she started to cry loudly and hold onto Dash tightly.

Melinda: All those children, she cried out. I couldn’t save them. I…I tried. Really hard, but I couldn’t! She cried.

Dash: It is ok now love. It was a dream. A bad dream. You are home and fine. You are fine, he said holding her tight.

He was a bit shocked by his wife. He knew Melinda as a very strong person. Strong will. Now she seemed so defeated and vulnerable. Like she would break if you would hold her too tight.

It took about a half hour, before Melinda was calmed down and stopped crying. The gang went back to bed again.

Melinda: I am so sorry, she said to Dash.

She was no lying on his chest and holding him tightly.

Dash: No love. Don’t you ever apologize to me. I love you. It may sound strange, but your nightmares shows for me only how good you are. How much you care. How determined you are to save them and I know you will.

Melinda: It has been a week. I can’t even go outside. Seeing those parents sitting outside, looking around like their child is going to show up like magically. It is horrible.

Dash: I know it all looks bad, but we will find a way. You are a freaking Goddess. If there is someone who will find a way it is you my dear wife.

He started to kiss her forehead and then she lifted her head to kiss him on his lips.

Next morning, Kitchen

Dash and Melinda woke up late and walked towards the kitchen together. When they walked in, a breakfast was waiting for them. They both looked surprised.

Wyatt went off to his new job. Chris had his second interview at some advice agency for young children. Caroline had some charges and Casey was off too the city to see if she could find a job too.

After Melinda and Dash had their breakfast, they took a shower together and were planning to go after the shower to the park and hang a bit. It was lovely weather outside.

They had packed lunch and opened the front door to leave the house when a man in his late forties was standing in front of the door.

Melinda: Hello. Can I help you?

Man: I hope so. I was not sure if the persons I was looking for were still leaving here? I thought I just take a change and see if I am lucky.

Melinda: OK, who are you looking for? She asked.

Man: I am actually looking for Piper. Piper Halliwell?

Melinda: She is my mom, but don’t live here anymore. I live her now with my brothers.

Man: Oh, that is too bad. I really wanted to speak to her about something, but never mind. Maybe I can leave my number and a message for her?

Melinda: Maybe I can help?

Man: Maybe. If you look like your mother and her sisters? He said looking deeply in her eyes.

Melinda: Actually I am. Why don’t you come in?

Man: Are you sure? It seems that you were going out?

Melinda: Come in, she said and pointed him towards the living room.

The man looked around and smiled looking at Melinda delightful.

Man: Unbelievable. Like I was here yesterday. Not much has changed.

Melinda: Who are you? How do you know my mother?

Man: My name is Tyler. My path has crossed with your mother and aunts. She helped me and now I need her help again, I am afraid.

Melinda: With what?

Tyler: I need my power back. Your mother has bound me and told me that if I ever need it back, that I could. Well I need them back.

Melinda: Ok. I will see what I can do. Give us a minute. Please take a seat.

Melinda dragged Dash to the hallway.

Melinda: OK, you get my mother. I keep an eye on him. In case he is not who he says he is.

Dash nodded and teleported it out.

Melinda: My mother will be here shortly. Can I get you a drink?

Tyler: No, I am fine thank you.

Dash teleported in with Piper.

Tyler: Piper! He said smiling brightly. Good to see you again. He hugged her.

A surprised Piper hugged him back, looking confused at Melinda.

Piper: Okidoki now, she said letting him go. Do I know you?

Tyler: It is me. Tyler. The fire starter. I have grown up a lot.

Piper: Dear god. Tyler. Is that really you? You have grown. I didn’t recognize you. How are you?

Tyler: Not so good actually. I need your help. I need you to unbind me. I need my powers.

Piper: Of course. I promised I would, but why do you need them after all this years?

Tyler: It’s my son. He just turned sixteen and started to show symptoms that he has my power. He is also a fire starter. He is freaking out and thinks he is a freak. Like the people of X-men he says. I need to show him that it is ok. I need to teach him how to control it, before he loses it like I did and start putting things on fire. You know how it ended with me. The Source wanted me. I can’t let that happen again to him.

Piper: Honey the Source is dead. A long time ago. There are no more Demons. Melinda killed them all with her brothers and help.

Tyler: I know. I heard, but I am not afraid of the Demons. I am afraid of the humans. They will not understand or accept someone like Tyler. Especially not on this time with all the technology. People will want to have what he has. Others would want to cut him open en examine where his powers come from. I can’t let that happen. I need to teach him how to control. How to hide it.

