Charmed Melinda Season 3 Final season

Rising of the Witches




Rising of the Witches

Previously on Melinda

Because of a love spell gone wrong, thousands of people had died. Now all agencies, the president are involved. If that was not enough, Jackie appeared on the television, telling that witchcraft is real and called out for witches all over the world to help her destroy the Charmed Ones and rule the world.

Train towards San Francisco, first class

Eliza: So, what is the plan mother?

All sisters looked at their mother.

Famke looked calmly around her and smiled devilish.

Famke: That little witch that cast the spell is not experienced enough, but to cast it, she must have used Old magic. I want it. That power belongs to me. I am from the Old ones. I have more magic in my pinky than she will ever possess. So, she called out for witches to help her defeat the mighty Charmed Ones, well she will get her wish, she said looking at her daughters.

Alyson: Are we there yet? I want to scare some people with magic.

Jennifer: Honestly. Is that all you can think about? This city suffered enough because of magic. We should get whatever mother wants and then get out of here. Why risk our lives to go up against the Charmed Ones, while we can go back to our castle and live like we did?

Rachel: To be honest, I agree with Jennifer. We should get that power and leave again.

Famke: Thank you for your opinion, but let’s see first how things will go, before we make hasty decisions.

The girls looked at each other and knew the conversation was over. They all looked outside and prepared themselves for what was coming.

Manor, living room

Reporter: Wherever you look and go, you see destruction and sorrow in San Francisco. People are terrified of all the witches coming towards this city. We have seen Jackie using magic and we have no idea what is coming our way. That said, the President of the United States has promised 10.000 dollars to the person who can give real information about the Charmed Ones. It seems that is what Jackie wants. We believe the Charmed Ones are good witches and if that is the case, please help this city.

Wyatt put out the television and sat down, with a sigh.

He looked at his brother and sister and they looked back at him.

Caroline, Casey, Dash, Piper and Leo, were waiting for them at Magic School. This was something they had to decide as the Charmed Ones. Even if it would affect them too, still it was their choice.

Chris: What are you guys thinking?

Melinda: I think we shouldn’t do it. This is what she wants. Her master plan. She knows she cannot destroy us with her magic and now she is getting bigger and bigger, with hormones playing, she will be weaker. She knows this, so she is trying to lure us in the open. This way the whole world would know about us and how we look. We would never have a life.

Chris: We could use glamour.

Melinda: That is a possibility, but she can use that against us right on television. If we show up, the whole world expects us to fix this. I cannot do what I do, with cameras pointed at me.

Wyatt: Me neither. I have to say that I agree with Melinda. Sorry bro. I know this is very hard and torturing not to go and help, but we have to be smart about this. We have no idea how many witches have already come here. We don’t know which ones have powers or not. If they have powers, what are they? Are they good or bad?

Chris: I know, but sitting here doing nothing is driving me nuts. Feel so helpless.

Melinda: I know I made this decision in the past and it bate me back in the ass, but I think at this moment, we should do what we always do. You two go be a whitelighter and do your thing. I think you need it, so go do it. If they ask who you are, just say you are one of the many guarding angels or something. Don’t say witch. I will do what I do best. Search the book and come up with a plan, against all these witches.

All three of them got up and hugged each other. Melinda asked to go the school and let the others know what they had decided. The boys nodded and orbed out.

A minute later Dash teleported in, right when Melinda was about to go up the stairs.

Dash: Hey you, he said smiling. What you doing? He asked.

Melinda: Go to the attic and think over how I can solve all of these.

Dash: Need some company love? He asked.

Melinda: That would be lovely mate, she joked back.

Dash: Mate? Me...hahahahahaha, he laughed really hard.

Melinda: Yeah, yeah, sure go ahead and make fun of my English, she said walking up the stairs.

Dash: Oh, come on love. I would never laugh at you. I laugh for you, he said still smirking.

Melinda gave him a side stare and kept walking up the stairs, with a quietly laughing Dash behind her.


