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Magic School, Manor living room

Piper walked in the room, looking tired. She had spent an hour upstairs, comforting Melinda.

Melinda finally had fallen asleep, but her work was not done yet. Now Melinda was broken, it was her job as the Matriarch to pick up the pieces.

Everybody was sitting in front of the television and was looking horrified at the screen. So much misery, it was horrible.

The news kept showing images that was taken that day by woman. Men killing each other or walking over each other. Airplanes crushing in the city. So many death, just because of a spell that gone wrong.

In the last couple of days, they had been helping any way they could. Wyatt and Chris called in sick and both their bosses were not happy about it. It seemed that they had made already a very good impression at work and already became unmissable.

Wyatt was working for a company, which was specialized in advising other companies how to make more money. Wyatt had been learning fast en doing a great job. Some people from China had come over to have a meeting, but some of them were also dead, because of the spell. His female boss was panicking. Still Wyatt called in sick, even risking losing his job because he still had responsibilities as a Charmed One and a whitelighter.

Same story for Chris. He was promoted very quickly to social worker, like his aunt Paige was.

He was helping teenagers with their troubles, mostly boys. From the six people he was guiding right now, one had survived the spell. When he had heard that, he was devastated and the only thing that helped was helping people out there.

Casey was also daily out there, helping out with cleaning out the streets. Everywhere where dead bodies of men and kids lying around and blood was all over the place. Not the mention all the shops, cars and streets that were destroyed.

Caroline was orbing all over the place for days, helping out woman where ever she could.

She looked tired and had darkness under her eyes due to shortage of sleep.

Melinda was broken. This was it. This was the max she could handle. She watched for hours the television, crying at every scene she saw. So many deaths. She just didn’t understand how she couldn’t stop this. How was it that she was the strongest witch of all, but couldn’t do anything to stop all of this misery that Jackie had caused. It hit her hard and she felt sick by it.

All she could do was cry and lay down.

Dash had tried to calm her and be there for her, but he had lost some coven members of his family too and he had to be there for his family. He wanted to stay with Melinda, but she convinced him to go to his mother and sister and his coven. They needed him there. He didn’t like leaving Melinda alone, but she had her family for support. His family needed his, so he went. He was now gone for three days. He teleported in once a while, but went then back to his family.

Piper and Leo were tired too. Piper’s restaurant was completely destroyed by men, who were eating there and got under the spell and started fighting. It would cost a lot to fix it, while the restaurant was their only income and also Pipers way to help out her children with money when they really needed it. Her female manager who was running the restaurant for Piper was completely freaking out. In the meantime, she had to deal with the breakdown of her daughter. Her sons and wives overworked and devastated by all the things that happened. Also she was worried about Leo.

Leo had beside all this problems, another one to solve and his was a huge one. Magic was exposed. Jackie had called out for witches with real powers to join her. All over the world woman were rising up. Social media was going crazy. Women were coming towards San Francisco in dozens, looking for Jackie. Women were killed in some places that had shown real power of just because she told people she was a witch too. People were freaking out about the idea that there were people who had actual magic. What did that mean? How would it be used? Even the President and the military, FBI, CIA, were involved.

Leo had to deal with worried parents and students. With Elders and Cleaners to do whatever they could. He had students searching through ancient books to find something to reverse this. Cleaners were overworked and had no idea how to stop this. The Avatars refused to help. They were claiming that if the Charmed Ones had agreed to a Utopia, none of this would ever happened. Elders were desperate and wanted that Leo find a solution.

Piper was standing at the door entrance and was watching her family and half the television. Then she sighed and walked over to the kitchen to cook for them. She went towards the kitchen and started to cook, like a robot. Not really paying attention of what she was doing. Her mind was all over the place. She even wondered how Jackie was handling all of this.


Jackie was panting rapidly. Her minions didn’t look so hot either. She was carrying a bag with books and she was holding out her hands, so was her minions and together there were fending off the military who had found her in the woods. They wanted to take her in, but that was not so easy said than done. Jackie was not planning to give herself up without a fight. Only she had no idea how long she could hold this up.

Jackie: Damn. I cannot hold this longer. We need to leave right now or we are dead. Come closer and hold me closely as fast as you can. We are leaving.

The minions did as she said and suddenly they were gone in purple smoke, leaving a whole bunch of confused soldiers behind.