Piper: I understand. I guess I have a potion to make, she said getting up.

Suddenly she shrieked and pointed at the windows. Everybody got up and looked at were Piper was pointing at. They saw a bunch of small children, staring at them. They looked dark. Devilish.

Melinda run towards to front door and then run around the house, but the children were gone.

Melinda: Those little monsters. I am having freaking nightmares to save them and now they are spying on us and trying to freak us out.

Piper: Honey, they are gone. They have not seen anything that is important to report to Jackie. Besides Jake has recovered pretty well and is already looking together with Leo and some students, if there are ways to stop her. So, don’t worry that much. You just got married. Enjoy it, she said with a wink. Well it seems that I have a potion to make.

Dash: If I am butting in, let me know will ya, but how are you supposed to teach your son to control his power. It has been more than twenty years ago, when you last had them. How can you be so sure that you will be able to control them? How can you be so sure that we don’t have to stop you instead of your son?

Tyler: Those are fair questions and believe me I have asked myself the same thing. Then I remembered your mother. How kind she was. How she helped me control it. I remembered her words. Her caring even if she didn’t know me, she did everything to stop them for giving me to the Source. I thank my life to her. That’s why I thought that I come out here and get them back when she is around to help me if needed again.

Melinda looked proud at her mother. Piper smiled shyly towards Tyler. Tyler got up and walked with Piper towards the kitchen.

Dash: Well that is settled then. How about our pick nick? Nice food, a very handsome bloke with ya and a beautiful location, he said going with his eyebrows up and down and gave her a huge smile.

Melinda couldn’t help to laugh and then she nodded. First she went to the kitchen to let her mother know that no one was at home and then left with Dash.

The park

Melinda and Dash were lying on the blanket after they had eaten and were looking at the skies. The weather was beautiful. Slowly Dash was stroking her beautiful long hair. She looked at him lovingly and gave him a smile. He smiled back at her. Suddenly her smiled disappeared and she got up. Dash did the same and looked at his wife carefully. He knew she was sensing danger. Both of them looked around in the park. Not far from them was sitting Jackie with the whole group of children she had changed. They were all staring at her. Jackie waved at her with a big smile, which made Melinda narrow her eyes, while she tried hard to not attack her right in the middle of the park.

Dash: Calm down love. She is here for a reason. Be careful to act hastily.

Melinda got up and walked over to Jackie and the children.

Jackie was passing out some sandwiches with a smile. She looked up when Melinda was standing in her sun.

Jackie: Hi Melinda. How nice to see you, she said smiling. The weather is beautiful today, isn’t?

Melinda: What are you doing here Jackie? Demons don’t hang out in the park unless they have a plan to do something they will regret.

Jackie: Well then you won’t have to worry about us do you? We are no demons. Witches and human just like you.

Melinda just looked at her.

Jackie: Well if you must know. My students have been training so hard the last couple of days. It is amazing to watch how their young brains are so willing to learn. Become stronger. Understand immediately the greater purpose. That we are stronger than them. Humans are weak and afraid. We can rule the world the way we want. A world where magic is accepted, one way or the other of course.

Melinda: You are one sick lady. What happened to the sweet Jackie I knew. Who loved to be a force of good! Look at you now. Been bad doesn’t suit you.

Jackie: You know, I came here to relax and have fun, but you are starting to piss me off with your judgment, like you know me. Know what I have been through?

Melinda: Well whatever it is, get over it. We all have to deal with stuff we don’t like, but we deal with it. We don’t go all dark and crazy.

Jackie: We will see in time, she said suddenly devilish and gave Melinda a look.

Melinda looked back a bit flustered. What was that? What did she mean?

Jackie: Children, why don’t you show this nice people what you have been learning.

The children started to run up some people sitting around and stood before them. They gave the surprised people a creepy smile and then conjured a black ball and threw it at one person. Instantly that person turned angry and very aggressive and started to attack people around him. All over the park people started to fight.

Melinda: Stop this immediately! She shouted at Jackie. You are exposing magic.

Jackie: You still don’t get it do you? How am I supposed to rule the world, if they don’t know about me? About us. So, I would say do something about it to stop it, otherwise they are going to turn everybody into those angry people over there.

Dash: No, you can’t! There are people with phone filming the whole thing. If they get your face on film, then we have a serious problem.

Melinda: Not if I change, she said and without a warning she transformed.

