Charmed Melinda Season 3 Final season



episode 3


Magic School, the Room

Melinda was sitting in front of the room, staring at the door. Dash teleported in and sat down next to his wife.

Dash: I thought I would find you here. Still no idea what to do with the kids?

Melinda: Yes and no. I don’t want to bring them back to their parents, so they can be taken again by Jackie. I don’t think the parents would survive something like that. So, that means besides figuring out how to take the darkness outside of them, we also have to figure out how we can cloak them so Jackie wouldn’t even notice that they are send back.

Dash: Unless she lurks around in the neighborhood.

Melinda: Exactly my point. We have to make sure somehow that she is not even able to enter the whole block.

Dash: How about putting crystals in a huge circle around the neighborhood?

Melinda: I thought about that, but what if someone finds one and takes it from his place, then the circle would be broken en we might even not notice it. Then she will be able to do whatever she wants again.

Dash: What you want to do?

Melinda: I have already Dad and Jake working on some kind of cloaking spell. So, I hope they find something we can use.

Dash: With other words, there is nothing you can do at the moment, right?

Melinda: Yep.

Dash: How about we go home for a while. So you can rest up and eat something, before we figure this out. You are no use if you are not rested. You always keep saying that to your mother, so listen to your own advice.

Melinda looked at her husband. Smiled at his smartness and nodded.

They were about to teleport out when Jake came walking towards them.

Jake: Ah, there you two are. You are needed in the Hall. There is a family meeting planned.

Melinda: Family meeting? Nobody told me there was one.

Jake: Well there is one now.

Melinda and Dash got up and followed Jake to the Hall.

Magic School, Great Hall

They walked in to find Piper, Leo, Wyatt, Caroline, Chris, and Casey sitting and waiting.

Melinda: Hi guys. What is going on?

Piper: We may have found a way to help those children, but we have to be smart about it.

Why don’t you sit down, so we can tell our plan?

Melinda: No. Tell me.

Piper winched at the hardness of the tone in the voice of Melinda, but didn’t say anything.

Wyatt: We want to register all the powers we have at our disposal at Magic School. Also we want to register every witch there is and their powers. When we have that, we might find a way to help out those children. Cloak them or the street or something to make sure Jackie will not take them again.

Chris: Also it is super handy to have a list like that. So, if we get attacked we can use one of those powers for defence or attack.

Melinda was quit for a while and stared at the floor. Nobody said anything. She was the leader of the gang, even if she was the youngest. Finally she looked up at the group.

Melinda: I think it is a great idea to know who has what power. That makes things indeed a bit easier. Also I don’t mind if those people are used to help us cloak those kids. I am not sure how I feel about them battling with us, because their power comes in handy, when we go up against Jackie.

Casey: With all due respect, is it not up to that person? I mean, this battle is between you and Jackie, but other witches or students get attacked by her, don’t they have the right to defend themselves?

Melinda; Of course they do. I just don’t want them go battling with us when it comes to a battle. We are the Charmed Ones, I am supposed to be the strongest witch alive. Still, I couldn’t stop her taking those kids and turning them evil. I couldn’t stop her till now, while I am so almighty. I had my chance to finish her off, I didn’t. Now she is becoming stronger and darker by the day. I have no idea how to stop her. So, forgive me if I am not willing to get more people killed and have their blood on my hands.

Nobody responded and all looked at the ground. Melinda sighed deeply and looked at the group.

Melinda: I think you guys should start with that list. Dad please makes sure that the list is protected by the school. We cannot let Jackie get her hands on it or even know about the list. Maybe we are not able to stop her yet, but maybe this way we can help the kids. Thanks guys for doing this. If you all excuse me.

She walked out the Hall crying. Dash followed her and stopped her.

Dash: We are going home, right now.

He didn’t wait for an answer and teleported them out to the Manor and to their room.

Melinda sat down on to the bed and cried really hard.

Dash: What is going love? What is bothering you? Tell me so I can help.