Jackie appeared in the hallway. It seemed that the Charmed Ones didn’t reverse the crystals since she was here the last time. She got angry with herself that they were the first one she went for protection. She thought she heard a noise and held her hands up to defend or attack. It was nothing. Nobody seemed home, meaning that she could rest for a bit, before she had to do whatever she needed to survive and leave a present for the Charmed Ones, when they would come home.

Magic School, Manor Melinda’s room

Melinda was sleeping restlessly. She was tossing around and kept seeing images of what she had seen on television. She saw Dash killing people. Children dying. The pain of the women.

Suddenly even if she was asleep, she realized that she was having a dream premonition:

She saw blood and despair. She saw Jackie completely losing it with magic. She saw Jackie standing in front of a horde witches and leading them into war. War against humans and everybody who wanted to harm them in any way. She wanted to rule the world with Magic. She saw herself fighting Jackie in the woods. It felt like a final battle between them. She saw how Jackie used the magic of her unborn child, filling it with evil. Image changed and then she saw a young man sitting on some throne, looking down at a horde of young demons, like he was the ruler of the Underworld. Then suddenly she saw herself lying in a hospital, looked like she was expecting a baby.

Melinda opened her eyes and sat up straight.

Melinda: What the hell was that? She asked herself.

She looked around and she was alone. She got up and looked at the mirror. She almost screamed when she saw her image in the mirror. She had bags under her eyes. Her hair looked it wasn’t washed a year. She smelled herself and almost fainted. This was unacceptable. She got immediately out her room, straight towards the shower.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Piper was staring outside and was completely out of it. She almost shrieked when suddenly she was touched by her shoulder. She turned around immediately to shout, not to scare her like that, but looked surprised when she saw Phoebe and Paige standing in front of her.

Piper: Hey you two. How nice to see you. It has been a while, she said smiling.

Phoebe and Paige knew exactly what she was trying to say and looked at each other first, before they smiled and hugged their oldest sister. When they let go, the atmosphere seemed to be changed in the room and all three of them looked serious.

Phoebe: I am really sorry that I couldn’t come earlier. I was in Japan giving interviews and love advice, that I didn’t see any news, till a Japanese hotel girl, asked me if I had watched the news. So many people died. This is horrible Piper. How are you holding up?

Piper: Well, let’s see, she sighed with tears in her eyes, but trying to stay strong as the Matriarch.

Now being alone with her sisters, it felt like the old days and that she could share her real feelings without having being the strong one.

Piper: Leo is working 24/7 to make it easier for the people, using any magical way. The Cleaners have never worked so hard in their whole existence. The Elders are completely freaking out. The Avatars are refusing to help in any way, as they believe that if we accepted Utopia, then none of this would ever happened. Angel of Destiny doesn’t even respond when I tried to summon her.

Paige: How are you and the gang? She asked worried.

Piper: Well, Melinda is lying upstairs completely broken. She feels responsible for each death that has happened that day. She is a replica of Melinda Warren, having all Charmed Powers. Then, next in line to become the Matriarch. She has also all this raw power and her ancestors in her literally, still she was unable to do anything to stop this, till Jackie came to us herself.

Phoebe: Wait, back up. What did you mean, she had all three powers of the Charmed Ones?

Piper: She already could have dream premonitions, but now she get them like you do. You would have known of course, if you would visit more often. I mean, I have no idea how my nieces look like, or the twins…

Phoebe: After all this years, you are still able to give us a huge smirk when you are being sarcastic and the worst part is, you are right. I have been so being busy jiggling the whole three teenager’s girls, work here, interviews all over the world. Giving advice at shows etc., etc., etc…and being married to a cupid, is not always that easy. I am really sorry, it seems all like excuses, but it is what it is.

Paige: And for me, the kids are keeping me pretty busy. They are really coming into their power and they are stubborn like their father Henry, so they like to mischief sometimes. Also, I haven’t guided for a while now humans, as I am more less a teacher now for just starting whitelighters, but still they have assigned me to help woman in this crisis.

Piper: What a life. We have come to this age and still dealing with Magic on daily basis.

Phoebe: Piper, you live at Magic School, she said smirking.

Paige couldn’t help to smile too.

Piper: Yeah, there is that, she said smiling too.

The sister hugged each other smiling now.

Phoebe: Ok, how can we help?

Piper: Really? You are not busy?

Paige: What you need us to do?

Piper thought for a moment and looked at Phoebe first.