She flickered with her hands and froze the whole open field. The children were frozen too.

Melinda: Teleport this people out of here, she said to Dash.

She turned to Jackie, but before Jackie a young guy was standing.

Jackie: Isn’t he hot? She said giggling.

Melinda: You can’t be serious. Isn’t he too young for you?

Jackie: Melinda, Melinda. Sometimes I really think you are not so smart as you seem to be. I actually meant with hot another thing, she said smiling.

Without warning, the boy turned into fire and threw fire balls at Melinda. It went so fast, still she had time to deflect his attack. He didn’t wait and started to run and throw fireballs at her. Melinda started to swirl in her place and created a hard wind, which was so hard, that it blew the boy away from where he was standing. She stopped swirling and whispered some words and held her hand up. Immediately he was floating in the air, not able to control his body. He tried to turn into fire, but it was like it was blocked. She suddenly got attacked by Jackie from the behind. The attack bounced back and Jackie was able to move just in time away. Melinda moved with her hand and threw the boy hard against a tree and released him. They boy was moaning in pain and couldn’t do much anymore.

Melinda turned towards Jackie, who looked angry at her.

Jackie started to whisper some old words, but Melinda did the same. Melinda was faster.

Pink light came out of Melinda and flew with high speed towards Jackie. Before she could defend she was surrounded with it. Jackie was trapped, not for long but enough to help the people.

She looked around and saw Dash teleporting in and out till there were no humans left in the open area. Right at the moment the area unfroze. Leaving a bunch of confused children. Quickly they ran towards Jackie and tried to get rid of the pink energy to save Jackie.

Dash: Let’s go. We are done here for now.

Melinda: Wait, one more thing, she said and while she walked over to the fire kid, she transformed back to herself again. He was hurting and looked scared at Melinda.

Melinda: Teleport us to the house honey, she said looking at the kid.

Manor, Kitchen

Melinda teleported in the kitchen with Dash and the boy. Piper was working on the potion.

Piper: Hey guys. Back so soon? Who is he?

Melinda: Does he look familiar?

Piper: Actually he does. He has some of...

Tyler: Brain! He run towards his son and hugged him. He is hurt. What happened?

Brain started to wake up and looked up to his father and then around him.

Brain: She attacked me, he said pointing at Melinda

Piper/Tyler: What?

Melinda: Hey! It didn’t go like that at all. I will tell you what happened. I brought him here to take him away from Jackie. He was with her and the kids.

The moment Brain heard the name of Jackie, it was like he got triggered and catched flame all over his body. He looked angry around him, like he was about to attack.

Piper flickered with her hands and he was frozen.

Tyler: What the hell is happening to him? Who is Jackie? He shouted afraid through the kitchen.

Melinda and Piper told him who Jackie was and what she had done with the other children in the street. Tyler listened horrified and from time to time he gave his frozen and on fire son a glimpse.

Tyler: Is there no way to make him normal again?

Piper: The only option I can think off is, to keep him frozen until we figure out what to do, otherwise there is a chance that he will attack and burn the whole house down.

Tyler: Can you do that? Keep him frozen?

Piper: Sure. My powers have grown a lot over the years. I control the freeze completely now, well as long as I focus on it.

Dash: I wonder how Jackie knew about Brain. I mean we just met this bloke and heard of his son.

Melinda: I can think of only one way, through those children. Remember the neighbors she had spelled. She must not only have them to her bidding, but she hears and sees everything they see or they simply report to her.

Tyler: Those are a lot of maybes.

Melinda: I know and I am sorry…but with Jackie you just don’t know. She is using old magic. Wait…I got it. Dash honey, could you be so kind to get Jake?

Dash understood immediately where she was going with this and teleported out. It took about a minute before he was back with Jake.

Jake seemed to look much better, then the last time Melinda had seen him. He smiled to everybody.

Jake: Dash told me that you needed me. How can I help?

Melinda told him the quick version with the children of the street and now Brain. Jake was listening and nodding. Then he seemed to be thinking.

Jake: Yes, she has spelled those children. She made them members of her coven, but in meantime also her slaves. I don’t think she is yet strong enough to see and hear actually through them yet. In time she will be able to do that too and then things can get very ugly…but I believe that she is already strong enough to call for them whenever she wants. Make them disappear like she did in the tent, remember?

Tyler: What do you mean by that?