Melinda: I don’t know. I have this rage inside of me. It feels like it is going to burst out any minute and I have no idea what will happen then. I have all this powers and I am afraid if I let go and let this rage takes over, I will become even a greater treat then Jackie.

Dash: Hey, it is ok to be angry. With everything you guys been through over the years. It is a wonder, nobody went nuts in this house. Listen to me. This rage you are talking about, that is powerful. Don’t let Jackie get to you. Use this anger against her. Make it your own, so instead of blocking you, it will give you enormous power. Maybe enough to defeat her.

Melinda: I don’t know, she said tired. I think the thing what is actually pissing me off is all of this. Look what we are doing. Finding ways to stop Jackie. We supposed to enjoy our marriage and find jobs and have normal lives. Last year I fought so hard to get rid of all Evil. I did it, but still not getting a moment to enjoy it.

Dash: Well our honeymoon wasn’t that bad. I enjoyed the room very much instead of going sightseeing, he smirked.

Melinda: Ha-ha, she said sarcastically. How can you always be this optimistic? I wish I was like that.

Dash: Well for me it is easy. If I have something or someone to fight for, I will always be optimistic and hopeful.

Melinda: Eeeuw, that was terrible, she said laughing.

Dash: Yeah, it was bad wasn’t it? Oh well, you know me, do and say whatever i need, to see you smile.

Melinda: My hero, she said and hugged her husband tightly.


Jackie: Aha, found it, she said holding a book high to the sky.

The few children that was left, help her get out of the whole she had digged.

Jackie: I cannot believe how easy this was.

A child: What is it mommy?

Jackie: This book, my child, is a special book. You know the book I have, with all the spells in it. That book told me that there was actually a darker book than the one I have, hidden, so no one would ever be able to use the spells in it. I also found a locator spell of very darkness and it let me here. Right to our original camp of the original First Witches of the order. It was all this time beneath them. I wonder if they knew and choose therefore that place to protect the book or where they oblivious of it existence?

Well, it doesn’t matter, because mommy has found the book and now she will be able to defeat that evil witch, who hurt our family and I will get your brothers and sisters back, she said looking evilish at the book in her hands.

2 days later, Manor

Melinda was just awake. After days not sleeping properly, she couldn’t take it anymore and had slept more than ten hours straight. She walked downstairs sleepy when the door appeared and Leo came out of it, bumping almost against his daughter.

Leo: Hey honey. Good morning. I can see that you are not awake yet, but we think we found a way to help those kids in the Room.

Melinda: Really. That is great dad. I will be right there, after I had a cup of ten coffees.

Leo: I think it is better if we have the meeting here, as it seems that nobody is actually up yet. I will wake everybody up, you go make a lot of coffee.

Melinda: Ok dad, she said sleepy.

She walked over to the kitchen and started to make a pot of coffee. She opened the curtains so she could look into the garden while she waited for the coffee to finish. Suddenly a cat jumped up and was on the otherside of the window, looking straight at Melinda. While Melinda was watching the cat, she suddenly felt dizzy and thought she was about to pass out and had to grab herself so she wouldn’t fall

Animals were walking all towards the woods. To the open area where Melinda had battled many times.

In the middle of the open area was Jackie standing and she was holding a book in her hands and was reading out of it. The way she was looking was pretty scary. She was gone completely mad. One by one, she saw the animals walking into a fire, like they were in trance and were killing themselves.

Suddenly the image changed and Melinda heard screaming and felt a lot of pain coming from all over the world. All witches were screaming in agony.

Melinda was back in the kitchen, where a worried Leo and Dash were looking at her.

Dash: Melinda, are you alright.

Melinda looked dazed at Dash and her dad.

Leo: I think I know that look by now. You had a premonition, didn’t you?

That moment, Leo and Chris came into the kitchen with Casey and Caroline. All like zombies looking for some coffee.

Melinda: I don’t know. I think so, but how is that possible?

Leo: You have already dreampreminitions, so maybe your power is extending and you can have now day time preminitions, like your aunt Phoebe.

