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Previously on Melinda

Famke and her four daughters have arrived at San Francisco seeking out Jackie. When Jackie found out the hard way that these witches are more powerful than her and their goals are completely different then hers, she flees and seeks helps by the Charmed Ones. Meantime Famke calls out for the Charmed Ones to battle them at the woods.

Manor, Attic

Melinda and Piper were sitting across from each other in a circle of candles. The rest of the family were sitting around them quietly, watching the two of them carefully.

Melinda and Piper looked at each other smiling.

Piper: Are you ready?

Melinda: I think so. What if something goes wrong? Won’t we get stuck in the timeframe we are? She asked Paige.

Paige: Trust me, this will work. I got this from a powerful witch which was my charge. She was good in this stuff. Ok, the tea you drank earlier can start working any minute. Focus on what you want to see.

You two are connected with the robe that is tight to both your wrists. That way you will see and experience what Melinda will experience Piper.

Piper nodded and looked again at Melinda. Then she closed her eyes and held both hands of Melinda. Melinda did the same and they slowly started to breathe at the same time and got in trance right at the same moment.

Somewhere around Year 1685

Melinda and Piper appeared right in the middle of the woods. They looked around not knowing exactly where they were and which year. Without saying anything they slowly started to walk following the moon in the sky. Suddenly they smelled fire and heard whispered noises.

Melinda: Is this real? Do we have powers? I have no idea where we are going of what we supposed to see? Are we ghosts?

Piper: All good questions and I have no answer for all of them, except for one.

She flickered with her fingers to freeze a bird she saw in the tree, but nothing happened.

Piper: Ok, no powers. That is not good. You need to be ready to see the next thing you need to see fast.

Melinda: Let’s go this way.

Piper: How do you know where to go?

Melinda: I don’t know. Like I am being pulled to someone. Like we are connected or something.

Piper: Well, we are here to find about the origin of your raw power. If we know what it exactly is, we can maybe use it in battle with those witches. Is that not the whole point we are doing this. Powering you up to the max?

Melinda: I know. Still freaky that we have no idea in what time we are and the not knowing what we can expect.

Piper: Don’t worry too much. That is my job. You focus on finding this person you are pulled too. That must have a reason.

Present, Woods

Famke: I feel almost excited about tonight.

Alyson: Yeah, me too. Finally killing someone is going to be fun.

Famke: I want Melinda for myself. I like her. Can’t wait to kill her and take her powers. That is going to be a thrill I haven’t sensed in centuries.

Rachel: I really have a bad feeling about tonight.

Eliza: Did you get a vision?

Rachel: Just a feeling in my stomach. It’s feels like that for one us five, the battle tonight will not end well.

Famke: Don’t be ridiculous. Do you actually think I will throw myself or you four in front of the Charmed Ones, head on? First, I will let them Charmed Ones deal with the witches outside. All those fools who are ready to die so easily. So much power to suck, before we even get face to face with them. When we are finally ready, we will have absorbed so much energy and power, that they will not stand a chance against us.

Alyson: I love that idea. How long till it is midnight?

Famke: A couple of hours left. It is time we get to know our enemy better. Rachel find me someone who can tell me all about those called Charmed Ones.

Rachel stood up and walked out of the tent. It didn’t take her long before she had found an older witch.

The witch sat across Famke but not dared to look at her. Famke kept staring at her impatiently.

Famke: Rachel, can she speak or does she not have a tongue?

Rachel: My mother doesn’t like to wait. If you don’t want to feel her wrath, then speak now.

Old Witch: The Charmed Ones legacy goes way back to the 1600’s. It all started with a witch called Melinda Warren.

1685, Woods

Melinda and Piper slowly walked towards the area where the noises came from. Between the bushes they saw Melinda and Eva standing in a circle. In the middle they had a stone altar. There were apples thrown around them in a big circle.

Piper: I can’t believe this. When I saw Eva for the last time, Melinda was born. We had to protect her mother Charlotte. We had to protect her exactly in a similar circle with apples. It is pretty effective actually. Oh and you know with Halloween, you see everywhere flying witches right? Well that is thanks to your Auntie Phoebe, who decided to fly off into the sky, with the pointy head and all and scare the men who were after Charlotte. It was a special moment, she said thinking back.

Melinda: So, what do we do now? Wait till they are finished?

Piper: I think we will know when we are ready to move on to the next place. Till then, I think it is wise to stay hidden. It would be a lot of explanation to do, because your ancestor Melinda is a very clever witch. She created the Charmed Ones.

Melinda looked from her mother to her ancestor. She looked exactly like the images she had seen in the Book of Shadows. She looked amazed what she was doing together with Eva.