Jackie was tired. She needed rest, but woman kept coming. Thankfully, the first who had arrived was a real witch and Jackie had asked to check all the woman who had arrived and made a list with their names and powers. When she had rested she would take over again. Before she had fallen asleep, she had cast a spell over her books. She had found one, who would give anyone who tried to touch the book a jolt of energy and roast them instantly. Only the one who cast the spell could touch it.

When Jackie woke up, it was dark outside. She got up and looked around dazed. She had slept through the whole afternoon. She got out of her tent and looked around.

Jay walked up to her smiling.

Jay was the one who had arrived first and had been selecting witches all day.

Jackie: what happened to all the women?

Jay: After you fell asleep, I did what I did in the army. Created a formation and form a system, to sort out the real witches. Finally I found a group of women with the powers I needed and with a bit changes in your protection shield around the perimeter, now only real witches with power can get through. Everyone who is fake will bounce back. Now comes the fun part. When they bounce then another spell gets activated. They completely forget about why they are there and they have just one mission. Go back home and live their lives they were living, before all of this, she said smiling proudly.

Jackie: Really? That is impressive, she said calmly. Where are those witches who had cast such a big spell?

Jay: Well that is the thing. We cast it as a group, by tapping into each other’s magic and knowledge. This way we could have the same energy to cast it at the right moment as a group of thirteen.

Jackie had no idea what she was talking about. Jay made her feel like she was just a beginner and she didn’t like it. She didn’t like that feeling at all.

She walked over to the group witches who had made it through the shield. She greeted them one by one and talked to each of them.

Famke: So, who is this famous witch, who killed so many people?

Jackie turned around and looked at the five women who were standing in front of her.

Jackie: That would be me, she said with her head high and walked towards Famke.

Famke and Jackie looked at each other for a moment and then nodded to each other.

Famke: My name is Famke and these are my daughters, Eliza, Rachel, Jennifer and Alyson.

We are from the Old ones. We have heard your message and are glad to provide all the needed help to destroy the Charmed Ones.

Jackie: The Old ones? I never heard of that?

Alyson: Lucky you, she said smiling devilish.

Jackie looked at her and Alyson looked scary. Veins were all over her and her eyes were black. She looked like she was about to explode any minute.

Jackie: Well, you just came right on time. We were just about to eat. We have a witch who has the power to summon any food you want and I have been told that it is the most magical thing you ever ate.

Famke: I don’t think so, but whatever you say. Let’s eat, she said.

Famke walked passed Jackie, followed by her daughters, not one of them looking at Jackie. Like they were not impressed by her.

Manor, Attic

Not long after Dash had come home, Caroline and Casey came too. They brought Jake with them.

Jake: I think I found a way to sort out who is magical or not. We can cast a spell on some crystals which you guys must wear. Whenever you reach someone magical, it will glow.

Casey: What happens if we get close? Will it glow too?

Jake: No, because you are the ones who are casting it together. So, you guys are immune for each other, but let’s say you go to Piper or Magic School, it will glow.

Melinda: Well, it is not the best idea I have heard, but till now the only one to detect the witches.

Casey: Actually there is also another way, but that is not handy. Jake’s idea is saver.

Melinda: What is it?

Casey: Well, instead of scrying for evil, we could enchant the map, showings us where all witches are. So, we have their location immediately and could go and check it out.

Chris: Then what? How will we know if they are good or bad? We can’t take every witch here, to see if they get through the barrier.

Jake: We could enchant the crystal, to glow green when it is good and red if it is bad?

Wyatt: That could work. Melinda?

Melinda looked at Dash.

Dash: I think we have to row with what we got. This is at least something.

Half hour later, everybody had chosen a necklace with a crystal and as a group they enchanted the crystals.

After that, they decided to enchant the map too. Most lights came from the woods. There were a few stranglers in the city. Most of them were all headed the woods.

Wyatt: Why is one light bigger than the other?

Casey: Then it means that it is a powerful witch. How bigger the light, how brighter the light.