Melinda: Great, she said rolling her eyes.

Leo: Melinda! Don’t you understand what just happened?

Piper walked into the kitchen.

Piper: Good morning everybody. What is going on? She asked looking at the silence faces.

Leo: Melinda, you are now just like the original Melinda Warren. You alone possesses all three original powers of the Charmed Ones. That is amazing.

Piper: What happened?

Leo: She had a day time premonition, like Phoebe does.

Piper: Wow, really. That must be a scary moment. You ok?

Melinda: Yeah thanks.

Piper: I am so proud of you, she said and kissed Melinda on the forehead.

Caroline: What did you see?

Melinda; I saw Jackie, standing in the middle of the open area by the woods. She was holding a book in her hand. This book looked different, bigger and more darker. All kinds of animals were all attracted to her and were going towards the open area. Around Jackie was fire and all the animals walked straight into the fire. Then the images changed and I heard and felt witches in pain and agony.

Chris: Animals? Why does Jackie need animals to kill themselves? Or is she going to use them to attack us?

Caroline: guys..

Wyatt: Of course not bro. She doesn’t need animals to attack us.

Caroline: guys…

Chris: I know, but Melinda must have seen it for a reason right? I can’t imagine her first premonition she got was a wrong one.

Caroline: GUYS!! Jeez…I think I know what she is doing and if I am right, then we are in big trouble.

Wyatt: What is it sweetie? What are you thinking off?

Caroline: Well when I have some time over and doing nothing, I am studying you guys and also the previous Charmed Ones. This way I hope to be a better whitelighter. Anyway, I have been reading about Kit the cat. Catrina. Ring any bells.

Piper: Yes. She was our familiar.

Casey: She was a what?

Piper: A familiar. They are magical animals who guide new witches till they are not needed anymore and move on to the next witch. Once a familiar has chosen his witch, they are connected. Kill the familiar and you weaken the witch. Even kill her too if the link is very strong.

Melinda: So, Jackie is trying to get rid of all witches? Does she even know that we don’t have a familiar in the house? So, it will not work on us.

Leo: No, but if she weakens all the good witches, then ‘Good” will be weakened badly.

Melinda: I am not sure if that is her end goal, but we have to stop her. We cannot let her kill all those animals and weaken all the witches.

Casey: at least now we know where she will kill of the animals.

Caroline: We just don’t know when?

Dash: Can’t we stake her out?

Piper: What about the kids? If they see you, they will alert Jackie immediately.

Dash: What about we attack her first. I mean we know where she is. She is not hiding anymore.

Melinda: There is another thing that bothers me. The book she was holding in her hand. The sense I got from that book was very evil. More evil then the one she has already. Maybe in that book there are spells that are so dark, we can’t stop it.

Chris orbed out and orbed right back in with Jake, who was wearing his shorts and looked also, if he just woke up. He had a tootbresh in his hand and looked annoyed at Chris.

Jake: I could have been naked, he complained to Chris. You cannot just orb in like that in a bathroom man.

Chris: Seeing you naked is not the worst thing I would have seen in my life, so get over it. We have serious Jackie issues here.

Melinda told him about her premonition. Jake looked very worried at her.

Jake: This is bad. This is really bad. When I studied the book, I noticed that it mentioned about another book. This book was the first evil book that has been written ever and there are horrible spells in it. The book was so evil, that even the evil was afraid of using it and gave the book centuries ago to good witches. The book went from coven to coven to protect it with their lives. Finally it ended up with the First Order of the Witches. All covens before us, had gone through hell and weird rituals to cloak and hide the book in a place where no one would find it. We thought we do the same, but this time we didn’t hid it in a very difficult place. A place where people might search. We hid it with us in the forest. The book has been in the woods for years, buried under our old camp. No one who would walk there, even camp there, would ever think of that there might be a book buried under the ground. So, it was the savest thing to do. I had actually totally forgotten about it. If Jackie get’s that book in her hands, then things can and will get ugly very fast.

