Charmed Melinda Season 3 Final season

The past becomes the future


Good vs Evil

Episode 4

The past becomes the future

Caroline was walking around in the house very early in the morning. Everybody was still asleep, but they would wake up any minute and Caroline checked the dinner table one more time and everything looked perfect. She sat down and waited.

Twenty minutes past and still nobody was awake. She went upstairs loudly in the hope they would wake up, but still nothing. She decided to wake them up herself.

She opened the doors of all rooms very slowly and then she started to shout from the hallway.

Caroline: Wake up everybody. We have an emergency downstairs. Wake up!

Everybody woke up and looked confused around.

Caroline: Well come on. We have a serious problem downstairs.

The gang got up and followed Caroline downstairs. Quickly Caroline went downstairs first, so she could stand next to the table to show them her breakfast.

The gang walked in and looked surprised at the table.

Caroline: Surprise!! She shouted. Today we are all married a month, that needs celebration and with the unpredictable lives we have, I decided to make breakfast. If we all survive the day, we have also a dinner in a restaurant. I already made the reservations.

Wyatt: How are we going to pay for that? My salary didn’t come in yet?

Caroline: No worries. Is all covered. You just have to be there and enjoy. Well what are you all waiting for? Dig in, the food is not going to eat itself you know.

The gang sat down and after some coffee, the started to wake up. Soon they were all talking and laughing.

Wyatt: You did well, he whispered in the ear of Caroline and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

Caroline blushed and smiled brightly.

After the breakfast, the boys went to get dressed. Casey had found herself also a job. Not long after getting dressed they were gone. Melinda offered to clean up. Dashes lay down on the couch still sleepy and feel in asleep while Melinda and Caroline cleaned up.

Caroline: Can you believe it. One month already.

Melinda: Yeah, I know. I am glad you did this. With everything going on, it is hard to enjoy our marriage. So, this was very nice.

Caroline: Thank you Melinda. That means the world to me, she said smiling. Oh, I have to go. I am being called.

Melinda: Go, I will finish up here.

Caroline orbed out and Melinda finished cleaning. Then she went to the living room. Dash was asleep deeply. She lay next to him and fell asleep herself.

They woke up later on the day and after freshen up. They went to see the family of Dash.

Sally was excited to see Melinda and her brother. She had been practicing her powers and wanted to show it to her big brother.

Dash: So, you got a new power then? He asked curious. He could create energy lighting with his hands, beside teleporting.

Sally: Yes and no. I would love to get another power, but I am not there yet. Still I have been training.

Look what I can do. She focused on a plant which was standing on the table. She kept staring at it and it disappeared and appeared on a different table.

Dash: Wow, did you just teleported the plant?

Sally: Yep. Without touching it. I was reading the history of the Charmed Ones and somehow I was inspired by the powers of Paige. She could use her orbing power to move things. So, I figured that I should be able to do the same. So, after practicing almost daily, tada, now I can move things too.

Melinda: That is really cool, she said smiling brightly. Good for you.

Sally: Thanks Mel. I am so happy, she said smiling.

After the visit they went to Magic School and visited Piper and Leo. They hang out there a bit and were waiting till it was time for the dinner with the gang.

Leo went off to teach and Piper made some lunch for them.

Dash: I think I should start looking for a job too? He said.

Melinda: Yeah, I think the same thing, but that would mean that none of us is home to protect or be ready when something happens. Wyatt and Chris both told me that I don’t need a job and that together they make enough money to easily cover all the bills and groceries.

Dash: Remember I have plenty of money too. I earned that with big projects in the UK. I just don’t want a job for the money, but also to have a purpose and a bit a normal life you want so badly. What is more normal then go off to work every day?

Melinda: If it makes you happy, you should do it. Even if I wanted, at this moment it is not wise. Like I said, someone needs to stay home and do the witchy part.

While they were talking, Piper walked in and they hang out and ate, before they went back to their own Manor.

Restaurant, downtown

The group arrived at the restaurant that Caroline had arranged. They had all dressed up and looked amazing. They were greeted by a bit older lady.

When Wyatt and Melinda past her, they both looked at the older woman. Like they sensed something, but also they didn’t. Both of them shook it off as nothing and sat down. It was not that busy in the restaurant.

Older lady: I am your host for the evening. Would you like to drink something as starters, she asked.

Everybody ordered and the woman left.

Wyatt: Nice place honey, he said smiling at Caroline.

Caroline: Thanks. It had very good reviews on the internet.

The first round of drinks came and soon after that the first course came also. The food was delicious and the older woman who was observing them seemed happy that all tasted well. After the dinner they had all another drink. Right at the moment they clicked their glassed together, Wyatt, Chris and Melinda disappeared in smoke and were gone. Their glassed fell hard on the table. The rest of gang got up surprised and looked around nog knowing what just happened.