Chris: Look at our street. Our light is huge.

Caroline: Yes, I see it. It is actually the biggest light.

Wyatt: Good on you sis, he said.

Melinda: Don’t underestimate yourselves guys. You are pretty powerful yourselves too. I am not the only Charmed One, remember?

Wyatt and Chris smiled at Melinda.

Melinda: Well, I say let’s find first the stranglers, just to see if the spells on these necklaces are working.

They were about to orb out, when an Elder orbed in.

Elder: Sorry for intruding, but we have sensed a great power here in San Francisco. It is one of the Old ones.

Melinda: Old ones? That sounds familiar.

Elder: You should. For example Witches of the First order are part of the Old ones. Covens, witches who lived very long, because of magic. Ones, who not age and have nasty spells. They don’t attack you with powers. They attack you differently. More complex. They have rituals, we don’t even know about. One has arrived today to San Francisco with her four daughters.

Wyatt: That doesn’t sound too good.

Elder: Well, that’s the thing. As an Older one, you are powerful, but there is one downside to it. The mother may be good or bad, but that doesn’t the affect the child. The children of an Old one can go both ways. Like this Old one, she has two good and two very bad daughters.

Melinda: That must be very hard for those two good girls.

Elder: That is the thing. They keep each other in balance. Even the bad ones, can do good. Also the good can do something very bad, for the greater good. Like I said, it is a very complex thing.

Melinda: Ok, thanks for informing us about it. When we have time, we will look into it.

Elder: You don’t understand. They are as we speak with Jackie to join her in her mission. We have been tracking the woods and a lot of powerful witches have arrived. It is not something to take lightly.

Melinda: Got it. Old ones, working with Jackie. Very dangerous. If you excuse us, we have to check up on some witches and see if our spell is working, she said and looked at the map. Let’s go guys.

Elder: Wait. You see this very bright light. That is the Old one. The other four bit smaller ones are her daughters. She is very dangerous.

Melinda: Listen. We are on it. Now, thank you for the message, but we have a job to do. Let’s go boys.

The Charmed Ones orbed out.

Elder: You must convince them to not take this lightly he said and orbed out.

Caroline and Casey turned to Jake, looking at him for answers. He was the leader of the Witches of the First order. He lived with them his entire life. He must know something.


After the witches had a feast meal, it was time to rest.

Famke: Jackie, were are we sleeping? There are not enough tents for everybody?

Jackie: Well, I figured we conjure some.

Famke: No, thank you. We will stay at the hotel, not far from here. We will return tomorrow to speak about your attack plan. Let’s go girls, she said coldly.

Her daughters got up and followed their mother without saying a word. Leaving an embarrassed Jackie behind. She didn’t like those witches.

Jackie: Jay, is there a way of keeping witches of the perimeter, without breaking the spell that is cast on it right now?

Jay: Why would you want that? You called for us and we are coming. Let the war between witches and humans begin. We are ready for it. We have been all our lives.

Jackie: You are?

Jay: Yes, we are. We have powers too. We kill demons too. Help people if we can. Why we are not called the Charmed Ones. Why we are over shadowed by them, for decades. It is time for the rise of the witches. No more Charmed Ones. No more Elders or whitelighters. Freedom! She shouted.

Freedom! All witches cheered.

Jackie smiled, by these words and after they conjure some tents, she went to her own tent to lie down.

This was not going as she had planned. She had thought that they would bow for her. Be in awe of what she had done. How evil she was. That they would sense her evilness. Nothing of that. It felt like some of the witches in those tents, were more powerful than her and they didn’t needed any books for great spells. But the person who made the most impression was Famke. She was dangerous. Jackie could feel it. It was a type who could smile at your face and be nice, while she cursed you or something. Now, she would come back for an attack plan, which Jackie didn’t have. The plan was that they would come up with a plan together, combining all their special magic. She had no idea what to say tomorrow.