Melinda: So, actually the only thing we need to do is, go there, dig up the book and make sure it is in a safe place in the school somewhere. Then she will not be strong enough to call out for all familiars.

Jake: There might be also another way if that doesn’t work. There is already someone at Magic School, who can communicate with any animal there is. He can even make them do whatever he wants. If it comes to it, we can try to use him.

Melinda: Ok, you keep him ready then, in case we need him. So, it seems that we are going to the woods guys.

Leo: There is something else, for which we had this meeting this morning.

Melinda: What is it?

Leo: We may have found a way to help those children. The only thing is, that the witch who is able to do that, heard of Jackie and is scared. She hasn’t battled ever with any demon. Also she never used her powers for such a big thing before. She is now waiting at Magic School to help us out.

Melinda: Ok, then we do the divide and conquer thing. Do you guys need to work today.

Both brothers nodded yes.

Casey: I can’t help either today.

Melinda: Why?

Casey: I knew you would ask that, she said looking at her coffee. I wanted to keep it a surprise till it was for sure, but today I am having a interview for a manager job at the old P3 club.

Piper: What? Seriously? My P3?

Casey: Yes. It is not called P3 anymore, but indeed your old club Piper.

Piper: That is so cool. It has been ages when I was there for the last time. I didn’t even think of P3 for a while now. That were fun days back then. Well I wish you good luck getting the job, she said smiling.

Casey: Thanks guys. So, I have to get ready for it. I can find you guys afterwards and help if you still need it.

Melinda: That would be great Casey, she said smiling. Ok then, Leo, Dash and Jake you go get the book.

We ladies go to Magic School to meet this girl who can help us.

Everybody nodded.


Jackie was laughing with each page she went through. Some spells were so old, she had no idea what it did, but some she was able to read and she couldn’t be happier. With this book, she was now more than ever sure that she would beat Melinda and her family and she knew exactly with which spell to start.

Jackie: Go, my children. See what she is up to and come here to tell me.

The kids nodded and ran out of there camp.

Other side of the Woods

Leo: Dash and Jake teleported into the woods. They teleported not far from the old camp of the Witches of the First order. Looking carefully around them to make sure Jackie or one of the kids wasn’t lurking around. That was not the case. They knew that the camp of Jackie was exactly parallel of the old camp, but on the otherside of the open area.

Jake walked over to the place where the book should been hidden and saw from a distance that there was a hole in the ground. He quickly called for the others and they checked the hole. The book was gone.

Jake: Dammit, she found it already. This is not good guys. I have not read the book myself and have no idea what kind of spells are in it, but we should prepare ourselves for the worst.

Dash: Wait a minute, Jackie just turned evil. We have seen her in battle, that she was not strong enough yet, because she didn’t know how to use the spells properly. I don’t even think, that she can read some of them. If this book is older then the one she has, how is she going to read it and use it against us?

Jake: Don’t under estimate her. She was always a type that wanted to learn everything she could and she was good at learning…I agree that some spells she will not be able to use, but I also know for sure that some she will be. Like the animal thing that Melinda had seen in her vision.

Leo: So basically you are saying that you have no idea what she can use against us and also that you don’t know how to stop her when she does? Am I right?

Jake: Yes, I am afraid so.

Dash: So, with other words, there is no need for you anymore to stay at Magic School and can leave to have a normal life?

Leo: Dash! Don’t..

Dash: Oh come on. He is a big boy. He can handle it, right Jake?

Jake: If you have something to say to me, say it. I know you want too.

Dash: Yes I do actually. You have hurt Melinda more than you can ever imagine, only for that alone I want to rip your throat open and leave you to bleed dead. For some reason, Melinda keeps seeing the good in you and protects you and I respect her decision, but if you ever say anything or do anything that will upset her one more tim, I will kill you. I don’t care if you are human or not.

Also, I know that you have still feelings for her. That don’t just go away. If I even think that you are going to try something, I will kill you. Stay away from her.

Jake looked intensely at Dash and Dash looked back. Leo was staring at both of them.