People in the restaurant had seen what had happened and some screamed and looked horrified. They even started to scream more when the older woman was laughing hard and while she laughed she transformed to Jackie.

She closed her eyes and three of her minions appeared. The kids started to shoot black orbs towards the gang. Immediately Dash lifted his hands and energy came out of it, blowing the orbs up before they could reach them. People were screaming and running out of the restaurant, while one person hid under a table and started to record the whole thing.

The kids and Jackie were standing next to each other. Casey, Caroline and Dash did the same.

Casey did a step forward and without warning she transformed, making Caroline and Dash back away from her. Tables flew around the restaurant.

Casey: What did you do to the Charmed Ones? She demanded.

Jackie: Oh nothing really. Just send them to a place, where they don’t even know who they are. They don’t even know each other. All thanks to my new book.

Casey: Reverse it right now!

Jackie: So, what is this? You are the new Melinda now?

Casey didn’t give her an answer and attacked Jackie. Jackie and the kids disappeared in purple smoke and gone they were.

Casey transformed back to herself and looked at Caroline and Dash. They both looked very worried.

They orbed out together to the Manor.


Melinda was waiting for her meeting with the boss of Buckland’s, which was an action house.

Next to her was sitting Hannah Webster, who was going for the same job as her. So one the two would get today if they got the job or not. Hannah was called in first and after half hour, Hannah left disappointed.

Then Melinda was called in by a woman called Anne. Who was the assistant of the big boss, but was leaving the company.

Melinda walked into the office and saw a woman standing with her back to her and she had very long blond hair. The woman turned around and looked at Melinda.

Woman: Sit down please, she said and sat down herself.

Woman: My name is Prue Halliwell, she said and extended her hand towards Melinda.

Melinda took the hand to shake it, but an electric spark made them separate.

Prue: Wow that was weird. Anyway, I see that your name is Melinda Warren.

Melinda: That is correct.

Prue: So, why do you want to work at Buckland’s?

Melinda: I have a great knowledge of stuff and I think it would be good for my career to start here.

Prue stared at Melinda, but Melinda kept her cool and looked back.

Prue: There is something about you. You look a lot like one of my sisters.

Melinda: Thank you.

Prue: What do you think of the job description?

Melinda: I think it is easier than it sounds.

Prue: How do you feel about a trail of two weeks, with pay of course?

Melinda: That sounds awesome, she said smiling and got up.

After she said goodbye she left and went home. She was living alone, as she had no family or many friends.

She was just about to go into the building, when she heard the sirens of a police car. She turned around and saw the same cop, chasing the same guy. She shook her head and went inside.

Police car

Chris: I need assistance. I am chasing Wyatt again.

Operator: What is it with you two? How long are you going to keep chasing him?

Chris: Till I get him. He is evil and should be locked up. It is my job as cop to stop him. So, am I getting help or what?

Operator: I will see what I can do Chris.

Wyatt was driving through the streets and was going left and right to shake Chris of his back.

Present day, Manor

Dash: Ok, we have to find them right now. We have no idea where she has sent them?

Caroline: I will see what the Elders know and get back to you.

Casey: Let’s check the Book, maybe that can help us.


Casey and Dash were going through the books. In meantime he had teleported Piper to the Manor for help.

Casey: I cannot find anything in the book.

Piper: Even if you did, then we still don’t know where they have been send. That is a big problem. We can conjure spells or potions, but that will not work unless we know where they are.

Dash: We have to do something. We cannot just sit here! He shouted.

Piper: I understand that you are worried. We are all, but getting angry is not going to help. We have to keep our heads clear.

Dash: Maybe I can teleport and sense something or find out which plane they are.

Piper: That is not a bad idea.

Dash was about to teleport, when a light shined through the window and they heard helicopter sounds. They all went to the window and saw a police helicopter flying around their house and more police cars were standing in front of the door.

Piper: What the hell is going on?

Caroline orbed in, looking very worried.

Piper: What did you find out?

Caroline: That the Elders are upset and worried. Nobody knows where the Charmed Ones are, but that is not the worst. We have been exposed. Again! She said angry.

Casey: What? How?

Caroline: Go see for yourself, she said and all of them went downstairs.

They went down the stairs, when the police stormed in the house. Piper flickered with her fingers and the police was frozen. Quickly, they went to the television and watched the news. They saw the children attack and Dash using his powers. Then they saw Casey transform and back.

Casey: Oh this is bad. This is very bad. What are we going to do?

Piper: Ok, first we have to cloak everything that is magical or can be seen as magical. Then we take the book and go to Magic School. From there we figure out what to do.

Piper cast the spell and they went to Magic School, leaving a confused police behind. The helicopter had spotted them in the attic and now the house was empty.


Melinda wanted to cook but because she was so excited about the job, she forgot to buy some ingredients. She opened her front door and was about to step out, when a guy ran into her house and closed the door behind him, locking the door. He turned around and looked at Melinda.