Jake: Well she can call for them and they will appear to her almost instantly, no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Tyler looked at Jake and then ran into the kitchen to find it empty. Brain was gone.

Tyler: Piper, does your freeze works if magic has taken him away?

Piper: To be honest, I don’t think so Tyler. I don’t know where she has summoned him, so I cannot concentrate on that location to keep him frozen.

Tyler: So you are saying that there is nothing you can do to bring him home again?

Melinda: No. We will bring him back, but it will not be easy. Like my mother said we have no idea what she has done to him exactly in such a short time.

Tyler: I will find Brain. I have always had a sort of six sense of where he can be. If this Jackie wants a fire starter, I will give her one. Piper are you finished with the potion.

Piper: Eeuhm….yes, but…

Tyler: Then please unbind me and after that, help me find my son. Please?

Piper: My daughter is perfectly capable of helping you. She is the Charmed One now.

Tyler: I get that, but it is you I know. You who helped me and said I could always count on you.

Piper looked troubled and looked at Melinda for a moment.

Melinda: Mom, I know what I said about us being Charmed and all, but Tyler is right. He is your friend and you made him a promise. You should honor that. We will go with you as back up, in case you need it, even if I doubt it. You are still Piper Halliwell, the Matriarch of this family. Let’s go and get Brain back.

Piper smiled at her daughter and Melinda smiled back.

Piper: Ok, let’s do this. First things first, she said and walked towards the kitchen.

Manor, Attic one hour later

Piper: How do you feel? She asked Tyler.

Tyler: I feel amazing. Wow, I had forgotten how such power felt. Thank you Piper, he said smiling.

I have to say, with this outfit and my fire back again, it seems like the old days, doesn’t it

Piper had quickly gone home to change clothing to some more fighting outfit. Meaning jeans, with a top and her old leather jacket, which was Prue’s.

Piper: Ok, we have tried already all the locations spells there are. Dash I think you managed to find her last time, because she wanted too. She wanted to show you what she was doing with those children. I don’t think she wants to keep changes places. So, there must a place in the city where she can freely use magic.

Jake: I think I have a feeling where she can be, with those kids. She is in the woods. The open area where you have received your Raw powers fully. Fought the Source, Sally, Casey, me, he said finally.

Melinda: Do you really think so? I had thought of that place, but that would be to obvious, so I dismissed it.

Jake: It is a very magical area. Because for years the Witches of the First order have lived there. You have battled battles there. There is a lot of magical energy she can tap into.

Casey ran into the Attic, looking panicked. She was about to say something when she noticed Piper.

Casey: Nice outfit! She said to Piper.

Piper smiled at Casey shyly.

Melinda: What is going Casey? What is the panic I am sensing?

Casey: Magic is exposed. It is all over the news! She shouted.

Dash: I told you this would happen, he said to Melinda.

Melinda: But this is exactly what she wants. She told me. She said, how can I rule the world, if the world doesn’t know about me and magic. Are WE exposed? She asked Casey.

Casey: Well you are definitely on it, but not like yourself, but as some Goddess. Dash, you can see sort of in a blur, because of the teleporting.

Melinda: Ok, that is not good. I think I need to see it for myself.

They all went downstairs to check the news. Melinda was indeed seen as a Goddess and how she attacked Jackie with Pink light. She saw Dash teleporting in, but you couldn’t see his face. They watched how the children freed her from the pink light and then they disappeared. Then the camera turns to a complete empty area.

Casey: What are we going to do?

Melinda: Nothing. We have other things to deal with first.

Casey: But magic is exposed. Isn’t our job to protect it?

Melinda: Casey, listen to me. It is the job of the Cleaners to fix this problem. This is not something we did, but Jackie did. Even the cleaners don’t like us, they should know that we have tried hard to protect those people and not to expose ourselves. The only thing I am worried about is our street. If the neighbors have watched it too, then they may have seen their children attack people, like they were some little monsters.

Piper: Ok, guys we are losing time. One thing at the time. First we get Brain back, and then we find a way to make him stay without disappearing on us. Then if we are all still alive, we deal with the expose of magic. Casey and Jake, you two stay here. Casey protect the house and the book. Jake you try to figure out a way or a spell to stop those children and bring them back to their parents. The rest of us, let’s go.

Dash: Ok, everybody hold on to each other and to me. Here we go.


They teleported in not far from the open area. Melinda looked annoyed seeing that place again.

Dash: You ok? He asked quietly to his wife.