Leo: Ok, enough you two. We don’t have time for this macho behavior. Dash, you said what you wanted to say, now let’s get a move on. Maybe Jackie is using her spell right now, while you two are fighting.

Dash looked at Leo and then one more time to Jake. Then he grabbed them both and teleported out to the School.

Magic School, Great Hall

Melinda, Piper and Caroline walked into the hall and they could see a very nervous young woman looking around. Touching things. She looked up when the three woman walked over to her.

Melinda: Hi, you must be the witch who can cloak things, right?

Billy: Hi, yes that’s me. My name is Billy with a Y.

Melinda: Nice to meet you.

Billy: It is an honor to meet you, she said pointing at Melinda. The great Melinda Halliwell. Amazing that we are in the same room and you need MY help.

Piper: Did anybody told you what needs to be done?

Billy: Yes, a young guy told me. Jack, Jason, Jake or something was his name.

Melinda: It’s Jake. You think you can do it?

Billy: To be honest, I don’t know. He told me what the plan was, but something that big, I have never done before.

That moment, the guys teleported in close to the girls.

Dash let go of Jake, but kept staring at him and Jake stared back.

Leo sighed and walked over to the girls.

Melinda: what is going on with you two? She asked loudly.

Jake/Dash: Nothing, they said at the same time.

Jake walked over to Billy and sat next to her. Melinda looked from Dash to Jake and let out her senses. They were both angry and it felt like they wanted to smash each others brains out. She looked at her dad and he looked back at her.

Melinda: Ok, we don’t have time to deal with whatever your issues are at the moment. We have actual real problems here. Jake, you know what needs to be done. Can you take Billy somewhere quit, maybe mom and Caroline want to come too and get her into it, so she can do what she needs to do?

Jake: Sure, he said and got up and walked away with Billy. Piper looked around and then walked behind them, with a worried Caroline right behind her.

Melinda waited till they had left the Hall and turned to Dash.

Melinda: What the hell happened in the woods?

Dash: The book was already taken by Jackie. We must prepare for the worst, he said calmly.

Melinda: Dash??!!

Dash: What? Ok, fine. Jake and I had a little chat. A chat about you, if you must know. I spoke my mind and he listened. That’s all.

Melinda: What did you say to him?

Dash: That is between Jake and me Mel. I love you dearly, but I had issues with Jake and I told him my issues. I actually feel much better.

Melinda: Why would you have issues with Jake? He is not chasing me anymore. He respects our marriage.

Dash: I don’t want to talk about it, ok? He said annoyed and without waiting for response he teleported out.

Melinda: What just happened? He just left.

Leo: Honey. I love you also, but sometimes you have to let things be as they are. Those two have a testosterone issues and Dash just needed to speak his mind to Jake and he did. Now, let it go and focus on the task a hand.

Melinda: Fine.

Melinda walked over to the Room where the rest was waiting.

Jake: I think we figured it out. She doesn’t need to do anything. She closes her eyes, focus on what she wants to do and then it cloaks.

Melinda: Can she cloak anything, like a street?

Billy: I should be able to. If I have the right focus, it should not be a problem.

Jake: Ok, let’s do this as we have Jackie to worry about too.

Melinda opened the door and the kids were all sitting together in a corner. They looked weak and had fear in their faces.

Melinda: Hey guys. How are you doing?

Girl: We are scared and we want to go home. When is Jackie coming to get us.

Melinda: Jackie is not coming. I am here to bring you to your real parents.

Girl: You are lying. They don’t want us back. We are evil.

Melinda: That is not true. I see them every day and they really miss you and wants you to come home.

Girl: We belong now to Jackie. Nobody can change that.

Melinda: I can help, if you let me.

Girl: How?

Melinda: Why don’t you come and see for yourself. You don’t have to be scared. Nobody here wants to hurt you. You will be fine.

The girl looked at the group and nodded to them that it was ok.

The children stood up and followed Melinda outside the room. They all looked a bit shy at the group who was watching them carefully.

