Charmed Melinda Season 3 Final season

Dangerous Love spell




Dangerous Love Spell

Manor, Melinda’s room

Dash: Will you stop it?

Melinda: No. It has been a month now and I am freaking out. What the hell is she doing? Where is she?

Dash: Well, freaking out is not going to help anybody you know. It can even be dangerous with your powers.

Melinda: So, are you saying that I cannot control myself.

Dash: Don’t twist my words Mel. You know exactly what I mean, but you are too stubborn to admit it.

Melinda: I am not stubborn. I just want the whole Jackie thing to be over, so we can start our lives.

Dash: We are already doing that, but you are the only one who cannot see it or enjoy it.

Melinda was about to say something, when she sensed something.

Dash: What? What is it?

Melinda held her hand up, saying that he has to be quite.

Other side the door

Wyatt, Chris, Caroline and Casey were all standing against the door ear dropping.

Suddenly the door opened and an annoyed Melinda opened the door.

The gang looked horrified at Melinda. Chris stood immediately behind his brother.

Melinda: Did you guys actually needed something or would you like to come in, so you can see the show from up close?

Wyatt: What? Noooo, of course not, he said smiling sheepishly.

Casey: You guys are fighting a lot lately, so it is hard that it goes unnoticed.

Melinda: We are not fighting.

Dash: Yes, we are, he said very seriously.

Melinda turned around to look at him intently. He was really pissed.

Dash: But, if you are not going to take me seriously, then there is no need for me to be here.

Without waiting for a response he teleported out.

Melinda: Look what you guys did now, she said turning to the gang.

Wyatt gave her just a look. Melinda rolled her eyes and past Wyatt to go downstairs.

Wyatt: You should listen to your husband, he said when they walked into the living room. You are letting Jackie consume your life, which makes you miss all the small but precious moments you have with him.

Melinda: I don’t know how to let go. I thought I did when we were on our honeymoon, till we got back into this mess.

Chris: Mel, you are not the only one who got back into the mess. We did too. We still manage to enjoy ourselves and try to live a little.

Melinda knew her brothers were right, but she just couldn’t help it. She kept thinking what Jackie was doing. What her next move would be. How she could stop her.

Caroline: Listen. I know you are feeling like you are carrying all the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you are not alone. We are all here to help. Try to live a little. Go and have fun.

Melinda: Maybe you guys are right. The thing is, every time I try to go out and have fun with Dash or alone, I end up fighting Jackie. Everywhere I go, she shows up. Pushing my buttons and driving me nuts.

Caroline: I know, but you still have to try. I don’t you want to lose Dash, but if you keep it up, you will.

Melinda looked at her with big eyes. That seemed to do it. She got up, ran upstairs and within a few minutes she was downstairs. She had changed and looked lovely. She had a teleportation potion in her hand.

Melinda: Well I think I am going to follow your advice. How do I look? She asked the gang.

Caroline: You look beautiful. Now, go to your husband, she said smiling.

Melinda: Yes. Have a nice day, you guys.

She threw the potion and gone she was.


Jackie: It is good that I have put protection spells for my unborn child, with all that throwing around I would have lost her already, she said rubbing her belly. It started to show that she was pregnant.

Girl minion: Is it going to be a girl, mommy? She asked happy.

Jackie: I sure hope so, sweetie.

Boy minion: Mommy. Who is the daddy? Is he going to be here to take care of us and the new baby?

Jackie: The daddy is a very naughty person. He did some bad things.

Girl minion: So, we will not have a daddy?

The rest of the remaining kids all looked up to Jackie.

Jackie: Of course you will have a daddy, she said thoughtful. Can you get my book please?

Girl minion walked into the tent and got back with her book. Jackie started to go through them and then she stopped by one spell and started to smile brightly.

Sally’s house

Melinda appeared in front of the house of Sally and Elly. Before Melinda could knock, the door opened and Sally opened.

Sally: Hi Mel, good that you are here. What is going on? I have not seen my brother this pissed for a while now.

Melinda: Yeah, sorry about that. I think that is partly my fault.

Sally: He is upstairs in his old room. I have to go. I got a job, can you believe it?