Piper: It would be great if you could try to talk to Melinda. You are an empath, maybe you can get something, otherwise just try to cheer her up, i…

Phoebe: I got it. One major pep talk is coming up, she said and walked out towards the stairs.

Piper: I would like you to talk to Wyatt, Chris and especially with Caroline.

Paige: What is going on?

Piper: Wyatt and Chris both have jobs now. Wyatt is into sales stuff and Chris has your old job and is now a social worker for teenagers. Unfortunately the six kids he was guiding, five of them were boys and all of them died. It hit him hard and since then he is outside there, helping any way he can, to forget or not to feel.

Wyatt is Wyatt and with being the token of goodness, he feels responsible and is out there, day and night, but Caroline is the worst. You should see her. She had so much purple bags under her eyes. It begins to have layers and it is almost reaching her nose. That bad it is. They need to rest and even if the urge is huge to help and I am proud of them. Still they need rest. They won’t listen to me or Leo. Maybe in your way, you can convince them somehow?

Paige: Leave it to me. I will make them sleep like they never have. I suggest you take your own advice and close some eye yourself.

Piper: I do give good advice don’t i. I think that is exactly what I am going to do.

Paige: Where are they?

Piper: In the living room, watching television so they know where the most help is needed and then they orb out again.

Paige: I will check and if they are not here, I will find them. Don’t you worry and rest, she said before orbing out.

Piper sighed and sat down a minute, before she would go upstairs to take a nap.

Melinda’s room

Phoebe knocked on the door, but nobody responded

Phoebe: Melinda? Are you awake?

Melinda: Hey Aunt Phoebe. What are you doing here?

She asked from behind, making Phoebe shriek and turn around looking horrified.

Melinda: You ok?

Phoebe: Don’t sneak up on old lady like me, she said.

Melinda laughed and hugged her aunt.

Phoebe: I am come by to see how you are doing and talk if you are up for it?

Melinda: Sure come in, she said and they stepped in her room.

They sat down on her bed and looked at each other.

Phoebe: How are you? Really? Straight up truth.

Melinda: I was broken, but I feel fixed again actually. I had a vision. I saw what I needed to do, to stop all of this and have that baby I saw.

Phoebe looked at her surprised for a moment. She got a flashback of when she was young and pursued a crusade to find a man fast to get the girl she had foreseen.

Phoebe: It is nice that you have seen that you will have a child, but without sounding harsh, you must focus on the battle at hand. I have been through this too when I had foreseen my girl.

Melinda: I know. In the shower it came back to me from the history books.

Phoebe: Wow, maybe I should read those books once. It seems they know every move we ever made.

Melinda: They do. As what we do right now for example. I have learned at school that some books write themselves about special magical beings, so history will always be captured on paper and never forgotten.

Phoebe: I am perplexed. I never knew that. Anyway, what are you trying to say.

Melinda: Listen, I know what I have to do. It will be hard and even with the help of everyone, it will be me who will have to fight her alone in the end, but I have a plan.

She got up and walked out of her room without saying another word to Phoebe. Phoebe surprised called after Melinda while she followed her towards the hallway. That moment Piper came up.

Piper: Whoa, where is the fire? She asked when Melinda past her.

Followed by Phoebe.

Piper: What did you say to her? She asked softly to Phoebe?

Phoebe just looked at her, like I have said nothing look.

Piper: Melinda where are you going?

Melinda: To see Jake. I will be back. All is good, she said running down the stairs and then out of the Manor.

She ran into the Great Hall where she sensed he was and called out for him loudly, making everybody look at her.

Melinda: Jake I need to talk to you right now, she said walking into the Hall.

Jake walked over to her, trying to make her talk softer.

Jake: What is going on Melinda? Why are you shouting?

Melinda: Sorry for that. Lots of energy. Listen, I had a vision and it was not good. She is turning your child evil. That is not the worst. I have seen myself battle her and she was still pregnant, but she was channeling the magic of your child, which is weird. You are human and she started all of this to kill me, so you could get your magic back and instantly your child too. Somehow she must found by then a way to give him his magic back. I saw her leading a horde of witches into war with humans and anybody who tried to stop them. Maybe one of those witches or a group figured a way around my binding. It doesn’t matter how it happens. What the worst part was, that your son will eventually be the new leader of the Underworld, leading a huge group of very young demons. That means the next generation of when we are in our late thirties, we can deal with your unborn son and his little demons.

The whole room was still and was listening. In the meantime, Piper and Phoebe had reached the Hall too and were listening to the conversation. Leo and the Elders were there now too.