Melinda introduced everybody and explained what they were going to do.

Piper: One thing before we start, how are we going to take the evil out of them that is put by Jackie?

Melinda: I have thought about that and I think I know a way. Would you like to see something very cool from very close? She asked smiling at the kids.

They all nodded smiling.

Melinda transformed herself into the Goddess. The children looked with big eyes at the transformation.

After her transformation, she held out her hand to the girl and waited till the girl responded by taking the hand of Melinda. Then Melinda hugged her gently first and then a bit thighter. While she did that, she send it as much of good magical energy which was cracking around her, towards the girl.

The girl was now surrounded completely in white light and when Melinda let go of her, she looked happy. She was smiling and something in her eyes had changed. They seemed brighter and full of life again.

Melinda did the same with the other kids, till all of them were normal again.

Boy: Where are we? What happened? Who are you? He asked a bit scared.

Caroline: You don’t remember anything? She asked curious.

The children looked like they were thinking really hard and finally they shook their heads that they didn’t.

Melinda: Ok, that is very good. Now the next step, that’s where you come in. Cloak them in goodness and that no one evil is ever able to notice them.

Billy asked if the kids could create a circle and the kids did as they were asked.

Billy: So, guys we are today going to play a little game. It is called hide and seek? Who knows that game?

All kids nodded that they knew it.

Billy: But we are going to do it a bit differently then the original game. I am going to hide you, so the mean witch, cannot find you and take you away anymore. Would you like that? She asked.

They all nodded that they wanted it.

Billy closed her eyes and it seemed like big bubbles came out of her hands. The bubbles went towards the kids and surrounded them with it. Then they disappeared and weren’t visible anymore.

Billy: We are done. That was fast wasn’t and it didn’t hurt, right?

The kids smiled.

Caroline: Now what?

Piper: You and Jake go and stop Jackie. Caroline and I can bring back the kids and make sure that the whole street is cloaked.

Melinda: Sure?

Piper: Go…they need you.

Melinda turned to the group of kids.

Melinda: I will see you all in the street playing around. Oh and guys, keep all of this a secret ok? She said and winked at the kids. Caroline can you orb us home?

Caroline: Sure, she said and they orbed out.

Caroline was soon back, to help out Piper, to return the kids.

Manor, Kitchen

Melinda and Jake were orbed into the kitchen. While they were there, Melinda wanted to make some sandwiches and hopefully talk to Jake about what had happened in the woods. But none of that she did, as they heard sounds coming from the living room.

They walked over to see a full house of people wondering around in their house. Leo was talking to people and walking around, when he saw Melinda, you could see the relief in his face.

Melinda: What is going on?

Leo: The Elders messed up. They had heard that we were making a list with powers of all witches. Somehow they have send their whitelighters to the magical beings and asked to come all to our house for registration. They keep coming and I have no idea what to do.

Melinda looked around and then she got on the dinner table and whistled a loud sound, so everybody stopped talking and looked towards the table. Some started to whisper Melinda’s name and were staring at her in awe.

Melinda: Hello everybody. Thank you for coming. It is a honor to have so many of our fellow witches together, but I have to ask you all to leave again. We are in a battle with a very mean witch and you are all in danger by being here. So, please give all the information we need to your whitelighters. Sorry for this inconvenience, but we really have to be somewhere before all hell breaks loose.

Witch: Can you really transform into some Goddess?

Other Witch: We were told that all Demons were gone? So, why are you still fighting?

Melinda: Yes, I can transform and yes we are still fighting. Because Demons are gone doesn’t mean that evil is gone too. People still need help. They may not be attacked by Demons anymore, but still by other human beings. Like I said, we really need to go, or you are all in danger, so please leave.

Some started to leave and some stayed stubbornly to see what was going to happen.

Leo helped with the coats for the people who understood and left, but some of them somehow didn’t get the message and stayed looking at Melinda.

Jake: Stay calm. Remember this are good witches.

Melinda: I understand, but we don’t have time for this, she whispered.