Melinda: Sure why not. You are young and energetic. Anyone would hire you.

Sally: Well, actually I had no choice. Since all demons were killed off by you, I have a lot of time to spare at the moment. Better use it and earn some money.

Melinda: You are absolutely right. Have fun at work.

After Sally was gone, Melinda went inside the cottage. Elly was not home, so she walked upstairs and knocked on the door.

Dash: Go away Sally. I am really not in the mood for your hyper energy.

Melinda opened the door en Dash looked at her surprised.

Dash: Melinda, what are you doing here?

Melinda: Looking for my gorgeous husband.

Dash: You found me. What is it? He said bone.

Melinda ignored it and sat next to him on the bed.

Melinda: So, this is your old room. Looking groovy, she said looking around. It looks very magical.

Dash didn’t respond and stared in front of him.

Melinda: Look, I know I am not the easiest person to live with. I know that, but you have to understand that I have been fighting Demons, since I was two. Also I have my mom’s genes of worrying. It’s not like I am doing it on purpose. It’s just who I am.

Dash: That is all fine Mel, but sometimes you overdo it and you get so stubborn, that it don’t matter what I say to you. You just won’t listen. We are supposed to be a team. Sometimes I feel more as your sidekick instead your husband. That can’t be right.

Melinda: You are right. I am sorry for that. It was not my intention to make you feel bad. I am so used to take the lead and make the decisions that I have to get used to you and your opinion. I can’t change back all those times I made you feel like this, but I can promise to work on it and make you feel like my husband instead of my sidekick. What do you say?

Dash softened and put his arm around Melinda, so she could lean on his chest.

Dash: You know. I have never ever done anything with a girl in here. Not even kissed one. He looked at her smiling brightly.

Melinda: Oh no. Now? Here? What if you mom comes home?

Dash: Then we teleport out right to our room at the Manor, he said.

Melinda: But…

Dash kissed her and tickled her, making her laugh and shout at the same time. Then they started to make love.


In the meantime, Jackie and her minions had created a huge circle around the new camp. The circle was there for one reason and that was to keep any female out. She didn’t needed wining woman about their men. After she would cast the spell, no man in San Francisco would be able to resist her and would do anything to get to her.

After she was done with the circle, she made the potion ready, which she needed to drink and in meantime she chanted:

‘I cast this spell of love upon all men

Let their love and passion

Burn only for me

Until I set them free

So mote it be’

A pinkish light came out of Jackie and it seemed to be everywhere. It went like a glow over the city. From that moment on, strange things started to happen.

Sally’s house

Dash and Melinda were doing it, when Dash suddenly stopped, looked confused at Melinda, got up and got dressed and without saying a word he ran out of the room and the cottage, leaving a very confused Melinda behind.

Melinda was just dressed and was cursing at Dash, when Caroline orbed in looking completely in panic.

Caroline: Thank god, I found you. We have a mega huge problem and you are needed right now at Magic School.

Melinda: Let’s go.

Magic School, Great hall

Melinda and Caroline orbed in and it was croudy and panicky.

Elder: Thank god you are here. We need Charmed help immediately.

Melinda: What is going on?

Piper: Jackie cast a love spell to make every man in San Francisco fall in love with her. People have even died in the meantime. All men suddenly stopped with whatever they were doing and started to run. Literally run towards the woods. Men running over other men to get there the fastest.

Caroline: That is not the worst. Wyatt and Chris are running between them.

Elder: What about all the male whitelighters on earth. They are running too.

Melinda: Why are they running? Why don’t they orb?

Elder: We don’t know that, but this is becoming very dangerous. Doctors stopped operating. Flights have fallen down that were crossing over San Francisco. They turned the planes right towards the woods. Woman and police are in complete panic.

Melinda: Ok, first Caroline orb Wyatt and Chris to Magic School. Don’t worry that someone will see you. Magic is exposed in a huge way by Jackie and we will deal with that later. You, she said to the Elder. Orb all whitelighters, men and woman upstairs. Lock them up. Take away their orbing powers, in case they remember that they can orb. Mom, if you are up to it, we are going to visit our lovely Jackie and try to make her reverse the spell she casted.