Jake: What are you saying Melinda? He asked not liking where this conversation went.

Melinda: I have tried. I really have tried. I had so many changes to end her, but I didn’t, for you. I know how badly you want this child. Raise him like a normal boy, but he will anything but that. He will be the new Source of all evil, thanks to Jackie and her witches. I cannot do this anymore. I have the power in me to stop her. I know that. I have been holding back all this time, but I can’t anymore. I know she is human and is carrying another human in her, but still I have to stop her. The only way is to kill her. Vanquish her for good. Even if that means killing your child, she said and looked straight into the eyes of Jake.

Jake just stared at her in shock.

Jake: You can’t be serious. That is not you.

Melinda: Jake, please. You are right, it is not me, but it is up to me to make the call. Do you see you all this around you. All this students, all this magic, rest on the shoulders of the Charmed Ones. We are the ones who are strong enough to do the big battles. Strong enough to live with the loss and continue to keep fighting. It is up to me as I am the leader of the Charmed Ones. As I am the strongest witch there is. All eyes are on me and expect me to do something.

Jake: Melinda. Please..

Melinda: Did you know that in one day, more than three thousand people died, because of her. Now she has exposed magic and woman over the world are rising up. Most are killed for witchcraft, like we are back in Salem. The whole world has gone crazy. What do you expect me to do. Spare two humans and let them do whatever they want and hurt so much more people or kill them and save thousands or more?

Jake: I hear what you are saying, but maybe there is another way? There has to be.

Melinda: Jake, my patience ran out. I have not come her to ask your permission. It is not your call to make. I am sorry, if this sounds harsh, but it has to be said. We have a history and obviously I still care for you as I still see so much good in you, but there is a limit to my care for you . If I have to choose between losing you because of what I must do and saving a lot of agony to the world, by getting rid of Jackie, then there is no choice at all for me, is there? So this is going to happen. If you like to leave Magic School and be far away from all of this, then I will not stop you and wish you well. If you can understand what I have to do and accept why it has to be done, then stay and help up heal the world again, after Jackie is defeated for good. Otherwise, stay out of my way Jake. I mean it. Don’t make me hurt you too, because I will if I have to. I am on a mission and nothing is going to stop me. Let’s make that clear.

Without waiting for his response she passed her parents and aunt and left the Hall, leaving everybody in shock. Then Melinda stood still, looking at Dash. Who had come to check up on her.

Melinda: Can we go home? She asked him.

Dash: Sure, he said softly and hugged his wife tightly.

They teleported out to the Manor.

Manor, Hallway

Dash: You ok? That must not have been an easy thing to do, he said still softly.

Melinda: I am fine. It had to be done. I am used to do those kinds of things over the years.

Dash: That must have been a hard childhood.

Melinda: I grew up with Demons, I don’t know anything else.

Dash: I love you.

Melinda: I love you too, she said smiling and held her head against his chest.

Then she sensed that something was terribly wrong. She backed away from Dash and looked around. Dash knowing that expression, looked around too immediately. Slowly they walked through the house and nothing. Then they went towards the attic and a burn smell came towards them. Then they walked into the attic and Melinda shrieked and grabbed Dash tightly.

The Book of Shadows was lying on the floor and the minions were lying around it. Looking drained and burned by the shock of the Book. They must have tried over and over again, to get this effect. It was horrible. Six of them were lying there and Melinda had no clue what to do now.

Then suddenly she looked around and pulled her senses out and sensed if Jackie was still in the house, but she wasn’t. She was not even in the neighborhood.

Dash: How the hell did she come in?

Melinda: Crap. Remember we helped her with the spell here. After that, we were dealing with the aftermath of the spell that nobody protected the house against Jackie again. I cannot believe while all this is happening out there, that she came to steal the book.

Dash: Those kids don’t look just burned, but also drained. Like all the magic is sucked out of them in a very nasty way.

Melinda: I agree, but why or how?

Dash: Doesn’t matter. It matters that Jackie has just gotten a boost of magic in her again, so what is she going to do now?

Melinda looked at the kids and took her cellphone out to call Nathan.

Golden Gate Bridge

Paige was pacing around as she had called out for her nephews and Caroline. Nobody showed up, so she started to summon them. A surprised threesome appeared on the bridge, looking confused at Paige.

Wyatt: Aunt Paige, good to see you, but why did you summon us? We are busy helping people.

Paige: At what cost?