Melinda: I didn’t think I would have to come here again to battle a magical battle.

Dash: I know sweetie. I know. But this is the way it is. Let’s just do it and then we can go home.

Melinda kissed him quickly and then looked at her mom nodding. Both of them got out of the forest and walked into the open area. The group followed.

Piper closed her eyes and slowly the ground started to rumble under them. She opened her eyes and stared towards the ground. A white line started to appear and started to move quickly over the open field. They followed it. It went towards east and into the forest. Quickly they chased the light, till it stopped. The group stopped too and saw Jackie sitting with the children around them and she was teaching them a spell. They were all repeating what she was saying.

Piper: Hello Jackie.

Jackie: Piper. Piper Halliwell come to visit me. What an honor. What happened Melinda? You realized you weren’t strong enough to go up against me, so you brought your mommy to finish me off? I wonder if your mom is tough enough to do actually something. You know I will make it even easier and will bring down the shield. I am very curious what you are going to do? She said looking at Piper.

Piper didn’t seemed be impressed by Jackie and looked at Brain.

Piper: Brain listen to me. I know this is not what you want. I don’t believe you want to be evil.

Brain was sitting next to Jackie and got up to stand in front of Piper. He looked at her challenging.

Brain: You don’t know me. You can’t know what I want or not.

Piper: Yes I do. I know your father. When he was your age, he was afraid too and thought that he was meant to be evil, but then he realized that he doesn’t have to be. You are not born evil. You choose to be or made evil, like Jackie does to you all.

Brain: All my life I knew I was special, but did my father let me do anything with it. No! He was too afraid that I would get hurt. That people would find out who I was. How the hell can they find out if I am covered in flames? He kept me from reaching my full potential. Jackie let me be who I am. Let me do what I want and as much as I want, without having to answer to anyone.

Tyler: Brain, please listen to me.

Brain: NO! Why should i? You have no idea what I am going through. You don’t have even powers. Even if you had them, you wouldn’t even know how to use them.

Tyler: Really? He said looking at his son.

Without waiting for his response, He was covered with flames. Brain looked with big eyes to his father.

Tyler shot out a fire ball, right at Jackie, who ducked away just in time.

Jackie: Attack him, she called for Brain. He is tricking you. He wants to hurt you, like all of them want to. They are going to bind your powers. Do something, she yelled.

The little children surrounded Jackie to protect her.

Brain looked angry at his father. Now both of them were walking in circles ready to attack each other.

Piper froze the scene. Jackie looked mad at Piper.

Jackie: Why did you do that? It was just getting fun.

Piper flickered again with her fingers and Jackie and the children flew a few meters away from them.

The little ones, started to create black balls and threw it at Piper, but she flickered with her fingers and blew them all up.

Melinda: Dash, teleport out and grab as much as kids as you can, teleport them to Magic School. Dad will know what to do with them. Go, she whispered.

Melinda waved with her hand and some kids flew away from Jackie. Quickly Dash teleported in and teleported them out.

Jackie: NO! She shouted.

She closed her eyes to chant, but didn’t got the chance. Piper and Melinda were attacking her constantly. She got one blow after the other. She grabbed some kids and quickly moved with her hand to get away.

Melinda: Stay sharp mom, she can’t be that far.

Jackie did appear not far from them, but far enough to hide with the few children left. She was pissed off that Melinda and her mother managed to attack her. Then she remembered something, she still had the gun with the magical bullet. She commanded the children to say hidden and she walked slowly towards the area. She conjured the gun and aimed. She shot the bullet right at Piper. The bullet was about to hit a surprised Piper, when Dash teleported in and was about to teleport Piper out, when he got hit in his shoulder. He screamed out in pain.

Melinda: DASH! She yelled.

Quickly she ran over to him to catch him, before he fell on the ground.

Piper looked horrified. She got so angry. The ground started to shake and she started to gather her power. She waved with her hands and trees moved aside for her. She saw Jackie running away from the scene. She moved with her hand and the ground before Jackie started to break. Jackie fell almost into the earth. She turned around and spun some disgusting words towards Piper.

Piper quickly held her hands up and said also a protection spell to bounce off the evil that was coming towards her.

The children ran out of the bushes, looking afraid. When they had reached Jackie, she quickly moved with her hands again and they were gone. Piper turned around to see a crying Melinda.

Melinda was crying and Dash looked very bleak.

Piper: Caroline. Wyatt, Chris! Anybody, she called out.

Caroline orbed in.