Manor, Kitchen

The Charmed Ones orb in right on time. Caroline had cooked macaroni with cheese and it came just out of the oven.

Caroline: Right on time. I thought you guys would be hungry for all that orbing.

Melinda: I am starving, she said smelling the food. Where is Dash?

Casey: He teleported to his mother. To check up on how she was doing. He will be back shortly.

Melinda: Cool. Let’s eat, she said smiling big.

Jake: First, did the spell worked. Did you find the witches?

Wyatt: Yes, we did. We didn’t approach them but the amulets turned green on three of them. Then we decided to come home.

Jake: Yes. Well that is at least something. Good. Well, let’s eat. I am starving too.

Next morning, Woods

Jackie had woken up very early to check the list that Jay had put together. After she had made some adjustments on the list, she created groups. Witches with the similar powers together. She gave them an assignment, how they could tribute in destroying the Charmed Ones, with their group.

The witches started immediately gather around and talking. Jackie sat down and watched the groups, with Jay next to her.

Jay: They are here, she said pointing at Famke and her daughters.

Jackie looked at them. Jennifer and Eliza looked the good ones. Alyson just looked crazy scary and about Rachel she had no idea. It felt like she could go both ways.

Jackie got up and walked towards them.

Famke: Good morning, she said calmly. We are here for the plan.

Jackie asked if they wanted to come into her tent. She figured this conversation was not one, all had to hear.

They sat in a circle in the tent of Jackie. Famke looked around and could feel the dark magic that was used in here. She felt the dark books, but also that they were spelled.

Famke: I see that you have spelled your books. Witches only do that, if they are afraid that it may disappear from them and when they are desperate.

Jackie looked startled at Famke. How the hell did she figured that the books were spelled.

Jackie: As we speak, I have divided all the witches in groups. I figured that if I put witches with similar powers together, they can find a way to tribute destroying the Charmed Ones with their specialty.

Famke: That’s it? She asked seriously.

Jackie became very uncomfortable. Like nothing she did was good enough.

Jackie: Do you have a better idea?

Famke: Actually yes.

Jackie: Well, I am all ears.

Famke: It is very simple actually. We have here dozens of witches, all with different powers. If we would make the Charmed Ones come out, then they have to deal with all those different powers at once. That’s how they win, don’t they. Gifted with all different powers, but together a lethal weapon. Why don’t we do the same? I understand if you are too afraid to go up against them. I mean, you have obviously tried, but failed. Probably many times. Probably you are still alive thanks to that child in your belly. The Charmed Ones wouldn’t kill an innocent child. Did you think of what will happen after that child is born? They would vanquish you in a second and find a normal home for your baby.

Jackie: No, that will never happen, she said sharply. Besides, others have tried that too and failed. Melinda is just too strong.

Famke: Melinda is the youngest, isn’t she? The one who wasn’t supposed to be born.

Jackie: Don’t ever under estimate her. She maybe looks small and fragile, but believe me when I say that she is strong. Very strong. Combined with her brothers and Scooby gang, she is powerful.

Eliza: Scooby gang?

Jackie: Yes, the wives of the brothers. An elemental goddess and a whitelighter. Also, Piper the Matriarch is helping them too regularly.

Famke: I see. Still, I think we can take them on. If you still won’t do it. I and my daughters wouldn’t mind to visit them for you.

Jackie: What? No. We do it my way.

Famke: Why?

Jackie: I called for you remember?

Famke: Yes, because you are too weak to kill them yourselves. Because you screwed up with an amateur love spell and killed all those people. Because you are meddling with dark magic which is not yours to use. You have no idea what you are doing and you expect me or them outside you to follow.

Jackie: They are already following me. They are impressed with what I have achieved till now. They know how strong I am. They know that they shouldn’t go up against me.

Famke: Really?

Famke got up and walked up towards the spelled books. She picked up some books without any effort and started to go through them. Then she looked sideways towards Jackie.