Melinda: Who are you and what do you want?

Wyatt: Chill out lady. I am just hiding for a moment and will be gone before you know it.

Melinda: Please don’t hurt me, she said backing away from him.

Wyatt: Hurt you? That was not what I had in mind actually. Like I said, I just need to shake this cop of my back and then I will be fine.

Melinda: Why my house? She asked nervous.

Wyatt: You opened the door, just when I was passing, he said calmly.

Melinda: What is your name? She asked not even knowing why.

Wyatt: Wyatt, he said looking at Melinda. What’s yours?

Melinda just stared at him. Wyatt sounded familiar. Like she had heard it more often. She just couldn’t place when or who.

Wyatt: Lady, you ok? It looked like you were somewhere else?

Melinda: What? Yes, I am ok.

Someone knocked on the door. Melinda looked from the door to Wyatt and then to the door again.

Her first instinct was to scream, but she looked at Wyatt and there was something about him. She went to the door, with Wyatt watching her. She noticed that his hand went towards his jeans and when she past him, she saw a glimpse of a knife. She remained calm and opened the door.

Chris: Good evening miss, Sorry to bother you, but I am looking for someone. He is tall and has blondish hair. He is good looking and a criminal. Someone saw him running into this building.

Melinda: Yes, I saw him, but not in the building. This afternoon, when you were chasing him again with your car, like you always do.

Chris: What do you mean exactly?

Melinda turned red. She was never this blunt. More of a shy and staying in the back type.

Melinda: I mean this is not the first time that I have seen you chase him through the neighborhood. Is there a specific reason that you are chasing him?

Chris: He is a thief. He keeps stealing food and cars and thinks he can get away with it. I just want to catch his smug face and put him behind jails. I cannot allow that in my district.

Melinda: So, it is an ego thing then?

Chris: No, it is ….he stopped staring at the door, like the answer was written there. I don’t know what it is with him. I just need to catch him. I can’t explain it. Actually I don’t even know why I am telling you this. I am sorry that I have bothered you miss. I wish you a good evening.

Wyatt: Pffff…He has serious issues, doesn’t he? He asked smirking.

Melinda: Do you think this is funny. I just lied to a cop. If they find out that I am hiding you, I could go to jail. Did you even think about that?

Wyatt stared at her not knowing what to say.

Melinda: Listen. You can stay ten minutes and then you must go. So, if you are hungry or need to freshen up or something, then do it now. Please don’t steal anything as I have already not much.

Wyatt smiled and went towards the kitchen. Melinda sighed and sat down watching him. She noticed the more she stared at him, the more she felt like she knew him from somewhere. She thought that maybe from her past. She just couldn’t place it. No matter what she tried.

Wyatt was ready and as she asked, he left within the ten minutes, thanking her first.

Melinda wasn’t hungry anymore because of what had happened. She decided to stay home and locked the door and for no reason, she placed a chair, like they did in movies.

Melinda: Better save then sorry, she said to herself and sat down to watch some TV.

Magic School, Leo’s office

Leo: You can’t be serious? We are exposed? Again?

Piper: I know. This is the fourth time or so I three years. I think we did better when we were Charmed.

Leo couldn’t help to smile.

Piper: So, our children are in some weird plane because of Jackie. The real Manor is probably torn apart by now, by the cops.

Leo: Doesn’t have to be doo. He said thinking of a plan.

Dash: You know a way to get the Manor back?

Leo: Yes I do. The Manor is still on the name of Piper and me. It is officially our house. So, we just have to convince the cops. Caroline, can you orb us, safely close by the house?

Caroline: Sure.

Prescott Street

Leo: What is going on here? He said walking up to the cops with Piper close by him.

Cop: Who are you?

Leo: We are the owners. We live here? What is going on?

Cop: Chef. This folks claim to be the owners.

Chef Clark: Who are you?

Piper: I am Piper and this is Leo my husband. This is our house! We have the paperwork inside. The house is paid off.

Chef Clark: We believe that there are very dangerous people in your house.

Leo: What do you mean? We live alone. Her sisters left years ago.

Chef Clark: You have kids?

Leo: Yes, but they are long gone. Are married and all, he said smiling proudly.

Chef Clark: So, no one but you live here in this huge house?

Piper: This house is more than hundred years in our family. Is specially built. Like we said, we have the deed in the house. We can show you.

Chef Clark nodded and they walked towards the Manor. Inside he followed Piper to a closet, which she opened to get some file out of it. In the file was the document. She showed it to him.

Chef Clark: Ok, this is your house, but where are your children?

Leo: Travelling. Backpacking actually. They are a bit free spirited. Lifting to go from city to city. From time to time, they come back, stay a week and leave again.

Chef Clark: When was the last time they were here?

Piper: Three weeks ago. They are planning to visit every city, village there is in the US.

Chef Clark: How are they paying for that trip?