Jake: Why don’t we leave and let them stay?

Melinda: What? No. I don’t want strangers lurking around in our house. Ok, people, I am asking one more time nicely to go. Otherwise it will not be pretty and believe me at this point, I don’t care who you are or why you are here. I need to leave and I can’t with all of you here walking around, doing god knows what.

Some people didn’t seem to like it, but left anyway. Some still stayed.

Melinda transformed instantly and held her hand up, lifting the remaining witches.

Witches: Hey what is going on? Let us go.

Melinda moved her free hand and the doors opened, with a wave of her hand she waved everybody out. With the other hand she closed the doors again.

Leo: Melinda, you cannot do that. They were here to help.

Melinda: Dad, I don’t have time for your speech, ok. I have asked twice normally, but if people don’t want to listen and hoping to see some action, well they got their action. Now, let’s go to the forest and confront Jackie by attacking her, before she even starts calling out for the animals.

Leo looked worried at Melinda. He didn’t knew his daughter like this. Mean and hard in her actions.

Jake: Where is Dash? His teleportation could come in handy.

Dash: I am right here, he said from behind them.

Melinda walked over to him, while she transformed back to herself and hugged Dash tightly. Then looked at him and kissed him intensely.

Melinda: I am sorry, she said looking at him.

Dash: Me too, he said and kissed her again.

Jake: Do you guys need a room or can we go stop Jackie?

Dash looked at Jake for a moment and then nodded silently.

Melinda: Before we go, we need to get the person who can communicate with animals.

Dash: I will get him, he said calmly and teleported it out.

Not long after that, he came back with a black young good looking guy. He seemed a bit scared, but he still wanted to help.

Robin: Hi, nice to meet you. I have seen you walk around, but it is a honor to meet you in person, he said smiling brightly to Melinda.

Melinda: Thank you. That is very kind of you. So you think you are ready?

Robin: One way to find out, right?

Dash teleported them all to the woods.


They teleported at the edge of the Woods. The saw Jackie walking around and watching the children, who were busy creating a huge circle. Around the circle they were putting woods, which Melinda had seen in her premonition, so the animals would walk into it and die.

Melinda: We have to stop her, before she begins the ritual.

Robin: Maybe it is wise to wait, he said shyly.

Melinda: Wait for what? We cannot risk that animals get burned.

Robin: Oh…i…I mean, I was thinking, if she is busy with her ritual, then she can’t leave the circle before she is completely finished. In the meantime the animals will come, which I can stop with your protection. Maybe Jake and Dash, can keep the kids away from me.

Melinda: That is actually a very good idea, she said smiling. Only thing is that we then cannot enter the circle and get the book.

Robin: I will do what you want to do.

Melinda: I think we should stick to your plan. We can try to get the book later on.

The kids started to lit up the wood and a huge fire was created around the circle. In the middle Jackie was standing, dressed completely in a dark sexy outfit. The kids were standing in a small circle around her. She started to speak a language, which sounded very disturbing. It was not easy to read.

Robin: Do we go now in the open?

Melinda: No, let’s wait for the first animals to arrive. When that happens I will come out with Dash and Jake. You stay here. If possible try to communicate and stop the animals from here. That will be more confusing for Jackie. She will think her spell didn’t work properly and that can win us some time. If you notice that the distance is too far away, then come out of your hiding place and come to us, so we can protect you.

Robin nodded bravely.

Melinda, Dash and Jake came out of the bushes and walked towards the circle. Jackie saw them coming, but she kept saying the disgusting words. The children were ready to defend their ‘mother’.

While Melinda was walking towards the circle, some animals started to arrive already. Mouses, birds, snakes, small animals. They all seemed in trance with the fire. Like they couldn’t see anything else.

Robin started to whisper to them from a distance. Right on time, as some birds were already diving right into the fire. They stopped midair and looked confused.

Melinda: It is over Jackie. You will not hurt these animals.

Jackie started to chant louder and louder. She was now shouting the words out of her.