Piper: Orb him to Magic School.

Caroline: What happened?

Piper: No time to explain. Orb him NOW! She commanded.

Melinda: What about Tyler and Brain.

Piper: Tyler is capable enough to handle his son. Our first priority should be Dash at this moment.

Melinda nodded while she kept looking at a frozen father and son in fire.

Caroline orbed Dash to Magic School together with Melinda and Piper.

Magic School

They appeared in the big hallway before the Great Hall. Students were running around to avoid getting hit by a dark ball.

Everybody was running around and screaming. Leo was running too. He saw his family and run over to them.

Leo: We are under attack. Dash dropped this kids, but before I could put them in a save place, they started to attack. They hit some students who are now attacking us.

Melinda looked horrified around her. She couldn’t believe that Jackie had thought those human children such a powerful and dangerous attack. Melinda wondered why Jackie herself never used this attack. She came back to reality when Dash moaned in pain.

Leo: What happened to Dash?

Piper: He got hit by a magical bullet. We need to save him.

Leo: How? We are under attack.

Piper looked pissed around. One of the children saw her and threw a dark ball towards her, she flickered with her fingers and the ball was gone. She looked angry around her.

Piper: ENOUGH! She shouted and froze the whole Great Hall and hallway.

She turned around to Leo.

Leo: You froze everybody. Even the good students. That is amazing! He said impressed by the growth of Pipers powers of the years.

Piper: We need to get those children to the room we put Katrina in. They will be powerless there.

Leo: That is a very good idea, but how?

Caroline: I can try to orb them in the room.

Piper: No. We don’t have time for try outs Sorry Caroline. If your orbing is not strong enough then we need an Elder.

Caroline nodded and orbed out and in seconds she orbed back in with Odin.

Odin: Piper Halliwell. How nice to see you again. It has been a while.

Piper looked at him, realizing that he didn’t remember, not helping Melinda back in the hospital, because Piper changed that timeline by going back.

Piper: Odin, you see those little children. They are the ones that were kidnapped and turned by Jackie.

We need someone strong enough to orb them to the room where they can’t use their powers.

Odin: I know which room you refer too. That should be no problem. He closed his eyes and focused on the little children and orbed them to the room. Done, he said looking at Piper.

Piper: Thank you for your assistance. We can take it from here.

Odin: No problem at all, he said and orbed out.

Melinda: Now what?

Piper: I have no idea! She said tired.


Tyler and Brain were unfrozen and Tyler looked around to see that he was surrounded by the remaining children and Jackie.

Jackie: Hello there, she said smiling and hit Tyler hard with a branch, knocking him out.

Magic School, Great hall

They had emptied a table to put Dash on it. Piper had frozen him to slow down the process.

Melinda: Caroline, can you please get Jake. Maybe he can help.

Caroline nodded and not long after Jake and Casey were also at the school.

Jake looked at the wound. The bullet was visible. Dash had unfrozen in the meantime.

Jake: This is serious guys. Bullet is spelled in a way that no human, no magic can take it out. Even if someone manage to pull it out, probably both will die immediately.

Melinda: So, what are saying? I am going to be a widow? No! I won’t accept that.

Dash was moaning and looked very bleak. He was sweating and looked very horrible.

Melinda: I have to buy him some time, till we figure this out.

Melinda bends over towards Dash and looked him in his eyes. She started to cry but smiled looking at him.

Melinda: I will save you. I promise. Even it is the last thing I do, she said crying.

Dash: It is ok, he whispered.

Melinda: No it is not my love. I have to buy us time to save you. I think I know how to buy time, but that will mean that you will go to sleep for a while.

Dash: Do it. I don’t want to die and lose you. I want to see our children grow old, he whispered and tried to smile.

Melinda was really crying now. She gave him one last kiss and asked everybody to stand back. Dash kept looking at her and nodded it was ok. Melinda transformed while she kept crying and looking at her husband. She started to levitate lightly of the floor and she held her hands over Dash.

While she kept crying, she closed her eyes and started to chant some old words. In the meantime she kept going with her hands over the body of Dash, without touching him. After a minute or two, she stopped chanting and slowly she levitated back to the ground. She transformed back and slowly opened her eyes. She held her hand in front of her mouth and started to cry loudly.

She had no idea what her spell would do just it was the right thing to do. Her ancestors had spoken to her and had given her the spell. She saw now that she had cocooned her husband in a see through cocoon. Dash was sleeping peacefully in it. She touched the cocoon while she looked at Dash. Then Melinda let herself fall to the ground and cried hard while she held both her hands in front of her face.