Leo: Jobs they find on the way to earn some money or in exchange for a sleeping place. I wish we were so wild when we were younger, he said smiling at his wife.

Piper: What is this actually all about?

Chef Clark showed them the footage of the restaurant. They saw how the Charmed Ones disappeared and how Casey turned into an elemental.

Leo: What the hell is this? What happened to our children? Who are those people and what the hell is happening with her, he said trying to sound upset.

Chef Clark looked at both of them and saw the worry in their eyes.

Piper: My husband asked you a question? What happened to our children? How did they disappear like that? Is this film for real? Is it not foto shopped or whatever they call it this days?

Chef Clark: I have no idea what happened to your kids? I also don’t know who the man and woman are next to the one who changed. Do you know them? Or do you know this woman who transforms from an old lady to this young beauty?

Piper: How the hell we should know? If we did we wouldn’t be asking you would we? She asked getting annoyed.

This was costing too much time. Her children could be in horrible danger.

Chef Clark: The woman who transforms has giving this address at her day job. Her boss saw her on the TV and called us. That’s why we are here?

Leo: We have never seen her before and I would appreciate it, if the cops can stop going through our stuff without a warrant.

Chef Clark gave the cops a sign.

Chef Clark: Sorry. We didn’t have time to get one. The film was so shocking we just burst in.

Piper: So now what?

Chef Clark: Well, we are going to find them. Do you mind if we keep a car in the street. The girl must have chosen this address for a reason.

Piper and Leo didn’t mind. The cops left again. Leaving a relieved Piper and Leo behind.

Leo: That was a close one.

Piper: Tell me about it. Ok, I going to undo the cloaking spell and you go to the book. We have to find something.

Caroline orbed in with Casey and Dash and a tall boy.

Caroline: You got rid of the cops?

Leo: Yes, by lying our teeth off. They found us, because Casey’s work gave the address to the cops.

Casey: Oh my god. I am really sorry.

Piper: It is not your fault. Can happen. Nobody foresaw this.

Dash: So, do we have any idea how to find the gang?

Leo: I am afraid not. We need to know what kind of potion and spell she has used. We need to get our hands on that book.

Piper: I have a plan. Caroline and Leo, you stay her and keep checking the book. The rest, we are going to the woods. Pay a visit to our lovely Jackie.


Melinda walked in the office of Prue Halliwell.

Prue was behind her desk, looking at some files.

Prue: Melinda, just the person I was looking for. Tonight you must keep your schedule free, because we are having dinner at my house, with some other guests. So, I need you to arrange all of this together with my sister Piper, who owns a restaurant. I need you to do whatever Piper needs you to do. Whatever it is. Important and very rich customers are coming. If I get them to sell their items through Buckland’s, we will make millions. Here is the address of the restaurant.

Melinda: But, then you will be without assistance today.

Prue: I will survive. This is far more important. Now of you go, she said and looked at her files again.

Melinda walked out of the office flustered. She didn’t expect her first day to go like this.

Restaurant P3

Melinda walked in and asked for Piper. She got send towards the kitchen. Melinda walked in and found a long dark haired woman cooking. She walked towards her.

Melinda: Hi, are you Piper Halliwell? Prue, send me to assist today for the dinner.

Piper: Yes I am. Nice to meet you, she said and extended her hand.

Melinda shook her hand and suddenly, she got some images.

Piper, who was feeding her as a child. Piper holding her close when while she was crying. Piper showing her how to make potions. Both of them standing behind the Book of Shadows.

Melinda let go and looked at Piper bewildered.

Piper: You ok? You seem frightened?

Melinda: I….i just saw images. I don’t understand…what is going on?

Piper: What do you mean? Like a physic? Did you see my future or something?

Melinda: No, I think I saw the past. You were feeding and holding me. You were teaching me something.

Piper: I don’t think I understand. I just met you.

Melinda: I know. I am sorry. I don’t know what is going on with me. Never mind. Let’s focus on the job. I don’t want to lose my job the first day.

Piper: Of course not, she said and stated to steer the food again, while she looked sideways to Melinda.

Present, Manor

Piper: Ok, before we go...i have to do something.

She walked towards the living room, closed her eyes and lifted her hands.

Glow appeared in the palm of Pipers hands and it floated towards all windows and doors. It kept glowing for a minute or so and then it stopped.

Leo: What did you do?

Piper: If someone looks inside now, then they will see nobody, even if you are walking around or fighting a demon.

Dash: Ok, if you knew this spell why did you not use it earlier, when those kids were spying on us?

Piper: Because I created the spell after I learned they were watching Melinda. I was going to give the spell to Melinda to cast, but I didn’t get to it. So, that’s why I casted now.

Casey: Are we going to the woods or what. Every minute we are chatting here, they can be in danger.

Piper: You are right. Let’s go.

Past / Future

Piper: What time the car is coming for the food, she asked Melinda.

