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Pitch Perfect next gen

Beca's pov

Oh dear God. This can't happen. My hands went to my stomach and the test hit the floor. A knock at the door took me out of my thoughts.
Bella's show. Crap I forgot.

Here we go, same old song. At the end of our set Aubrey blew up at me for my little stunt back on stage.

"What the hell Beca?! We're you trying to screw us up!" She shouted.
"Are you serious?" I retorted.
"Newsflash. This isn't the Beca show."
"Ok I'm sorry that I messed you up, but incase you hadn't noticed, everybody pretty much dozed off during our set." I argued back.
"It's not your job to decide what we do and when we do it." She said.
Aubrey turned to the rest of the group.
"Told you she wasn't a Bella."
"Aubrey don't-" Chloe cut in.
"No that's ok. You don't have to pretend you're allowed to have a say in the group right?" Came out of my mouth.
"Your attitude sucks, you're a grade a pain in my ass, and I know you're hooking up with Jesse." Aubrey stated.

"Woah woah Aubrey calm down. We're not hooking up, I swear." Jesse cut in. Of course he was here. My emotion erupted and I just said what was in my mind.
"Jesus Christ, that's perfect. Of course you're here right now. I don't need your help, ok? You're not my boyfriend, so can you back off?!" I all but screamed.
Woah, pregnancy hormones are strong. I got to tell him.
His face looked hurt and shocked at the same time. I turned and said, "If this is what I get for trying--". That's when I walked off. God what has my life come to.
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