More animals started to appear. Robin came out of the bushes and had his hands in front of them like a stop sign. He kept staring at the animals and talking to them.

More and more animals were coming. Robin had difficulty to talk to them all.

Melinda was forced to transform and when she did, she created a huge wind. From within her body. She had Casey seen do it. The wind was not enough to stop the fire around the circle but it was hard enough, to make it lesser.

Jackie was finally finished and she held the book in the air and had her head thrown back and was laughing and smiling at the same time. She looked completely insane and consumed with darkness.

She had seen Melinda, but when she was doing the spell, she was not aware of what was going on around her. She looked and saw all animals standing still, like they were frozen.

Jackie: You cannot stop me Melinda. Your freeze will not work for long.

Melinda: They are not frozen Jackie. There are other ways to stop this.

Jackie: Who is he? She asked pointing at Robin.

Melinda: He is the animal whisperer. He can talk and control any animal. So, your whole ritual to get rid of the familiars didn’t work. Give it up Jackie.

Jackie: NEVER! She shouted. She started to say the words again off the ritual.

The only thing Jackie didn’t count on was, that Melinda would get a premonition and know what she was going to do. So, she had not protected her circle properly for attacks from the outside.

Jackie: Attack them and kill him off, she said pointing at Robin.

Melinda: Robin keep doing what you are doing. I will protect you.

Melinda saw the children come at her with different attacks. She closed her eyes and out of her body, came like a huge wave, wind out. The wind blew this time the fire out, send the kids away from her and even some animals couldn’t hold it anymore.

Melinda: Dash, get the kids, she yelled.

Jackie: NO! She shouted.

She tried to use her powers, but because of the wave she was blown away too, even she was still in her circle. She tried to hit Dash, but he was too fast for her. She closed her eyes to summon the kids back and it worked. Some kids were right by her side.

Dash teleported in again and looked annoyed.

Melinda: What happened?

Dash: I was struggling to hold them and put them in the room.

Jackie disappeared with her kids and book in smoke. Melinda knew she couldn’t be that far, but at least they had stopped the familiars getting killed by Jackie. That didn’t mean that she wouldn’t try again, but Melinda had already ideas how to stop it from happening.

Robin did his thing and all familiars left confused of what had just happened.

Melinda: Very good job Robin.

Robin: Thank you.

Later that evening, Manor bedroom Melinda

Melinda was writing in her diary when Dash walked in.

Dash: Hey you. What are you doing?

Melinda: Writing everything down off the last couple of days. So much is happening, that it is important to write it down and remember.

Dash: I agree.

Melinda looked at him for a moment.

Melinda: Are you going to tell me what happened in the woods with Jake?

Dash: Ok, I told him that if he hurts you in any way again, I will kill him personally. That I tolerate him, because I love you and respect your choice that you want to be friends with him.

Melinda: We are not friends. I would like to be, as Jake is not a bad guy when you get to know him the way I did. I hope that him being surrounded with goodness and good people, he would come back from all that darkness. So, there are several reasons I want to keep him around. This way we can keep an eye on him.

Dash: I am really sorry, i bailed out and I shouldn’t have done that.

Melinda: NO, I am sorry that I kept pushing. I should know when to shut up, she said smiling.

Dash: So, we are ok?

Melinda: Yes we are.

Dash: What a couple of days isn’t. Jackie and those kids. I am sorry that I couldn’t catch more kids.

Melinda: No worries. Did you already looked outside, she said smiling.

Dash: No, what’s outside.

Melinda: Almost nobody. Most children are back and most neighbors are delighted. My mom spoke also with the parent of which we still don’t have the kids away from Jackie and assured them that soon they would return too. Things are looking normal again in the street.

Dash: That is excellent news Melinda. You did good.

Melinda: well, had some help, but thanks.

Dash: We will get those few kids back and then we will finish Jackie once and for all, so we can finally start living our married lives and maybe think about kids? He said shyly.

Melinda: Kids?

Both of them couldn’t help to laugh about the idea of being a mom and dad.

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