Jake: Hey guys. What is going on?

Melinda told him what was going on.

Jake: Oh dear. That is a nasty spell and it has two parts. One part, to create a circle keeping all women out. Then there is the love spell itself, which makes the opposite sex completely in love with the person who cast it. So badly, that they would kill and do anything to get close to her and prove their love to her.

Melinda: We figured that out already. How can we stop her?

Jake: You can’t. She has to reverse the spell herself, but there is no reversal spell in the book she has. It has to come from the heart.

Melinda: Great! She groaned.

Caroline orbed in with a confused Wyatt and Chris.

Wyatt: Where are we? How did we get here? Who are you people?

Chris: Where is Jackie?

Melinda: So, you have no clue who we are?

Wyatt: Are you deaf? Didn’t I just say that?

Melinda: Hey, take it easy or I will make you shut up. Got it?

Chris: You little girl are going to stop us. Don’t make me laugh. You are so tiny and fragile.

Wyatt: Ugly too, he said to Chris.

Chris nodded and looked at her in disgust.

Chris: We demand that you bring us to our love.

Piper: Ok, enough. I don’t know on what kind of freaky spell you are under, but I cannot hear this anymore. Caroline, can you orb this two to the Room please?

Melinda: The Room? Why there?

Piper: In case they remember who they are, she said with her eyebrows going up and down.

Melinda: Ah, of course. You are right. Go ahead Caroline.

Wyatt and Chris were orbed out.

Elder orbed back in.

Elder: All whitelighters are orbed back to heaven and are under lockdown without their powers. Now what?

Melinda: There is nothing I can do about the killings and that men are dying right now. The only thing we can do is go to the source and make her stop this.

Elder: Why should she do that? Why should she listen to you?

Melinda: Because I know Jackie. She was the sweetest girl I knew and suddenly she became this evil version of her. She is trying so hard to be evil, by attacking us. This proves again that she has no idea what she is doing and is doing anything to attack us or get attention. Do you actually think that she can handle all those men or that she actually wanted this without realizing what for affect it would have?

Piper: Ok. Enough chitchat. Let’s go. Every minute we stand here, someone is getting hurt.

Piper and Melinda teleported out towards the woods.

Elder: Caroline, you better come up with me and see how we can help the ones in need.

Caroline nodded and they both orbed out. That moment Casey teleported in.

Jake told them, they she was too late. Told her what was going on and that Chris was save. He advised her to stay at Magic School, in case they needed help. He would stay with her. Casey wanted to see Chris, but Jake stopped her and told her that he wouldn’t recognize her anyway.


Piper and Melinda teleport in in the woods. Immediately the fell to the ground and were almost run over by hundreds of men. They quickly got up and both of them froze the scene as good as they could. Then quickly they wanted to walk towards the camp of Jackie, but were blocked by a shield.

Melinda: This is what Jake was talking about. No woman can past it. They looked around and the men around them got unfrozen by others, who bumped into them.

Piper whispered some words and a shield started to appear around them. Now the men bumped into their shield and fell over. They looked confused but still in trance and got up and walked around the shield to run towards Jackie.

Melinda: Ok, this is bad. Very bad. How in the hell are we get past the shield, while all this men are keep coming?

Piper: Oh my god. Look, she said and pointed at the men in front of them.

Some men fell and were run over. They screamed out in pain and died right there because of all the weight that ran over them. A lot of men were fighting and shouting “If I cannot have her, no one you will. She will be mine even if I have to kill you all’.

Suddenly Piper shrieked and grabbed Melinda. Melinda saw it too.

Little boys were fighting with each other. One of them pushed the other and the boy fell and hit his head to a rock. The other boy smirked and ran towards Jackie as fast as he could. Grown up men just ran over the little boy who was lying there, killing him.

Melinda and Piper watched in horror what was happening and there was nothing they could do if they couldn’t pass the shield. Suddenly Melinda shrieked and pointed somewhere. Piper saw it too. It was Dash. He was fighting men around him and was completely covered in blood. He had a huge wooden stick in his hand and killing everybody around him with it.