Melinda: He can be here any minute, she said keeping her distance from Piper.

Piper: Listen, I can see that you are still flustered about the images you saw. When we get to the Manor, you must be over it. Prue will notice in an instant that something is off and if something is off, would mean you are not hundred percent focused on your job. You understand what I am saying.

Melinda nodded, when a guy walked into the kitchen. He was the driver. Piper and Melinda brought all the food into the car.

Piper: You go with him to the Manor. I will catch up soon. I have to prepare some stuff before the restaurant opens. My sister Phoebe is home and knows that you are coming with the food. She will help you with the food and maybe you can help her clean a bit, as she is terrible at it.

Melinda: Sure. I will do my best, she said. See you soon.

Piper walked back to the kitchen and Melinda went with the driver towards the Manor.

Present, woods

Piper, Casey and Dash teleported nearby Jackie’s camp.

Piper: Ok, me and Casey are going to have a chat with her. No attacking. Just play with some words and get her angry. While we do that, you have to try teleport into her camp and find the book. If you can, take all the books you can take. The less she has the better for us.

If it becomes risky get out there. No attacking unless we really have to, ok?

Everybody nodded and Piper and Casey walked towards the camp. It was of course protected with a shield.

Jackie: Well, well. I wondered how long it would take to get a visit from one of you.

Piper: Then you know why we are here?

Jackie: Not quite actually. Did you come to kill me? Because if you do, you will never get your precious Charmed Ones back.

Piper: Cut the crap Jackie. I am not Melinda and I have played the demon games a long time. I am too old to do that. So, let’s get to the point. What will it take before you reverse your spell?

Jackie: You actually came here to negotiate? She asked surprised. The Almighty Matriarch. I can’t believe it.

Piper: I haven’t come here to fight if that’s what you mean. I came here to talk. Listen you want to destroy the Charmed Ones. I get that. A lot of people wanted that for a long time. But did you think for a moment that you have defeated them now, because you send them somewhere?

Jackie: Where they are, they don’t even know that they are siblings, let alone the Charmed Ones.

Piper: See, that right there, shows how much you don’t know about the power of three. This kind of thing is not the first time that has happened. Still we always manage to find each other or sense each other. A bond of the Charmed Ones and siblings are so strong. You can hold them in that world for a while maybe, but at some point they will figure it out and get back.

Jackie looked at her a bit confused. She got up and walked towards Piper with her minion’s right next to her. She lifted the shield and walked straight towards Piper.

Jackie: You are tricking me. They cannot return. They have no clue. The chance that they will even meet one of another is very small.

Piper: Let me ask you this. Did your spell send them completely too all three different locations and storylines or did it just send them to another parallel world where it is possible that they will meet?

Jackie looked to the ground, thinking. She had barely translated the spell, but had understood that it was a spell to send them away to another timeline, but she didn’t know indeed for sure where to or what is going on there?

Piper: You don’t do you?

Jackie: Shut up. Even if they return, I will be right here to attack them. I have spells at my disposal you would get nightmares from, just by reading it. Can you imagine what I can to you all?

Piper: You know Jackie. I have heard you say that now a few times and still I am not impressed with you at all. You are clumsy and really not that smart. You have no will and focus.

Jackie: If you think I am going to stand her and let you call me things, than you are wrong.

Piper flickered with her fingers and made Jackie flew away with her kids too. Casey transformed instantly and sends a fire wave towards them. Jackie disappeared quickly grabbing the kids.

Dash teleported in and grabbed Piper and Casey, just in time. Dark orbs flew from behind them and past them just as they disappeared.

The children had attack them from behind.

Jackie: Urghh. I am so mad right now. How dare to tart me like that. Call me stupid. I will show them I will make them regret attacking me! She shouted angry.

She went in one of the tents and screamed loudly, making the remaining children ran into the tent.

Jackie: My book. They have stolen the grimoire. Damn them. DAMN THEM! She shouted and freaked out completely. Breaking everything around her.

Manor, Attic

They teleported in the attic. Dash saw that Jake was also in the attic. He was already studying the book that Dash had gotten from Jackie. The book that Melinda had seen in her vision. That book was so evil.

Dash: I am sorry, but is it wise to let him read that book?

Caroline: Dash!

Dash: What? That guy was evil. He attacked Melinda and you guys. He says he is better, but isn’t that book so tempting and like giving an addict who stopped using, his favorite cocktail again.

Piper: Dash has a point, but if he was evil, the school wouldn’t accept him. Even if he was a great actor and played to be the token of good, the school would know. So, I trust him and even if I didn’t, he is our only hope now. He is the only one who can translate this spell.

Past/ Future

Melinda had arrived at the Manor. While the driver was parking the car, Melinda knocked on the door. A young brunette girl opened the girl. She extended her hand.

Phoebe: Hi, I am Phoebe. You must be Melinda? Piper had called me and said you were coming.

