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Pitch Perfect next gen


Beca and Jesse meet at Barden University and compete in the ICCU's. Both 16 they hook up for one night and by accident Beca gets pregnant. When Beca is confronted by Aubrey, Jesse cuts in, and Beca's emotions erupt so she snaps at Jesse. Things go downhill from there as when Beca tells Jesse she's pregnant, he doesn't take it well. They make up and raise their son. One and a half years later at the ICCU finals, Beca gets a strange feeling. A feeling of nausea. Ready to perform, her and Jesse get into yet another argument. After the fight, and the performance, Beca and Jesse take a test and find out they are going to have to expand their family yet again. Keep in mind they are still in college and have one kid and another on the way, will the secret last until they graduate.

Romance / Other
Rylie Upton
Age Rating:

Beca's pov

Pulling up to Barden University, it was different. I've been here a month now, I joined the Bella's.
My friend Jesse came over after the aca-initiation and forced me to watch the end of 'The Breakfast Club'. We got comfortable and the movie started. He told me some facts and I couldn't stop staring at him. Then he couldn't stop staring at me. Jesse leaned in to kiss me and so did I.

Our lips crashed together and he pulled me ontop of him so that I was straddling him. He removed my shirt and I removed his. It was dark from where the movie was playing but we didn't care. The night grew and so did our make out session.

I awoke the next morning with an arm draped over my waist. I swiveled round to face them. It was Jesse. We were both completely naked. Oh lord, oh lord what did we do. Did we use - oh god. I don't even want to go there. Nausea washed over me so I buried my head into Jesse's bare chest, it rumbled. He was laughing, more importantly he was awake.

"How long have you been awake?" I asked.
"Not long. You?" He replied, a familiar joking tone in his voice.
"We gotta get to class" I stated. That was when he wrapped his arms around me tighter suggesting he wanted to stay a little longer.
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