Leo, Casey, Caroline, even Jake had tears in their eyes of this horrible scene. Jake wasn’t a huge fan of Dash, but he knew that they really loved each other and didn’t wish him this kind of horrible faith. Melinda was still crying when she felt her mother’s arms around her. She held tight to her mother and both sat on the ground crying.

Wyatt and Chris orbed in.

Wyatt: Hey guys. We were searching for you, he asked cheerful.

He then stopped talking while taking in the scene. Everybody was crying and his sister with his mother was on the ground. Dash was in some kind of cocoon. Chris looked worried also around him. He walked over to Casey. Casey hugged him tight while she cried.

Slowly Melinda got up with Piper and while she held her mother tight, they walked together towards the Manor in the school. Piper brought her to her room and laid her down to rest. She kept with her till Melinda had fallen asleep while she cried.

Piper went downstairs where everybody was. They were all sitting in the living room and were all waiting for Piper.

Caroline: How is she?

Piper: She is devastated and I can’t blame her. I know one thing. This will make her stronger.

Wyatt: How can you say that mom? She just lost her husband.

Piper: No she didn’t. He is alive and save in that cocoon, till we figure out a way to heal him.

Also I know it will make her stronger, because I have been through this myself with Leo. To battle The Ultimate Power, I needed to loose Leo. Losing him to save the world so I could get him back was the push I needed to win. I was horrible losing him. Not knowing if I would win and would see him again, but I had no choice. Melinda doesn’t have a choice either. She will have to fight.

Chris: Isn’t that what she has been doing since we came back.

Piper: No, she isn’t. She didn’t kill of all Demons to fight again. To lose her husband she just got married too. She wants a normal life, not just for herself but for all of you. You two have a normal job. Casey is searching for a normal job. Caroline is helping charges to be themselves again. To explain that we are now demon free. Did you guys know that she would want to open her own restaurant? Just like I did. So, believe me when I say that this will make her stronger. This will make her go deeper than ever to vanquish Jackie.

Casey: What do you mean by deeper? Darker?

Piper: No, light actually. That will the way to vanquish Jackie.

Casey didn’t seem to understand exactly what Piper tried to say, but she was too tired to ask further.

She saw Leo looking thoughtful to Piper and nodding. At least someone understood it, she thought.

Piper: Oh my god. Tyler! She shouted out. I completely forget about him.

Leo: Tyler? That name feels familiar.

Piper: The fire starter boy. Remember. Is now all grown up and have a son. He came to me, to unbind him so he can help his son with his powers, but Jackie got to Brain. When Dash got shot we left them frozen in the woods. They were about to attack each other.

Chris: Let’s go then.

The group wanted to get up, but Piper stopped them.

Piper: Chris and Casey is enough. The rest can stay her and keep an eye on Melinda. Also think about how we are going to deal with those locked up children, she commanded. Now orb us to the woods.


They orbed right into the middle of the open area. They looked around and saw Tyler and Brain standing next to each other, like they were waiting for them. Not far after them, was standing Jackie. The children weren’t there.

Jackie: Oh, that’s a shame. No Melinda. How is it with her very handsome husband?

Piper: he is fine actually. Getting better by the minute. That bullet was pretty easy to get out.

Jackie: What? That is not possible. No one can get that spell out.

Piper: You have no idea who you are dealing with, are you? We have a whole magical school with magical students to our disposal. I could have brought them all here right now and you would lose. Don’t even think for a second, because you have some old magic crappy book, that you are now almighty. We have been doing this long before you were even born little girl.

Jackie: Snappy aren’t we.

Piper: Cut the crap Jackie. I am too old for that bullshit talk. Now release them both and called it a day. You have already lost most of your precious minions. Do you really want to lose again today?

Jackie: I have not lost at all. I have may lost some of my children, but I will get them back. Don’t you worry. If I were you, I would worry about this two, she said pointing at Tyler and Brain.

Piper: Really? Such a shame. You are such a pretty girl and you could have been a force of good. Since you have become evil, you seem dumber. Don’t you know by now about Casey the elemental? Do you even think for a second, those two have a chance against her?

Jackie: We shall see. Attack, she commanded.

Tyler and Brain both charged up and the ground around them had burned out completely.