Melinda: DASH! DASH! She shouted, but he was too far gone to hear her or notice her.

Meantime at the camp

The first men had arrived by Jackie, who was sitting in a chair all dressed up looking at the scene ahead. She was excited to see all those men fight for her. The man that arrived was gorgeous. Muscled and looked intense at Jackie.

Jackie: Well, hello handsome. You are the first to reach me.

Man: It was not easy my love. I had to kill a lot of them to get here and more will come. I know I will not have time to show you my love, he said intensely. But the idea of some other men touching you and loving you, I cannot bare too. The only way I can think of us being together is, if we die together. I will kill you first and then myself, he said with a dark voice.

Jackie looked at him surprised when he suddenly came at her with a knife. She quickly moved her hand and he flew away from her. Three other men arrived too and they started to fight over her and one though the same as the first one and try to attack Jackie. Jackie pushed him away too with her powers, but this was getting out of hand. Now she was not enjoying herself, but she and her minions were fending of men, who wanted her so badly that they would rather kill her then let another love and touch her.

Jackie could disappear just in nick of time before it became too much for her.

Outside the shield

Piper: Staying and watching them is not going to help. We need to get back and find another way to stop this while we can. If we don’t all this men will die and there will be one men left in the end.

Melinda: I agree, she said looking at Dash.

They used a potion to bring them back to Magic School

They appeared and a worried Casey ran over to them with Jake.

Melinda: It is horrible. So many men died already fighting each other. We can’t get through the shield without hurting men running past us non-stop.

An Elder appeared.

Elder: I have a message from Jackie. She wants to talk to the Charmed Ones.

Melinda: Unbelievable. First she cast this crazy spell and let me guess, she can’t handle it either and needs our help. Where is she?

Elder: At your house. Well close by as she is not able to pass the crystals.

Melinda: Let’s go, she said to the group. Except you Jake. The spell is not broken yet.

Elder: I will orb you there. Caroline is at the moment busy helping the woman in the city.

Melinda: Fine. Hurry.

Elder orbed them to Jackie.

Manor, front porch

The group orbed in and found Jackie sitting there, with her minions.

Melinda: You wanted to talk?

Jackie: I guess you know what is going on.

Melinda: Yes and we know how to stop it.

Jackie: You do? But it is a dark spell.

Melinda: Still, we can solve it. Well, actually you can. Jake knows about this spell. The only way to fix this is, when you say a reversal spell from within. It has to come out of you and you really must want it.

Jackie: You mean a good spell. One you would have used?

Melinda: Exactly. Only then you can stop it.

Jackie: This is not what I wanted, but what you want is impossible. I cannot say a good spell. That is against everything I believe in.

Melinda: Listen, men are dying. Children are dying. Women are left without their husbands and their child’s. They…

Melinda stopped talking, because the ground under them started to shake and they all looked around what was going on. From both sides of the street they saw men coming their way. Running all towards Jackie.

Melinda: How the hell do they know that you are here?

Jackie: Because of the spell. So they can find me anywhere I am. It takes them a couple of minutes to sense me, but they will find me.

Melinda: Caroline!!!!

Caroline orbed in, looking tired. Her look changed when she saw Jackie.

Melinda: Get us out of here NOW, she yelled to Caroline.

Caroline orbed out just before the men reached her.

Golden Bridge

They orbed in and looked around.

Melinda: Golden Bridge? What if they sense her here and try to climb up.

Caroline: I am sorry ok, I didn’t know where else to orb where there are no men.

Melinda: Ok, we have to orb to a save place, where there are not a lot of people. This is not a good place.

Caroline: The room?

Piper: Manor? We can create a quick spell on the crystals to make sure no human can pass. No one, unless we want too?

Melinda: Can we do that so fast?

Piper: I am the Matriarch and you are superwitch. Transform if you have to and do your thing.

Melinda: Ok, let’s do it.

Jackie: Wait. Not yet. It takes about two minutes before they can sense my new location. If we go now, then the men will be still standing at your house.

The group waited impatiently till the two minutes were passed and when it did they orbed to the manor.