Wyatt: What do you mean?

Paige: Did you have seen yourselves? You all look horrible and we are all worried. As a higher whitelighter I am forced to command you to take rest. If not, I will take your whitelighter powers away, till you have rested. If you keep up like this, then you three will be needed to saved.

Chris: Did mom put you up to this? He asked annoyed.

Paige: No, she hasn’t. I am called to help our family and woman who need help. So, I have heard what you three been up to and thought I have a little chat with you three. So, of you go to the manor and into your beds.

Caroline: How can you expect us to sleep while there is so much sorrow all around?

Paige: I just did, didn’t i? Again this is not a request but an order, don’t make me bound you that you can’t do anything. Go home, you helped enough, she said firmly.

Flabbergasted the trio orbed out to the Manor.

Manor, kitchen

The trio orbed in and walked towards the stairs, when they saw police walking around in their house. They stopped and hid, thinking they have come for them, but then they heard Melinda talking to Nathan and they came out of hiding.

Caroline: What is going on?

Melinda took them three apart and told them what had happened. Then a screaming and crying parent ran into the manor. Crying out for their child. It was heartbreaking.

Nathan walked over to them and told them he would cover this up the best he could, but couldn’t promise anything. Police might want an explanation.

Melinda: There is nothing to explain Nathan. We can hardly tell them that Jackie has sucked their magic and killed them to leave us a present.

Nathan: I know, but I cannot go against my boss. If he wants to talk to you, then he will.

Wyatt: Do whatever you can please. We have enough on our plate right now.

Nathan nodded and walked over to the parents. An hour later, everybody was gone and it was quit in the Manor.

Wyatt: Ok, I am going to bed, otherwise I am going to fall down and never getting up. Caroline are you coming too?

Caroline nodded and both of them walked towards their room. Chris wondered where Casey was, but he was so tired, he couldn’t keep his eyes open and went upstairs too.

Melinda and Dash stayed downstairs just to make sure all was save and that Casey got home too.

Magic School, Manor

Paige and Phoebe orbed in and knocked on the door of Pipers bedroom. Piper opened it as she was just woken up and looked at her sisters.

Phoebe: Well, i think our work is done for now. Melinda is feeling well and ready for war.

Paige: And I have managed to get the trio to rest, she said proudly.

Piper: Thank you both for all your help and support. It was really nice to see you guys again. You really must come over more and bring the kids too. I miss my nieces and nephews.

Phoebe: I promise we will, but before we go, I have something for you.

Phoebe handed Piper a small piece of paper, piper took it and looked at it and her eyes became huge.

Piper: What is this? She asked looking shocked at Phoebe.

Phoebe: We heard what happened to the restaurant and we know how much you love that restaurant. This will cover all the damage that is done and we know that you take care of the Charmed Ones, financially even if they have work. So, a part you can use for that. Also a part of this money is for you and Leo to take a vacation, which you deserve.

Piper: I don’t know what to say.

Phoebe: You don’t have to say anything. We are family and you took care of us all those years and the kids. You deserve this.

Piper and her sisters hugged and said their goodbyes, leaving a happy Piper behind. This would help so much.

Manor, Living room

Dash reluctantly started to watch television to stay awake.

Melinda had her eyes closed for a moment to give her brains some rest.

Reporter: We have an extra news bulletin. The person we know as Jackie, who claims to be a witch, have left the world another message.

Melinda opened her eyes instantly and sat up straight to check the television.

Jackie: Hello world, it’s me Jackie. You all probably hate me for what happened a few days ago. I have to say that I can care less how you feel. Magic exist and I think I have proven that. Therefore I have a message for all the witches out there who want to join me. If you want to find me, come to the woods of San Francisco, I will be waiting with open arms to take you in my coven. I also strongly advise that the military and the police leaves me and my coven alone, or people will get hurt again. Witches of the world, come to me so we can fight together the Charmed Ones and get rid of those pesky good witches, so we can rule the world with Magic together the way we want!

Then the image went black and the reporter came back on screen.

Reporter: Well, as you have heard, Jackie the witch has left us another cryptic message and is planning to hurt more people. If anybody has any news about who the Charmed Ones are, please let us know. If there are good witches then maybe they can help us fight Jackie.

Dash turned out the television and looked at Melinda, who looked in shock at the black screen.

She had just called out the Charmed Ones. She really wanted war. This had to stop, one way or the other even it meant killing of Jackie and her child.

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