Famke: These are powerful books. I think I take all of this with me and check them for myself in our hotel room. In the meantime, you can see for yourself, if you go outside, all the witches will still follow you, after hearing this whole conversation. You see, Alyson had cast a spell when we entered the tent, making it so that everybody in the shield could hear every word we have just spoken. If they have listened carefully, they understand now that you are a weak witch with no power at all. Without your books you are nothing. I think it is time that I take over this little group of yours. Let’s go girls and don’t forget to take some books with you.

Jackie: You cannot just come in her and take over. Who the hell do you think you are? She said getting angry and got up.

Famke turned around and her eyes turned black with anger and whispered some horribly sounding words, making Jackie fly backwards so hard, that she flew right through her tent.

She struggled to get up, when Famke stood above her, looking down smiling devilish.

Famke: Stupid silly girl. You think you are strong enough to go up against an Old one.

Jackie looked at her defeated.

Famke turned around and looked at the huge group of witches.

Famke: Tonight we are attacking the Charmed Ones, right here in these woods. If you think you are not up to it, then leave right now. There is no shame in wanting to live. If not, prepare for battle. Most of you will die, but that will be for the greater good. Tonight we will make history when we have killed of the Charmed Ones and taking over the world. Magic will rule once again in the world, as it should be. No more hiding your powers. We will be gods.

All women started to cheer! Jackie looked horrified around her. What had she done? She quickly moved with her hand and disappeared in smoke.

Manor, kitchen

The gangs had woken up and were having breakfast. Then suddenly they heard a bang and knew someone was trying to go through the shield around the house. Again they heard the sound. Quickly the whole gang walked towards the front door and opened it. They stepped outside and saw Jackie standing below the stairs.

Jackie: I make a terrible mistake and now they are coming for you all, she said sounding desperate.

Melinda: What are you talking about?

Jackie: I am out casted by the witches in my own camp. I cannot go there anymore.

Melinda: So, they didn’t like you that much. I wonder how that is possible. Such a lovely witch as you.

Jackie: Funny. Very funny. You don’t understand. There is this witch Famke. She is an Old one. She has four daughters with her, who all look very powerful. The magic they use seems Older than mine. They are planning to lure you to the woods tonight for a big battle. They want to kill you and then take over the world. A world with magic and anyone without must obey them. Live in fear.

Melinda: Funny to hear this from your mouth.

Jackie: Listen. I know you have no reason to believe me or trust me, but I am telling the truth. Tonight you will have to fight them. Unfortunately she also got the list with all the witches and their powers. That could have helped us, but I have checked the list, so I could make a plan against you, so I know most powers they have. I can help.

Wyatt: Now you want to help us? After you created all this mess. You killed thousands of people. You called out for those witches. You exposed the existence of magic and the Charmed Ones.

Jackie: I know, but I didn’t expect something like this to happen. I thought I would be strong enough to keep them in line, she said softly. I just want my child to be born. If I get vanquished by you or other witches after that, I don’t care.

Melinda: For crying out loud. Chris, could you take the shield off for a moment, so she can come in. Maybe she can be useful.

Nobody said anything and Chris did as he was asked. Jackie came through and then Chris closed the shield again. Immediately the stones started to burn red.

Jackie looked at it and smiled.

Jackie: Melinda, you clever little witch. Handy necklaces.

Melinda: Thanks. Let’s get inside.

They walked inside and again towards the kitchen.

Melinda: I cannot believe I am asking this, but are you hungry, as you are eating for two?

Jackie: I am starving, she said smiling

Melinda didn’t respond and took a plate of the closet and started to put some pancakes and scrambled eggs on it.

After they had eaten, they went to the living room to see what Jackie could tell about the witches and their powers. On the background they kept the news on, just in case.

An hour later, they had a pretty big list with powers of most of the witches. Jackie became tired from all excitement.

Jake took over the list and looked at the powers and how they could defend themselves against it. He didn’t say a word to Jackie or looked at her.

Jackie: Is it possible to lay down for a bit? You can put crystal around me to keep me there, but I am not planning to leave.