Manor, Attic

They orbed in at the attic. Piper quickly looked around and there was no man at the moment to be seen. That would not take long, they had to hurry.

Piper: Caroline, quickly get Casey and get back here ASAP.

Caroline orbed out and orbed seconds later with a worried Casey.

Casey: Hey guys. What the hell is she doing here? She asked angry.

Melinda: We are protecting her till she has reversed the spell.

Casey: Ok, can’t she cast it?

Caroline: It has to come from inside her. She really must want it to stop it and that is a bit the problem. She has to soften up to do it and of course she has to prove how evil she is, so therefore she is not able to cast it.

Casey: You know, this is crazy. Those kids, she pointed at the minions. Their parents are like across the street wondering where their children are and they are here. Waiting to be rescued by us, so they can go back to the woods with her?

Melinda: I completely agree with you, but we can only deal with one problem at the time. We have to find a way to reverse this, so no more men die. First me and my mom, must protect the house against crazy men. You keep an eye on them.

Melinda and Piper went downstairs to cast the spell on the crystals. Casey and Caroline stood by the book, looking intensely at Jackie.

Jackie: So, this is the famous attic where the Charmed Ones do their magic. That book looks big. I wonder how many demons have been vanquished, just alone in this room. She asked looking around.

Caroline: Maybe you better focus on a spell to reverse this.

Melinda and Piper came back to the attic after casting the spell on the crystals.

Melinda: Damn, we cast the spell just in time. The men were already running towards our house. Jackie, you must hurry.

Jackie: Ok, I have to confess something. I have never cast a spell without a book or potions. I am not sure if I can find the right words.

Piper: Just start rhyming. The words will come to you.

Melinda: Wait. Caroline get Wyatt and Chris and put them with the rest of the men outside. They need to be there if they want to get rid of the spell.

Casey: Smart thinking, she said winking at Melinda.

Jackie: Just Rhyming huh…ok here goes nothing:

‘I have cast a love spell

Only it didn’t go so well

I have hurt a lot of men

Make them love me never again.

Powers that might be

Please reverse now my spell

So mote it be’

Like the first time a swirl of pink light came out of Jackie and went outside and over whole San Francisco. Melinda looked outside and saw the spell working. Men were looking all confused and some were looking at the blood. Some backed away, because some men were crushed by others trying to get pass the crystals.

The men started to walk away. Some run. Police men were too confused to get a handle on the situation.

Melinda: It worked.

Wyatt and Chris orbed in, looking dazed.

Wyatt: What the hell happened? What is going on outside.

Chris: What the hell is she doing here? He asked fiercely pointing at Jackie.

Jackie was looking at her lap sadly.

Jackie: I just wanted someone to love me and my unborn child, she said softly.

Everybody stared at her. She looked up, wiped her tears then her face changed. She got up and looked around.

Jackie: Thank you for helping me. This doesn’t mean anything. We are still enemies and I will destroy you one way or the other.

She lifted her hands and she and her minions were gone.

Chris: She is really unbelievable.

Piper: Well at least know where her camp is. I think her being pregnant can actually work for us.

Melinda: How so?

Piper: She has hormones. She is longing for love and intimacy. She is getting all this kind of feelings and more the child will grow, the more she will be busy with that then with us. So, that would mean that we can steal all her books, leaving her without it. Without books, she can’t do anything.

Melinda: Mom. That is harsh, but I think I agree with your plan. We just have to wait it out. Even I have to say that today I saw the Jackie I knew. Soft and gentle.

Dash teleported in, looking horrified around him.

Dash: What have I done? I am getting flashbacks. I have killed so many people he said falling to the ground. He was completely covered in blood. His face, his clothes.

Melinda quickly let her fall to the ground and hugged him tightly.

Melinda: It is ok. All is ok, she said holding him tight.


Jackie appeared by her camp. The travel that far, took all she got. She needed to rest. Only around her camp and tent were men lying around. All dead. There was blood all over the place. Her minions stood very close to her.

Jackie: This is not good. People and police will come looking. I am so tired, but I have to cast a glamour spell, so they cannot see our camp, even if they would walk right through it. I just don’t think I have the power.