The women were walking around in the circle and on the stone was a baby girl lying and looking silently around. Then the women stopped and Melinda started to chant the Matriarch ritual. When she was done, her mother Charlotte appeared. She walked over to her daughter and hugged her. Then walked over to Eva and hugged her too.

Melinda: Where are the rest of the group women? Shouldn’t there be more of them?

Piper: No, because it started with Melinda. I didn’t know that Charlotte was the first Matriarch, but a fun fact to know. So, I guess that’s why she is there alone.

Charlotte performed the blessing and then left again as she came. Melinda took Prudence in her hands again, after she was put back on the altar for the ritual. Immediately she got sucked into a huge vision.

Wind appeared around her, so hard it made Eva fly out of the circle. Piper and Melinda had to hold on tightly to not fall backwards. The vision took at least a few minutes, while Melinda was still standing in the circle, with Prudence in her hands and her head backwards.

Then with a sudden shriek, she came back to reality. She looked with big eyes towards Eva.

Eva: What did you see? I have never seen you have a vision like that. It scared me.

Melinda W: I am sorry, but I have seen the future Eva. I know what I must do. I know now what my mission is.

Eva: What is it? What did you see?

Melinda W: I saw the Charmed Ones, she said proudly.

Eva: Charmed Ones? What is that?

Melinda W: They will become the most powerful witches the world has ever seen and they will come from my line. From Prudence’s line and her children. It will never stop. It will go on for hundreds of years, but not without a fight. I have to prepare their coming.

Eva: I have no idea what has gotten into you, but we should take leave before someone wonders in the forest.

Melinda W: At this time of the night? I don’t think so, but we should go and start the preparations immediately.

The women broke their circle and cleaned up, leaving no evidence of magic behind. Quietly they left the area.

Melinda: Wow, she got a premonition of you. That was awesome.

Piper: Yes, I have to say I am a bit overwhelmed by that moment. This is when she saw me and my sisters become Charmed. Wow! Only what now? Was this what we supposed to see?

Melinda: I don’t know. I don’t feel like I am pulled somewhere else. Let’s follow them. Maybe we need to see something or hear something, before we can leave?

Piper: Good idea and be careful when we reach their house. I guess it is protected like your house is.

Melinda: Yeah, but we are family. Related and we are the freaking Charmed Ones. It would be very weird if the spells would work against us, wouldn’t?

Piper: You know, you are a smart girl, you just don’t have to be a smartass, and she smirked at Melinda.

Both women, followed from good distance the other two women and baby to the cottage where Melinda Warren was living.

Melinda: This is so awesome. We are actually at the house of Melinda Warren. I cannot believe this.

We are walking around in 1680’s.

Piper smiled brightly. She loved how her daughter enjoyed this trip and looked around impressed.

They got close to the house and ducked under an open window.

Eva: Why don’t you sit down? I will make us some tea.

Melinda W: You do that. I have work to do. I know I have somewhere an empty book.

She started to look around and finally found what she was looking for. She took a knife and closed her eyes. Then she started to cave a symbol into the book. When she was done, she held it up and looked at it proudly.

Piper and Melinda looked and saw their Book of Shadows. With the green cover and the Triquatra symbol on it.

Then Melinda opened the book and started to write in it. She mumbled some words, but you couldn’t hear what she was saying.

Eva: Tea is ready.

Melinda W: Hold on, I am almost done. I am making a Book of Shadows, which will pass to Prudence and her children and theirs and so on and on. Till it reaches the Charmed Ones and they will do great things with it. I have seen it. There. The spell to call for their powers is done. Now where is that tea you mentioned?

Eva poured some tea for both of them and they sat down.

Melinda W: It was amazing. I saw every witch that would come from our line. I could hear their names. Penelope, Patricia, Astrid, Helena, Laura, Grace. Then I saw Penny and Patty. Patty will be the one who will bring the Charmed Ones into the world. She will give birth to three girls. They will have strong bone structure and strong will. My powers will be divided into three sisters. I have seen their names. Prudence, Piper and Phoebe.

Eva: Amazing. And these three women will be the strongest witches of all time?

Melinda W: Yes and no. I have seen much more than the Charmed Ones. I saw a Goddess in our line.

She will be called just like me. She will be more than Charmed. She will have me and all her ancestors inside of her.

Eva: What do you mean, inside of her?

Melinda W: She will be a token of good. A token of Power. She is destined for greatness, but she will need help. For all the fights that await her, she cannot do it with her siblings alone. Therefore I need to start now. Make sure that we will have Matriarchs in this family, so we will be with enough to be one with her, so she can access our knowledge and magic whenever she needs it.

Eva: Will that not be too much for her. So many spells and rituals put into her mind instantly?