Melinda: You can sleep in my room. We can pull the bed to the middle of the room and put crystal around it. If you are awake, you can call for one of us, so we can take the crystals away.

Jackie nodded. Casey offered to move the bed with Jackie and arrange the crystals.

After Jackie went upstairs Jake turned around to the group and looked very serious.

Jake: I think we are in big trouble, he sighed.


Rachel: These books are fascinating. Pretty old stuff.

Famke: Enough. It is time to make them ours. You all had time to choose one book with spell to make yours. The rest is mine and also this book, she said holding the one Jackie had been using to attack the Charmed Ones.

All five of them stood in their own place in the tent, so they could focus on what they were doing. Slowly they started to chant Old Gaelic power chant and it became stronger and louder by the minute. Suddenly white light started to appear around the books and it went into them. Letters were seen through the light while it went in them. When they were done, all books were just empty pages.

Famke turned around at her daughters and looked delighted with the extra boost she just got.

Famke: Now it is time to get the attention of the Charmed Ones. Rachel, find out which city mall is the closest. Let’s show the world what real magic is.

Manor, Living room.

The gang was talking and checking books to see what they could do.

Suddenly there was an emergency new bulletin.

Reporter: We have live images of the Westlake City Mall in San Francisco, where a group witches is attacking the shopping people.

Image changes and the gang watched how witches use their powers to move stuff around. Create fires. How people are crying out, while they bleed out from their ears and eyes.

Famke: Where are the Charmed Ones? If they are so good, why are they not here to save you all?

Are they afraid to show themselves to the world?

Melinda got you angry and looked at her brothers.

Melinda: We are going right now.

Wyatt: What about exposure?

Melinda: Jackie is now on our side. Meaning if we go in glamour, she will not rat us out. If we have to fight them in the woods, we can go as ourselves.

Chris: Smart idea. Are we ready to fight against all those witches?

Melinda: Yes. Listen, it is us against them. They will not stop till we three are dead. So, if we can kill them before they kill us, I say that is a win for the good.

Chris got up and asked if they all had a person in mind. They did and he cast the glamour spell.

Caroline looked at her husband Wyatt, he looked like his father Leo, when he was still very young. Chris looked the same, but he had blond hair and blue hair. Melinda changed the most. She had chosen to look like her aunt Prue.

Nodding they orbed out towards the city mall.

City Mall

The Charmed Ones orbed in right in the middle of the mall outside. Famke who was laughing at the screaming people turned around and looked at them.

Famke: So, you are the famous Charmed Ones. Funny, I had completely a different image of you three. A glamour spell, clever, she said smiling. Oh well, at least you are here.

Melinda: Leave these people alone. Your beef is with us.

Famke: Not really. We could rule the world right now if we wanted, even while you three are alive, but I also know that you wouldn’t be able to help yourselves to stop me. It is in your nature. I don’t need that kind of distraction while I am building up a magical era. So, it is better to get rid of you now, then later. It is nothing personal.

Melinda: For us, is this very personal I can assure you. Leave San Francisco while you can.

Famke laughed hard, making the other witches laugh too.

Famke: I like you. You have spirit. I like a witch who has confidence in your abilities and is not afraid to fight for a cause. I will be a waste to kill you.

Melinda: I know you are an Old one. I respect your line of legacy and asking one more time kindly to leave our city. We don’t need to fight. None of us have to ever. We have got rid of all Demons. No witch has to be afraid anymore. We can all live in peace, without killing. What happened to the rule of three?

Alyson: She is boring. Can we fight them now? She asked annoyed.

Jennifer: Mother, maybe we should listen to what she is saying. We got what we came for. More power, more magic. Let’s go home.

Famke: You are good. Of course you won’t want to fight. Thank god you are not in charge, but I am.

We will fight. We cannot back down anymore. All these witches depending on us to destroy this three.

Melinda: What are you waiting for? We are here and ready to kick your ass.