Melinda took her hand and both of them were sucked into a vision.

Melinda was small and running around. Phoebe was running after her and both of them were laughing. Then two boys came around the corner also laughing.

Phoebe: Wyatt, Chris I am coming to get you, she said smiling brightly.

They boys ran through the house laughing and having fun. Then they were sitting together on the couch. All four of them.

Melinda: Today was fun, Aunt Phoebe.

Phoebe: It was, wasn’t.

Wyatt: We love you Aunt Phoebe.

Chris: Yeah we do, he said smiling.

Phoebe: Aaaw, she said and they hugged.

Both woman were sucked back to reality and let go of each other.

Phoebe: What the hell just happened, she said shocked and looked at Melinda?

Guy: Euhm...where can I put the food?

Phoebe: dinner room straight ahead. Just put it on the table. You come with me, she said to Melinda.

Melinda followed her into the house and to the living room. Both of them sat down.

Phoebe: What was that?

Melinda: I really don’t know. I have no idea what is happening. I touched Piper and I got also images, but she didn’t. Then I touched you and got images too, but you got them too. How is that possible?

Phoebe: What did we see? Did I see you when you were little? Who were those two boys? Wyatt and Chris I think there name was.

Melinda turned white by those names. Wyatt was the thief she had met and Chris the cop who was chasing him. Something spooky was going on, but she didn’t know what?

Piper walked into the house, just when the guy was finished bringing all the food inside. She saw Phoebe and Melinda sitting on the couch.

Piper: Hi, what are you two doing? She asked curious.

Prue walked in right at that moment and stood next to Piper, looking at Phoebe and Melinda.

Prue: What is going on? How are we with the dinner?

Phoebe: Something very weird just happened you guys. Very weird.

Prue: Explain, she said and sat across them with Piper next to her.

Phoebe: When we shook hands, something weird happened. Like we were both sucked into some vision.

Prue: A vision? She asked sceptic.

Phoebe: Yes. And now comes the weirdest thing. We both saw the same thing. We were here, but she was little. There were also two boys Wyatt and Chris. I was chasing them and having fun. They called me Aunt Phoebe.

Piper: You told me you saw images when you touched me.

Prue looked at Piper then at Melinda.

Prue: Melinda? What is going on?

Melinda: I have truly no idea. Something very strange is going on here. I never had this before. Just with you two, but there is something more disturbing going on. The two boys we saw, I met today both of them. One was a thief and was hiding in my house and the other was a cop was chasing him.

Prue: A thief was hiding in your house?

Melinda: Yes and no. I was about to leave and he was passing by and walked in the open door. He didn’t harm me at all. He just needed to hide for a moment. Then he left.

Prue: Wow. That is something you don’t hear every day. You got lucky.

Melinda: No, you don’t understand. They looked really like the little boys we saw.

Prue: What did you see, when you touched Piper?

Melinda: I saw her feeding me when I was very little and holding me when I cried. I saw her loving me and teaching me make something. It looked like a potion.

Prue: Ok, hold my hand and see if you see something. Come on, don’t be shy.

Melinda got up and sat on the table right across Prue. She held her hand extended and took Prue’s hand.

She saw, Prue standing in front of Piper and Phoebe, like she was protecting them. She saw them fighting Demons. Then she saw Shax and how Prue got thrown through the wall and got killed.

Melinda let go of Prue and looked at her.

Prue: What the hell was that? She asked. That was a trick. It must be?

Phoebe: Oh my god. Look at the time. The guest can arrive any minute and we haven’t have the table ready.

Prue: This conversation is not over yet, she said to Melinda and all four of them got up to get ready.

Present, Attic

Piper: How is the spell coming Jake?

Jake: It is not so easy as it seems, but the extra books that Dash has taken with him are helping. I think I need at least another hour to get this translated.

Piper: An hour! They can be dead by then!

Caroline: I am sure, Jake is doing everything he can and as fast as he can.

Piper: I know. I am sorry. I am worried. They are not just the Charmed Ones, they are my children.

Caroline: We know, but we are worried too. It is our husbands and wife that are lost.

Casey: We will get them back. Don’t you worry. Or they will find a way back themselves. Either way, they will get back to us soon.


The guests arrived and the girls were just ready. Everything looked amazing. Prue introduced herself and Melinda as her assistant. Melinda shook everybody’s hands, but it seemed that nothing weird happened.

The evening went splendid and Prue was sure that she had those clients wound up around her fingers and would make the sale of the century with what they wanted to be auctioned.

Melinda: I think I will go now. It is late and I want to be fresh tomorrow at work.

Prue: You can’t leave just like that. Not after what happened. We have to figure this out.

Melinda: I understand, but I am really tired and first I have to figure it out myself, before I can do it with you.

Prue: Fine. We will continue this conversation tomorrow at work.

Melinda nodded and thanked them for the lovely dinner and left to go home.