Minion girl: You rest mommy. We will clean this up. Then you can cast the spell.

Jackie: You are the best, she said and stepped over a guy to walk into her tent.

She lay down and thought she would fall asleep right away, but she didn’t. She couldn’t believe that Melinda and her family needed to help her. Now they would think that she was weak. It was all too much to think about right now. All she wanted to do was sleep. She closed her eyes and closed her mind for thoughts.

Manor, Melinda’s room

Dash was clean after Melinda had washed him. He was in some kind of shock. She had to undress him and put him under the water. She didn’t even know if he noticed that he was in the shower. Then she had cleaned him and dressed him again. Now, he was lying on bed and still looked in shock. Melinda was right next to him and held his hand. She didn’t speak or do anything. She was just there, if he needed her in any way.

Living room

Leo and Piper had come over. Piper wanted to cook for everybody after this very weird day. While Piper was in the kitchen, the gang sat down and watched intrigued the television.

President: We have till now, no idea what has happened in San Francisco, but we will do everything in our power to figure this weird happening out. Also, I would like let everybody know that our prayers are with the ones, who have lost a loved one today.

On another channel, they saw the men running. Some run over others. They saw how woman were trying to keep their husbands with them. A camera from a helicopter showed how bad things were. Aircrafts were crashed. The camera showed all over the place, men lying on the ground. Surrounded in blood.

The Charmed family watched in horror at the scenes.

Finally the group had eaten with difficulty and then went to bed. Everybody was shaken up due to the events.

Next day

Melinda hadn’t slept at all. Dash had been turning and tossing around in bed, like he was still fighting of men. When light started to shine through her window, she got up slowly to get some coffee.

Her brothers got up too. The gang was sitting quietly in the kitchen, waking up and still shivering of the events of the day before.

Wyatt decided to check the news to see if they had found anything.

“Breaking news” the television said.

Reporter: Welcome everybody to this extra news. We just have received news that someone has claimed the attacks on the men of San Francisco. As far as we know, she has walked into our station demanding to talk to the people of San Francisco.

The camera changed and Jackie appeared on the television.

Melinda dropped her cup of coffee. She watched with open mouth to the television.

Reporter: So, you claim that you are responsible of what happened yesterday.

Jackie: That is correct. It is my doing.

Reporter: Ok, then the question is of course, how did you manage that and of course what did you do exactly?

Jackie: I cast a spell, she said seriously.

Reporter looked at her for a moment and it seemed if he was planning to laugh, but he didn’t.

Reporter: A spell?

Jackie: Yes, I am a witch with great power.

Reporter: Seriously…he said bumped. So, you think you are a witch. You are no terrorist or so?

Jackie: You know, yesterday you were in the group of men running around too. So, don’t get all high and mighty with me now. Be lucky that you are still alive, she said getting annoyed.

Reporter suddenly became silent and looked at her.

Jackie: let me prove it to you. Minions, she called out.

The little kids appeared next to Jackie, making the reporter jump from his seat.

Reporter: Where the hell did they come from? He asked looking at them.

Jackie: They are in training to become witches. I have decided it is time to show the world that magic does exist. Demons exist. It is all very real. I also want to call out for any witch who is not afraid of showing who they really are to the world to join me. It has been a while that I had a coven and would love to have one, with smart and powerful witches. If you have no powers, don’t bother to find me. With powers I mean this.

She swirled with her hand creating a fire ball in her hand. With her other hand, she pushed the reporter from his place, without touching him.

Jackie: Charmed Ones, see how you are going to deal with this one, she said now straight to the camera and then things got black.

The Charmed Ones looked at the black screen horrified.

Melinda: We are so screwed, she said seriously.

Elder orbed in looking grim.

Elder: Did you see the news? He asked upset.

Chris: Yes we did. It is not good.

Elder: Tell me about it. The Cleaners have no idea how to solve this problem and we don’t either.

Magic is exposed and there is nothing we can do about it, he said looking at Melinda.

The whole group turned towards Melinda in the hope she would know what to do as the leader of the group.

Melinda looked back at them and she simply had no idea how to solve this.

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