Casey walked towards them and changed into this Elemental Goddess. Wind was swirling around her and circle of water that was going around in horizontal. Then fire with rocks in it was going in circles vertical. Father and son started to attack her, but she easily deflected with water.

Tyler tried to pass Casey so he could get to Piper and Chris while Brain kept attacking her. Only Casey was on to him and she was getting annoyed by getting attacked. With a scream she created a swirl of two streams of waters and both Tyler and Brain got hit by it. It was such a lot of water that came over them, that their fire burned out and they were too wet, to catch on fire again. Casey turned around and looked at Jackie, before she started to created balls with mixed elements in it and threw them quickly towards Jackie.

Jackie quickly held her hands up and said some words, to create a deflecting shield. She was a bit too late and got hit by one of the balls. She fell backwards to the ground. Casey run quickly towards her, but Jackie did her disappear trick again and was gone.

Piper and Chris ran also towards the place where Jackie disappeared.

Piper: Nicely done, she said to Casey. Can you transform back again please, before we get all blown away by the wind around you? She said smirking.

Casey transformed back to herself. Glad that Piper was proud of her.

Chris: Hey, you wounded her. There is some blood here.

Piper: Ok, we need to get some of those. Maybe we can undo some of her magic with the kids or use it for bind her.

Chris: Good idea.

After they got the blood, they walked towards a confused Tyler and Brain.

Tyler: What happened? I feel like I was drowning and I could see my son drowning too.

Brain: Yeah, I saw you too. He said still breathing heavily.

Casey: So, you are not spelled anymore?

Brain: Spelled?

Piper: I think the idea of seeing each other drown and not being too able to help your loved one, weakened the spell. Love for a son and love for a father was enough to break it completely.

Brain: Dad, I am really sorry that I gave you such a hard time. I guess now my powers will be bound like yours.

Tyler: What I have seen you do today, I think you can teach me a thing or two and no we are not binding your powers. Maybe if I hadn’t or let them unbound them earlier, then I could have prepared you better against people like Jackie. About to recognize danger. So, from now on we train and learn to evolve and use our powers if only really needed. Deal?

Brain: Deal, he said smiling.

Chris: Ok, I guess our work is done here. Shall I orb you all to Magic School?

Tyler: Actually I think we had enough magic for one day. I think we should go home.

Brain: I couldn’t agree more.

Chris: Home it is. Can you guys wait here? I’ll be right back.

Casey: Go, we are fine.

Tyler: Piper. Thank you again for everything. You are truly a good friend. I can’t thank you enough.

Piper: It was a pleasure to see you and help you again, she said smiling.

They hugged and then Chris orbed them out.

Piper: You know you did well today. I always see Melinda as a Goddess, but seeing you transform was impressive to be honest. That was some great power. I am proud of you that you have come so far and for protecting this family together with Melinda.

Casey: Thank you Piper. I really appreciate you saying this.

Chris had orbed in and took them to Magic School.

Magic school, Manor living room

They orbed in and everybody looked anxious at Piper.

Leo: Well? He asked finally.

Piper: Well Tyler and Brain are themselves again and are saved and sound home. Casey managed to hurt Casey, so we have her blood. Maybe now we can find a way to help those children. How is Melinda doing?

Melinda: I am fine, she said standing in the doorway.

Piper: Hey you. Why you are up?

Melinda: Because I am done sleeping. Hiding and crying over Dash, is not going to help in any way or anyone. We need to be stronger than ever to fight Jackie. If she can think she can mess with our lives like that, then we do the same to her.

Piper: What had you in mind?

Melinda: When I was sleeping I had a dreampreminition. I saw you fighting Zankou. He had taken over the Manor and had the book. To make him look like a fool you guys used spells. So his minions would think that he was weak. Well I am going to do the same to Jackie. She is trying to make me vulnerable, but it is time we show her who she is actually dealing with and no one messes with the Charmed Ones and get away with it. We will make her pay.

Wyatt: That sounds pretty dark sis.

Melinda: How do you think to vanquish her Wyatt? I am all for being good and doing the right thing, but that doesn’t mean I have to watch her do whatever she wants without consequences. Sometimes a bit darkness is needed to make sure that the light wins.

Wyatt: All I am saying is don’t let her change you. That is maybe exactly what she wants? Hitting us one by one. Drive you to the edge. One you may maybe not able to return from.

Melinda just looked at the group and turned around to walk up the stairs to her room.

The group watched her go and then looked at each other worried. This was not good.

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