On her way, she walked through the park and sat down on one of the benches. She was overwhelmed by this day. What was wrong with her? Why did she have those weird images? What did they mean? What was it about those three women she was with? Her head started to hurt.

Wyatt: Hey, look who we have here all by her lonesome. You want some company?

Melinda looked surprised when she saw Wyatt. Immediately she got a flashback of that little boy she saw in her vision. Wyatt sat down next to her and stared into the park.

Wyatt: Thanks again for yesterday.

Melinda: How long he has been chasing you?

Wyatt thought about it, but couldn’t tell.

Melinda: How do you keep escaping from him?

Wyatt smirked at her.

Wyatt: Because he is a lousy cop. Not smart at all.

Chris: Hello Wyatt, he said coming from the right side over the grass. He was in his normal clothing. He looked surprised at Melinda.

Chris: So, you do know him? He asked her.

Melinda: No, I don’t. Not really.

Chris: You understand that I have to arrest you Wyatt.

Wyatt: For what? Sitting here? Talking to a nice lady, he said winking at Melinda.

Melinda rolled with her eyes.

Chris grabbed Wyatt by his shirt, but Wyatt wasn’t going to surrender that easily and a fight started between them. Melinda got up and grabbed both of them, so she could separate them.

All three of them were sucked into a vision.

They saw, how they grew up together. How they went to Magic School. How they fought together Demons and were happy living together with their loved ones. They saw Caroline, Casey and Dash. Then they saw Jackie’s face, coming right at them.

Melinda let go of them and the boys stopped fighting too. They looked at Melinda and she looked back.

Chris: What the hell happened?

Wyatt: Was that real? It was wicked.

Melinda: This is not the first time I had a vision about us three. When we were little. We were in the same house. House where I had dinner tonight. The Manor of the Halliwell sisters.

Wyatt: That sounds scary. House of the Halliwell sisters, like they are some witches or some kind.

Melinda: Witches? That’s it. They were fighting Demons and we were doing the same thing. There is something very strange going on and I think we are all connected somehow.

Chris: What are you talking about?

Wyatt: I have to agree with him. You lost me there a bit. How we all are connected?

Melinda: I don’t know exactly, but I think how we can find out. We have to go the Halliwells.

Chris: What? Us three? If I am going somewhere it is to the police station to book his ass behind bars.

Melinda: Don’t you understand. You are brothers. We are siblings in those visions and we keep coming together in such a short time. We have no time to loose. We have to go now.

Wyatt/ Chris: No.

Melinda: We are going and that’s that. Don’t make me make you go. Got it. Now get your bumps of the ground and start moving. Follow me.

Chris and Wyatt looked at each other and got up to follow her.

Halliwell Manor

Melinda knocked on the door and the three sisters opened the door together. They looked surprised to see Melinda with two guys with her.

Prue: Melinda what are you doing here? I thought you went home.

Melinda: I was. Till I was with this two and I got another vision. Can we come in?

The sisters looked at each other and let them in. They went to the living room and all sat down. The siblings next to each other and the sisters together across of them.

Melinda: I think I figured it out sort of. I think we are all witches and we are all connected. I think you are my brothers and that you Piper are our mother. That makes you Phoebe...

Phoebe: An aunt.

Melinda: Exactly and you to Prue. So, none of us can remember who we really are, but the images are all connected and I am sure that we are family, but don’t know it. Maybe someone cast a spell on us.

Prue: Ok, hold on. Visions I can accept, but that we are witches? That is absurd.

Melinda: I know it is a lot to take in, believe me. I just want to be normal and life my live, but in our vision I saw us battle demons, like we had taken over from you and also three people I don’t know, but looked familiar at the same time. Two girls and one guy. We are with two boys and one girl…connect the dots.

Piper: Ok, let me get this straight. You three are my children, like from the future? I mean, I don’t even have a boyfriend, let alone three adult kids.

Melinda: I think we are from the future, but that future is also the past. I can’t explain it completely. I just know it is the truth. Someone or something is doing this to us. Making us forget. Recreate the past or the future.

Phoebe: Let’s say we believe you. How are we going to reverse what has been done to us? We have no magic or anything like that.

Melinda thought about that. She had seen using everybody their powers in the visions.

Melinda: I don’t think that is true. In my visions I saw all us use their powers. Even if we may not know it, it should be in our blood. In our DNA. It is a part of us, which nothing can take away. So, all we have to do is connect with the power within us. Maybe then we will be able to send us to our own time and place.

Prue: What did you had in mind?

Melinda: Do you have a knife lying around?

Present, Attic

Piper: Well? How is it going with the translation?

Jake: It is a tricky one. This spell doesn’t just send you to a past. It also sends you to a possible future in a different parallel world. That is very dangerous. You never know with this spell where you exactly send them. The only thing is that they will have no clue that they are siblings or Charmed at all.