Melinda W: That is the thing. She will be so powerful that she doesn’t need spells or words. She will not just be a Goddess, she will be magic. Magic will be her. I wish you could see her. You would be so proud.

Eva: Ok, if all of this true, then we have to make some changes. First one, you don’t use your magic too often. You must live, to make sure that this vision comes true, otherwise it will all for none, wouldn’t.

Secondly, you have to bind Prudence. At least till she is old enough to understand what magic is. We don’t want her powers appear in the middle of the village or worst in church.

Melinda W: I am sick of going to that church and listen to that nonsense.

Eva: If you don’t want to people to get suspicious of us, we have to pretend to be a good catholic woman. For the sake of Prudence and the future you were talking about.

Melinda: Mom, I think something is happening. I feel like I am being pulled. Hold on to me, just in case something happens.

Piper: You think you have heard what you needed?

Melinda: I think so.

Melinda W: Is there somebody? I could swear I heard someone talking. She got to the open window and looked around and to the floor. Nobody was there. She looked around and went inside again. She looked at Eva and both women nodded. They had a mission and that was making sure that the Charmed Ones would be born in the future into the world.

Woods, Present

Famke: So, it started with this Melinda Warren. Then the next generation witches made all sure that the coming of the Charmed Ones would be assured. One of them has premonitions. The other can freeze time and the last one has telekinesis.

Old Witch: That is not completely correct anymore.

Famke: Explain yourself, because that is the legacy isn’t. The three witches with those specific powers.

Old Witch: Yes, but now Piper’s children have taken over and they are powerful. Far more powerful than the original ones. Wyatt and Melinda are twice blessed. Magic stopped for one day, so they could be born.

Rachel: Was that it all those years ago. I remember mother. You were furious both times, that you couldn’t access your magic.

Famke: Yes, I remember. So, they were the cause of it. Interesting.

Old Witch: Wyatt is half whitelighter and has a very powerful energy blast. He can sense things and know what people are thinking. Chris is half whitelighter and has telekinesis. Melinda is the youngest of them all, but she is the strongest and the leader of the three. She is very good with spells and potions. She is destined to be the next Matriarch of the family. She possesses as far as we have understood all three powers of the original powers. Freezing, blowing up things, premonitions in dreams and real, telekinesis and she have all her ancestors in her, which gives her the Goddess powers.

Famke: Yes, tell me more about that. I want to know everything about that Goddess part. That is the power I seek for so long. I need to know everything, so I know how we can defeat her.

Alyson: Don’t worry about that mother. We and those witches outside will make sure that there is nothing left, then three bodies to suck the magic out. You leave the battle to me and you just sit and watch.

Melinda and Piper

Both of them went now very fast through time. They saw all the ancestors and what they did to make sure the Charmed Ones would come and prepared them to be one with the Goddess that was destined to be born in the Halliwell line.

Both women watched in awe, how all their ancestors did everything to make sure that the Charmed Ones would be born. How they wrote in the book the spells and the Demons they would have to face and how to defeat them.

Piper and Melinda watched how the coming of the Charmed Ones was almost gone because of some earlier versions of Piper, Prue and Phoebe. They saw how Penny and Patty were not aware at all that Patty would bring the Charmed Ones to live.

Manor, Attic

Piper and Melinda were back in the attic, when they both opened their eyes. They looked at each other, still in awe of what they had seen.

Dash: Hey stranger. Welcome back, he said gently.

Leo: Hey honey, you ok? How do you feel?

Piper: I feel humbled.

Melinda: Yes, me too. I cannot describe how awesome this was and I learned a lot about my power.

I have seen so many women in our heritage sacrifice their lives to the coming of the Charmed Ones. How they prepared themselves to become one with me. They have all known all along that I was destined to be born and fight huge battles. I am still amazed by it all.

Paige: Did you get the answer you needed?

Melinda: I think so, but I am not completely sure yet. I need to see more, but not my origin, I need to see that of Famke and her daughters.

Wyatt: Why?

Melinda: To make sure the solution I have is correct, but to do that, I need to know more of her first.

Paige: Before you go, we should amend the spell, so you can’t be seen. That would not be good.

Melinda: That is smart thinking, she said smiling.

1910, Mansion of Famke her parents

Melinda saw a young version of Famke sitting, surrounded with books around her. This must have been her room. Her parents were chanting spells to open the door, but somehow Famke was able to keep them out. She was crying and going with her hand over her belly. She looked very young and scared and a bit crazy at the same time. Melinda had no idea what was going on, but thought this must be important to see, so patiently she watched what would happen.