Famke: Maybe. Time will show. For now, we will not fight. I just wanted to get your attention. We will fight in the woods, tonight. At midnight we expect you to come. If not, then you will see more of this, she said pointing around her. We are leaving, she said and turned around to walk away.

The Charmed Ones looked how the witches left the City Mall. Quickly they hurried to help the injured by healing them. When they had helped the people. They were about to orb out, when a camera was right in front of them, with a reporter pointing a microphone at them.

Reporter: You must be the Charmed Ones. Why did it take you so long to show yourselves? Why didn’t you fight those witches, if you are all so powerful?

Melinda: We will stop this. We are sorry that we couldn’t help, but we are doing everything in our power to stop those witches. I can promise you that.

She looked at Wyatt and he orbed the three of them out to the Manor.

Leaving a surprised reporter behind.

Reporter: You heard it people. Our last hope lies with those three witches. God help us all.

Manor, Living room

The orbed in and glamour back into themselves.

Piper and Leo had arrived too. Paige, Henry, Phoebe and Coop were there too.

Melinda: Hey guys, what are you all doing here?

Piper: We saw everything what happened at the mall. Someone recorded the whole conversation. It has been shown over the news over and over again. I cannot believe that you used Prue as disguise. What if someone would recognize her?

Melinda: What if they did? Prue is dead. No one would believe them. Still you haven’t answered my question?

Henry: We are here to help.

Chris: How?

Jake: Very simple actually. We have been studying the list with powers. Also we have checked the list with powers at Magic School and magical beings we know.

Leo: If we gather enough people with the opposite magic the witches have, we can beat them. They will never expect that we will do such a thing.

Jackie: I am fighting too. I want my camp back. That is my home.

Jake: No you are not, he said looking straight at her. You are not risking our child’s life for some place where you stay. There is plenty other woods with leylines you can find and stay. If I have to I will find it for you, but you are staying and that is the last of it.

Nobody said anything and looked at Jackie. Jake kept staring at her. Jackie knew she had no choice and nodded. From the inside she smiled, because this was the first time Jake had shown emotion towards their baby.

Melinda: I cannot ask you to do this. Casualties will fall. How can we live with that? Students that have never battled that kind of battles? Or you guys. I know you were the Charmed Ones, but you haven’t battled this kind of battles for years. Uncle Henry, you are human? You will not even pass the barrier they have. Even if you got the whole corps and army behind you. Uncle coop, what are you planning to do. Shoot arrows with love, hoping they change and become good suddenly. Look, I really don’t want to sound like a downer and I love you for your will to fight along our side, but I really don’t think you can tribute. I couldn’t bare it, if something would happen to any of you.

Paige: We may not be the fighters we were, but believe we can still fight. Henry can help with the wounded. I can arrange many whitelighters that would join our cause. Phoebe has a very good connection with the magical community. We can ask them for help. We need as much good as we can get and fight them together. You guys don’t have to do this by yourselves. It is suicide to think you five can beat those many witches.

Piper: I cannot believe that the person, who is the cause of all of this, is sitting in our living room.

Jackie: I am really sorry for all of this. I have made very bad decisions lately.

Melinda: There is no point of pointing fingers right now. Even if she is the cause of all of this, she is here now to help and she has helped. Thanks to her, we know what kind of powers they have. We knew already that we had to fight them, before they even attacked the mall.

Jake: Funny to hear this out of your mouth. Last week, you wanted to stop her at any means, even killing the child inside her. Now you are defending her and protecting her. You keep surprising me.

Dash: I can get also people from my community. Teleporters could come in handy.

Now everybody was thinking of persons who could help. Melinda looked around and didn’t know what to say. So many people who wanted to help them. So much love and caring she felt.

Melinda: If we do this, we have to do it right. We have to be smart about it and surprise them in a way, they never see coming.

Wyatt: It seems that we have a lot of work to do, but not that much time. We have till midnight to gather everybody and convince them to fight with us for the greater good.

Melinda: Let’s do it! Let the war between the witches begin.

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