Dash: Can you tell us any good news?

Jake: Yes, I think I can. I am almost done with finishing the translation. Ten minutes top and I found out while translating that there is a chance that they will be able to find each other. They are send to the same timeline and place. She must have missed that part and just read out the spell and used the potion.

Piper: Ok, less talking, more translating please, she said firmly.

Jake shut up immediately and got on with his work.

Past/ Future

They had walked to the attic of the Manor. There was a great open space in the middle. The group stood in a circle and was looking at Melinda.

Melinda; If we are family then blood bonds us with each other. Our powers should also be in our blood. So, we will cut our hand. Then we will hold each other and focus on our inner power.

Piper: You are sure this will work?

Melinda: I have no idea what I am doing, but also have a feeling that this is the right thing to do.

Prue: You are one fascinating girl.

Melinda started cutting her hand and then passed the knife to Prue, who was standing right next to her. So it went through the circle. Chris was the last one to cut him, and then the group grabbed each other.

White light appeared in the middle of the circle and hit all of them with the light. They let go and fell backwards.

All of them looked at each other. Suddenly the standard appeared and the Book of Shadows appeared too. The sisters looked at each other.

Phoebe: I remember. We are the Charmed Ones.

Melinda: I remember too. We are the Charmed Ones too.

Piper: Wait a minute. You are really my children. I will have three kids?

Phoebe: Ouch, she said grabbing her crouch.

Prue: Phoebe!

Phoebe: What? I am just saying.

Prue: So, you are the next generation of Charmed Ones. It is cool to meet you.

Melinda started to tear up.

Melinda: You have no idea how cool it is to meet you.

Prue: Ah, the vision yes. Well, maybe we can change what we have seen. Who knows when you get back you see me as an old lady walking around, still kicking demon ass.

Melinda and Prue hugged each other tightly. Then the boys hugged Prue too.

Piper hugged her children with very mixed feelings. They said goodbye to Phoebe and stood next to each other.

The sisters stood behind the Book of Shadows, searching for the spell to send them back to their own time. Thanks to their mother Patty the spell was now in the book, after they had visited her in the past, last week when Patty had made a pack with a Demon.

Prue: Ready to go back?

The Charmed Ones nodded, smiling at Prue, Piper and Phoebe.

‘A time for everything and to everything it’s place.

Return what has been moved through

Time and space.’

Prue waved at them looking proudly. Phoebe was waving too and Piper was crying.

Present, Woods

Jackie: I cannot believe they have my book. Not they would use any of it against me and I still have the book that Jake studied, but this spells seem nothing compared with what was in that book. Damn it.

Child: What can we do to help mommy?

Jackie: There is nothing you can do. They have probably protected the whole manor with extra juice. You will not be able to get close.

Suddenly a white light appeared and the Charmed Ones stood right before Jackie.

Jackie: What the hell?

Melinda flickered with her hands and Jackie flew a few meters away from her. The kids started to create orbs, but Chris moved with his hand and they flew in one of the tents.

Manor, Attic

Jake: Ok, I think I got it. All that we have is already here. He got up and threw some herbs into the cauldron and then dropped some candlewax in it. Some water and started to stir. He held his nose above the smoke that came of the herbs and inhaled it. He looked at the book and started to chant a very old language. The words sounded very harsh and it seemed he had difficulty to pronounce them correctly.


Jackie said some words and sends a huge dark wave of evil towards them. Quickly Melinda grabbed her brothers and immediately a shield was around them. The darkness couldn’t touch them. Suddenly they were taken away by a force they couldn’t fight against.

Manor, Attic

The appeared still with their shield around them. They looked around and saw their parents and the gang. Melinda let go of her brothers and ran straight towards Dash.

The brothers hugged their wives and then their parents.

Piper: Thank god you are back. Where did you go?

The Charmed Ones told them what happened. They remembered everything. They told Piper that they met Prue and the Charmed Ones, when they had just become witches.

Piper: Prue was blond? But that is not possible. When we just became the Charmed Ones, Prue had short black hair. When we went to the future she had blond hair and owned Buckland’s.

Jake: That is what I tried to explain. Past and Future and mixed up. That is the danger of this spell. You never know what exactly will happen.

Dash: Well, I am glad that you are all back, thanks to Jake.

Jake smiled.

Melinda: Actually, we were already back. We ended up in the woods, right in front of Jackie and kids. We were fighting her off, when we were taken away to the attic.

Jake seemed disappointed.

Caroline took Jake back to school and Piper told them about what had happened here and that they got exposed and the police. She told about the spell she casted.

Melinda: What a day. Send back to another time. Met aunt Prue. Fought Jackie and now we can’t leave through our own front door and have to use magic to leave. Great!!

Dash: This is just another normal day for the Charmed Ones.

They all laughed and were happy that the family was back together. Melinda was happy. Blood really did bond and this was the proof. She felt so blessed with her family.

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