Then the young Famke seemed to found what she was looking for. She quickly run to her closet and opened a basket, which was filled with witch stuff. She pulled some herbs out of it and put them together. Then she walked towards her door and said something in a language that Melinda didn’t understand and the door opened. She blew the herbs to her parent’s faces, making the cough. She then quickly chanted a spell in the same strange language and her parents stopped coughing and yelling and just stood there.

Young Famke: Come in parents.

The parents came in and sat down on her bed like they were robots. Famke stood before them and had a book in her hand. She looked devilish at her parents.

Young Famke: I will have this child. I don’t care if I am the Old One. I will live my life the way I want and I want to be a powerful witch. So much power, that the world will bow to my feet of fear.

The parents didn’t respond and just sat there. Then Melinda had to watch in horror, how Famke sucked the magic out of her parents, leaving them dead on her bed. She seemed immediately more different. Stronger, more confident and mostly more scary.

Then Melinda had to go through four childbirths and see how different they were from each other. How Famke struggled with sharing power she took from others. How she worked herself up. How she makes everybody think she is mega strong, but actually she is nothing without the powers of others. That is her power, to steal if from other witches. No one knew how many hours she spends behind books. Studying the craft and learn powerful spells. Even if it seemed to others that she was using magic so effortless, nobody knew that she needed each time a lot of energy to do it. So, she used her daughters to do her dirty work. Especially her daughter Alyson.

Melinda had seen enough. It was time to leave.

Woods, Present, Tent

Jay walked in to let Famke know that everybody was ready for the battle. They all had taken their places. They had also taken down the shield around the camp. If civilians would dare to come, then they await a nasty death.

Famke: Good job Jay. Well, two hours left before midnight. Let slowly take our places.

Manor, Attic

Melinda opened her eyes and looked around. Everybody was watching her.

Henry: Well, did you see it. Do you know how to stop this madness?

Everybody looked at Henry.

Henry: What? Everybody was thinking it, right? So? He asked looking at Melinda.

Melinda: I think I found her weakness and her daughters, except for one. Alyson.

Dash: What did you see?

Melinda: I saw Famke, killing her parents and being pregnant when she was sixteen. She sucked the magic right out of them, but to do so, she needed to cast a spell first. Everybody thinks she is almighty powerful, because she looks scary and has her powerful daughters with her all the time. Only nobody knows, not even her daughters, that without them sucking magic from other witches, they are just ordinary. Then need the magic to keep going. Therefore she always looks for very powerful witches. She would love to get her hands on my magic, but she will not even be able to get close to me or my brothers.

Chris: How can you be so sure?

Melinda: It is very simple actually. She flickered with her hands and a vase broke on the other side of the room.

Piper: Why did you do that? She asked surprised.

Melinda: To make a point. I just did it. Didn’t need to think about it, just did it. Famke can maybe use magic, like it is the same as we use it, but it isn’t. She threw Jackie out of the tent, but that she was only being able to do, after she sucked the magic out of the books. Without, she would never been able to do so.

And even when she did so, she used a spell to do it. She maybe not said a word, but in her mind she did. She has to do that each time she attacks. This means, that we have each time split seconds between her attacks, to attack her back. We can go full throttle on her, without losing seconds on chanting fast spells in our minds.

Phoebe: What about the other witches that are more like us and can use instant magic?

Melinda: Well, we have an army too, who can use magic instantly. We know what kind of attacks we can expect. The only thing we have to do, is make sure everybody is ready and knows what they have to do and when to do it. We have to make sure that we eliminate as much witches as we can, before we have to fight Famke and her daughters.

Wyatt: Well, whatever we are going to do, we have less than two hours to plan the whole thing and get there all at the same time. So, let’s get the work.

Melinda: Let the war between Good and Evil begin, she said standing up.

The whole group walked out the attic, all with their own task, before the big battle would begin.

Dash: Are you ok?

Melinda: Yes. I just want this to be over with. I hate the idea that we have to fight our own kind, but we have no choice I believe. I know one thing, there will be a lot of death tonight. It is going to get very ugly. I am sorry for the things you may see me do.

Dash: Stop that. You don’t have to apologize for doing something bad, for the greater good. I understand. Remember what I did, when I was under her spell. So, no worries about me. You do what you have to do. You go out there and show them who the strongest witch of them all is. You got that?!

Melinda: I will! She said and hugged her husband.

She didn’t want him to see her have a worry face, but she was worried for what was to come. She had no idea how things would go and that terrified her. She couldn’t help to have a very bad feeling about all of this.

Hey guys, thank you for reading another episode of Melinda. This was like I call it, a between episode.

We all know that a big battle is coming up, but I wanted a relaxed episode, before we got to the heavy stuff. Hope that you still like it and till the next episode.

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